had my 6 week PostOp appt, new pix!

Looking for a change and I've found it! My...

Looking for a change and I've found it!
My surgery date is Sep 17th! With Dr. Jimerson! I'm so excited! Had my consultation today, I have to gain 20lbs :/ ... I've already bought ensure plus, & I ate a whole lot of bs today. Almost feel nauseated cause I know I ate more then normal, but I can do this! Plus my surf date is right around the corner!
Any gain weight tips?
I'm new here, but I found who I wanted my Dr. to be through this helpful site so I thought why not share my story!

So today I went to get my medical clearance done,...

So today I went to get my medical clearance done, & I'm cleared! Yay! ..This surprised me cause I had no idea it had to be done. & No one said it wasn't included, but it makes sense. You want to make sure your healthy enough to have the procedure done of course.

Still working on gaining weight. I've only gained like two more pounds, I need to step it up so I can make my goal in time! Any advice?

Still figuring out ways to put on the pounds! I...

Still figuring out ways to put on the pounds! I bought weight gainer powder from GNC today. Let's see how this goes. I'll update at the end of the week.

Sooooooo I'm back! ..minor issues (insert personal...

sooooooo I'm back! ..minor issues (insert personal life bs here).. but now I'm back on track. So I had my medical clearence done again today, and everything is looking peachy. Re-scheduled with Dr. J for Dec. 7th! I was told I had to gain 20lbs & I'm only 5lbs away from my goal, so I'm guessing ill be gaining a little bit past my 20lbs goal mark & that is A-OK with me! So excited about this transformation!
When I hit goal weight I will post up some pics.



Ok so my surgery date was pushed up a few days...

Ok so my surgery date was pushed up a few days earlier, they moved me from Dec 7th to Dec 3rd (yay lol!

So I did it! I'm deff in pain, out of 1-10 I'd rate the pain a 8. Dr. Jimerson & his team are awesome! Haven't removed my garment, nor am I looking for to doing so. But I do need to clean my gauze pads & replace them .
I did gain the full 20lbs, plus a pound or two extra. I'm 5'6, 142, they removed 3600 & put 800 in each cheek, 200cc in each hip! I kept thinking I wouldn't have enough fat, but I did!
Pics coming soon!

I wanted to post these pix yesterday but I had no...

I wanted to post these pix yesterday but I had no energy + I kept on falling asleep every 3hrs or so. I'm also peeing in squirts like pee, stop, pee, stop, then pee some more? My bf said it might be because of the shock to my body after surgery ,but idk. Guess Ill watch it for the next few days and if it persists ill call Dr. J office. I've been ontop of my meds. Trying to walk and when I do it makes me feel better, minus trying to walk when I first wake up in the a.m. that sucks, but mid day & night time I try to walk as often as my body allows me to. I took a sponge bath yesterday and putting the garmet back in after HURT LIKE A BISH! After the hour wait or so until it was done washing is what really sucked, Idk if it was because I got more swollen after taking it off or what, but that was like mission impossible 4.
But any who he HOOKED ME UP! lol What do y'all think? Everything is very even & no back fat (Thank goodness) Can't wait till the swelling goes down cause right now I got a donk lol

PostOp visit was today, its been 7 days since bbl....

PostOp visit was today, its been 7 days since bbl. The PostOp visit was good, I love Dr. J & his crew, they are super cool & helpful, answered all my questions. I still have swelling that needs to go down. They said my waist is going to shrink even more. I have some hard spots so i'm going to start my massages this week. Walking better, but its still a little difficult and I still can't do too much cause I get weak after a while. & I haven't mastered using the restroom yet, thats still really uncomfortable but I almost got it lol TMI I know. I'll be posting more pix when I'm walking good & bruises are gone, till then ladies happy healing!

Hey girls, How many massage sessions should I...

Hey girls, How many massage sessions should I have? & any recommendations for good therapists or deals in the Atlanta area?

So here I am 21 days post op, lots of swelling has...

