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Hey everyone! thought id start writing a log as I...

Hey everyone! thought id start writing a log as I finally am booked with Dr Jimerson. For a while I was toying between Duran and Jimerson but after trying ton get hold of Duran, and failing, then finally getting hold of her and her not even really giving me a consultation, I pretty much made my mind up. I had one email from Duran after i sent her pics and asked if she could achieve my wish pics, she just said how big your butt will go depends on the skin you have. i then sent a reply probing more, asking the necessary questions but never got a response. I found some info about Elizabeth who spoke English and worked for Duran so i called her. When I called the line was so bad and I could hardly make out what she was saying. She gave me a surgery date and said when I pay a deposit I can speak with Duran further. I thought this was a bit backwards because I had been given a surgery date, but not had any of my questions answered. So I gave up on that and went with Jimerson. Everyone In the office is so polite and very helpful. Originally I was booked to go August 2014, but last night I called and paid the whole balance and brought the date forward to February 2014! Nicely in time for summer, and I cant wait! Would be good to speak to some other peeps out there awaiting or already had the surgery!
Hello and welcome looks like we will be posting results on a round the same time my consult is on the 4 of Feb and i am going to Dr Pascual in Florida... ill look for you!
Oh that's great! Look forward to following your journey!
He is a great doctor good luck girl can't wait to see your result

Hitting the gym...hard!

So I need to lose 10lbs before the surgery in Feb! So I've just started training. Trying to go twice per day, every other day. Currently weighing in at 11.12st So my goal is around 11stone, as when I had the consultation, I was 11.9st.

Just over 3 weeks until show time!!!!

So flights and hotel are booked, and medical clearance along with labs are also sent, just need to lose the last few pounds! Been told to lose between 5-10lb, so 10lbs would take me to around 11st. Im currently 11st8, but going hard at the gym and eating a lot less and well.

Im so excited, this time next month I will have a big booty, hard to imagine. Just a bot anxious about getting put to sleep as ive never had any surgery!

Will post before pics up before I go to ATL!
It's 11stone 8lb, or 73 kg
What is 11st8?

Surgery done!!!!

Hey dolls,

Had my surgery 2 days ago! I'm currently led in the hotel, on my front! Can't believe how little pain I'm in. Feels like I've been to the gym and had a hardcore session so my muscles ache. I have Renee who is a nurse at jimersons coming over to take my compression garment off for the first time. Then she will help me clean my wounds etc. It's $100 extra for that but my fiancée wants her to come over as he's not too confident to do it himself. I look great in my compression garment, and I know ur butt shrinks a bit so hope it doesnt shrink too much. Glad it's over! But I'm so glad it went so smoothly!

Post bbl

Post bbl 7 days

Night before bbl

Before bbl

OMG!!! Girl you Look so Good!!! You got a big booty! It looks so NICE, Wish mine would turn out that way. I had to gane 20lbs, And i Have. Need for my hipa And J-Lo butt!! Lol. You Look GREAT! Is it still that big?!?!
Yea it's still the same size! Hope it stays! I have the garment on and I will keep the garment on as long as possible!
Nice! Another question..... Did they tell you what vitamins to take? And that's after the surgery right? Not before......

Didn't need to loose weight, I should of gained!!!

its been 5 days since i have had my bbl! im looking really good!. One thing though, i really wanted a big butt, i mean super big. when i had my consultation back in june last year, i sent my wish pics along with pics of myself. Anyways i was told i need to loose 5-10lbs because my skin looks tight. So a few weeks approaching my bbl i emailed shelly and said im loosing weight but are u sure i need to loose that much weight as there wont be any fat left to suck out! i didnt get a reply. So the day of my surgery i met jimmerson, showed him a wish pic and he said 'you havent got enough fat on you for that' i was like omg really? i was told to loose weight! he said he will do what he can. Anyways it came to light that the wrong womans pics were attached to my file! the pic that was with my file was of a large lady and im really slim. I wasnt happy to be honest, because if i was told to gain more weight, i could of had a bigger butt. But they said they put as much in as they could. i ended up with 825cc in each cheek and 200cc in each hip. And i do look good, i just hope my butt dosnt shrink too much from this size. But i would call the office to make sure they have ur right pics and check that you have correctly gained or lost weight. Okay the stuff i needed, you can get from the pharmacy across the street when you pick up your perscriptions so i didn't pack anything for surgery aside from loose tracksuit. But they said on the day its easier if you have a maxi dress to wear home instead of a tracksuit, but the tracksuit worked fine. Things from the pharmacy were maxi pads, because the use this for covering up the drain site and for soaking up blood that leaks into your garment on the first night. I brought gauze but i didn't end up using any of that. Surgery tape, hydrogen peroxide, cotton buds, cotton pads, alcohol, female urinal - That is a must because its hard to squat after surgery. I was constipated for about 5 days but i've been today finally after taking some laxatives. Hope this helps! x x
U look great!
Thank you bunches love! So, how are you feeling today? Any Moore pictures? Still big booty? Lol

13 days post bbl

Is your butt still looking big up to this day or have you lost some of it ? Thanks you look great btw.
You look great!!!

Found an amazing product!!!!!!!!!!!

hey dolls! just wanna tell you all about a new cushion on the market. Its called a Booty Buddy, and its a support cushion that you sit on instead of a Boppy pillow. it really keeps your butt off the chair!

I never could get on with the big bulky pillow, so this was amazing! its defo my #1 purchase for BBL. Im booked in for round 2 in January aswell so ill be taking this with me! going to make life much easier!

you can get it from ***third party link removed*** hope this helps you all as it has done me! xx

Wow you look great! Your booty is so round! They did a awesome job. Sounds like your a lil disappointed but You may experience some fluffing just give it time Hun... I think you look very natural ;)
Commenting on when you said you wanted a bigger butt;)
Your trippin your ass is perfect nice size ,shape, looks athletic but still got that ghetto touch going for my bbl in February you will be one of my wish pics
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