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I had to bbl on feb 3 and I luv luv luv it. I...

I had to bbl on feb 3 and I luv luv luv it. I would do it over again at the drop of a dime my is the bomb!!! The 1st 3days were painful but after that I was good to go.

My Dr. is the bomb hands down point blank period...

My Dr. is the bomb hands down point blank period & my butt is gettng soft and jiggly!
$-) Dr.J curves all day!!!

I always wntd to get the bbl because I started to...

I always wntd to get the bbl because I started to get stubborn fat in my stomach and butt was ok but why not make it better! I was so nervous and scared to get it done but the day of the nurses and Dr.J made me feel so secure! I am sooo happy I got it done. Like I stated before the 1st three days hurt like hell. I had a drain in for about 7days so that wasnt so bad.I am now on week 3 post op and day by day Im lookng better & better! I lost alittle fat but its still looks full. I have sum swelling in my stomach and back still as well as expected, but that will go down over time. I have a true hour glass figure.

And before I said my butt was ok before bbl but...

And before I said my butt was ok before bbl but trust me it was nowhere near wat it is now and I kno it sounds weird but it seems like my butt went down sum and then blew up again....LOL SO GLAD IT DID!!!

***YES, LADIES*** I have decided too go for Round...

***YES, LADIES*** I have decided too go for Round 2 wit Dr.Jimerson Not because I NEED TOO but because I WANT TO & I CAN... The bigger the better! He is the only Dr. I trust too do this procedure on me and his results are the S**T! I'll make sure too keep you posted!

Thanks everyone I haven't did round 2 yet because...

Thanks everyone I haven't did round 2 yet because I got promoted to a new position.. I am not undecided about doin number 2 because I swear when I gain weight it goes to my hips and butt.. And if I get it done my ass might be too huge... Lol news pics coming soon... Take care everyone

**Correction** I am undecided about getting round...

**Correction** I am undecided about getting round 2... Lol

I can 100% honestly say I am more satisfied and...

I can 100% honestly say I am more satisfied and happy with results now a little over a year post op then when I first got it done. Ladies your body will go thru several changes but hang in there I promise you it's worth the wait & the money.... #TeamJCurvesAllDay #AssSoBigYouCanSeeItFromTheFront


Sorry I haven't updated in awhile but I've had somethings come up :-( ... However my results are the still the shit and I have a "secret ingredient" that I've added to my daily regimen several months ago that I swear is helping me maintain my thickness... In fact my ass is growing still...I have even gotten comments like its too big now.. I'm like "really" Ummm your HATING.. but pics coming soon... You will me impressed very impressed.


*Typo* be impressed...very impressed


I do not work out & eat exactly what I want ... since I get so many emails asking that question.


Just letting everyone know I have been getting your emails but I have been going thru a lot lately... so please understand that I am not intentionally not responding or updating as I said I would.

22 mths post op

Hi ladies, I'm sitting at the house bored on a rainy Saturday so I thought I would update since I have still been getting request for pics. As you see my results have not changed.. There actually better.
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you look great he's going 2 do mines
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I feel you girl it actually gets bbetter with time if you take care of it each month my booty looks better
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It certainly does ...
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how much is round two
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Where are the pics???
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There back up... I had some technical difficulties...
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I knew it we just alike I'm 5'2 what do u think I should weight thx for responding love !
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WOW I Can't Wait To See It Now!!! && Tell Us The BIG Secret. I Have To Make Us I Keep This Million Dollar Ass Looking RIGHT!!! October 9, 2013 is my BIG Date!
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Typo *SURE
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U look great no round 2 needed!!! What is your height and weight at time of sx?
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5'1 and 140
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The more I read review I want this surgery, u look awesome!! #team bbl. I don't know where I'm going to get the money from.
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U are onr of my favorite results!!!!! U look so good omg!!! Howuch weight did u have to gain if any? Any before pics?
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Those pics posted have -0- on my new ones...
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Thank you for that motivation....Lord know I need it...Im next month...yaaaaaaaaaa...say a prayer for me
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Good luck boo & I will pray for you... but just kno that you are in GREAT HANDS!!!
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I sure will!!!
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Are you in Atlanta? Did you get any massages while you were here. Who did you go to?
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Nope none...
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I didn't get any massage ...
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Lol Ass so big you can see it from the front!!! Hahaha You look good BBL sister! I can't wait to get my SX now!!!!
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Thanks boo!!!
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