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So I decided to schedule my consult finally its on...

So I decided to schedule my consult finally its on 3/11/13. I'm exited to send my pictures soon and maybe loose 10 pounds im 5'2 154 lbs apple shaped =( so most of my fat is in my tummy waaa.. Lets see what kind of miracle he can do on me ill post my pictures soon. hopefully i can set a date for surgery as well the thing is how am I going to pay I really font want to finance it but I don't have 10,000 just sitting there either ya know?

Its hard financing so I've.decided to pay.the whole thing and I dont have it either so I pay.500$ a month my make partial payments if I have any lol but if u dont make your date by any chance can we switch my date is 07/19/2013??
Im july 17th! If we dont find sooner dates maybe we can meet up?? :)
Welcome lasuperkaren. Good luck to you.

I'm so anxious to get this consultation with Dr. J...

I'm so anxious to get this consultation with Dr. J I have lost about 5 pounds since so my current weigh is 149 I'm still bulgy in the stomach area then again I'm afraid ill run out of fat lol yeah right!! my BMI is 27.2 and that's considered Overweight well i will post some pictures of me and what I want to accomplish!!!
best of luck to you! cut out ALL WHITE STARCHES -- bread, pasta, rice, and the like, minimize sugar, lots of water and workout 4x a week -- cardio for at least 40 min and 15-30 min strength training a day

SO I'm really getting exited to have this...

SO I'm really getting exited to have this consultation done. I have been thinking about some questions to ask Dr J. I also have a good credit score so I'm confident I can get financed but I'm also saving as much as I can you know.. One question that I'm dying to get answered to by you guys and Dr J

Q: I'm 24 years old and I don't have children, do you recommend I wait until I have kids to get this procedure done?
(fat transfer to butt and hips)

Everyone tells me I'm too young I should wait but honestly I don't want to wait =( I keep explaining the procedure because I think they are the ones confused and think I'm getting a tummy tuck.. NOOO its LIPOOO, FAT TRANSFER lol. My husband is being supportive, (but then he flashes the I love you the way you are babe shit and I'm like really!!!! -_-) and so are some of my fiends. My mom is also supportive but she thinks I should have kids before getting anything done and I don't really plan on having baby's yet =( she said what if you don't loose you belly after having a baby you plan on going under the knife again?? I'm like mom I think I will work hard not have a tummy but if a have sagging skin yes. I'm so confused...
Hey girly! I read your review, i am younger than you and NO ONE will change my mind about going through with my sx. lol i hope it all works out for you boo! Follow your heart.
Hey do whatever you feel is right and will satisfy your little heart. I was having similar battles before finally deciding to go ahead and get it done now, especially since I have always wanted a butt. I do have one child and hope to have some more, but a little gut I could live with but no butt, no wayyy not for one more year if I could help it. So I did it. Best wishes in whatever you decide.
I think just like that I'm only young once I need to live that now because I want it that bad that's how I see it too. I don't want kids yet maybe in 5 + years so I just cant wait that long I am happy with my weight now I'm not looking to be any thinner I'm at the 15 pounds over my target weight like Dr. Jimmerson recommends so I think the time is now! thank you for the support I highly appreciate it.

I am no exited to send my pictures my husband...

I am no exited to send my pictures my husband helped me take them and my consultation is a week from tomorrow I can't wait! I have come up with a few questions for dr jimmersonp. I'm also going to put down my deposit for a surgery date, the soonest the better, but realistically I still need time to come up with more money...
This is sooooo true I have been very pursuant of what people that of my decision in life but not anymore I'm living for me and enjoying it very much so with that being said go for it cause if u don't later u may have some regrets much love and support ;)

Extreamely happy I just spoke to Michelle she...

Extreamely happy I just spoke to Michelle she called to confirm my telephone consultation and to make sure I sent my pictures !!! I can't wait I will be paying my $500 dollar deposit to schedule surgery !!! I am stil thinking cash so I might have to schedule something down the Road, butat least ill have my RX date secured.
That's wonderful!
Hello ladies.... We are one day closer to having that shape we so desire
One step closer!!!!

