Everyday I wish I would've saved my money!!

Hi this is my first time posting on here. But I...

Hi this is my first time posting on here. But I have a question for anyone who has had the BBL done or anyone who can answer this. My question is have you or can you have a BBL after you have had Hydrogel injections. I had it done nearly a year ago and I have not had any complications at all it feels natural but I noticed that its not as big as it was. I am scheduled for a consultation in Aug 2013 which sucks because I want it done sooner. But if someone can answer that from experience please do. #Don'tJudgeMe

I have to admit I secretly stalk this site. I am...

I have to admit I secretly stalk this site. I am so excited about getting the BBL done I just wish I could get it done sooner I don't have my consultation until August 12,2013...bummer.

Has anyone used Healthcare Direct Finance to...

Has anyone used Healthcare Direct Finance to finance the remainder of their procedure. If so please let me know how it works. Thank you in advance!

Sooo I decided to take some pre-op pics and I...

Sooo I decided to take some pre-op pics and I really see how much weight I've gain in the past 4 years mainly because I quit smoking......yay me! I tell you one thing mirrors sure do play tricks on you lol! Those pics make me want to have the BBL done even more. I have gained 50lbs in 4yrs shame on me. I really have to go into overdrive to lose weight to get the best results. I think I want to try the HCG diet plan. Has anyone tried it before if so let me know. I will post pre-op pics soon.

I'm going to lose the weight I put on before I...

I'm going to lose the weight I put on before I have the procedure done. I must to achieve the results I want or very close to them.

I cant stay off RS because I am so ready to have...

I cant stay off RS because I am so ready to have this done. Can anybody give me some advice on how to get my consultation moved up I really don't think I can wait tip August for a consult and potentially longer for sx. Helppppp!

Hey my BBL beauties! I want this done like asap I...

Hey my BBL beauties! I want this done like asap I can hardly wait so if anyone has an earlier consult date and have to reschedule or cancel for any reason please please contact me.

Well I just called and got put on the cancellation...

Well I just called and got put on the cancellation list but I will call every week if I have to so I can get moved up.

Ok so this is nerve wrecking I need a earlier...

Ok so this is nerve wrecking I need a earlier consult date like asap. I will keep trying and some how I will make it happen!

Hey my BBL sisters! I think I'm addicted to asses...

Hey my BBL sisters! I think I'm addicted to asses lol or shall I say having a big ass. I need this sx like I need air. I realized I never posted my measurements.

Pre-op measurements:
Height: 5'10
Weight: 220 lbs.
Bust: 38DD
Natural waist: 40"
Hips: 47"

I'm a tall girl and most of weight is in my midsection....damn those 50lbs I gained! My pics makes me look much bigger than in person. When ever I tell somebody my weight they never believe me I guess because of my height. They may not see it but I sure do see it and feel it. I need to get back how I use to be so that's why I have started this journey. I have started my weight loss regimen while im working on getting an earlier date...trust me I'm doing my due diligence by calling constantly other than just bring placed on the cancellation list cause who knows how long that could take and I want/need it NOW. I need this stomach and back rolls gone!

Just got off the phone with Aziza and the prices...

Just got off the phone with Aziza and the prices are going up February 1st so if you have your deposit go ahead and drop that it'll lock your price in till the end of the year!

Im so confused right now I don't know if I wanna...

Im so confused right now I don't know if I wanna get a BBL or just aggressive lipo to abs, flanks, upper&lower bra roll and arms. Im undecided now because I already measure at 47" hips and I know once he get all this extra damn fat from my mid-section it'll look much bigger which I won't mind lol. Plus im not even sure he'll want to do the grafting to my butt because I had hydro gel a year ago which I shouldve just did the BBL then dont get me wrong I loved the way my butt looked after I got it but I much rather my own fat besides I have plenty of it.. We'll just have to wait and see huh. All I know is I want it done like yesterday. What yall think? I want my ass to look like MzChicago azz he did the damn thang on her! Ima upload some better pre-op pics cuz u cant really see how much butt I have now.

So I decided or I am very much considering just...

