mommy makeover done. now for the backside dr j curves

Ok after hard thoughts and careful consideration...

Ok after hard thoughts and careful consideration I've decided to go with the mommy makeover with bbl,and lipo of arms, back bra roll, flanks, lower back,abs and whatever else he can suck out,!! Lmao!! A total transformation.

After looking at the pics from my consultation (eewwwwwwwwww) and a phone consult with Dr J I guess I'll put the fat in my butt lmao it is awfully flat. I know all these procedures are gonna kick my butt but I'm ready to walk in confident and walk out drugged and bandaged. Lol.

Soooo what I need from u guys is info about this bbl that's what scares me the most it looks like it hurts and I won't be able to move period and sleep on my side?

I'm excited but kinda scared. Also he advised me to lose between 20 and 40 lbs!! By march ill try but it's gone be really hard. Any tips/tricks? I know it's extreme but once u see the before pics you'll see y its necessary.

Hey. Welcome! I lost over 50 lbs (and counting) u can check my page 4 story but eat clean -- cut out refined (white flour) carbs , n if u must eat them only 100% whole wheat /whole grain , hit gym for minimum hr n half n at least an hr of that going to cardio which burns the fat n other half in strength training, and cut out sugar (only consume natural sugars - eg -fruit) . Good luck n keep us posted! How tall r u n how much do u weigh now?
hey ! thanks I think I did read ur story but ill look again for a refresher. thats where my problem is sugar is just like crack lol I love sweet beverages but I stopped poured the rest out last night. i hope it works. I'm currently 199 and 5' 3. short and heavy.

Hi there,

Welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. Are you having all of these procedures done at once (I'm assuming you're have TT and breasts done in with your MM), or are you having them done in stages?

From what I've read it can be a hard recovery having everything done at once, due to not being able to sit on your buttocks, plus not being able to lie on your front (because of the TT).

Please do keep us updated with your progress!


Ok I'm worried again now I'm hearing I need to...

ok I'm worried again now I'm hearing I need to break the mommy makeover and bbl up into two visits. I really don't wanna do that but I don't wanna any issues health wise either. Idk what to do. Dr j assures me that it can be done but none of his other patients on here are responding when I ask for updates or pics :(
Hey Divaintraining. Are you still doing all your sx at once? How's the weight loss coming?
Yea just no bbl I don't want that I really just want the tt and lipo that's the worst looking part. I'm doing the nutrishake by ardyss for bf and lunch and a healthy dinner. No sugars and white flours (hard as hell) lol and working out so far 10lbs! I'm excited and ready for it to be over lol
Ok cool. Yea I rarely eat white flours, but I know eliminating sugar can be hard. I do fruits like mango & pineapples because they are so sweet so that helps. Stay positive. You can do it! Keep us updated on the weight loss.

Ok I decided to take the BBL out and do it later...

Ok I decided to take the BBL out and do it later if squats don't work lol!!! I don't wanna cause any health issues with all the procedures and I wanna go back to work in 2-3weeks. In getting all that done is longer than 6 hours and I hear that wasn't safe. I am dieting and excercising daily so he can lipo all of the fat out medically possible lol. I'm also waiting to hear from any former patients who want to share their experience. The ones that I have spoken to already thanks a million u guys rock!!!

Counting down to march 1 I'm soooo ready

Also how do I post pics from iPad !!!

Hey 19 days away I need supplies and aziza said...

Hey 19 days away I need supplies and aziza said don't get the make me heal vitamins the nurses are unsure of what's in them. I hear they really help what yall think? I'm Also posting those God awful before pics
Hey Diva.I liked the MMH vitamins & I really feel it helped me with bruising & healing. I had virtually bruising after sx. It's a personal choice so do what you feel. Pineapples may have helped alone.
I ordered some I wanna see if they help pain Meds make me sick and Moody lol
I've seen some people say they same thing about pain meds. Will be praying for you :)

My mommy makeover from dr jimmerson is done. I...

My mommy makeover from dr jimmerson is done. I couldn't get my arms and bra roll done yet I lost a lot of blood so he decided to stop. He said he's a doctor first and a,plastic surgeon last and my health was more important so I'm glad about that. I gotta wait 3 months foe anymore work and I am gonna get the lipo finished and if my butt dosent look ok with this new body then ill get my bbl. I'm so pleased with my breast and tummy so far. I have curves!! I'm posting pics on the other review so check it out.

transformation complete! !!!

2 weeks po lower back, arms, and front bra roll lipo. Idk where this booty came from! !!!

stop bashing dr j!!!

It's sad what some women go thru for attention! ! Don't ruin his practice cuz u can't get in before anyone else. Take yo ass to another doc! He won't even touch u without a Medical clearance I don't give a Damn what any of u say ive seen him twice and each time was done professionally and safely. Women kill me. Lying on him will only hurt u he has too many happy patients that will stand by him!!!! Dr j Latoshia gotcha back! !!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

He's is the surgeon that did my mommy makeover.

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