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I am a mother of 3, 27 years old, 5.3, 165 lbs,...

I am a mother of 3, 27 years old, 5.3, 165 lbs, and in need of some work. I have always had a small frame of 125-130 and I was always active, so beneath all the fat that I carry in my abs lies muscle. I have tried diets and I lose quite a bit and rapidly, and even without exercise. But as soon as I stop, here comes the belly. What really push me to consider plastic surgery is my image. i have always been able to wear what I want and look good wearing it. Even after having my first child at 18 I bounced back to my shape, with a bigger butt and bigger bust (from a cup to full b cup). Then at 22, I had my second child and surprising I lost weight during my pregnancy, then after delivery I was back down to my normal size with wider hips and bigger bust. ( from b to c). And then when I had my 3rd child three years ago the same happened as my second except due to extreme engorgement my boobs were left sagging.

I look good when I wear a faja, but shit sometimes its hot and who has time for all those layers of clothes. I have been with my husband for 10 years and he has seen my body go through changes, my weight doesn't bother him. But it bothers me, then he just tells me don't worry mija you'll lose your stomach. But, it seems to be the last thing to go, and now it just sags when I do lose it! It's so discouraging when I see cute outfits on the mannequins, then when I try it on I look busted and disgusted! I just can't believe I let myself get like this! My issues came from eating late at night, eating out a lot, and laying down right after I eat. Slowly but surely the weight came on after constantly repeating it.

I know that I am a beautiful woman, and not to be conceited but I am constantly told whether I am dolled up or without make-up on and jeans and jordans! But, I don't feel confident in me, with my weight looking like this! So something has to change. I considered having one more child, but we decided our three were enough so now is the time for me to get the work done. Not only will this leave me feeling good about myself, but I know it will put a smile on my hubby's face cause he loves big booties and big boobs. And rather him look at it elsewhere, why not have it at home???? I admit it took me a while to get him to agree to it, because he is a jealous man and felt that every man would be looking at me. But after we talked and discussed the importance of it to me, as well as after unsuccessful diets he gave in and now he is excited about it!

I used to model, a little acting, and sing but recently because of my weight it's like the producers don't take me serious for some reason or my lack of confidence just out shines me who knows! So after lots of research, planning,consultations, and the great job Dra. Duran did for a friend. I have decided that I will be a Duran Doll.... xoxoxoxo

Hi there, welcome!

Have you had a consultation with Dr. Duran yet or set a date for surgery?

I did my consultation via the internet and received my estimate. I am just waiting for her to confirm my date.

Still Waiting for Surgery Date confirmation

I am still waiting to hear back from Dra. Duran with a confirmation on my surgery date.
What date are you trying to go? I've already started searching for flights lol

Pre-Op photos

These are my pre-op photos. I took some last week and they look different from the ones I just took. I can tell I am losing inches. And its like all my fat slides downwards as I lose, so I definitely want that tummy tuck lol. By body needs major reconstruction! lol

Pre-Op photo of back

Wish pics

this is some of Duran's work and just photos of what I like.

Wish Pics

Hey girly I inboxed u about Buddying up, U can inbox me back!!! ttyl
Best wishes for u. I'm trying to contact Duran also, im looking to have this done in December 2013
Best of luck to you! I'm going to Duran in 55 days!!

Confirmed Date

After trying to contact Elizabeth to confirm my date, I couldn't reach her. So I contacted Dra. Duran again and she confirmed me today for February 3rd which is AWESOME! I am so excited. I actually reached out to her while she was available online and she responded almost immediately! Now I need to make sure that this date works for my travel buddy.
Hey girl, are you still going with Duran? My friend and I are confirmed for Duran for Feb 4th! We are coming from DC, let us know and we could possibly meet up.
hey hun if all goes well im looking to get my bbl on feb 1 we can deff buddy up im going with dr yily and looking to stay at ill deff keep in-touch maybe we could stay together although were not seeing the same dr :) http://healinghavendr.com

So Ready To Go

I am so ready to go and have this done. I have a bout 2 months left, and lots of plans afterwards. I exhausted myself due to my booty shot addictions lol. Thats why I havent posted much. Sorry. But the time is near....
R u still gettn ur surgery done?
Hello, I'm going to Duran Feb 4, I was looking for a buddy to go with because my husband isn't coming. Please let me know if your interested.
Hey im actually try to go on feb and I need someone to go with my self but duran does answers my emails
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