So I decided or I am very much considering just doing aggressive lipo, so I decided to call and get the quote for that and see how much I would have to pay up front because I was approved for the $5000 financing and was quoted $7300 for lipo of abdomen, upper and lower bra roll, and love handles which apparently are not included with abdominal lipo now it's considered a separate area now. Mind you know that was included in the price of $4000 for lipo to the abdomen, I also started I wanted to add my arms which I knew was a separate area for $900 wrong it's now $1500 for arms because wait..wait for it theres a flipping fee associated with doing the arms. Like WTH! Which brings the total to $8200...bull s**t. I know he's damn good at what he.does that's why I chose him but this is ridiculous. I think I'm just going to have to find another PS that's just as good but not as expensive.

I opting for just lipo because I already measure...

I opting for just lipo because I already measure at 47" already...if anybody had any suggestions on good PS stateside let me know please I don't want the hassle of going out of the country if I don't need to.

I could just scream right now I really really want...

I could just scream right now I really really want Dr. J to do my surgery becuz I really love his end results. I know there's other great surgeons out there but when you want what you want nothing else will feel as good. I have some serious thinking to do before the 1st of Feb when them damn prices get even more ridiculous. I just not sure any other Dr wont give me what I'm looking for(my opinion).

I'm down 3.4lbs on my way to my goal weight. Yay me!

I'm down 3.4lbs on my way to my goal weight. Yay me!

Added another photo I measure at 47" already and I...

Added another photo I measure at 47" already and I think if I just get aggressive lipo to midsection it'll look even bigger. What are your thoughts? My homegirl thinks I should just get lipo for now and if I want a bigger butt then get BBL later....ummm her ass must be gonna pay for it then lol. I plan on going thru this one time only I don't have no money to waste I have a business to run and a household.

I finally decided I'm just getting lipo but I'm...

I finally decided I'm just getting lipo but I'm stilling stalking the BBL forum, lol. I will be paying for my procedure this week and hopefully and praying that I can get March 4or 5. I know that's cutting it close but I have faith it'll happen yall pray for me. I'll keep yall updated!

This is crazy I have been able to get thru to Dr....

This is crazy I have been able to get thru to Dr. J office every time I call but now that I need to pay for my sx their is no one available to take the payment this sucks!

Can anyone tell me if there is a form from his...

Can anyone tell me if there is a form from his office you need to have filled out or do you just get your labs done and have them fax the results to them??? Thanks in advance!

It's official it's going down May 30th surgery...

It's official it's going down May 30th surgery paid for and I'm on the cancelation list hopefully I can get on earlier. Aziza is the best and such a sweetheart I talked with Michelle yesterday and she was like Oct 30 was my date and couldn't get it moved up but since I was so determined and very adamant about getting an earlier date I kept calling till I reached Aziza whom which I was dealing with the entire time. Glad I did! Super excited and if I could do a flip I would lol!!

And I almost forgot I'm down 12lbs since January mt weight loss is going better than I expected!

So I got my board today and I'm wondering how in...

So I got my board today and I'm wondering how in the heck this lil thing going to work. This thing looks like its for the abdomen of a kid! Is everyone else board from Lipo Express small?

I missed the call by 30 sec and by the time I...

I missed the call by 30 sec and by the time I called back the spot was filled the date was for March 14th damn I could've used that date!!! 30 seconds keptr from being closer to my dreams. So ladies if your on the cancelation list keep your phones nearby cuz if you don't answer they go to the next person. The hell with it I'm keeping the volume on high even tho I'm at work everybody else do it!!!

So excited to finally go see Dr. J in the morning...

So excited to finally go see Dr. J in the morning praying for an earlier date also my girl Aziza says she going to see what she can do hopefully she can convince the good Dr (also her brother) to fit me in. I will keep you ladies posted!

So my consult went very well the staff is great...

So my consult went very well the staff is great every last one of them. And Monica's ass is niceeee! I'm not getting the BBL just Lipo to the abdomen, flanks and bra roll he asked have I considered a tummy tuck cuz he thinks I mAy have loose skin but I told him I really don't want one I don't want the scar he didn't suggest I lose any weight but I am because I hope I don't have the loose skin. I've already lose 12lbs and I asked If I cld do the HCG and was told yeah but I shld do it for only 3 wks because I'm on the fast track list and I can't have any dietary supplements in ur system no more than 4 wks before surgery so I might not do it just in case they call soon and I don't want to chance it. I also saw 2 ladies in there who was there got surgery but I didn't get a chance to get their names but I wish them happy healing maybe they'll post that they had surgery today if they're real self members.

