Still losing volume !!!

Im trying this again. I'm scheduled to have a bbl...

Im trying this again. I'm scheduled to have a bbl with Dr.J on 2/27. I'm so nervous because I have to gain 20lbs. I gained 13lbs but I'm only 3 1/2 weeks out. I'm super excited and nervous. I have not purchased anything. My pre-op is next week so after that I will get started. I'm drinking 4 ensures daily and trying to eat everything. I'm worried about post op. I'm no whimp but I'm no fool to pain either. As a nurse I know "pain is whatever the patient says it is.". The count down begins.

2/27 is right around the corner!! How much do you weigh if you don't mind me asking? I'm small as well but Dr. J did not tell me to gain weight....I know you have got to be excited!!!!
Hey mogirl. I started out 119. I'm currently 132.5. Lol see the .5. I'm struggling with this weight. How much do you weigh? I hardly have any body fat
Lol you have gained 13 lbs that's a good amount of weight...I am 5'6 and weigh about 145... I do have a stomach so maybe he plans to take it all from there. How much more do u have to gain?

Hey ladies. For those of you that are patients of...

Hey ladies. For those of you that are patients of Dr.Jimerson. Can you please tell me the name of the clinic they use for the medical clearance. I'm going to go through them so that I can get my paperwork faster. My prep is next week..
Hey bklynbeauty. Im 5'6. Yes I have some wish pics. I'm trying to figure out how to post these pics. I want a heart shape.
Cool I want a heart shape too but then again a lil in love with delishis booty.. Wish I could get that without shelf.. Like my wish pic..
Yay great job on weight gain! How tall r u ? N do u any pre op n wish pix?? Just curious.. Ur date us around the corner. Best of luck!

Here having my medical clearance done, then off to...

Here having my medical clearance done, then off to have my per-op at 2. Gosh I hope they hurry. I'm going to be late!!! Ps I haven't gained all my weight and I'm 3 weeks away!!! Yikes

So yesterday I had my clearance and pre-op. My...

So yesterday I had my clearance and pre-op. My pre-op was great. I loved the nurse even though I can't remember her name. She told me however that can not start the Arnica tabs until 24 hrs after my last Lovenox injections. She also said that she has no big preference to the board. That she has seen great results both with and without. I think I'll still take the advice of my bbl sistas. I meet a follow RS sister Ms. Princess85eteamjimerson. She's such a cutie and looking great after her surgery today. I still need to gain the last 5lbs or so. Dont think I'm going to worry about the hips though. Ps I keep clicking add photo and it's doing anything.!!!
Good luck on your journey boo!!

Can you not add photos from your iPhone for the...

Can you not add photos from your iPhone for the first time? I keep clicking add photo and nothing happens!!!

So I'm 2 weeks out today. Struggling with gaining...

So I'm 2 weeks out today. Struggling with gaining these last 5-6lbs. I want to vomit I'm so sick of ensure. I have to stop my bcp today and the thought of that puts extreme fear in my mind. Can't be getting pregnant. Lol. I still can not add any pics.
I hear ya that's been one of my main concerns! Doesn't seem like taking bcp shouldn't hurt anything

Ladies. Sorry I've Bren MIA but I've had a lot...

Ladies. Sorry I've Bren MIA but I've had a lot going on. I still can't post pics from my stupid phone. However I would like to share my experience. Ok I sat out to gain 20lbs. I made it up to 15lbs at that weight check DrJ thought that he could get 750-800cc per cheek. The week before my surgery I had a stomach virus and dropped down to only 131 putting my at a 12lb weight gain and for my little body those 3lbs made a big difference. Ok nothing I could do he wanted me to reschedule but I couldn't I already had the time off and arrangments had been made for a family member to come help. Long story short I came out with 700cc. Ok cool because the day I went home it was huge I'm talking way 2 big huge. However just as they say it went down . At first I was really happy because I only wanted natural but I'm now 8 days post op and it continues to go down daily. Now I'm smally but I was working with a little someting already . All my fat fell to the bottom of my butt before surgery. It has filled me out but if you didn't know me, you would even notice which is good I guess. Shhhh I don't know. We'll see in 6 weeks but I really can't afford to lose anymore!!!
If the fat fell into the lower part of ur butt then ur gonna have a sexy heart shape booty. Post pics. Plus if u eat more ur booty will fill out.
Ok I'm going to try and eat a lot. I've tried the pics a million times my phone will not upload send me your email address and I'll send u pics. I don't mind sharing for some reason I can't upload
Can I inbox you my email address so I can see your pics as well? My concern has been that I do not have enough weight either.

Ok yesterday I was week 3. I still haven't...

Ok yesterday I was week 3. I still haven't measured yet because I know it will drive me crazy. I'm getting lymphatic massages twice a week. I have some scar tissue in my stomach and my upper inner thighs. Working on breaking it up... I'm happy with my results because it is full and very natural looking however im so nervous because I continue to lose volume..... I'm wearing my garnment anywhere from 18-23hrs.. I'm using maderma once a day and coco butter. I really wish I could post pics but when I hit the upload pics button it does nothing. Oh well I'll update in a week

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