My behind is square and I have no hips at all - Finally - Atlanta, GA

Ok, Finally my time has come. Ive been considering...

Ok, Finally my time has come. Ive been considering having a BBL for the last year. I know that Dr Jimerson was the best of the best but getting a consultation was hard because he was booked for months. As favor would have it, someone cancelled and I had a consultation and it was game over! I knew I wanted it...I desire to have a coke bottle figure. My behind is square and I have no hips at all :( Im feeling sooo excited but nervous at the same time....

I was told by my nurse to start taking vitamin C...

I was told by my nurse to start taking vitamin C pills and iron pills before the procedure. But after reading several reviews about how helpful Arnica pills are with this bruising and swelling, I feel like I should be taken those before the procedure as well... What are your thoughts about this BBL ladies? I will be calling Dr. J tomorrow to make sure I can take these things before because I want to do what's best!

Great News for the uninsured! Recently the...

Great News for the uninsured! Recently the medicine that is required post surgery for the BBL is $320 if you don't have insurance. Not sure what other doctors prescribe but that's the case for my doctor ( Jimerson). Krogers has the total cost for $220! That was great news for me because I saved $100 on meds :-)

I am SOOO EXCITED! My procedure is in two days...

I am SOOO EXCITED! My procedure is in two days and I cant wait :) It seems like Ive waited and researched for soo long and now its finally here. Tomorrow I plan on shopping for groceries, picking up my last prescription and buying a lawn folding chair.... I read somewhere that I could cut out the middle portion (where the butt would normally be) and sit in it:) The picture looked like it was a great idea. I will probably not post again until the day of my procedure so until then..... Oh yeah - I need food ideas...what is a 'must' for food to buy?

HELLO BEAUTIFUL BBL LADIES! My procedure went well...

HELLO BEAUTIFUL BBL LADIES! My procedure went well ... It happen soooo fast I didn't have time to get nervous! I literally feel like a truck hit me, that feeling you have after working out times 10. Every muscle feels sore... I've been staying on my meds so I'm sure ur could be worse.... Oh yeah, I made the mistake of thinking I had to be at the drs at 1030am, my procedure was suppose to start at 1030!!!!!! I didn't get here until 10am and was charged $500 for being late! A very costly mistake, don't know what I was thinking. I'll post tomorrow about how my surgery went, until then..... Goodnight, my painkillers have me sleepy.

Taking off my post surgery garment was the biggest...

Taking off my post surgery garment was the biggest calls he I've had soo far. They have on sooo tight and I wasn't expecting this. My entire body is swollen and I don't feel bad at all. I know everyone has a different pain treshold but I ave been in any pain. Like I said the only challenge has been getting in and out my garment. I swell up more after I took it off so that made it difficult. Also I need too ave a bowel movement, does any one have a suggestions???? Plus I thought I could squat over and pee but that ain't happening. Since I didn't buy a urine cup thingy I got creative lol... I took a water bottle, cut the top off( about two inches from the top). I place it where urine comes out and it easy breezy! I wash it with soap and water and do it again.... It's soo convenient for me. I have been drinking ALOT of water so a go to the bathroom at least once an hour smh, but it's good because I need to move around. One thing that I'm not looking forward to is removing this garment everyday but it's ok.

Laying on swole!!!!i don't want to take my waist...

Laying on swole!!!!i don't want to take my waist measurements yet because that area is swollen and numb.... I'm wondering how much longer will my waist be swollen?????? I'm so excited about results and the healing is going great probably bc I keep drinking water and sleeping.... That bad part is getting up twice an hour to pee.

Today I called the office to see how my surgery...

Today I called the office to see how my surgery actually went because I was out of it the day of.... My surgery went well. They took 3100 cc's of fat out of me!!!!!!! Placed 900 cc in each cheek and 200 in each of my hips! I absolutely love the results and I'm soo glad I had it done.

Today I feel good, doesn't even feel like I had surgery 4 days ago. I would say I'm recovering pretty good, thank you Jesus!!!

It's been 6 days since my procedure.... Time is...

It's been 6 days since my procedure.... Time is flying by:-) today when I took off my garment for an hour, I immediately noticed that both my legs (inner thighs) are bruised! Why are they bruised and why did it take days AFTER the procedure for them to get that way?????? Hopefully I will get some answers tomorrow because that's wen I have my post op appt :-) and hopefully they will be taking out this drain!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!! Anyways I'm soo excited about my results, I loved how he sculpt my figure precisely how I wanted him to! If anyone has suggestions on how I can get rid of the incision scars (which I haven't yet seen) and bruises PLEASE REPLY OR EMAIL ME DIRECTLY!!!!! Thanks Sooo much! I've attached some pictures I took earlier today (first time wearing panties in a week hooray lol)! I'll be chatting with you lovely BBL ladies latter:-)

Yesterday was great, wanna know why? I had my...