Y'all have no idea how happy I am right now!!

Y'all have no idea how happy I am right now!!

Sorry for the typos damn iPhone!

Sorry for the typos damn iPhone!

I think my homegirl going to start tripping about...

I think my homegirl going to start tripping about coming with me for sx I kinda knew the hefa was going to pull this but its cool I'll fix her she will need me before I need her!!!

I used Hotwire to book my hotel because I used...

I used Hotwire to book my hotel because I used them before when I stayed in ATL so I know their good and I had a 4 star hotel then. I booked a 3 star hotel this time for $62 a night at the Hilton Garden Inn which is right down the street from Dr. J office.

Day 1 feeling really good just a lil sore on lower...

Day 1 feeling really good just a lil sore on lower abdomen. He took out the entire 5000cc's I will say this in recovery I thought I was going to pass out and vomit I wasn't in pain so much but sore as hell. They had to put the lil patch behind my ear for nausea. I can see my waist again I see a big difference already even tho I'm only swollen in my lower abdomen probably becuz they put me in a corset. I'm staying hydrated and walking which is very important. It sucks he put 1 drain on me which isn't draining much. I'll post pics soon!

I have no regrets at all I'm happy with my results...

I have no regrets at all I'm happy with my results and I know it's only going to get better. I'm still swollen mainly on the lower abdomen and flanks. I'm been drinking water a lot and walking around the house. To keep from getting those creases I placed 2 hand towels across the width of my back. Not in much pain at all just sore and stiff when I first get up but after 5min it's better. I also have my board in the front of me. I want this darn drain out because I'm barely draining. Ok I'll post these pics cuz I'm getting sleepy now. P.S. I enjoyed having that garment off for an hour even though its not uncomfortable like I thought it would be. I can't get my nipple rings back in

This burning stinging sensation is just driving me...

This burning stinging sensation is just driving me crazy I need to find something that helps with that. And these pain meds got me talkn out my head they have me so sleepy I can hear myself snore and I don't snore when I sleep. He was very aggressive with the Lipo because I'm sore as hell and my right side mainly the flank area is numb and the top of ass is hard but I continue to massage myself everyday all day. I'll take more pics next time I take my garment off for an hour.

This garment is no joke especially if u have board...

This garment is no joke especially if u have board on with it. Lawd I can't wait for the day this thing can come off for good.
Oh yeah and did anyone else cycle come on after their procedure my ish just went off the week before sx and the day of sx after getting Lipo this hefa came around again but very light.
Other than that healing is going great and that horrible stinging,burning, ripped feeling on my right side

This swelling is crazy and constipation on top of...

This swelling is crazy and constipation on top of that making my stomach looker bigger than before sx. I've tried the stool softeners,miralax and apple juice hell I even when and got a frosty from Wendy's and nothing helps just making it worst. Anybody have any ideas please let me know.



Tried to go back to work today and I was sooo...

Tried to go back to work today and I was sooo dizzy and nausea and my stomach felt like it was going to burst cuz it felt so tight I guess from sitting. My coworkers could tell I wasn't 100% so I left after lunch. I'm adding some pics I'm not happy with the results thus far at first I saw a difference but now it just looks the same idk but tomorrow I'll ask Dr. J and if this is the end result then he'll be doing a revision please believe it!!! I also think I have a seroma. What's y'all opinion?

Went for my 1wk post op follow up I got there 15...

Went for my 1wk post op follow up I got there 15 mins late and I'm never late my damn homegirl moving all slow this morning I was about to leave that hefa. I must say every time I go to Dr. J office I wish I would have decided to do the bbl cuz the asses just look amazing lol. I might do it next year who knows but I got the drain taken out by Kim the nurse cuz he was back in sx but it was cool cuz I wanted that ish out ASAP! She said I still had a lot of swelling no seroma which I thought I had but no thank u Lord! She took more pics and said by my 6wk follow up I should she a big improvement ( I better lol). Also that 3hr drive there and 3hr back has me extra swollen from sitting so long plus this darn corset compression garment cuts the heck outta my lower waist I will be purchasing a full garment ASAP from eBay where they are dirt cheap lipoexpress garments on there for $25 can't beat that but good luck finding anything bigger than an 2xs or xs I did see a couple but they were of other brands I'm not sure of. That's it for now! Oh yeah I finally went and got some arnica gel for the swelling hope it works let me know if anybody has used it and it work.

