Well here it goes! OPERATION NEW ME!!

Hello BBL family. Im a 22 year old AA woman. im...

Hello BBL family. Im a 22 year old AA woman. im 6ft tall & i weight about 195 lbs. i have been researching all options on getting a bigger butt. Even though i obtain some info on thee black market option i ruled it out because after all the stories ive heard about ppl injection god knows what into your butt and also i want work done on my lower back, flanks, lower abs & inner thighs.

Ive also contacted out of country surgeons, even tho the prices are good, awesome actually... finding info on some are hard and the recommended docs have long waiting list. Then paying for someone to go out of the country with me, passports, on top of all the other worries and expenses. My serch for a doc in the states begin. Dr.J was easy to find as i follow him on instagram & know of the work hes done on Tiny's of TI & Tinys hair dresser. Iv seen his before & after pics and read alot of you all reviews. You all have inspired me to set up my first consultation.

From reading the reviews, Ive learned about deposits and payments... IM STOKED!!! Ive already have a date set if its available from the doctor. I know i have to set a phone consultation first (i live in dc) the go down for an in house 1 soon before my surgery. I am a little nervous about the consultation because i do not want a tummy tuck. Just some butt & hips. But i have learned so much from you ladies. Thanks for sharing your stories & information. Until next time.....

Hello BBL fam.... Im still very very excited about...

Hello BBL fam.... Im still very very excited about this journey. Ive set my date ( if the dr has is available.) I was gonna pay cash, but i want to do it ASAP so im now considering financing. If i get approved i think i may b ready in January. But im still waiting on a reply for my phone consultation. So finger crossed ladies.... Until next time....

Good morning ladies. So while updating i received...

Good morning ladies. So while updating i received a call from from Dr.J's office to set up my consultation. That is one busy man... Theres nothing available for an in house visit til june or phone until july. Its bitter sweet because with that time i can stack my money & my procedure will be 2500 less which i can use on my travel, meds etc. The very nice lady who i talked to gave me some great financing options. As much as i want to see dr.j i really want to get the whole thing over with asap.... Recover & enjoy my new body... Would you ladies recommend any other doctors? I may wait on dr.j , but as i am in dc... im gonna research some docs. in my area. Thanks ladies... until next time...

Hello ladies. It's been awhile. I'm still very...

Hello ladies. It's been awhile. I'm still very serious about getting my bbl done. After some major consideration, I've decided that I don't want to travel. i wanted to have the famous Dr. Curves out of Atlanta to do my procedure. But, I've decided to stay in the DMV area. I just feel like I want to recover at home rather than spending a week or two in some hotel. I'd rather cut that cost, stay home, & have my mom help me recover. So I'm reaching out to you ladies. Can anyone recommend a PS I'm the dc, Maryland, Virginia area? Please let me know!

Hello BBL sisters. Im still doing research on PS...

Hello BBL sisters. Im still doing research on PS in my area. I really didnt want to travel because i dont have anyone to take with me. But as much as i research, the more it looks like ill be going to see dr.s in FL or dr.j in the ATL! Im still also waiting on consultation with both doctors. I have something set up with DR.J in july. To all my BBL sisters who have had this procedure, How does your bum bum feel? Is it nice & soft, a natural feeling? Thats what my main concern with. Also what do i need to take with me? Meds? Clothes? WHAT? Please help me sisters lol, I want to start gathering my needs now!! Thanks sisters!!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

His pics & reviews sold me! Also all his informative videos.

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Welcome! I went to Jimerson. He did a great job for me. I'm not sure about any other Dr's in your area, but you could search the site to see who has proven results & no serious complaints. Or you could also get on the cancellation list for Dr. J. Good luck hun.
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Hello & Thanks. I have a phone consultantion with Dr.j coming very soon & I'm excited. I'm just a little sketchy with traveling & having to spend a couple weeks down there. Did You have to travel there & stay?
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Yep. Check out my review.
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Welcome! What date do you have in mind?
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Hi there,

Welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. Congrats on choosing your doctor and good luckw ith your consultation, I hope everything goes well for you. I'm sure the other BBL ladies will give you lots of advice and support.

Please do keep us updated with your progress.

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