T-Minus 2 weeks until round 2.. DR bound!!

I've been considering a BBL for a few years now....

I've been considering a BBL for a few years now. Luckily I was blessed in the breast department with 36DDs so all that I'm seeking is a tune-up... lipo and fat grafting to buttocks and hips. I've been researching this procedure and following Dr. Jimerson for about 4 years. I finally decided to make it happen! Had my consultation Aug 15, which Monica served as my patient coordinator! She's been awesome so far and after speaking with Dr. J I am so confident and ready! He answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable. I've decided to pay cash for this so I will be taking advantage of the $500 cash pay discount offered by this facility. I'm super anxious and ready for my new boo-tay!! I'll post before pics later...

OMG... I'm so excited! Just spoke to Monica (who...

OMG... I'm so excited! Just spoke to Monica (who is a sweetheart) and put my deposit down! My date is now 6 Dec 12!! I have a vast array of mixed emotions.. excited..nervous..geeked.. nervous.. Oh I already said that.. lol but thanks to all of the wonderful BBL sistas on this site.. I'll be ok! I did ask her about the whole (gaining weight) thing because I don't recall Dr. J telling me to gain more weight. She said I didnt have to... but 3-5lbs wouldn't hurt. I'm 5'4 165lbs and measure 36-33-42. My wish stats are 36-28-45 Brickhouse!! :-)

I'm so excited that I'm thinking about moving my...

I'm so excited that I'm thinking about moving my date up a few weeks! Think I'm becoming obsessed with @sses.. lol can't keep my eyes off of em.. My bday is in Feb.. so I'm wanting to be able to travel to somewhere warm by then.. hopefully the swelling is minimal by then..

I'm scheduled for Dec 6th (Yes! a few weeks away)...

I'm scheduled for Dec 6th (Yes! a few weeks away) and need to switch for a Jan or early Feb 2013 date asap! A big even at work is prompting this change in which my attendance is required. I'm pissed but at this point but it is what it is... Serious inquiries only please... Inbox me...

Yes it's true.. I was able to get out of the...

Yes it's true.. I was able to get out of the situation at work.. so Now I'm t-minus 18days and counting. I'm super duper nervous as hell.. didnt think it was gonna happen so now I gotta catch up on all these blogs from my bbl sistas. Flights already booked.. booking hotel now.. so thankful that my sis is coming to help me out. This is my Xmas and early bday (feb) present to myself. It's what I want.. damn what anyone else thinks.. I'm READY!

Just bought my arnica pills & gel, cocoa...

Just bought my arnica pills & gel, cocoa butter, firming lotion, mederma, iron pills, and a few other things on drugstore.com for $61 w/free shipping. Crossed a few things off my list.. going to grab boppy pillow this weekend! Happy Turkey Day BBL Beauties... xoxoxo

So I initially wanted to pay cash for this...

So I initially wanted to pay cash for this procedure but with the holidays etc, I've decided to finance half of the cost. If anyone has questions on how I financed inbox me... With that being said I am so ready for this day to come! Spoke to Monica briefly this morning who confirmed that I'm good to go! So now I can just focus on all of the little things that needs to be done. So glad that my sis will be with me on my journey as she is a huge help. It's important, if possible, to have a support through all of this. I'm prepared to go through the pain and I'll just keep telling myself that THIS IS WHAT I WANTED and look in the mirror at my booty before questioning my judgement. Don't let anyone deter you from obtaining any of your goals. I'm a full-time student (MBA), mom, (3 kids), and business professional. I DESERVE this, and no one will that take from me. I come from a family of strong, independent women which enables me to exude confidence in all that I do. I'm not only excited for myself, but for any woman who is ready to transform their physical being. BRAVO.. because it takes courage to electively undergo major surgery. And ROUND OF APPLAUSE for the positive, uplifting women on this Site coming together to support each other. We need more of that! We need to plan a BOOTY trip/vacation.. lol SN: Shout out to my BBL sista JerzeyGreenEyez! We'll be going thru this journey around the same time and I'll see her in the "A"!!! HAPPY HUMPDAY BEAUTIES!!!..xoxoxoxo

Hey my big booty-beauties! Just checking in .....