I feel like my results will be no way near what I...

I feel like my results will be no way near what I expected I know im still swollen right now and maybe this is normal to feel like this but I feel that with 5000ccs taken out of my entire midsection including bra rolls even with swelling I should see a hell of a difference and I don't. I guess I'll have to wait it out if not ill be going to see salama or perry for some good ole aggressive Lipo!!!!!

I feel soooo much better now if it wasn't cause of...

I feel soooo much better now if it wasn't cause of that stupid drain I think I would've been felt some type of relief. As instructed I didn't shower for risk of infection so I just washed up which took forever cuz I wanted to feel clean I wasn't going to chance getting staph again which I had a lil over a year ago from a abcess which ended up with MRSA when they excised it and I ended up on the hospital with a 3in wide 1 1/2in deep hole at my bikini line and was pumped full antibiotics for 3 days straight and anyone that came in my hospital room had to suit up so I wasn't going to risk it. But anyways I waited to 48 hrs after my drain was removed so the hole could close and let me tell u that shower felt like heaven and I took that time to massage myself til I couldn't take it anymore well the water ran cold cuz I was in there so longggg lol, but I was able to get out all those hard spots and it looks like alot of the swelling has gone down too so that's a plus wish it was all gone but I'll take what I can get hell I was even able to bend over without screaming ouch! Shit I think I might do this 3 times a day lmao! DAMN I FEEL GOOD!!!!!!

I am sooo disappointed right now I seriously feel...

I am sooo disappointed right now I seriously feel like crying and I'm not a crier at all I am completely unsatisfied with my results yeah yeah I know our bodies change day by day swelling goes down yada yada but I honestly feel as if I should see some type of improvement even with swelling I should be able to some difference and I don't. Only dn difference I see is swelling over the damn fat I already had seriously Dr. J has to fix this or refund me my damn money. He's a great PS and by no means is he perfect but damn something has to give. I've done everything as a patient that I was instructed to do post op and it sucks to still look the same. I've added some more pics Monday I'll be 2 wks post op so u tell me if you notice a difference!!

I'm sooo pissed I dropped $5800 and I look the same I will be calling Dr. J come Monday morning.

I mad I can't get my damn nipples rings back in hopefully my navel hole hasn't closed the steri strip finally came off well I peeled it off.

I notice yesterday that my v jayjay was gettin...

I notice yesterday that my v jayjay was gettin swollen it has never done this before. Should I be worried? I also noticed that yesterday I took my garment off and machine washed and put it in the dryer( I usually hand wash & air dry) that it was way tighter than usual and I almost couldn't breath last night while I slept my rib cage couldn't expand it was torture but I was not taking off this garment. But this swelling in my V is making me look like I have a pouch down there lol hope it goes away any suggestions welcome!

All it takes is for me to walk down the stairs to...

All it takes is for me to walk down the stairs to my car and I start swelling again,smh! After the swelling subsiding over night and I start to slightly notice some difference and I become all smiles then I leave out the house and bam I start to feel my stomach tighting because of swelling and boom I'm looking like I'm pregnant or something lol! If only the swelling was completely gone I'd be happy dammit. Wish it was a magic pill and it'll be gone but I guess it comes with the territory. Don't mind me I'm just venting cuz I'm sitting here at my desk and my stomach tight as shit and this darn compression vest is riding up in the back. I also noticed that when I do swell & tighten up I seem more numb then usual.

Adding some new pics I took this morning still...

Adding some new pics I took this morning still swollen but not as much as I usually get I couldn't sleep last night so I took that devil garment off and put on a shaping garment I had before sx and I felt like somebody was sitting on my chest I've notice that at night now it feels very difficult to breath anyone else having this issue? Here's some pics I can see a lil difference. I'm 2wks 1day post op I wasn't as swollen this morning but I see sum differences and I also think that at the time I should be much smaller in the waist after 5000ccs out just in the midsection but I'm not gonna stress it.

Here's some pics I took this morning while I...