So here I am 21 days post op, lots of swelling has gone down. (THANK THE LORD, 12 lbs swollen) I'm still kinda fluctuating in weight, want to go down about 5 more lbs but I AM LOVING IT! My results have far exceeded my expectations! I still haven't sat down directly on it, I just got a boppy pillow but I don't understand how exactly you use it, do you sit in the middle, put the top of the "U" under your thighs, I don't get it?? lol Please explain! ..Anyways I haven't started to get my massages yet smh I know, but I don't really have any lumps at all, just STIFFNESS. & my inner thighs are kinda hard from the lipo. Still can't bend all the way down. This week for sure I want to get a cincher or something cause my belly needs more compression. Still in a medium garment. I LOVE DR. J! He's was the best choice for me, he gave me exactly what I asked for. Cant wait till till booty gets soft! ttyl girls, happy holidays! I'll post back up in a few more weeks.

I tried to blur out the background in my pic and messed a couple up a lil, but y'all get the idea lol

Today I moved into a size small garment YAY. & I...

Today I moved into a size small garment YAY. & I bought an abdominal board, ill let you ladies know how that goes. The compression actually feels good now, it like holds and tightens everything together. I also got my first massage yesterday & WHAT A DIFFERENCE! It wasn't lymphatic, it was actually closer to a deep tissue style, a little painful, but after just one session I felt so much better. Ill get my next session next week. Happy healing girls!

Yesterday I had my 6 week appt & it went awesome!...

Yesterday I had my 6 week appt & it went awesome! Still not sitting RIGHT on it, I sit on my thighs & still use boppy to drive. I havent started to work out yet but plan to next week. Going to post pix, I got to se my before & after and WOW Dr. J is a GENIUS at what he does!
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Wow you look absolutely amazing!!!! I hope that my results are as good as yours. Hopefully you are still loving those curves...
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Amazing! Beautiful results!!!
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I am 5'6 145lbs and my body is like yurs pre op...im so excited!! Beautiful!
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How have you been?
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you look amazing!!!
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Dr. J put in work on you. Congrats and I glad to see your healing nicely!
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wow! please update us again soon... you look stunning
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Reading your review just made me feel SOOO much better! I was concerned that I would not be big enough to get the results I want, but based on your stats, I'm thinking I should be okay. I saw that you said you are 5'6, 142 lbs and I am 5'4, 156 lbs, so I should be fine. However, a lot of my weight is muscle and boobs, and I'm not sure how your weight is distributed. What areas did you get lipo'ed? Did you only get the abdomen, flanks, and lower back or did you get extra add'l areas?
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Typical Dr. J style; Awesome!
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Wow, I wanna look like you when I grow up...lol you look amazing...He did work his magic on you.
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lol thx
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WOW!!!!! I can't believe how good ur results r!! Weird question lol.. Can I use ur before & after pics to show to my doc??
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lol thanks, ive gotten that a few times already so not weird :) sure, just please delete them after
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Just gonna show from ur page. U look great girl. & thank u :)
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You look great...awesome results!
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Hey girl! LOVELY results, Dr J is definitely the man! I'm #TeamJimerson as well, and my date is coming up on Feb 14!! I CAN'T WAIT!! Congrats on your lovely results girlie!
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Thx, awesome v-day gift! Good luck!
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Amazing results!!! You look great!
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I have to gain 20lbs also. I've only gained 7 in about 1 month I only have two months to go. I'm freaking out.... I'm doing ensure 2-3 times daily. My starting weight was 119. You look great..
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do ensure 4/5 times a day, one with every meal & snack & if u want try a powder weight gainer from GNC
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Girlll u look greatttt!!!!!! I just realized ur original height and weight is around mine and I have to gain at least 15 but i plan to gain at least 20/ 30 so i can get that donky! Lol was it hard gaining weight in a short period of time ?? Can u give me some weight gain tips??
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ensure plus - & powder weight gainer. I did ensure about 4-5 times a day & powder weight gainer when I could
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Thanks a bunch!!! You look great
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Good to know! Thanks boo!
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Lookin good momma!!!
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