Did anyone have trouble with their garment leaving impressions in their skin on the sides where your hips are?

I am 23 years old. 125 pounds and i carry ALL my...

I am 23 years old. 125 pounds and i carry ALL my fat in my abdomen and flanks, and bra roll area. I am scheduled for surgery with jimerson on Nov 8 but I really like the results of salama also. I feel like salama does better lipo but dr jimerson's butts look wayyyy better. I think i am more concerned with the lipo since thats where all my fat is.. im confused. what do yall think?


Hey girl,  welcome to the bbl sisterhood. ALl I can suggest is follow your gut feeling.
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I think both doctors are GREAT. Since your more so concern with liposuction go with Doctor Salama if you'll feel more at ease. Overall I think Doctor Jimmerson is better! I myself believe I'm stuck between the two but if liposuction is the biggest concern inform Doctor J that's your primary focus but you still want a nice physique when it all boils down..
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Do you still have the November 8th date available? I have an August date...would you be interested in switching?
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i called and switched it already. if you call up there it might still be available
I agree with Yina. Tan whoever you go with tell them what you are hoping for. Dr. J can give you aggressive lipo of your abs. Look what he has done with his bigger clients. Salama is good as well, but as people keep saying his butts look a lil square. Would you want that?? It's your body, you have to make the call.
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I made it to the other side!! Dr Jimerson and...

I made it to the other side!! Dr Jimerson and everyone there were sooo good. they made me feel soo comfortable! I will post pictures ASAP. I showed him 4 wish pics and from the looks, I think I got exactly what I want. Im actually not in much pain at the moment. I was really nervous going into the surgery but the anethesist was very informative about everything and explained everything to a T. He gave me Versad to calm my anxiety down a bit and after that I was perfectly fine. When I woke up the nurses were right there and took really good care of me afterwards. my overall surgery experience was soo good. I can't wait to be able to take the garmnet off to see my figure. I got 700 cc in each cheek and 200 cc in each hip. with a totaly of 3400cc out.


happy healing girl!
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hey congrats!!!! happy healing!
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Congrats !! Happy healing!
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So yesterday I said that I wasn't in much pain, my...

So yesterday I said that I wasn't in much pain, my only problem was feeling a little nauseous, but today is a whole different story, now that the bruising and swelling has set in, Ive definately had more pain. Walking is seriously the only way to make the pain go away. I have been walking so much to keep myself from getting DVTs and to try to get my bowels moving again. The only worst part about this whole thing is trying to get out of bed. Your stomach is so sore from the aggressive lipo, when people say on here that you have to have alot of upper body strength, they WERE NOT kidding. I am so thankful my boyfriend is here because I would no be able to do it. I tried getting out of bed by myself once and it did not go as smoothly. My stomach seriously feels like i did a million situps. I am so in love with my figure now, its crazy... I get to take my garment off tomorrow for the first time, so I am excited about what my stomach looks like. My before measurements were waist-33 and butt-36. Post op - waist 27 and butt 42. As I mentioned earlier I got a total of 3400 cc out and 700 cc in each cheek, and 200 in hips. I am also taking my pills and Dr Jimerson gives Zofran for nausea and I did not sleep at all lastnight. I just wasnt tired but I knew my body needed sleep to help heal my body. So my boyfriend called in and got me some Phenergen instead. In my opinion, it helps me sleep and I didntt have any nausea today. Me and my boyfriend are staying at The Residence Inn in Alpharetta (Winward area). There is a Walmart like 2 minutes away and a walgreens right across the street for your prescriptions. They have a full kitchen here with stove, oven, dishwasher and fridge (stainless steel). Beds are super comfortable and then have free continental breakfast and free dinner at night which the menu changes every night. Its usually 220 a night but since I am staying for about 10 days they give you a discount to 120 a night. It is about 12 minutes from Dr Jimerson's office. As I said before Dr Jimerson's staff is amazing. I felt so comfortable the entire time and they called me today to make sure everything was going good. I also have iodine allergy and they assured me they werent going to use any iodine to prep my body and anything. It wouldnt even be in the room. Well thats all I can think of right now. but heres my 1 day post op pictures. ohh and by the way, the lipo foam pads are a life saver! the straps on my garment are really tight so i put some foam on my shoulders and every where else that was digging into my skin. They are like 7.50 for a 8x11 sheet. I would say like 10 of them or so.


U look really good girl!!!
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You look amazing. Happy healing.
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Wow!!! You look GREAT momma! Please keep posting more pics.... I am coming up in December with Dr. J as well. Happy healing!!!
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Soo as the days go on, everyday I feel a little...

Soo as the days go on, everyday I feel a little better. im getting better at getting out of bed and taking off my garment for an hour each day. The only thing I am having problems with is the garment leaving impressions on my skin so I had to put a shirt on under the gament so when I take my garment off today, I will see if it worked. I am usually a stomach sleeper but ever since this surgery i keep wanting to roll on my sided (probably because i know i cant). My appt is Wednesday to get my drain out., so hopefully i slow downt to 30 ml for a full 24 hours.

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I take my garment off everyday for 1 hour to get...

I take my garment off everyday for 1 hour to get cleaned up and my garment has been leaving indentions in my skin on my sides. so i tried putting a shirt on and I have to see when I take my garment off today if it worked. Does anyone have any pointers of what i can do? I tried putting some lipo foam pads but i ran out so i ordered some more but they havent came in yet.


I cut slits out for my smaller garment to have more room for my hips and butt. It's has worked well for me. I've washed and dried it since I cut it and the slit didn't spilt more which was my concern. I got this idea from the nurse at dr j office who explained the garment to me and she said since I was adding hips there would be slits curt into my original garment BUT there wasn't any. I decided when I went from med to small I would just do it myself. Now it's time for an xs garment and I'm sure I'll be cutting it to allow even more room for hips n butt. Hope I was of help. Happy healing hunny
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Can I see ur pics?
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Love ur results :)
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