Here's some pics I took this morning while I wasn't in swell hell swollen but not swell hell lol. I slept in a shape wear that I had before sx becuz lately I can't breath at night seems like something is pressed down on me is anyone else having this issue? But anyways I wasn't swelling crazy when I woke up but as I write this I'm swollen like crazy! I did see a lil difference just a Lillie but at 2wks 1day I should see a hellava lot of difference even with swelling but I'm not gonna sweat it if need be I'll get a revision of lipo so he betta be ready to do it for free!!!!! Here's pics

What the heck I don't see the pics I added from...

What the heck I don't see the pics I added from this morning

There's this hard spot in my abs and its shaped...

There's this hard spot in my abs and its shaped just like the board and I try to massage it out but it's not helping I'm almost sure it's scar tissue and maybe it's this way becuz I slept with the board on and I laid on my stomach hoping it would flatten my tummy but nottt only cause this issue. Has anyone else had this issue if so how did you fix it.

I am at the point where I think I have wasted my...

I am at the point where I think I have wasted my damn money now I have to look for a Dr. to give me the results I want hopefully scar tissue won't effect that!!! Pissed! Even tho I swollen I feel that it's not so much swelling that my shape has changed drastically and I really feel must of all these damn love handles are not going anywhere unless I go for more lipo.

I hate coming on here and seeing all these amazing...

I hate coming on here and seeing all these amazing results and they're just a week or 2 post op and I see major difference. This sucks royally!

I was thinking of ditching this annoying garment...

I was thinking of ditching this annoying garment for the day seeing is not doing any good anyways. What y'all think? Only thing is it feels super crazy without it plus my skin feels sensitive. Should I or shouldn't I that is the question...hummm!

Went out without my garment on and it was cool at...

Went out without my garment on and it was cool at first but after a while my abs started feeling super sensitive. I also noticed yesterday that I'm starting to get a crease across my stomach I'm thinkn it's from when I'm at work sitting all darn day and this garment cutting into my stomach making it look as if I'm getting a roll at the top of my stomach. I'll take a pic later. But I came home and hurry up and put that garment and board back on.

Oh yeah and my ex sister in law who went with for sx says she sees a difference it must look smaller in person i don't see it but anyways.

So I decided I wasn't going to stick it out in...

So I decided I wasn't going to stick it out in that horrible garment and I couldn't wait for one to be shipped to me so I went on the hunt for one even tho there are no stores here that sell the good good ones but I found an alternative I happen to go in Burlington and found a vest (similar to the one Dr J put me in just in black) and a waist cincher. The vest I was able to get a small & the waist cincher I got a medium no small but I made it work and low and behold after I squeezed my self into them and can barely breath when lay down I can see a difference I think a couple more weeks of this and I just might be able to live with my results of course I'm still going for a round 2 later but I'll see how this plays out first. I'll post some pics when I get a chance.

I am so sick of the swelling the only time I'm not...

I am so sick of the swelling the only time I'm not swelling like crazy is in the mornings I have hope then. As soon as I get to work and sit at my desk maybe 2 hrs in I start swelling so I try to get up every so often and walk around because it hurts I can actually feel my sides and stomach getting bigger but then I sit back down cuz I'm such a work-a-holic and the ish gets worst & the damn waist cincher starts cutting into my sides. If I would have known I was going to swell like this I would've dropped that $400 for the HCG diet and prayed for the best maybe dropping 30lbs I would've lost this horrible back fat and big gut!!! Any suggestions I'm game to try I even put cold compresses on a damn near freeze myself lol. I have hella compression on when I'm home 3garments to be exact the one dr. J put me in & under that a medium waist cincher & over the lipoexpress garment a small vest hell I can barely breath now if I lay dwn somebody betta call 911 as long as I'm sitting propped up or str8 up its not as bad.

I wish I wasnt having such a hard recovery.

Here's some updated pics it looks good when it...

Here's some updated pics it looks good when it first take the garment off in the morning but it starts to swell as soon as I get to water and sit down why I don't know. I only drink water no sodas haven't since last year every blue moon I'll drink a cup of coffee just to wake me up or I'll drink OJ with breakfast depending on what I have I'm a vegetarian so I don't eat meat or fried foods I have no idea why I swell like crazy but hopefully it'll all be over soon.

Happy healing to my bbl sisters and good luck to those preparing to have sx!!!

