Dreaming of a Bangin Body with Dr. J Curves - Suwanee, GA

Hi BBL ladies, I'm super excited that sooon I will...

Hi BBL ladies, I'm super excited that sooon I will have the body I have always imagined myself in. Only if God permits, I will be getting a butt
augmentation and lift with Dr. Jimerson in Atlanta.
I had my webinar on June 13, 2013 with Ms. Sara. I will be getting fat grafting to my butt and hips!!
Best of luck to you
Thank you! Same goes for you :)
Goog luck sister. I hope he will give you better results than me. He messed up my entire body and took my 20000$. Before making your final decision do your research.

My Bodytype towards an Hourglass figure

I just wanted to give a little bit more information on my current bodytype and what I am aiming for.

Currently, all my fat is stored on my upper back giving me massive back rolls. My shoulders are broad and I carry alot of arm fat. I also carry double D's giving me more emphasis on the top. On the lower half, I have a small butt and no hips. My butt has got a little bigger because of exercise and butt creams with maca root pills but it isn't what I want. My legs are well defined because of playing soccer.

I'm hoping to loose my boyish figure into getting more hips and butt. My procedure consists of getting the butt lift, augmentation using the fat from my upper and lower back, arm fat, and from abdomen. I don't want an incredibley large butt because I feel it wouldn't go with my atletic legs. I want to even out my breasts with my butt so it will look fabolous. I have nothing but faith things will go alright.

Hey there, welcome!

So, your surgery is next May? That will come around before you know it, but it gives you a good amount of time to save up and prepare!

Yes! I can't wait :D But yes I have to prepare myself!
Congrats to you, how soon do you have your BBL? I am looking into Dr. Jimerson myself, and was just wondering the timeline after your webinar do you schedule the surgery. He has a long waiting list, however I am willing to wait.

wish pic #2

Girl, I used that wish pic too!!!! Almost time love!!!! It's coming quickly ahhhh! May 2014 J Curve Ladies!!!

another wish pic

I'm soooo excited!!!!!!!!! But I'm soooo impatient. Everyday I wake up believing I have the body I always dreamed to of. Thank God for my boobs but the booty will finish the final product :)...:D We will break necks ;)

my wishes


No booty :(...

the body I want

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I have not a chance to talk to him but from what I see, I know he is amazing and God bless him for the work he does.

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