Team Dr. Okoro!!! BBL Brazillian Butt Lift with Hips and Smart Lipo with Sedation!! - Atlanta, GA

Alright, so I stalked this site for 3 months and...

Alright, so I stalked this site for 3 months and decided, yes....Yes, please get it tight and right and join the BBL club!! I am getting the hips and butt added on with the smart lipo. I told Dr. Okoro I wanted 900cc in each cheek, and he said wow, but I hope he comes somewhere between 850-900, because I want to see the projection. Not sure about a rack, but definitely some projection. I want those upside down heartshape hips everybody keeps talking about, but we'll see, and hopefully the tiny abs too.
Can't wait, but I must admit I'm scared of the pain and how long I'll be bedridden but I think that Dr. Okoro is a great doctor...He's board certified, super-duper nice, very caring, listens to your dream booty story, and honestly I chose him because he has experience with people with diabetes, lupus, or health concerns. I felt like I'd be in safe hands...So, for any woman out there who's trying to decide between being a number and actually being safely cared for, Dr. Okoro is for you. I'm hoping to get the rack, stack, or bubble a$$ets I want, because I surely grilled him and showed him a bunch of pictures...We pointed and sorted thru that monitor of his until I was satisfied that he'd take care of me and what I wanted to have done.. I told him I wanted gradual sedation the entire time without the sedation wearing off, because someone mentioned feeling nothing until the end and the butt shots being painful, so I clarified those fears as well..Anyway, his entire office is nice from the front desk to the nurse, and I've bugged them all, but the nurse has answered countless emails, and they filter my call through all the time over the past month or so...
I purchased a lot of stuff that have been suggested by many women already, but tomorrow I'll finish buying more food, since I'm not sure how long it'll be before I'll feel up to leaving again after the procedure is done...I did find this interesting little stool in walmart that is soft and I can have my new butt hanging off of by sitting on my thighs, so I'll put a picture up of that. Plus I got this upright pillow I'll sleep on that is comfy too, because I detest sleeping on my stomach so this was the best option.
I'll keep everybody posted

A couple of helpful items I found...4 days until bbl!!

Okay ladies, so I'm getting excited and scared of the pain at the same time, but I'm only 4 days away!!
Anyway, since I hate sleeping on my stomach, I looked everywhere online and stores to see what would make me comfortable the most, and I decided on this pillow I'm attaching...I also found this cool little stool, I'm attaching...They both came from Wal-Mart...


More pics

Pics of me sleeping on the fat pillow, to spare my fat a$$--sleeping ON MY STOMACH

Pics before the BBL surgery

Before BBL Surgery

I'm feeling a little better and looking nice...2 days post OP..

I've been sitting in this butt out chair for half of the day and I guess I just want out of this house now that I feel halfway decent. Anyway, I gained 3 inches between the butt and hips. They gave me a xanax pill right before I went into surgery, which relaxed me even more...After I finally laid on the table, they gave me the IV sedation(I requested ahead of time), and I felt absolutely nothing else until one hour after the surgery when they were getting me up out of there...The pain was horrible that night, and the next day though I took those pain pills every 3-4 hours..I never had nausea really, and I had my normal appetite...Today is 2 days later, and I'm feeling much better...They gave me hydrocodone, but that crap didn't do much...The 800mg of motrin helps swelling, and I feel it helped better for my fever and the pain I'm having..
My stomach and sides are extremely flat, and I did tell him to get aggressive with the lipo...I like my new hips pretty much and I have that subtle coke bottle going on, and the butt was fine, yet sort of conservative...I'm happy with the results, and he did a great job, though I would've liked a tad more butt...It's all good though.

Day 3 BBL Pics

More BEFORE bbl pics

3 days post op, in the same bebe skirt

Today I'm feeling a bit better, yet still swollen and sore to the touch. I definitely recommend lipofoam, because this garment pinches like hell without that cushion. NYCutie gives plenty of helpful advice on my page below for more tips. ..She's a one year veteran. .. Anyway, let me know if you like my new look in this same Bebe skirt I took pics in before my surgery. .I think Dr. Okoro did a great job for my size and frame.. 5'7" and 150 lbs, so this butt and hips looks phenomenal on my frame, because any bigger would have made me look real fake. ..Dr. Okoro did his thing!

Day 6 post-op

Ladies.....Sigh....I want TO SIT DOWN!!! I'm going to lose it! I can't get quality sleep or work like this! Almost a week in and I'm already tired of not sitting or laying on my side...I haven't even used a Boppy to sit, so I'm doing well...I have to go to my 1 week appt. tomorrow,, so I'll be using the pillow tomorrow. I also have my first lymphatic massage tomorrow, so hopefully I'll enjoy that, and it'll help this pool of fluid LEAVE my V'jayjay area.
I'm still pretty swollen, with a couple of hard lumps, which equates to discomfort if you touch my stomach or back, but other than that, I think I still have volume in my butt and hips. This process is still worth it, and I'm glad I took the plunge, because my body looks sexier than ever. I'm so glad to have this flat stomach, until I don't know what to do..
Tomorrow is my first real day out of the house in a week, so I'm excited... I'll try to take more pics...

