I have always had good looks (@ least what ppl...

I have always had good looks (@ least what ppl tell me lol) but like every other woman i desired a hourglass figure. After seeing my friends sisters butt go from FLAT to PHAT i had started to do some research.. and now, here i am writing on realself about my journey to getting the body ive been waiting what seems like forever for!

After doing lots of research i knew i wanted to head to atlanta for a few reasons, dr jimerson in particular because of his reviews as well his experience. I finally set a date for a consultation however i changed my number. needless to say i missed my consultation so now im at square one.

it seems like the day is never gonna come for me when im on that plane on my way georgia.:( instead im in my living room like a couch potatoe b/c new england weather sucks!

anyway what i need to worry about is how quick i can get another consultation so i can be on my way. ohhh did i mention that i dont have a reliable person to come take care of me while i am recovering... my mom was happy when i told her about my plans however she suffers from multiple sclerosis so i dont want to put the pressure on her.

i dont know how im gonna figure thius one out but i want to get my procedure done no later than March 2013 so wish me luck ladies! xoxo

Still trying to figure out a support system while...

still trying to figure out a support system while im down there recovering

So i got some good news! i finally was able to...

so i got some good news! i finally was able to reach someone at dr j's office. they told me someone would b getting back to me to reschedule the consultation. secondly my ex bf has decided to come down with me to GA to take care of me while im down there. that was a problem for me at first finding someone to take care of me, however i dont have to worry anymore! yayy me. i just hope they call me back so i can speed up the process.
in the meantime i think i should start getting the a few of the garments as well as supplies for my procedure. I CANT WAIT!

So finally i got another date for my consultation....

so finally i got another date for my consultation. wed. march 13 i get to speak to the man himself who is gonna turn me into a perdect 10! BAM ;) IM SO EXCITED..yeah so in the meantime in between time i guess i can start shoppinng for some garmets and sweatsuits for me to wear while after my surgery.
oh i almost forgot.. im thinking of getting lipo to the chin. go hard or go home right?
Good luck on your journey girl!! :) I'm May 17th with Dr. J
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Thanks hun. I have massages set up before and after. My insurance is paying for them. Thanks though :)

So like everyone else i have been stalking the...

so like everyone else i have been stalking the real self site! lol i had a consultation for dr. jimmerson but i kno he is so busy! so i decided to taje matters in my own hands and research other doctors. personally i know i would be too scared to get sx out of the country so i came across dr salama. i decided to research him a little more and i noticed that he also is very expierenced in bbl and is a little less expensive than dr j. i thought to myself hey let me give him a try. his before and after pics look great and he seems to have different injection sites which makes his bbl look great due to less scarring. after emakiling cynthia my pics she was quick to email me back. i told her i would be paying cash for my procedure so she asked when i would like my sx. i told her if she told me to come tomorrow i would me there:) with that being said, she told me she most likely could get me in the end of the month if not most def march b/c she told me she had 7 cancellations last month! WoW what great news. i guess this can be my bday to myself (feb4).. so from here on out no more smoking she told me... i am going to order my pre op pills today! wish me luck ladies,,, YYiipppeee
oh most def. although he is only a few dollars cheaper that is not why i picked him. i like how there is less scarring and he has been performing this procedure flr over seven yrs. only thing i worried about is he will b able to put enough cc's that i would like! I want the pain/money/energy/time to be worth it!
Do your research!!!!!!!!Again Do your research!!! Cheaper doesnt mean better, Everything you need to know about everything is on here. DO NOT go to a doc because of the pics they have posted. Call each doc and get numbers to patients in a sampling that way you find out the truth. Well most of the time. You are still early in the discovery process.

Hello ladies! i spoke with cynthia today and paid...

hello ladies! i spoke with cynthia today and paid off half for my sx. she emailed me some info and it looks like a laundry list of things to do! just the pre op vitamins had my head spinning let alone getting medically cleared and then travel and hotel accomodations! But hey this is what i want... a better body.. a better me! lol
i havent got a set date but cynthia said she is waiting for a cancellation and i am too! im so ready to do this sx i have been thinking about it for months! with that being said how soon should i get medically cleared. i think i heard someone say 2 wks prior but what if she doesnt get me in until a month from now? im so anxious thinking about all the loose ends i have to tie up before my big day (whenever that is since idk exactly yet) however i do know it will be within the month so i wanna be prepared! i cant wait!
gd luck to u on your journey! i know u cant wait to the new you;)
good luck im with dr s as well im about 3 weeks away

I got a call today from cynthia telling me she had...

