going to be a Doll! :-) just don't know who's yet...

Hello all. So I have been wanting a bbl for as...

Hello all. So I have been wanting a bbl for as long as I can remember. I have two consults set for this month and I am so excited. I was wondering if anyone has been to dr mccluskey or dr friedlander? If so how was it and can you post pics. Also does anyone know of other doctors in atl that are less than 5 grand?

just me

contacted by email

hey ladies! this is just to exciting for me. So i checked my email and finally i was contacted by yily's office or her im unsure but any hoo all they ask was for a lil info about myself but still it's something. now i have to wait patiently for a response.......

recieved a short response

well i received a response from yily.... after sending her my pics and number and my request she responded by asking me if I have kids because i look like i need a tt :( now i know she is just giving her opinion but for some reason i feel some type of way, like ouch! i really don't want a tummy tuck and i'm not going to get one no matter what but i guess it just made me feel even more down in the dumps about my body. i am want to put the pic up but i am to embarrassed to do so.... eff it here goes nothing


So I received my quote from yily today! ! I was very happy but she included arm pits. I was a lil concerned about that because I never sent pics of my arms and also I don't think I want my arms done I would much rather work them out. But I asked if taking the arms pits off would let the price which was 3,400 :). So now I'm waiting to hear back. My questions is can we take medication on the plane because some of the stuff she listed is stuff I can get here.....

just curious

Anyone know duran's instagram???


Are you allowed to carry medications ie vitamins on the plane? ??


ok guys so first off i got an email from dr yily after emailing her back letting her know that i would not like my armpits included in the quote because i dont want them done as i have heard bad things about the recovery. I kinda feel as though her response was a lil tudish lol like she felt some type of way, because she responded by saying " Hello! lipo to armpits is a minimun procedure. It's nothing about arms. If you don't want them done it doesn't change the price. But i can leave your quote on 3,300 USD." these are her words i copied and pasted them. how does that sound to ya'll? am i over thinkin it? anywayz i had also been finding myself a bit confused about her and duran as i have been looking at her work too and im liking what i see from duran as well and it seems as though her bed side manner may be better based off of reviews....


still wanting someone to tell me if we can carry medication on the plane :) please

so confused...

so i thought i was so sure about having mrs yily do my surgery but i was so excited to hear from duran today!!!! i picked a date with yily yesterday which would be march 5th. so today duran responded to a message i left her on fb so now once again i am awaiting a quote from her......


Every doctor I get in contact with tells me I need a tummy tuck :( y'all I am not going to do that. Has anyone been told that and not done it and still come out with good results? ? Please tell and show ladies cause they all say for good results this must be done

still nothing

Still no quote from duran! :(

hotels in the d.r.

does anyone know of some hotels i can price in the dominican rebulic??? When i go i'm taking my family so i can't stay at recovery house......


So ladies I won't be staying at a rh while I'm the Dominican republic because I'm going with my husband, can you ask help me with hotel suggestions???? Please and thank you ;)

finally got a quote from duran....

so after about 2 weeks of waiting for a quote from duran i was flabbergasted at the price of 4,000 (lol who says flabbergasted). even though this is still a great price i guess i was just expecting it to be a lil higher than the aquote from yily since its usually a 300 dollar difference. in this case yily quoted 3300 so its a big jump up. this is okay because both have great work and yily was who i was initially who i was going with. so i have a date with yily for 3-5-14. i wish time could fly by cause i am soooooooo ready for this transformation.


so i'm looking into these garments and i need a lil insight on what size to by as the 2nd one??

anybody know

Anybody know anything about contreras or his work? I got s quote from him for 2500 not much on rs

a lil rough :(

Sometimes I have days when I feel so alone I'm this process when is comes to my home life. I really feel like nobody has my back and nobody is excited for me. .... some points that have beenmade are valid but come on man....... there are chances we take on a day to day basis so I feel like if it's meant its meant. Are people feeling some type of way?????

cont. ....

That's why I love to do this whole real self thing cause this is the only support I have even though majority people don't respond to some of the things i post lol.I just can't wait for this time to fly by and have my turn.....

just curious. ..