Some things I'm learning with this process...10 Days post op...

I was so afraid that my garment wouldn't allow me to breathe initially, so I got a size large. I think I actually should have gotten a medium, because now I'm technically needing a size small...When your garment isn't tight enough, then sadly you're not getting the most optimal compression you can get on your tummy...After about a week these lumps (scar tissue) start to appear deep underneath due to the lack of compression. Massaging it helps, but it takes a loooong time to go away...So it's best to not give an inch or size up when they measure you for your garment or ask you for your size...Which is the mistake I made...To help with this problem, I'm wearing the tightest, level 3, Spanx that exists on the inside of my garment, and pulling my binder very tight...However, the tummy needs that inside compression to reduce swelling and lumps, that the binder can't provide as much as the garment inside actually grabbing your stomach...They'll be giving me my stage 2 garment by this Friday, which will start week 2, so that will help as well...
Okay, but you girls should have seen me tiptoeing off of my pillows while trying to drive to the doctor last Thursday...My seat was all the way leaning back so that I could sort of heist myself off the pillow...It was crazy, maybe dangerous, but it worked...Whatever works for you..I really am trying not to sit on this expensive azz I tell ya, lol...
Anyway, so I had my lymphatic massage on this past Friday, and a session today as well...I felt a little bit better afterwards...Tianna was working those lumps out of my stomach as well..

Day 10 post op pics

day 10 post op pics

Sometimes these pics don't stick if you try to attach too many. Sigh.

Day 10 post op pics

Two weeks post op bbl

Today I'm feeling a bit achy. .I'm officially able to sit down, and I'm using my pillow to still in my thighs as much as possible. Nope, my hips nor butt even want to be touched. They still sting deep inside, so I'm here at work still standing up, and I took some Motrin. .. Sigh. .I was only planning on sitting at work only, and not at home at all, but it looks like I can't sit at all still without feeling achy.. Pillows aren't helping, so I'm just gonna have to keep standing until I start feeling better. . On the bright side, my stomach is getting flatter, and my volume still seems to be here for now. .. Anybody have any other advice?

Day 14 post op pics

I'm paranoid about losing any volume, I swear.

Feeling good today..Swelling decreased. . Day 16 post op.

Yesterday I had my free smoothshapes procedure that came with my bbl package. I will get 3 more of these procedures, because I don't have excess skin, so I won't need the Excelis treatment that would normally come with the bbl package.I think it made me feel a little better, yet for the first time I was bruised pretty badly. I never had bruises prior to the smoothshapes procedure. They also gave me the oral arnica that I was supposed to have in first place, and after a while I swear I don't feel as swollen all over. the oral arnica works 100 times better than the on a arnica rub on gel, which I don't think works at all.It was really a miracle. I didn't go to my stage 2 garment, although I tried it on and it really felt like a perfect fit, however I didn't want my hips and butt trapped in that garment just yet, so I'll wait another 2-3 weeks and keep wearing my level 3 spanx camisole on top of the garment I have, and of course the binder.the arnica pills they gave me didn't have many tablets in it, so I will look for the bromelain/Arnica/grapeseed combination that they gave me. I may even order from the same company at, because the herbal combination probably works better together.

Week 5 on tomorrow post op

Weej 5 Post-Op on tomorrow

Hi Ladies! Sorry I've been a stranger, but I've had some family issues going on, but that's all cleared up, thank God...Anyway, here's what I've learned since we've last chatted.
=My bra size has gone down from 36C to 32C (although they really don't sell 32C's, so I got a 34C..I think that my upper abdomen fat being lipo'd had a lot to do with this.
=Get the tightest garment on the day of surgery, because it will decrease the swelling and keep your abs tinier in conjunction with that binder...
=My abs fit an XS shirt/top, which is down from a size Medium
=My hips and butt are up from a size 6 to an 8-10
=I saw another person that paid for a corset consultant, and she gave information that is good to wear over your stage 2 garment and after you take it off...The doctor told me today that I only needed my stage 2 garment on through week 9, but this XS garment fits and feels well on the tummy, because it's already shrunk to that point, but it has my butt and hips smashed way to much...I don't know if this is a good thing, because I want to keep my volume, yet I need the good compression of an XS on my tummy...Oh well..
=I still have swelling, and if I take that garment off for 2 seconds, I swell up quick...My abs are cute and flat when I do see them to shower though.
=I'm not sure that there's been much change in volume..My butt and hips look about the same. I haven't sat in 5 weeks, so maybe that's helping, who knows...
I'm still happy I did this. Maybe next week I start trying to do my Zumba Abs workout again to make sure no fat gets on my abs.
Question ladies....If we lose weight by correcting our diet, will we lose some butt? I'm thinking we would, because pre-lipo days, that's what would happen. I want to salvage my abs by eating right and all, yet, I will drop weight doing that, thus losing booty! Help! What should us newbies be doing??

