Patiently Waiting - I've been planning to get the procedure done for almost 3 years now - Atlanta, GA

I've been planning to get the procedure done for...

I've been planning to get the procedure done for almost 3 years now, I contacted Dr. Jimerson's office awhile back but I never scheduled a consultation. After seeing him on T.I & Tiny I told myself I've got to get this done....... its now or never. The earliest I can get a consultation is May, by that time I will have the money and the body I've wanted for the longest!!!!!!! I'm sooooo excited but nervous at the same time....... I would love to get some advice from the BBL sisters out there, especially since I'll be coming from NC.

So Ive been on this website constantly for the...

So Ive been on this website constantly for the last 2 weeks.... i feel like a stalker lol. I've see some lady's that went to Dr. J and they look AMAZING, I am so ready to get this surgery done. I have sooooo many questions but I dont want to get on anybody's nerves asking all my questions. My best friend was going to come with me but she isnt sure if she can take off 10 days from work so i might be doing it alone. I'm wondering how would that work, me being by myself.... i know i'll need a nurse to assist me but how do I get one, i'm coming from NC and I know nothing about ATL...... I really need someone to talk to, this is killing me lol. I'll keep doing my research and hopefully I can get some info. I might just call Dr. J office in the a.m. (if u dont call early u will never get through lol)

Hey to all my BBL Sisters especially my Team...

Hey to all my BBL Sisters especially my Team Jimerson Dolls!!! So I really dont have too much to update u guys on. Michelle called me this evening (she is so sweet, she is really making this journey very easy and comfortable for me and thats good b/c i am so nervous about surgery) anyway she informed me that Dr J is booked up thru the first week in sept and it will get worst once ppl get their tax refunds......I was omg noooooo, so tomorrow Im calling to put my deposit down (i have to do it before my consultation b/c thats the only way i can guarantee a surgery date before sept/oct but since I'm paying cash I can get my sx date for may 7 or after (which is a lot better that sept, oct, or even nov). Michelle also told me that rates will increase Feb 1 but she wont know the exact price until the last few days of this month. This is really starting to stress me out OMG!!!!! Shout out to all My Dr Jimerson's dolls who have already had their surgeries, u guys have been so informative and inspired me even more to go thru with getting the body of my dreams - u are all very BEAUTIFUL woman!!! And shout out to all the dolls going to Dr. Jimerson this year, i pray we all have a great experience and we all have gorgeous results (2013.... the year of big booties lol) I'm getting my laptop fixed so as soon as i get it back i'll upload pics (i know its been long over due lol) Take care lovely ladies.....

Hello all my lovely ladies and Dr. Jimerson Dollz....

Hello all my lovely ladies and Dr. Jimerson Dollz. I finally got my laptop fixed so now I can put up my wish pics..... it's been too long. I have been having the hardest time trying to get in contact with someone so I can put my deposit down. TODAY I FINALLY GOT THROUGH (THANK YOU JESUS), I called for almost a week, leaving several meassage but this morning I got a call and I stop everything I was doing to take the call lol. Valarie was a doll, she answered all my questions and truely put my mind at ease. I wanted to have my surgery this May or sometime this summer but I thought hard about and I dont want to have a banging body and cant go no where to show it off b/c I'm broke. So I decided to wait until Oct..... OMG that seems so far away but atleast it gives me more than enough time to save up money and Valarie told me that they are having a lot of cancelations (why I am not sure) but I will probably see him before Oct 16 and the best part is I wont have to pay the new price (which I heard may be $1000 more), paying my deposit today lock in the current price. Now my game plan is to work work work work and save save save save and begin planning for this trip..... I'm so excited I dont even know where to begin!!!! Take care Ladies and Be Blessed

Hey everyone, hope you all are having a wonderful...

Hey everyone, hope you all are having a wonderful week. With everyday that passes I get even more excited about Oct 16!!!! Today I talked to michelle, I love her, she is so helpful and doesnt make me feel like I'm dumb for asking so many questions. So anyway I put down some more money towards my big day. I'm still not sure if I'm gonna finance any or just pay cash but at this rate I'll have it paid in no time. I've only told 1 person that I'm getting this done, ppl around these parts are very judgemental and look down on you for doing stuff like this. They think that you have issues within yourself and should seek professional help if getting sx is the only way to make you happy about yourself. I'm all for cosmetic inhancement if its done the right way. Its no different then buying an outfit, shoes, getting your hair done or something like that. I know I love myself and I do have confidence but I know with the help of Dr Jimerson my confidence will b through the roof.... And anyway its my money, if your not gonna help me pay the bill then you have no opinion lol. I'm so grateful for this website, its good to know I'm not alone. I need to start getting everything together, i just dont know where to begin because I get so excited when I think about it lol if y'all have any tips or advice please do share. Take care ladies!!!!!

Hello to all my lovely ladies and Dr Jimerson...

