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Hi girls.. I've been reading up on Dr. Jimerson...

Hi girls.. I've been reading up on Dr. Jimerson and looking at your stories for inspiration.. I had my consultation with Shelly and Dr. J a couple weeks ago- my surgery is scheduled for the beginning of August!! I have a few lbs to lose but other than that I'm just trying to prepare everything I'll need. I know the procedure costs as well as prescriptions and hotel/flight, but I'm wondering what else to bring as far as firstaid/hygiene, clothing, food, Pillows, etc. Can anyone provide a realistic list of what got you through your post op experience? Please n thanks!

Can anyone please direct me to a list of essentials I'll need to bring with me? I have a pretty good list going but I know I'm missing a few things...
Hi again girls.. For those of you who asked I am 5'4" and 185lbs.. Dr. J told me I could lose about 10-15 and still have a good amount for the results I want. Hope this helps! :)
Good luck on your journey :)
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