Hey my big booty-beauties! Just checking in .. trying not to over eat.. but it's hard with all of this delicious holiday food! Dr. J said that I can gain 5-8lbs if I'd like... so I decided to meet him halfway and only gain 4lbs which I'm steadily maintaining with T-minus 13 days until my sx. I want my arms & upper back a tad more defined so I'm doing pyramid push-ups 3xweek and incorporated light weights into my regulalr workout routine. I love YOGA! I can't stress enough the importance of relaxation and self-meditation. I have experience in personal training and I'm also a military vet so if anyone has questions just let me know. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Don't eat too many leftovers!!

I'm so excited.. words can't begin to express!...

I'm so excited.. words can't begin to express! Officially cleared and ready to go.... Got my checklist that I've been using to ensure I'm not missing anything. S/O to my BBL bestie Pinkmonkey... luvs me some her! I'm super anxious and ready to "Get er' Done"!! Hope everyone had a good day!!!...xoxoxo

Mixed emotions to say the least.. I've been so...

Mixed emotions to say the least.. I've been so busy with work that I feel distracted from my sx. Nervous and very anxious. I'm excited for myself because this is something that I really want. Fiance says if I go through with it.. then he won't be home when I get back. I replied "may as well pack ur $hit now". After work today.. all my focus is on finalizing pack and getting ready to fly out tomorrow morning. Have a blessed Tuesdays ladies... xoxoxo

Just landed un ATL... super duper excited! Headinf...

Just landed un ATL... super duper excited! Headinf to my Pre Op.now.... xoxo

I'm one day post op and must say that on feeling...

I'm one day post op and must say that on feeling much better today. Day of.my sx I felt horribley ass is huge n tummy is tiny. So I got 1000cc in each cheek and 200in each hip. He too out a total of 4850 CC.Ill update more later ...xoxoxo

I'm currently 3 days post op and feeling great!...

I'm currently 3 days post op and feeling great! Garment came off today.. hurt like hell!! But seeing my image in the mirror makes it all.worth it!!! He took out 4850cc's of fat and put back 1000cc's in each cheek and 200cc's in my hips. I LOVE MY NEW BODY & BOOTY!! My caregivers are awesome as well! Ill update more lata...xoxoxo

I love my new body! Stiff and swollen.but overall...

I love my new body! Stiff and swollen.but overall doing well. My caregiver is awesome and I can't wait til my post-op to get this drain out. I'm now 3days post sx...

Last night was rough... couldn't sleep.. lonely ...

Last night was rough... couldn't sleep.. lonely
... so swollen thought that I was going to pop! It imperative to take care.of your body... I've increased my water intake and moving around. Waiting for the Dr's office to call me back... better safe than sorry! Can't figure how to upload my pics but I LOVE my results! ! This ass is beastie!!.. lol
My before stats 36-35-41
After: 36-32-47!!!
YES.I.said 47!!!! I also.got my inner.thighs done too!!

Hey my beautiful booty lovers! Had my first...

Hey my beautiful booty lovers! Had my first lymphatic massage today and it felt so good! She was so patient and understanding as she specializes in BBL recovery. Just going to relax tonight before I fly back to TX tmmrw. Sleeping on my tummy is starting to get annoying even though I'm a tummy sleeper. My right leg and.ankle is swollen so Ive increased my water intake and continue wearing my Ted hose for compression. Well my beauties I'm bout to lay it down for the night. Ttyl

So I'm home! And.yes my man is still here!!!! God...

So I'm home! And.yes my man is still here!!!! God is good.. thanks for all of the well.wishes and kind words... I really appreciate it ladies! The flight was a lil over 2hrs and yes I had to sit on my boppy AND my ankle swelled up.again ugh!! Got it propped up now... it was hell walking thru the airport with my sore thighs ... kinda wish I didn't get them done as they are what's restricting me from walking & bending. Oh well! Garment in the washer... so I'm enjoying being naked for the moment!!! ...xoxoxo

I must admit that I obsessively measure my booty...

I must admit that I obsessively measure my booty just to make sure it's still there! Ah ... there! It's off my chest... lol Hey all my lovely booty beauties! Just checking in to let ya'll know that today marks my 2weeks post op and I'm doing great! I started driving a few days ago using the rolled up yoga matt under my thighs which works best for me. I'm posting a pic of the paint roller I used to help smooth out the hard lipo areas and also to increase circulation to my lymphatic system. My thighs are still super sore, but I'm now able to touch my toes again! Ankles are still swelling but easily subsides when I get off my feet for a while. I'm still only drinking water which helps...

3 weeks post op.. I'm doing great and wearing my...