Hello to all my lovely ladies and Dr Jimerson Dolls!!!! Thanks to BBLnATL I realized that I left out an important detail about my bbl journey. When I contact Dr J office last yr I had my consultation scheduled for May 6 at 9:30 am but when I called back around mid Jan Michelle told me that slots were filling up fast and if I wait until my consultation to book a sx date then I would b waiting until Jan or Feb 2014 so it would b best to pay the $500 to hold a surgery date and thats exactly what I did. So to all the Lady's out there getting fustrated or discourage please don't just b persistent and when u talk to them make sure u have a game plan as far as how u plan on paying for the sx. Remember Dr Jimerson's office get alot of calls and not everybody they talk to has the stuff together so if you show them your are serious then they will be able to work with you. Take Care Ladies..... Be blessed!!!!

Hey ladies!!!!! Hope all is well..... To the...

Hey ladies!!!!! Hope all is well..... To the ladies that recently had sx I pray you all are healing well and enjoying your new bodies!!! To the ladies getting ready for Sx soon I also pray all goes well and u get the body of your dreams and to my Oct sister we have 7 months to go (god that seems soooo far away). Anyway I didnt have anything special to say just wanted to touch base with all my bbl sisters. I'm just ready to see Dr Jimerson, come on October 16!!!!! Be blessed ladies and stay encourage

Hey ladies & Dr Jimerson Dollz!!!!! I really have...

Hey ladies & Dr Jimerson Dollz!!!!! I really have absolutely nothing to talk about lol but I was bored at work so i thought i'd get up here to kill some time. I've heard from a few ladies that the prices have went up drastically - smh, i hope that doesnt discourage u ladies to go with Dr Jimerson (remember u get what u pay for). I've seen some ladies who paid $5000 and the results were not what they wanted, they only lasted a few months, or they had a near death experience. So even tho DR. Jimerson prices are a lil much his results are amazing and permanent (if you follow all the post op instructions correctly). Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dr. Andrew Jimerson!!!!!!!!!!! Take care ladies!!!!!

Good morning ladies!!!! So I called Dr. Jimerson's...

Good morning ladies!!!! So I called Dr. Jimerson's office just to see if i could get an earlier consult b/c waiting til may is killing me. I was put on hold forever then they told me that since my sx is already set for oct Dr J doesn't want to move up my consult so i have to wait til may 6..... I guess i can wait another month and a half (sigh). Also they no longer accept healthcare finance direct but i was told they have a new "in house financing" through dr Jimerson's office but they wont tell you anything until your consultation and its not a guaranteed approval, you have to meet their criteria. I hope i can get approve for it!!! Also if u ladies are having trouble getting through or getting straight forward answers talk to Michelle, Valorie, or Maxine - these ladies are great and they have been the best help. Michelle is suppose to call me back this week for a follow up phone call. If i find out anymore info I'll be sure to let u ladies know!!!! Take care

Hey Bbl Dolls!!! Its been a while since I've...

Hey Bbl Dolls!!! Its been a while since I've updated..... I didn't have much to talk about lol anywho I had my consult this morning at 9:45am wit Dr. J and Shelly it only took 15 mins..... I didn't have much to talk about or alot of questions b/c I've been talking to Michelle so much over the last 5 months. I had to add bra roll (which I really didnt want to) making my sx total $11,200: $9,300 for bbl + $1,000 for hips + $900 for bra roll. I need to lose weight which is good I guess, I'm 5'3 and 162lbs (yuck) My goal weight is between 142-148 anywhere in that area will be great, not trying to b skinny cuz thats something I've never been lol. Now my plan is to start getting everything together buying what I need for Oct its only a lil over 5 months away!!!! Cant wait I just pray that I get the results I want, my goals are realistic so I should get amazing results (I'm praying for this in advance).*** Side note: Shelly told me as of now the earliest date for sx is feb/march 2014 but thanks to Michelle I locked my date in back in feb. I was like omg, what about the girls who consults aren't until next year.... Shelly kinda laughed and said ummm b/c Dr J is booking so quickly they probably wont get sx until 2015 unless they pay all cash. Thats crazy!!!! Anyway Good luck....... No scratch that I don't believe in luck, instead I believe in prayer so i'm praying for all the ladies with sx coming up, ladies who just had sx and ladies still recovering. I wish everyone well throughout your journey!!!!! Take Care Ladies

**** I meant to say I don't need to lose weight......

**** I meant to say I don't need to lose weight.... He wants me to stay at 162***

Dr Jimerson's the one for me!!!

So much has happen in the last 3 months. My baby has been getting sick and he has to have sx, i just found out that I have mold in my apartmartment. All my suitcases (which had all my winter clothes in it) were ruin and had to be thrown away along with my washer and dryer and my other valuables *smh* and now school starts monday and I am no where near mentally prepared to focus on school. Now I have to move to I'm in the process of packing and the apartment I am moving to wont be completed until oct soooooo OMG I'm so done right now. With all this going on I know I wont be able to get my sx in oct :( I looked into Dr Yily and Dr Duran and I was about to go to Yily (her results are amazing) but I just didnt feel comfortable going to DR by myself and in my heart I really want Jimerson to give me my dream body. So as of right now I believe I'll be pushing my date back, it breaks my heart but I gotta move and take care of my baby first before I take care of myself. **Side Note: Shout out to all those single mothers out there I truely admire u all cuz its no joke raising a child by yourself.** I am still going to ATL the end of the month to see Dr J and pay some of my balance off. Hopefully I can get a date in march (when Sarah gets her sx.... Wink wink lol) I think it would be so cool to go the same time Dr J employee does lol hopefully Michelle can work it out. Congrats to all the ladies who had their sx and ladies getting ready to. I pray success for all you ladies..... Success in sx, success in recovery and success in life. I'll be back later this month after I left michelle with my new date!!!!! Be bless and stay encourage!!!!!