Just curious to know if any of you ladies know much about contreras? I had gotten a quote from him But don't see much on here about him and when I ask for photos he says he doesn't show them for confidentiality....a lil strange to me but then I thought is this because of the death's he's had back in the day?


sooooo uhhhhh i must say that i am truly considering switching to contreras!!! i would just like to really see more of his work ya know. i contacted him and got a lovely quote to which i then added another procedure which issssssss a vaginoplasty!!!!! lol i have wanted one for some time now after giving birth to three children. he says he can do the vaginoplasty,and the bbl for 3500!!!!!! wow really? now i really need to see his work. I went on shillary's page on here and reached out to her so hopefully she will respond....... i feel like such a flip flopper but nothing is set in stone with he nor yily sooooooo i have no idea what i should do!!! ish just got way to real for ya girl :/

ok sooooo

ok soooo i was thinkin of jumping ship to contreras but here are my hold ups. i got a quote which was bomb.com but i emailed him to ask if there was anything i needed to do before sx and that should have been a sign because all the other doctors gave a whole page of info with the email of quote. i also asked were the faja and meds included. he states its an extra 500 for meds,exam,and faja! i was like ok well i can get the meds from here in the states so how much does that take off? he says minus 100, so im like well how much is the faja and by exam do you mean post op follow up? he says the faja is 150 so im like ok i can order one to take with me so i can minus 250 right? he's like well just bring 500 for meds,faja, and exam and the exam is before sx.....is this crazy cause to me its crazy like why do i need to still bring extra(even though of course you bring extra) is he gonna find ish to charge me for once i get there? who charges for an exam before sx........ imma need to probably stick with my first mind and go with yily

time is ticking

I have 87 more days until my transformation and I am getting more and more excited as this time goes by. I still have not purchased anything yet which is probably not good but at least I am sure if where I want to stay lol. My boo is really not liking this decision which is horrible since he is my bff and I feel like I have to limit how much I talk about it to him. Are you ladies like me and want to talk about it to anyone who will listen? That is why I love rs..... what should I buy first besides my passport lol.....hmmmmm I just wanna feel good about my body and I wish I could get this done tomorrow.... should I get some more fajas now or just wait until I see what size they put me in after sx... I'm rambling lol sorry

wish pics.....

down in the dumps :(

so i just finished speakin to cigna about fmla and short term disability and did not like what i was told. i pretty much will not be able to file for short term disability or fmla since this is elective surgery! :( totally didnt know that. pretty much it will be at my bosses discretion. now i do have a pretty cool boss who is on a weight loss journey and she too wants to have her excess skin removed when she reaches her goal so maybe this will spark some sympathy towards me and she wont fire a bish lol. i only want to 3 weeks off but now that i hear this im thinkin itll sound better if i request 2 weeks. what cha'll think?? now the killer is going to be when i tell my hubby that not only am i getting a procedure he is absolutely against but i also wont get paid for being out.........this will be interesting. i mean he does get paid every week but errrraaaa uhhhhhhh he is not gonna like this lol. no but for realz for realz this is a tradgedy!!!!!!!!! ugh!!!!! if its not one thing its another.............


what pre op vitamins do i need????

time off

so i just learned that i am able to borrow 40 hours of pto with my bosses approval...... i really hope when i talk to her she will be understanding and work with me on this because i will be so devastated if i have to cancel my date in march to build time. uggghhhhh this has been really stressing me out because i really thought i would be straight. This means so much to me to finally get to the place and for it to be right around the corner and the thought of it being snatched away is killing me inside. that may sound stupid but its something i want soooooo freakin badly!! i tried to go and talk to her about it a minute ago but she was in a meeting.....should i wait until next month or should i get this situated now??? now i'm trying to think of what to say to her......

REALFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!! :)

YEAHHHHHHH I GET TO BE A REALFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO :)......Sorry i just had to get that out.......ok carry on......

feeling really down......

i am feeling really down and discouraged right now. So i was telling you all yesterday about the whole fmla shinanigans. well i talked to my boss today and it's not looking too good right now. she says she is going to check for me to see if anything can be done since i dont have enough time to take. i'm so pissed because i work a big company here in ga and this is the only place i have ever worked at that does not give you vacation time just PTO then they TURN AROUND AND MAKE YOU USE YOUR PTO for holidays instead of giving holiday pay!!! WTF who does that ish. ill tell you who, my damn job. anyways i have a big feeling i am going to have to change my date to some way off ish and i am going to be devestated no bullsh**t. i am already devestated because here i am all extra happy and feeling like i am finally going to get some confidence and some sexy back and now this. i swear i am not someone who ask for much, or does anything for myself except get my damn nails done and i just don't get it.......why me? i'm so sad because i know if i am not able to go in march then i will not end up getting this surgey until 2015 because i am so not good with saving money, which is something i need to work on........



hello ladies! does anyone have a number for an english speaking assistant for yily???? Please and thank you in advance :)

hey ladies......