I got a call today from cynthia telling me she had april 29th for me and asked if i could make the date.Of course i can i yelled in the phone lol! i cant believe it! less than two months away... ive really really got to stop smoking now. but now that i know i have a dates so soon i really want this done so i can kick the habit. anyone else going on that date? pls let me kno so we can link up;)
good day to everyone
im looking to also get lipo on my arms as well not my chin ( scared of the bruising) however i also feel if i get my arms done i would get a overall better result. only thing is i know dr salamahas a legal limit so i gotta weigh the pros and cons. but ill find out once i get down there!
Hey girl! Congrats on your date! Have you decided to get additional lipo? I added inner thighs and arms because I hate the fat there and think it would add to a more overall contoured and proportionate body for me.
thanx babes! im so ready to get this done soo happy. im coming to nyc this wknd. we need to link up!

Hello ladies! thanks to fellow siter APPLESTAR I...

hello ladies! thanks to fellow siter APPLESTAR I was able to switch dates with her! IAM SO EXCITED! i def wont be able to sleep tonite because i will have to speed up the process of getting supplies,medical clearance ect. can someone pls tell me if i should go to miami int. or ft. lauderdale? i will not have a rental.. larry will be driving me. also any tips and/or advice is appreciated! until next time ladies xoxo
Fly into ft Lauderdale, check my blog I have good info just went in Tuesday I love my results
Awwhh thanx babes! Im so excited and happy not nervous at all (is that weird) lol. Im going to my primaaary so she can write me scripts for my vitamins since my insurance covers them! So far bag is half packed and I booked my flight! Im working on it
omg congrats girl 2 more weeks for a better you :-)) good luck ! Are you taking ur pre op supplements girl hurry !

So after asking if the person was 110% sure i can...

so after asking if the person was 110% sure i can have their date and she said yes, i got a msg friday AFTER i booked my flight and made arrangements that that i cannot have surgery march 25th b/c she herself did not even have the date. i just dont know how someone could offer something they was not 100% sure that they did not have themself. so now im stuck with a flight for march 24 with no surgery date! :( i really want this done but im feeling so discouraged and ready to give up. ive been calling cynthia and she is usually good with returning my calls and now i have not heardback from here after several msg i have left her.i dont know what to do
i got a pm saying that since she told nancy she no longer wantedthat date nancygave it away. why would someone advertise a date to give away that they wasnt sure they had in the first place idk? lesson learned for me tho. im trying totay positive and keep my eye on the prize
Have you talked to her? What did she say? Wow
dont let that get in the middle of what you want

So i found out a few days ago i was able to switch...

so i found out a few days ago i was able to switch dates so now i dont have to worry! im finally gonna be salamafied! im not nervous at all more excited than anything. bag is halfway packed and im working on my medical clearance.now i gotta try to find a room as well... any suggestions will help! thanks ladies
There maybe problem with ur request.
Thanks icecream ruban just emailed it to me I thought he forgot about me lol! U kno how it is when ur like soclose to ur sx date.. thanks for the reply
Ok, soo good. No prob. And I just pulled out my papers too. Lol

Im so excited right now! Everything is great. I...

Im so excited right now! Everything is great. I booked a hotel in which my cousin is paying half b/c he is coming woth me for a vacation for himself. I jist left my drs office and I told her im going to get my bbl and she was so excited for me (I love my dr) she was omg you have to come and show me after lol. She even wrote me prescriptions for all my vitamins (which my ins covers) lastly my bags are packed! Thank you jesus fpr letting things go so smoothly for me. Now I just gotta get a mani pedi and get my hair done and its on! Hope all you lovely ladies are enjoying your day as much as I am god bless! S/n im gonna miss my lil doggie my aunts caring for him until I come home
Almost time! :) wishing u the best!

So I went in today to see dr salama however its...

So I went in today to see dr salama however its passover so he took the day off so instead I met with cynthia who is amazing! Luv her:) she explained everything to me and I added lipo to the arms. Reality is I need it. So now I wait till tomorrow. I wont b sleeping tonite
Exciting!!!! Wishing u the best hun!!!
Thank u mcruz
Good luck to you! Can t wait to see your results:)

Im in a lil pain stiff as hell but happy I finally...

Im in a lil pain stiff as hell but happy I finally made my dreams come true! I feel so blessed right now and so happy. My cousin is here with me being a huge help! I will upload pics soon for my rs sistas!
Where are your AFTER pictures??
Ladies I just saw a YouTube video on bigbootytinywaist profile about lymphatic and I just want to tell you guys, lotion and or oil is never, ever to be used during a lymphatic massage. especially with open wounds. That is a video of a Swedish massage. Please if someone is doing this to you, You are setting your self up for infections!!!!! Be very careful in who you choose to do your lymphatic drainage.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

after continuing to do my research dr. salama bbl looks more natural and there is less scarring which is very important to me. cynthia was very prompt to respond to my emails/phone calls and she even told me she might be able to schedule me for the end of this month! yayyy... besides i rather recupperate in the sunshine state!

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