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Hello my fellow BBL Queens and soon to be BBL...

Hello my fellow BBL Queens and soon to be BBL Queens. I have scheduled my BBL with Dr. J Curves for the 5th of Feb 2013. Can't wait! Like most I have been stalking this site for a while and even contiplated if I should share my story or not, but after reading so many journeys and learning so much, how can I not. I just want to say thank you ladies for posting your experiences, either if you went to the other side and had it done or not just yet. Learning from everyone has made me stronger and more determoned and mentallt prepared. Thank You Thank You Thank You. So I have to give back and let you guys know whats going on with me.
AGE 34

So I had my consultation today and paid for my surgery in full. I am currently deployed so Ive been saving my deployment money. When I get back I will be traveling from Germany to Atlanta so I have to start getting a hotel lined up (any sugestions ladies).
Dr J Curve sounds honest and I felt comfortable and Monica sounds like one of my "Already Gfriends" Shes great. I am going to have my upper bar roll and hips added.
Ladies, do you think I need my bra roll done. I want a significant difference and if its not going to be I dont want to pay for it.

I don't want a shelf booty, actually round and fullness is more important, but most of all sculpting my back, waist, and aggressive lipo in the stomach. As I go through my J-Cruve transfermation I will keep you posted. If any Ladies are going to have surgery around my time maybe we can bunk and share a nurse.

Hello again BBL Queens, As time approaches for my...

Hello again BBL Queens,
As time approaches for my surgery date, I have some doubts. I tried calling and emailing DR. Js office a couple of times, so that I can request an updated invoice and see about changing my surgery date so that my husband can go with me. (I finally got him to come around on my decision and he is warming up; I can kind of say: he’s getting anxious too.) I thought it would be easy, since I paid for everything in full the day of my consult, but Dr. Js office is sooooooooo busy. Of course this should be expected since he is very popular because of his great results, but I don't want to go to a Booty Mill.
What if he rushes my surgery because of his scheduling of more patients? I can honestly say I am kind of nervous and not much scares me. No nervous is not the word, I am frustrated......
I don't know but I have been researching Dr. Azurin and checking out his credentials and results. I am impressed. I have contacted his office on Friday and they said the consultant was out that day and she would return my contact on Monday. Let see what happens.
Oh and sorry about all the miss-spellings in my earlier post, I was typing in the dark and I didn’t bother to spell check. Wish everyone the best in the BBL world.

Hello BBL Queens, I have been MIA. I was suppose...

Hello BBL Queens,
I have been MIA. I was suppose to have Surgery with DR Jimmerson on the 5th of Jan. but to be honest I got really nervous with this Dr's Post Surgery Manners. Yes I know, "how could I get nervous when I haven’t had the surgery yet". Well as time was approaching and I was preparing for my overseas trip to get to Atlanta, I would call up the office to make sure everything was intact and just to have some questions answered. I didn't think it was to much to ask for, but the office was so busy I couldn’t even get thru my patient coordinator. Finally I read a realself post review and I can't remember the members’ name, but she was stating how horrible the office was with getting back to her after surgery because she had some health issues. That's when a red flag popped up and I contacted the office to speak with my coordinator and I could not get thru. It took myse4lf calling for like 4 days every day to request my money back. And ladies I already paid in Full. Oh that’s was worrisome over the $8800. The day prior to finally getting a hold of my coordinator, I received a military email informing me that I would be receiving military orders to become a Drill SGT. ALL BREAKS ON THE BOOTY QUEST. So I figured this was definitely not meant to be and the following day I talked to Monica and told her that I would be receiving orders to become a Drill SGT and could not have any operations done since I needed to be in tip top shape to go Drill School. She understood and refunded my money but stated that $500 was nonrefundable. Bummer......
It did upset me that they did not want to refund all of my money, I mean it wasn’t my choice to not be able to get the surgery. My country calls. All well. Ladies, just remember that with DR Jimmerson $500.00 is non refundable unless it is medical.

So, as waited for my orders, I sprung my ankle while running one day and was put on a profile. Funny. They removed me from the Drill Sgt selection list and basically said we will contact you later. Well the Booty quest was back on. I searched around for more DRs and found DR Azurin. I am impressed. The same way I was with Dr Jimmerson but I don’t have that Post Op Fear. When I call or email I get prompt response and Lynne is GREAT! I have my fingers crossed and now my surgery date is 14 March. I have already purchased my plane ticket for me and Hubby and hotel Stay. I can't wait. Oh and since I told Lynne about my $500.00 she discounted that and said it was a military discount. Yeeeeah. Feel so much better.

I will keep you ladies posted alot better than what I have been. Ive just been upset with this whole Booty Quest, Finding the right Dr and military Orders.

Oh and I will post Pics soon.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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any pics yet??? thanks for being an american soldier!!! god bless
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Wow u ain't playing!! Congrats on locking in ur date and handling biz! I plan on seeing dr j also in may.. I think u should indeed go 4 bra roll for a significant difference.. I'm going 4 bra roll as well..
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Congrats love! I look forward to your updates! :)
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Sorry for the miss-spellings. I reread my post as was like, oh; I sound so illiterate. I did my post in the dark on my laptop. I should have typed it on word first then cut, copy and paste. I promise BBL sisters I can spell; hehe.
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Completely forgot to add the wish pics, I am going to have to post some.
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Do u have any wish pics??
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#teamjimerson. Hey!! welcome so excited for u and ur all set.. I plan on going in late may n hoping to pay in full by feb/march.. I am reconsidering if I want a shelf booty myself since I already have natural curve on my lower back but ur gonna look great!
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That's what up
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I wish you luck too my BBL sister. So you’re from Jamaica? So is my Hubby. Maybe we can share a room and after care.
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Thank you so much. Honestly your post is so helpful and I am following all your recommendations. Especially your items list thank you.
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BootyBoo thank you for your service. Welcome & GL on your journey. I'm sure this will be a breeze for you after being deployed :-)
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Hey GF we are on the same date, wish u all the best on ur journey!!!! ur stats n height are exactly like! we are going to be banging girl!
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Hey #TeamJimerson!! I am currently scheduled for April 15, but looking to switch for a mid-February date. Best of luck on your journey girlie! Your time is right around the corner!!
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Good luck I'm scheduled march 1st
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Good luck on your journey!! I am scheduled May 17th :)
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Congrats! I'm scheduled for the 4th. I'm so excited for us. There are a couple of other ladies who are scheduled with him around this time. Check your box, I pm'd you.
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I'm schedule Feb 1 @10:30 a.m.
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mzpretti843, good luck on the sx and I will meet you on the other side.
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