Hey ladies soooooo i still don't have any as as if I'll be able to get this body done in March. My boss is taking get sweet time to get back to me but i think she is waiting until the first off the year to see what my time looks like. I am still depressed about it though and i think it's made me back up off of rs because i just get even more down because i feel like my journey is on hold.......i haven't even been looking for things on my list :(........ still stare at myself in the mirror though and want to cry at what's looking back at me. All i want is to feel beautiful inside and out and i was soooooo happy and now soooooo sad because of this bump in the the the road


hey ladies. i know i have'nt been that active on rs lately because of me not being able to keep my scheduled appt in march......i'm going to be honest and say i have just been low key jealous that i can't get it done anymore :( i know its wrong and really haterish! i feel horrible for feeling this way. i'm excited for you all and sad all at the same time. i feel like i have never wanted something so bad and i have never been this upset or bratty(if that's a word lol) about something that i want but can't have. i will get better though because this is so not in my character........

to all the vets...

do you think that taking a week off will be sufficient? i may be despirate but i'm just trying to figure this thing out......

more wish pics :)


hey ladies just wanted to wish all of you a happy bootyful new year :)!!!!! i'm just sayin lol

heeeyyyy ladies!!!!

So i know i have been a hot ass sad ass mess every dince i found out i would have to put my new booty on hold for a lil while longer (UUUGGGHHH). Well i have finally decided that i can no longer be in a rutt about it. I am going to shoot for the last week of June :) .Not that long right? I have sent an email asking for 6/23.....well i had sent it via whatsapp first yesterday and she replied this morning with what looked to be a request for me to send it via email. So i emailed her a short while ago and i am awaiting a response now. So i am going to officially start my journey to lose about 10-20 pounds and i will start this next week when i go gracery shopping(which i hate btw). I'm still as excited as i was from the beginning and i can't wait to get this body right and be stuntin for my man's birthday in July!!!!!.....ok so i had also contacted contreras a while back and recieved quotes from him which included vaginal tightening, so my hubby tells me last night that the ass wont benefit him so why won't i go to the one (contreras) that is gonna do everthing! lol Now dont get me wrong my ish ain't loose but i had been wanting to get it done every since 2 ladies i know got it done and when i listen to their stories i was like hmmmmmmmmm lol. I just dont know if contreras can really deliver the kind of ass and waist that yily can.... I asked yily about that procedure as well and she says she can do it but she wanted 3000 more and contreras asked for 1000......decisions decions. I was trying to think about maybe just going back next year for that procedure with contreras and letting yily do the rest this year in june..... What do y'all think?????....... holla at cha girl


Anyone get an email from duran saying she was robbed for her money and phone and needed help?

:-) :/ :-) :p

Still undecided about whom I should go with between yily and Contreras.I have a date set with both of them so far....yily on the 24th and Contreras on the 23rd.I only really want to go to Contreras for my vajayjay because I truly feel like yily well sculpt me better and give me my dream ass! I am so confused at this point and my hubby just says choose who you think is best....I'm in the Contreras group and it just seems like I'm not seeing what I need to see and this can be because the pics that are posted don't show much in my opinion.note when I say that I mean the camera's angle.not the work itself........yily and the other hand I totally have faith in and for some reason no doubts, I've just wanted the poonanni done for a while now.maybe I should just go to him next year and let Contreras do just that and let yily get her hands on the rest of me this june.......


Anybody fly in to punta cana ? If so how far was odd from santo Domingo?

I been a lil m.i.a...

Hey ladies so I have been missing for a while unfortunately I have had alot go wrong and have had to change my surgery now and put it off until the beginning of next year :( of course this kills me but what can you do when life happens? I think that I have been in a zone trying to figure things out and I
think I finally decided that waiting will be best so I won't be a baby about it. At least it's not like it'll never happen.I will be using this time to get my weight under control cause momma dun got a lil too big lol. Well I hope you all have been blessed and enjoying your journeys. Until next time

sooooooooo i have had a change of heart.....

Het there ladies :) I know i have been soooo m.ia. lately. I have for some reason really been leaning toward staying in the states for my procedure.... I really started feeling like this after reading an update on azzmatazz's page. It really got me to thinkin and I guess I just want to be able to not have such a barrier as far as communication and follow up. oI am not for sure who I will have do my sx but I am leaning towards vanity's facillity. I know I have went from one extreme to another but hey it is what it is. I think i was in such a trance before i couldnt even think straight enough to look at the big picture. I will definetly keep ya'll posted on the doctor I choose. HOpe all is well with all you ladies....

vanity financing...

