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I have always hated my flat ugly butt, that I...

I have always hated my flat ugly butt, that I inherited from my paternal grand-mother. The girls who inherited their butts from the maternal side, all have beautiful well formed butts. I wanted this procedure done since I first saw it on the Doctors. I mentioned it to my younger sister, and she had hers done in Florida and it came out beautiful. Based on her experience, (being away from home) I decided I wanted someone local.

I met with Michelle from Dr. Jimerson office and I loved her personality right away, she is upbeat and open and also had her procedure done with Dr Jimerson. She had no problem showing me her perfect butt. I was hooked. Dr Jimerson also came in and explained the procedure in greater detail. He is real nice and much more handsome in person.

After my procedure, I plan to be home alone. I will be detailing my experience in the event that someone is thinking about it doing alone, so you can what to expect


Lol omg I have the same issues flat ugly butt I hate to look at myself but its time for a change I need dr j help bad!!!
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Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

My sister told me about Real Self. I looked at several doctors and settled on Dr. Jimerson

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