My consultation went great. They made me feel...

My consultation went great. They made me feel comfortable, and explained the process. the best doctor in town!!!! .. ..

Does anyone have a list of things needed for bbl.....

Does anyone have a list of things needed for bbl... During and after. Thanks in advance

31 days to go!

I am almost done getting all the supplies needed for my journey. My son birthday is 11/21. To anyone who has had lipo and bbl, where u able to go out and move well this early after? I will be 9 days post op then.

oh yea

my current weight is 182. and I plan on losing more by surgery and Im 5'6

25 days to go.

today is the first day that I stopped second guessing my decision on having this surgery. im so ready to get this over and to be on the other side. I will be on my period during the surgery. Has this happened to anyone else? tried to move my surgery date up but dr okoro is booked to the max.

unhappy pre op

I had my pre op today. I left in tears! The PA who i saw before told me the doctor could get my stomach flat and do 900-1000cc. And today when showed what could be done was a shocker! He said he only promises 1-1/2 inch in projection and 2 inches is pushing it! Wth!!??? Im not paying 9000 for a inch. So now 3 weeks till surgery i get this info. My feelings r hurt

After bbl and lipo with okoro. Give me ur honest opinion

Before bbl. do u guys see a big diffrence

The other one was to small

Reality check

Ok so dr okoro gave me a reality check today. I realized I'm not gonna reach my goal in one surgery. So I will do bbl and lipo first then I will have a mini tummy tuck. So count down to surgery starts again. Also I saw time2dome2013 profile was helpful because we have the same body type.

Time to regroup

This was support to be the happiest parts of my journey but y is it my saddest? I just feel I was told one thing and now after investing money and time I feel as though I gotta settle. If u r looking for moderate changes dr okoro is the person but I was looking for a transformation and he is not the surgeon for me. I just don't have that type of money to give for minimum results


I hpe no one is offenended by my comments or opinions. I thought thats what realself was for. I am only doing what makes ME happy. Have a great day everyone.


After going up and down. I decided to stick with okoro. I have a better understanding of what i will be getting. Salama offeres me 11/5 but ive did all my research on okoro.... So thats who i trust and who i will stick with

It's getting close

I have decided to follow the waist training that tinywaistbigbooty did. Her' is amazing. Excited and ready!!

Sooooo ready

I saw dr okoro again today

I'm so glad I chose Dr. Okoro. He truly cares and want the best outcome for you. I can't wait till surgery day!

massage therapist is set

I have set up daily massages with tina. She is very informative and I cant wait to get started. Thanks for all the info ladies to help me find her. If someone else needs the number it is 678-856-3864. It will be worth it.

Sleepless nights already

Now that my surgery is only a few days away, now I can't seem to get to sleep. I'm anxious and excited. I've only been off of work for 2 days and I'm about to go stir crazy in this house. This is gonna be a loooong recovery for me lol


Today is my day finally!!!! My nerves haven't kicked in yet. Soon as I see the OR they might but I hope not. I have been waiting since December of 2012 for this and I'm ready. I pray everything goes well and as soon as I can I will update you ladies. Thanks for all ur support :)


Hi. Intestine will update tomm

1 day po. Officially hate this garment

Post op

Please ladies do not do this without help. It's no joke! I haven't experienced any pain at all only soreness and this devil garment. I will take pics when I take my garment off and wash it. Do I hand wash it? NYcutie where r u lol

Post op day 2

I took the pics myself so bear with me. I also stopped pain meds today.

Post op

Tried on a dress. Garment, clothes, and lipo foam under but I love my results

Sleeping on and off due to garment. Ugh!

This garment! I hope it gets better after my first massage. This white binder is bunching up. Should I go to a squeem now?

1 week post op tomorrow

1 week post op

I just started getting scar tissue and it is no fun. I love my results, they change everday. I'm finally getting comfortable in my garment and when I don't have it on I feel awkward. Thanks NYcutie for the pic info

Almost 2 weeks post op

Some areas of my butt is starting to soften and my stomach is almost flat and I don't have any loose skin. Dr Okoro is great. I also wear that garment and binder at all times except for shower and I get it washed during that time. Here are a few updated pics

Sitting but not sitting

1 month post op

I had my 2nd smooth shape today. After surgery I started in a XL and now I'm down to a small garment but One of my cheeks lost more than the other. I'm thinking I want round 2 in a year but I will wait for 6 months post op before I decide.

Tue will be six weeks

I can't wait to sit!

Almost 6 weeks

This journey wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. It made me feel better when trying on clothes and just more self confidence in general. Now on to the hard part, which is to keep it. This week I started with a personal trainer and I plan on going back to lipo the upper back and arms and dr okoro will put that in my butt. I will continue to wear a garment b/c it makes me feel comfortable and I never thought I would say those words lol. That garment was the enemy lmbo. Well I guess that's all for now


I'm back to a flat butt! Back in the same under wear. Ashamed to even tell someone I ever had this procedure! So I am currently planning another procedure. I just hate I paid all that money just for a smaller waist. No it's not butt greed! I'm back in the same jeans. Sad be careful ladies and I didn't sit till 6 weeks


Yes he did a great job on lipo but the booty looks the same
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Thanks NYcutie and chocolatebodyparty
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It's going to be okay mama. Sx makes it mind play tricks. It but is gonna look flat then big. It's crazy how emotional u feel. Stay out the mirror also for that reason. Update us on what the doc says.
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I think there's a difference, but give it some time
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Be honest. No difference
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There is a difference,now did u want a huge butt?or natural looking butt?you are only like 8 weeks Po right? If so your body is gonna change daily til it stabilizes at about 6 months. Don't view your results based on others either. We are all different and our bodies react differently. I workout daily and do squats like 95 going north. It's made my but way more shapely and firm. I say wait til at least 5 months before u decide. You should have a followup visit coming discuss it with the doc.
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NYcutie literally it gets smaller by the day. My waist is nice but my butt just looks flat. Nothing wiggles or jiggles that's how bad it is and butt has been thru the softening part. I'm speaking to Okoro office tomorrow
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Oh well mine doesn't jiggle either but I'm solid and definitely don't want no jiggly ass. When did u start sitting the longer u wait the better . I waited for 8 weeks then sat on a pillow for 5 months.
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I cant remember what your before pics look like, but you have a booty? Remember your body is going to change daily until 6 months PO. I didnt go down in jean sizes, my butt is a 14 my waist is a 9, the fat is just placed somewhere else. You dont lose weight at all. your old jeans should be big in the waist and tight on your butt. Like I said SX is emotional and it takes up to 6 months to stabilize.
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Just posted a before
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Remember that what u see day 1 to 2 months maybe swelling,but u still haven't fluffed yet either. Don't stress about it,speak to the doc for advise.
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Glad you are feeling a lot better.
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Great transformation you look gorgeous
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Thx chitown gal
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You look wonderful. How soon are you going back to get your back and arms done?
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Thanks. I'm gonna pay my money around jan 14th and I'll take the first available date but he told me there is no time frame to wait
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you look great!
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As many of the vets said its too early to tell, it could be that you lost swelling on one side faster than the other, they say you dont see some kinda final results until at least after 8 weeks. That to some of the girls and it evened out later
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Thanks. That makes me feel a lot better
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You most definitely have a lovely backside now! Glad for u
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One is smaller now? Is that what u were telling me yesterday?
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I felt I had lost volume in both but not much.
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Oh okay, it will be okay mama
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Hey lady checking on you. Put the board in urban garment so that u r tummy gets super flat.
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