3 weeks post op.. I'm doing great and wearing my new @ss so well. Swelling in my booty has went down drastically but I'm still happy with my results. I'm still measuring 45" so all is well. If it goes down any lower than this I won't be a happy camper! My booty is softening up and very jiggly! Yes I can make it clap "STANDING OVATION"..LOL I'm thinking of posting a video to show ya'll how just how ..lol I am sitting with the boppy pillow only and driving is easy for me as this is my 2nd week. Ladies I cannot stress the importance of being thorough during this entire process. Ask questions and be sure to challenge answers that don't appear to be correct.

Updated my pics.. enjoy!...


I am in love with my booty.. I'm sorry ya'll but I...

I am in love with my booty.. I'm sorry ya'll but I am!! I can't stop taking pics and feeling myself.. lmao... I hope everyone else is as happy with their results as I am. Good luck to everyone on their journey in 2013 and happy healing to everyone in recovery! I've met some wonderful ladies with whom I've grown to luv.. S/O to my sistas PinkMonkey & PrettyPhysique.. luv them to pieces!! Also my BBL buddies who started their journey around the same time as me.. EYZ, PetitePhysique, & JerzeyGreenEyez.. hope all you ladies are healing beautifully!

Special S/O to my caregiver Bre.. I LOVE HER TO PIECES!! She's the best hands down at what she does. Very compassionate, caring, experienced, thorough, the list goes on! I started this journey in ATL all myself and was blessed to have her by my side while I was recovering.. she still checks on me til this day.. such a sweetheart!!!

I've been getting tons of questions which I don't mind.. anything I can do to help a fellow BBL sista!

Thanks for all of the support and kind words.. I really appreciate it!!

Have a safe and Happy New Year!!

Lots of Hugz & Kisses my bbl beauties..xoxoxo

Let me start off by saying that this new ass has...

Let me start off by saying that this new ass has been giving me LIFE for real..lol Ok.. feeling a little guilty because I've been neglecting my BBL sistas on RS. So please accept my apologies in advance.. but once you get that ASS (for those of you who haven't gone through your physical tranformations yet) as life gets so real and back to normal.. you tend to forget about the obsession you once had over others' asses and stories..and get back to reality... but hey I'm back. Responded to all of the emails (thanks for the kind words and compliments) So my update here we go... I AM SO IN LOVE WITH MY BODY! I have no regrets.. no major problems (other than lower back pain from sleeping on my stomach for 1.5mths) This ass jiggles when i walk.. my man loves it.. it's so phat! Dr. J did his thing.. I'm also very happy with my areas that were lipo'd.. he carved my tummy.. back.. sides.. and thighs like a artist perfecting his masterpiece! I'm not too obsessed with measuring my booty every day.. more like every couple days now.. lol But I'm still holding strong at 46.5-47inches! I'm at about 95% back to my regular routine.. So yes I sit on my butt while I drive.. at work..etc. The fat is there.. and once you realize it's not going to deflat your mind will settle a bit as you become more comfy with it.. Well that's it for now divas..

Just hit 1year post op...

It's been a while and I've been MIA because... I got pregnant less than 2months after my sx. smh Hubby was on this ass FOR REAL... no but seriously.. I was diagnosed as being infertile over 14years ago and this was a natural conception so this was absolutely a blessing! Something I've prayed for everyday since my diagnosis... No regrets at all and I'm so in love with my baby girl delivered full term! I'm now 9 weeks post op and will be going for round 2 of lipo of abdomen, flanks, and full back. Deciding right now which doctor I'm going to go with. Dr. J is talking about $4000 for lipo...yea right! Either I'm heading to the DR to get this waist snatched or Miami! In case you're wondering.. YASSS my ass and overall shape held up thru the pregnancy! I'm already back to my pre-preg weight..just want a smaller waist!

Merry Christmas!!! 1 yr post op pics

Just a quick update! So Dec 6th marked the one year anniversary of my BBL sx and I must say that I'm impressed with my results! Fat reabsorption was minimal (2 inches or less) maintaining 47.5 inches. Merry Xmas Dolls!!!!! xoxoxo

Guess who's bizzack! Going for round 2!!!