Oct 31, 2014?!?!?!? (tear tear)

I had to push back my date b/c of $ issues. Michelle called me today and told me that he is booked until oct 2014!!!!!! My heart dropped, i cant wait that long but its ok, i got a plan b. Hope you ladies are doing well!!!

Waiting for my dream to become reality

I'm so ready to have this sx. ***Shoutout to Ms HottiBodi she looks AMAZING already and Pretty Physique (my fav jimerson doll) her results are something serious.*** Even tho my sx date wit Dr. J is scheduled for Oct 31 2014, over a yr from now i'm still happy to know that one day I will get my J curves. As for now I've decided to visit Dr. Yily in the DR (she os a beast too and I want some serious hips lol) I'm just waiting to get my exact date. So by the end of next yr (God willing) I will have my dream body and a confidence that no one will be able to take from me. Until then I'll work like I've never work before cuz there is no other option!!! Best wishes to all the dolls out there and happy healing.

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I know about the wait.... seems as though it takes forever, but on the positive side, it allows you more time to get all avenues in order!lol By the time I have my sx, it will be shy a month of a year that I began my journey here on RS. Now that Feb is just around the corner, seems like time has gone into fast forward mode. So, your time to shine will be here before you know it, and it will be worth the wait!
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Much love and support sent your will be more than amazing. Enjoy the journey, even though the waiting game seems like forever! Best of luck babe!
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Thanks hun!!!! Same to u!!!!
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Don't u worry doll.. Everything happens for a reason.. Thx 4 showing me love n I'm hear to support u until your big day *hugs*
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You are going to be even better come nxt year! Cont to think positve becz you're with the best PS and you will be put on da map sustagurlfriend!
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Thanks girl!!!! The waiting game is killing me, i've never wanted something so bad in my life.
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Girl I know how you feel!!!!! I was supposed to leave for DR tomorrow and having sx on this Friday the 18, but now it's April 2014 :( I leave it all in God's hands, he know what is good for me or not!
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Amen Sista what's for you is for you... With that said....Sista when your done, your gonna be Snatched !!!! ;)
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I did the same thing.... Let go and let God!!!! But april will be here in no time!!!
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YES! i started the Gym just in case :)
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Almost time to say GOODBYE to the old U......& Hello to the new you ..can't wait to see the new Bod. ;-)...
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I only have one more day sissy!!! Yayyyyy I can't wait. I'm here in ATL now and I'm about to get ready to go to my pre-op appointment. :)
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I am so excited for u!!!
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You're the BEST!!!! Thank you for being by my side through this long process. It's almost over now. I'm scared and excited at the same time.
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Thanks he's doing great. But i know it will all work out. Good luck with your journey
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Hope your baby girl is doing okay! Hate to hear you had to move back surgery!! Best wishes and prayers for you both!!
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I see so many amazing bodies.. :-) I need an ideal look that would boost my confidenceso high I would want to date myself. Do any of you RS Bootylicious have any suggestions on a great website I can check photos so I'll be ready and look forward to seeing a brand new me. I'm so ready!
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The photos I got came from a lot of video vixens. I just googled them. It all depends on the look you are going for. A lot of girls up here have AMAZING results! Best wishes to u!!!!
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Wow 2014!!! That's crazy but you know when you pay it off in full they will move you up. Just keep your faith sissy. Don't worry about nothing! Love ya
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Thank u sooo much for the encouragement. I was so upset the last few weeks and when michelle told me i had to wait til 2014 i almost cried but she was so sweet and made me feel so much better!!! I cant wait to see your result in oct.... I know u excited girl
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You're welcome Hunni & Yes I'm counting down the days now. And it's not going to be the same because I was hoping you would be with me! But you know I'm going to keep you updated on everything.
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Awwwww men too! When oct gets here i'm gonna be so sad but i'll b happy for u tho Dr J is gonna do his thing! I love him & his staff!!!
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I'm sorry to hear that you are going through so much. If it's not one thing, it's 2 or 3. You got your head on tight-First things First! I can identify with you regarding things not coming together as planned. Mine dilemma was not having enough FMLA time to take off 6 wks from work. I had to push my date down to Feb. Lord knows I want it done yesterday! But good things come to those who wait patiently. So what's your plan b? You can inbox me. Try not to let it get you down.
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Who u telling I cant win for losing *smh* but u will LOVE my Plan B lol i'm bout to hit up your inbox now
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