I'm anxiously waiting around for my phone call =D....

I'm anxiously waiting around for my phone call =D............

I'm so freaking irritated I want to shoot someone...

I'm so freaking irritated I want to shoot someone I've been sitting around all day for them not to call!!! The patient coordinator did not call me nor the doctor and it kills me inside because I have waiting since freaking NOVEMBER I am so pissed off but have to keep my cool I guess specially since I'm at work and even my co workers are annoying the hell out of me I'm so mad and they have done nothing to me.. not to mention I called their office wondering why I had not received the call yet, the gal I spoke to said she would leave a message and Aziza or Sarah would call me tomorrow they are the coordinators bla bla bla long bad day I swear!!!! what guarantees me a call tomorrow when we specifically scheduled today's!!!!!!
I just called again Shelly should be contacting me soon I have called 2 times today and both tell me Shelly is scheduled to call me before the end of the day so hopefully she calls....
I've been hearing this....your just frustrated and disappointed. Call again....when you call, reiterate that you are prepared to pay your $500 deposit.....try to keep your cool
I would keep calling them. Don't wait on them to call you.

Well after a long struggle and constant calls to...

Well after a long struggle and constant calls to their facility I got a call from Shelly she was nice and easy to talk to such a sweet heart I went ahead and payed 1500 towards my surgery and guess what their prices went up I was thinking to spend around 10,000 for but grafting to but and hips but after looking at my pictures she also recommended I get my Back bra roll done an additional 900 so my total comes out to 11,900 I mean but that bad but it is 2 thousand dollars more than I anticipated so for that reason I pushes it out to April 7days after my 26th bday that's my birthday present to myself :) on the other hand, I never received a call from Dr. J :( so yup I still don't have the pleasure on speaking to him. So I'm thinking food meds hotel flight for my husband and I and a rental car and all the other things I will need I'm looking at 16,000 total??? Has anyone actually found out the total cost after everything??? I'm paying this cash so I really have to not spend on nonsense and pay this as soon as I can!!!
Hey sweetie hope all went well once you feel up to it can you please update us on how your sx went hope is well ttyl
How did everything go BBL Sister??? I hope you're feeling great!!!
I sure will hellabooty

Hello sisters!!

It's been a while since I posted anything, let me begin by saying how grateful I am to have a date In 2014 he's booked all of 2015 and beginning of 2016 0_0 , anyhow I have been doing payments on my surgery I have 8,000 to go I wish I could hit the lotto and just get it over with :( but no I'm working hard I spend a lot so I need to cut back and try to pay this as soon as possible because I need to save for my airfare car rental hotel food massage ext.. I'm thinking a total of 15000 spent total.? Hope no more than that :( anyhow I have to get it together I'm so exited I get nervous at times my husband gets nervous he's afraid of me passing during surgery or infections deformation or not being satisfied with my results, I have done so much research and I have followed so many sisters on here I'm confident!!! I trust dr J I believe in my heart everything will be ok, can you guys relate to me? Anyways My patient coordinator Shelly just got her bbl damn she looks great I follow her on Instagram she looks good that makes me so exited!!!! Well I have ten months to go I'm sure time will fly !! Hope all is well good night sexy lady's ?
Yaaa Im happy to know another person having sx with jimerson next year
I'm just so astonished he is booked already for 2016. The jitters will always be there up until you get it done. The day of will be spoof nerve wrecking but will feel a relief once you get it done.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I just googled bbl and came across many plastic surgeons In Denver (I live here) but none caught my eye enough to say damn!!!! It was not until I clicked on images that I came across a pic that left me speechless!!! It took me to Dr. Jimmerson's website. I started looking daily, I kept looking him up and then I came across this website an yup, I was sold!!!!

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