Ok ok... I have a condition known as booty greed!!! My daughter is now 5mths old now... and I'm ready for my round 2! After long exhausting research looking for a doctor that can deliver aggressive liposuction and shape my body just the way I want (because let's be honest...This will be my 2nd and FINAL round) I've decided to go to the DR baby! YEA YEA I know of all the stuff going on over there and tragedies that have recently happened. .but hey the same thing goes on here.... ANYWHO I'm getting BBL w/ lipo of abdomen..flanks ...upper and lower back. I'm debating on getting a BA w/implants..I'm already a 36DD natural.. but I want perky boobs that salute you! A-TENNNN HUT!!! LOL Tired of wearing bras...smh SUMMER TIME FINE is an under statement.....Like my girl said.. I'm going to be giving out holy ghosts ???? !! Yea... she did that! xoxo

Not risking my life..DR out of the question for me..

I've decided to go with my first mind and let Salama get ahold of me for round 2. Too many deaths this year alone in the DR... everyone seems to be making excuses as to why these women died.. some even blaming them as if they were there... which is disgusting to me.. why are these low lifes defending these doctors like they're on the payroll or something. Annoying to say the least. I'm in a few of these "secret" facebook groups and it's appalling how far these chicks are willing to go for a better body.. Yily.. Duran.. Cabral.. all have deaths on their hands but these women are willing to look past that.. I did initially consider Cabral.. but my heart wouldn't let me go through with it... I have a family.. and children to provide for.. so I'm staying my big booty butt in the states.. sx is next month.. I'll keep everyone posted! I wish everyone good luck.. regardless if you're traveling abroad or here in the states..this sx is no joke and recovery is long and hard! Blessings... xoxo

2nd round just 2 weeks away... DR here I come!!

Its been so long my beauties! I've finally decided to go for round 2 in the Dominica Dominican Republic. I'm so excited and ready to get this pre-pregnancy waist back! This has been a long journey...but I'm very confident that my doctor will deliver! I must admit that even the thought of traveling out of the country was overwhelming for me.. But luckily I can across Alluring Beauty Consultants because they've handled EVERYTHING for me! Their communication was on point and even though I consider myself a vet at this, there were a few things I didn't know or had forgotten (supplies, pre-op requirements, etc) but they are so detail oriented its crazy! Love them to pieces! Everything is booked and ready for me to go! They have certified travel agents on their team so we received a great deal on our air tickets! This will be my mini vacation before the kids go back to school and life gets crazy again! My little touch of heaven. I will update more later.. Thinking of creating a whole new review! Have a great day bunnies! xoxo
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. J is consistent and produces the best results I've seen this far! Researched him 3 years before finally deciding to take the leap.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I wish you the Best!!!....please keep us posted.
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Girl women will go too far for a body. I've seen girls get the ass shots in a motel room and when I asked them if they are scared to die they were all "I don't care at least I'll die with a big ass". That's how far vanity has gone to some people. SMDH it's sick and a huge slap to god that has given you working arms legs while others are dying with cancer.
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Sound decision(all points considered,which are ALL valid)! I always say, "Trust your gut".... Wishing you the best!
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Thanks hun
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Please read wantacherrybooty..be careful hun..think about yur baby and I understand that you said that it could also happen it the Us ..but it the lack for technology and equipments they dont have in case off emergency. .and the thought of blood transfusion in case if needed...just scares me......just saying..be safe, than sorry
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I changed my mind a while ago babes.. just update my review. Its not worth my life... not by long shot. Thanks for looking out though... xoxo
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Lol love your review and congrats on your ass and baby girl.
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thanks luv
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Well wishes on your round 2. I believe for DR it helps to be in the best of health. And yes girl it is booty greed because you are already bootilicious.
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Thanks for the well wishes
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Congratulations on ur daughter that's fantastic news I'm so happy for u. Glad to hear your results held up after pregnancy. You look amazing even after giving birth. Thanks so much for coming back on to rs after so long as ur story is really inspiring
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Awww thank you hunni bunni!! xoxox
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U look fab congrats on the baby
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Thank you boo
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Gorgeous... Just absolutely gorgeous!
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((blushing)) ... thanks hun
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You look great ! He gave you a basketball butt !
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Thank u hun!
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congrats on your baby girl!You look amazing!Where in atlanta did you get your lymphatic massages and what is the cost?
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I'll look for her info and post it.. she was awesome! She comes to your hotel and set everything up
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Congrats on ur healthy bundle of joy. When do u plan on going for ur lipo?
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Thanks babe! I have to wait 6mths post delivery so April is the earliest!
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Luv, luv, looovvvveeee your look!!! Congrats to u on that gorgeous body!!! All the best during the holiday season & for 2014!
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Thanks babes!
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You look amazing he did that!
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