Soooo im am at Dr. Ortega's office !!!!!

I called Dr. Jimerson's office to schedule a phone...

I called Dr. Jimerson's office to schedule a phone consultation, and the receptionist was so informative and helpful. I am so nervous to do this procedure, but I feel that I am gonna do it. I am just nervous about going back out to work, and travel back to New York from Atlanta after the surgery. I have no idea how long i need to take off of work etc. any advise anyone please help me. My phone consultation is August 23rd. I will keep you posted on my journey :-). I also heard that he is very pricey is that true?

Hey DivineBBL Dr. J is the man hope your consult went well. Please update! Dr. J's procedure is $8,800. If you go to his direct website and view before and after you will be amazed.

#Team Dr J
Hey, I am coming from you area also. I plan to fly down and train back. The train is pricey but I can lay off my butt.....planes always seem to delay when I am in a hurry.
good luck girl am going to my consultation tommrow, can't wait thinking about getting my big booty in November near my birthday.

Hi, BBL sister's. I have not posted much, but I do...

Hi, BBL sister's. I have not posted much, but I do follow and stoke the site every chance I get. I was very afraid do go through with this procedure because Im not good with pain, and I sit down on my job 90% of the day. However this is something I will like to do to make me feel a little better about myself. My husband always tell me "oh you look good for having 3 children, and I love you just how you are" But then you always looking at that chick with that nice fat ass lol smh. I know that I'm not to bad for having 3 kids, but I could be better. I want to be able to put on my clothes, without worrying about my stomach or my butt looking broad oppose to a nice shelf. I was orignally going to go with Dr. Jimerson, but from being on this site every chance I get I've decided to go with Dr. Salama :-) I spoke to Nancy a thousand times, and Dr. Salama thinks Im a perfect canidate for this procedure. My Husband is excited yet he has his doubts and is afraid. His responses is like a sea saw, and he is so fedup of me talking about this and having him choose butts lol. I have not paid my deposit to hold my date yet, but I will be doing it after october 13th. My goal is to do it July 2nd, but then Nancy called and said the dates filled up smh. So now Im looking at the 15th of July. I love the support and honesty of everyone on this site. It's very comforting when especially when you have others who think your fine and you dont need the sx. I will post pics soon of my before, and I will keep everyone posted when I make that deposit.

Hey guys, I forgot to put my HT which is 5'6 1/2 ,...

Hey guys, I forgot to put my HT which is 5'6 1/2 , I weigh 182 and i'm 30 years old. I will like to loose 10lbs before surgery. I really just want to tone up so that recover can be faster. Im afraid of the after pain. smh
So glad I could help :-)
Oh & no offense to anyone who has had or wanted the procedure more than once :)
:-) bb78 you have helped me make up my mind. I'm gonna go with my gut...and my first original choice I don't want to regret a thing at the end of the day. #teamJ and there is no turning back now. I'm super excited for my consult with him on 12/12/12

So after careful consideration, and weighing my...

So after careful consideration, and weighing my pros and cons I have decided to go with my gut and original decision. DR. JIMERSON!!! I loved both doctors work, and of course Dr. J is more expensive, but you do get what you paid for. I am a person that is very detailed and I need my dr. to give me the comfort that I am looking for. This is something that I want to do with all my heart, but I do not need any regrets and I need the doctor to listen to my needs and what I want. giving my concerns to Nancy/ Ruben is ok but because i'm coming from NY I want to speak to the Dr and get aqauinted with him prior. I have my phone consult with Dr. J on 12/12/12 smh I waish I had kept my original phone consult..But good things come to those who wait!!! I am super excited and I will keep everyone updated after my phone consult which I will not be missing...#TEAMJ

Ok ladies, I'm disturbed. So while I'm here at...