Yesterday was great, wanna know why? I had my drain taken out!!! I felt so accomplished thereafter. I asked if it'll hurt, she said nope.... She was right. It felt a bit strange for about 1 second but all was well! Tomorrow I finally get to shower hoooray :-) also, I purchased some neosporin for the incision areas and then I'll work in the other ointment I have to minimize the appearance of scars.

Does anyone in Atlanta know where I can get a...

Does anyone in Atlanta know where I can get a great Lymphatic Massage! I need to start scheduling mine for next week.

Just an FYI the pain meds will make you extremely...

Just an FYI the pain meds will make you extremely constipated! I tried everything and drunk a lot of water but still nothing moved me..... Until I purschased some prune juice, poured about 10 oz, microwaved it for 20 seconds, and drunk it...... It was GAME OVER!! That feeling you have after a really good Bowel movement! Saved the day:-) also Castro oil(2tbsp) mixed with some orange juice never ails but I can't stomach it. Sorry folks for the TMI but I figured if this helps one person, my work is done.... By the way, I was on pain med for a total of 6 days....then I stopped taking them. My experience would have it that this surgery wasn't as painful as I'd imagine. I just really had a 'achy' type pain. Like 'my muscles are really sore' type pain. For that I'm thankful for:-)

12 Days POST BBL - Just wante to give a quick...

12 Days POST BBL -
Just wante to give a quick update on how I'm doing lately. I feel like I'm 75% back to normal. Waist is still numb from the lipo. Butt and waist still a bit swole but I'm happy about the results. Each day is getting easier! I'm waiting for my arnica gel to come in the mail some I can rub it on my inner thighs, they are bruised pretty bad:-( but other then that, it's good.... Also I've attached a few pics of my shape with clothes on... It felt weird putting something on with out my garment (I was washig it).

Six Weeks and Counting! I haven't been on here in...

Six Weeks and Counting! I haven't been on here in a while so let me give a update... I recently started working out again and boy let me tell you- I'm soo sore!!!!!! Just left Dr Js office and they want to use my photos for their website, etc.... Hopefully they won't show my face!!!!! But all is well on this end. My measurements are still 36-27-42. Which is making me happy! All I'm tryna do now is tone my legs and define my abs a little...
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Ive been doing some research on Jimerson for some time now. After going to a few other Doctors, I decided to go with Dr J! He knows exactly how I want to look and Im confident he can do it.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Sort by really look good congrats on your transformation :)
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u look incredible. gives me hope that dr j can work on smaller girls (where i want to be pre op)..u seem like the fitness type which is my goal :)
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how much was your height and weight pre op? You look pretty fit and I feel like we have similar bodies and I have been afraid I dont have enuf fat. I know he will tell me at my consult, but I was just curious cuz im PRAYING i can look like you after :)
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Hey @gmb513 I am feeling the same way.I am mostly muscle and I want a huge butt so I am hoping he will find enough fat on me. My plan is to gain as much weight as I can..Im sure he can pull a good amount of fat from my stomach snd thighs once I gain more weight....
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Yesssss me too. I am trying my best to gain weight some ensure and boost plus. but I have been eating nonstop all day to where I am just FULL allll day long. its a disgusting feeling honestly lol. I just dont have a lot of time to do it. Shelly said she will give me a month to gain the weight! :-/ Im sure if he lipos alot of diff areas I wouldnt need to gain as much, but man that sure is gonna keep racking up the price! so Im trying to gain instead. *crosses fingers*
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@Gmb513 Yes girl I agree the way I see it is the more fat I give him to work with the better so I can get that big ol' booty! I am having so much fun eating whatever I want and whenever I want lol! I need to buy those shakes U have too, good luck babe we can do it! ;)
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U look amazing
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Omg you look great!
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You look great girl!!!! Happy to hear you've been healing ok...
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Honey boo boo Chile u look amazing lol!!! Keep them heads turning lol!!!
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Damn're fine!!! Love your results...I'm jelly...can't wait til I'm on the other side...
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Your 12 day post pics shut it DOWN! Wowwwwwwwwwwwww in my flav voice. Amazing transformation simply stunning!!!!! I am 8 days out and will be having surgery with Dr. J whoot whoot.... I can only hope to look equally amazing.
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Mspbg: can you blame them in wanting to use your pics? I haven't had my bbl done yet but by far you have the best results I've, offense bbl sisters!!!!! ;-))) I also sent you a private msg but figure you're probably too busy to answer....but can you tell me where to buy the garment Dr J gave there a label in it that I probably can order it online. Thanks
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You look good mama!
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Simply Stunning!
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Wow, you look amazing hun! Happy Healing! xoxo
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Congrats on ur new body....loving ur results! Dr. J really hooked u up :)...ur looking super fine girl..
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The curve of your lower back looks super sexy!! I know your loving your new body.
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I love it! Thanks:) glad I went with Dr J!
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No girl my bad I arrive in ATL on 16th surgery is
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K cool, wait that's today!!!
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Your results are off the Chain MSPBG! Happy healing...
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Thanks Chica!!!
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