Hey ladies!!!! :) Has anyone been financed through vanity or know anyone who has? Or anyone heard about the "lay-a-way"?

good mornin :)

Hello there ladies!! Just wanted to check in with you all since it has been a while.... I am now trying to decide between Fisher and Hasan. I really like Fisher's sculpting better than Hasan but maybe I need to see a lil more of his work. I still would like to go in March of next year so I have finally started my weight loss journey :). So I started at 182 and that was onnnnnnn last friday I think lol but any who i checked today and so far I am down to 177!!! woooo wooooo!!! I was so happy to see that number going down because this stomach is getting out of control ya heard me?! Well my goal is to at least get down to 150 for the surgery and after surgery I hoope to get down to 140-145ish. Now momma likes thigh's so i don't wanna get too small ya know... i WILL get better with my realself life again because I do miss chatting with all my girls on here, but at one point it was consuming my life lmao , ya'll know how we do. well n-e wayz ttyl
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Good luck future Fisher doll..... How do you become a real friend?
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I don't know about financing or this lay a way you speak of lol but they do allow you to make a down payment and make payments toward the balance of your surgery. When you have paid half of the total for surgery, you are then able to select a surgery date and keep paying the remainder of your surgery in full. Hope this helps hun. Good luck with your journey!
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lol well thats what lianne called it lol thank you boo that did help me. are you going to them?
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I was thinking that May have been what you were talking about but I didn't know that's what they called it lol! But yes I will be going with Fisher. I put my deposit down last week. I'm not sure when I will be going but in the meantime I shall be paying my procedure off lol
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coo :) i am definetly following you boo :) i bet that is exciting to put down a deposit lol i cant wait until i choose so i can start the process..
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Yeah cuz now I am working up to it lol I just gotta figure out when will be good for me to go
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i totally feel ya :)
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where are u from?? or located?
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Which doctors are doing this? I never heard of it but if they are doing this, then I'm for it. Please share your info...
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doing what babe? financing?
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Hey boo I'm in the Atlanta area! Where are yu at hun?
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ok coo i'm in georgia too!!! i live in sharpsburg though in between newnan and peachtree city
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Oh cool! We are super close by then! I'm in Jonesboro!
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I dunno when I'll be scheduling but if it is around the time you plan to go I'd love to buddy up!
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hell yeah u are close to me lol that is soooo cool, i mean i'm from cali so i don't have a lot of friends here so that is pretty neat.... i am hoping to go in march like after taxes, i be tryna file like asap lol so i'm assuming i should have it by then unless i start paying on it before then
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Yes, I received an email about 3% apr but it looks and sounds too good to be true so most probably it's a scam. I reported it so that RS can delete their account and I warned RS sis also. If there's a legitimate one please share. Ty for getting bk to me. Truly appreciate it:-)
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well when you call them(vanity) they offer you the option of having it financed but i wasnt approved since they go off of your credit, then she says you can put down a deposit and then pay monthly whatever amount you would like until the surgery is paid for in total and then get your procedure done.
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Yeah, I put my deposit down of $600 a few weeks ago so I'm hoping I can put another payment towards my balance by the end if the month. I'm hoping I can pay my procedure off by November but I'm not sure lol so I'm looking for a second job or a better job period lol and I'm thinking I'm going to do the recovery house package cuz it covers a lot of ground. So that's an extra 2 grand. I think I read somewhere if yu have a buddy vanity will knock $500 off the recovery deal which I think will be worth it.
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Thank you for sharing it's definitely something I would like to look into. Can you give me their number and which doctors participate in this?
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Sorry a little confused, a buddy for the loan or room? I'm not following what is Vanity?
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a buddy for the room lol and vanity is the name of the office in miami fl
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Yes. I originally wanted to go with Dra Almonte but now I'm researching on other doctors as well since I'm having a difficult getting a date from her. Because of the delay I'm pushing for July 2014. I'm a BBW so I need a dr who specializes in giving us fuller body ladies a curvy sexy silhouette. Do you recommend any Drs?
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Lol got it:-)
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I live in peachtree city inbox me I am not sure whom to go with yet either. I spoke with Diana about a dr fisher quote she was so rude and that kinda ruined it for me.
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