Ok ladies, I'm disturbed. So while I'm here at work my phone goes off, signifying that I have a email. So I see its from Dr. Salama's office. apparently it was forwarded to Nancy from Ruben. the subect was "Attention: Nancy in regards to BBL" I then open it and see it says "needs to loose weight. Possible first TT then BBL" so I was all puzzled like that is not the blanket message that i received from nancy or Rueben as I scroll down the message was for another young lady with the initial K. H. I will not put the person's government on here. But I received the email that the young lady sent to Nancy and I also saw the women's pics. and this confimed to me that Dr. Salama does not see the Pics it is sent to Ruben who is the Pratice Administrator, and he tells Nancy what blanket message to send out. I have emailed the young lady and also Ruben because he is the one I received the email from. This is a mistake that should not be made AT ALL!!! so that was my confirmation. Its apparent that they are so flooded and busy but shittttt I dont want that at all. I need time spent with me and specific details. I still love Dr. salama's work that he has done on some women, but I aint chancing that shit for error at all! I have no money to be wasted and I dont want my pics sent to anyone unless I gave the permission or posted it my self. I mean all the girl damn busy and inquiries are in the email. Like WTF.....

I'm trying to loose at least 10lbs but I don't...

I'm trying to loose at least 10lbs but I don't want to loose to much cause I need all the fat he can take out. *sigh*

My surgery date is June 21st I can't wait :)
We must keep in touch. I'm the 28th :)
Wow, that is awful!! I would be extremely upset! When I had my phone consultation with Dr. J, he pulled up my pictures and looked at them with me on the phone, he pointed out my problem areas and said that he was looking forward to making magic lol. Welcome to the team girl :) #TeamJcurves!!

Ok, ok....The day is here! Im waiting on my phone...

ok, ok....The day is here! Im waiting on my phone cal from Dr. Jimerson :-) I am so excited....I waited long enough

Ok BBL sisters...I had my phone consultation today...

Ok BBL sisters...I had my phone consultation today and Shelly is my patient coordinator.
So I was very nervous, but excited at the same time. Shelly first asked me variety of questions and then she stated that I would benefit from a tummy tuck :-0 now I got depressed instantly because I really don't like that line that goes hip to hip. She even told me about the j tuck where her would be able to cut off the excess skin that will be there after the I know I have some stretch mark but I just really never was interested in the tuck. So then Dr. Jimerson call me and he is so pleasant and comforting. He told me that I can get a tuck and will benefit from it, but I don't really need to get it. He said I will be a B+ in the stomach area. I have three children already and really don't plan to have anymore , he said if I'm gonna have more kids don't get the tummy tuck...
I don't know which route to take can I have some of you ladies opinion...I have lost weight since the last photos I posted so I am working out. Idk what to do.. And with a tummy tuck that would be 14,000 plus another 1000 for hips lawdddd lol
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Hey honey! I am July 17th with Dr. J! July needs to hurry up! lol How is your preparing going???
What does Dr. J charge for a J Tuck?

Dr. Mel Ortega it is!!! 25more days to go to be Ortegafied

So, its been a while. after I am back now and with careful thought and reading reviews etc. I have decided to go with Dr. Ortega. I made my deposit a couple of months ago and as time is getting closer, I have been on RS day and night. I am totally addicted....I still can't believe that I'm really going and I'm am so afraid and worried about my children. My hubby can't come because he will be with the children.

Well a little about me again, I'm 32, a wife and mom of 3. I never do anything for myself and I have decided finally to just do it. My husband has up and down feelings but I know once he sees me he will LOVE it.

Vivian is my coordinator, and so far so good. She answers all my questions, but most of the answers I get from my RS sisters lol.

Right now I'm ordering everything I need and prepping. I will update you beautiful ladies with my current weight later once I get home and weigh myself...:-)
Good luck on your journey!!!
Thank you!
Thank you

today is my big day, I'm so nervous yet excited.

So I flew in this morning from Brooklyn , and I am waiting to see Dr. Ortega. My procedure is scheduled for 12:45 pm TODAY, but I think it will be a little later. Someone just went in. I'm so hungry and I'm feeling light headed. I will be sure to post pics and update you guys after, pray for me
Hope everything went fine!!! :)
Good luckkkkkkk
Go girl ! An get fine! I wish you well!!!!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ortega it is!!

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