Week 5 post op pics

Attaching week 5 post op pic again

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

He's board certified, super-duper nice, very caring, listens to your dream body story, and honestly I chose him because he has experience with people with health concerns. I felt like I'd be in safe hands...So, for any woman out there who's trying to decide between being a number and actually being safely cared for. .. My Brazilian Butt Lift and smart lipo results were wonderful!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Your results look great
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Work it hunny! Lol
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Glad you are doing okay. Stay in that XS garment. It's not going to squish u r boots that's a misconception. I work out daily have been since a few weeks after sx. Your but will hurt when you run until it sets. Eating right makes you leaner but u don't lose booty. Do plenty squats no sugars and eat clean.If u take garment off you will swell even at 6 monrhs. Ur body molds to the garment. You will need to wear a cincher or corset as a maintenance garment for at least a year even if it's just at night. This is a lifestyle changer lady.
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Whaaa?? Swelling after month 6?? I have been researching corsets for a week. I was going to go with Orchard Corsets and order a 6 inch smaller, level 3, overbust corset. Where did you get yours? Can I wear the corset INSTEAD of the stage 2 garment, it am I to do both?
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Yes it can happen. Your body gets use to the garment. Then when u take it off u r body is like wth. You have to ween off of it. I would do garment n corset to make sure u stay smooth. Work out in cincher.orchard corsets r the best. I sleep in one.
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Got it...Just ordered one...Can't wait to try this waist training stuff...I'll let you know when I get it how it goes.
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It takes getting use to but it works.
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Just wanted to check in and see how you're doing.
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Hey Mesan! I'm doing pretty good now.
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You are looking amazing! I'm glad your family issues cleared up by the way. I think it's a good idea to eat healthy and excercise, however I've read that it's best to do strenght training rather than cardio, the cardio will reduce your butt. As far as the orchard corset's I've also been doing a lot of research and I am convinced they are the absolute best for waist training. I am hoping to get one in a couple of weeks, I just bought 2 Vedette garments, one that was a waste of money and another that is amazing, and xmas is just around the corner, so I have to wait a little :-( Let me know how you like the corset when you get it.
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You have to do lite cardio. Fat goes to other places if you don't. Your arms neck under your chin will begin to collect fat. Also the fat will go to organs, so you have to do cardio. I've been working out since weeks post op. My booty didn't go anywhere, it's actually juicier. I also do lots of squats to keep it tight. If you don't exercise you will get flabby.
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You're right I do plan on doing very light cardio. When I posted, I was thinking of hardcore cardio.
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Hey Mesan! Yes, things are better now, thanks. I will definitely let you know how the corset goes, and I'm looking forward to tightening it up to 6 inches off the waist. .. Yeah, I'll do my squats, a little treadmill, zumba abs. crunches and crunches.
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NYC, did any fat go back to your tummy?
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No but my neck is bigger, but it may be from lifting weights. Fat finds other places to go instead of the areas where it was removed.
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Hey lady checking on you. How's it going?
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Today is one month for me. I will give an update later today. Thanks for checking on me, I am feeling pretty decent.
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Hi, how are you doing?
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I'm doing pretty good today. . How are you?
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A lot better! I'm not feeling so frustrated about not sitting it sleeping on stomach any more! I'm getting used to it, but, it was tough!! I have one more week before I go back to work, hopefully I'll be ready?
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Thanks girlie. .. You look awesome as well!
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Hello there you look amazing, cute outfit! I'm with NYcutie, do the treatments, you paid for it. I hear you about being paranoid of loosing your precious fat cells! However if you do a little research most doctors agree that the pressure of a garment won't damage/kill the fat cells. I'm looking for a stage two CG, found one, but I'm not sure, and it's expensive, $140.00!! I have a picture in my page. Can you tell me what brand/type of stage-2 CG your doctor recommends? My doctor doesn't give the second CG. I think it's really important that you use it for best results. BBL vets Any suggestions on a good stage-2 CG?
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Nycutie used the the same doctor, but she probably knows a good stage 2 garment to get..I think it doctor uses the brand Marena.
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Hey Esmi did you get your thighs done? if not, this one is great. It gives you better flexibility in what you can wear over it because it doesnt come down past yout thighs. I am not sure what size you are but if you have a meduim garment now then you need to order a small and so on. They sell the noards on there also under table in the search field. I swear byis garment, it helped me a lot, I also got garments from Cralinda mi fajas in NY.
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