Today makes 5wks post-op!! Time flies shessh! I...

Today makes 5wks post-op!! Time flies shessh! I only wish I could've stayed home for the entire first 6-8wks I probably could've gotten this swelling to completely go away but it's hard because I swelling when I sitting down at work that's crazy huh! But if I was home I can just chill and lay down most of the day lol of course while the kids are at school but the more I relax the less I swell. I have to admit its gotten better not the results I was hoping for but ima keep working on it.

These darn garments so tight I think I've shifted...

These darn garments so tight I think I've shifted my ribs and moved my organs lol. Half the time I can barely breath especially when I'm laying down but ima insure the discomfort and sometimes pain in my back to get the results I want. I gotta say the lipo to the bra roll was a waste of money shit still look the same Dr J needs a better approach when it comes to that maybe he should start going in from the back directly near the bra roll like Perry & Salama does whom which I think I should've went with one if them their lipo is more aggressive then his especially when it comes to the abdomen & back area now don't get me wrong he gives a beautiful ass. I wish I could combine the 3 of them and chi that would be the ultimate Dr.
The smaller my waist appears the bigger my breast looks which I don't like the sit up they don't sag or anything I could go without a bra I want to go smaller this too much breast for my taste I want to be a small C cup even tho they don't look big to other people I don't like them but anyways that's a whole other story lol. I go for my 6 wk post op appt on May 15 let's see what he has to say about my concerns I think he needs to give me a revision like for real I see improvement but for $5800 I should have a hella flat stomach and my left side is bigger than the right and when I get super swollen from sitting you can really notice it but we'll see I'll keep y'all posted.

Baby let me tell you I went to a cookout yesterday...

Baby let me tell you I went to a cookout yesterday honey I had my body con skirt on and a cute top and all eyes was on me the moment I stepped out the door at first I had my waist cincher on but then about an 1 before I was on my way to the cookout I decided to see how I would feel and how long I could go without it so I ditched it. My family who hadnt seen me but 1 time since I had the sx thought I had gotten more injections (if you don't already know I had them over a year ago) so I was like naw I didn't get anymore (which I didn't) my waist is just smaller and it makes my butt look bigger so I'm glad I ditched the waist cincher cuz I lifted my shirt to show them my stomach and my hating ass cousin was like oh so ur Facebook pics aren't deceiving u are smaller yeah the hefa made that remark trying to be funny as if she was talking about somebody else but what she didn't realize was the 1 time she saw me after sx I was swollen. But she's know to be a hater but I shut her as down yesterday but anyways unimportant!!! But all I could see was eyes men and women.
But after around 3 hrs without the garment I started to swell not bad but it gave me that funny tingling feeling and it noticed that I started to get a crease where my skirt was laying on my stomach cuz it's kinda high waist well when it starts to ride up. I love them skirts tho I got them from Forever 21 and they are crazy hott and are only $8 for the long ones which come to the knee and $6.80 for the mini ones I'll post a pic. Trust all you big booty babes will love them especially with them tiny waists.

Here's a pic of the skirt I had on well same skirt...

Here's a pic of the skirt I had on well same skirt different color I have 3 I love them so much lol. I didn't take any pics yesterday but this gives you a view if the shirt. I'll post one full body when my daughter gets here to take it.

6 wk follow up!

I'm 7 wks post op and I'm here for my follow up let's see what he says about my results it's much better but far from what it should be at this stage! All I see is a revision that's what will make it better.

Post op visit!

So I saw Dr. J for my follow up and he says I still have a lot of swelling duh that's obvious!! But I'm still not seeing it even with swelling but he says it should get better and he wants to see me again in 6 wks. He also stated he took out 4500 ccs(800 from my entire abdomen & 1850 from eaxh side flanks & bra roll) that hefa told me in recovery he took out 5000 he claims I was a difficult case.. Why hell I seem some with midsections bigger than mines and come out small but ima keep the faith and hope it gets better.
I went to the store today to get some water pills to see if that helps with the swelling although I didn't ask him I forgot but I'm trying them anyways. And he told me to get the lymphatic massages that should help he also said its time to do my part and get back in the gym because its ok for me to now hell I already did he says he wants me at 190 when I come back in 6 wks let's see how that goes that's 22lbs.

Water Pill!

So I started taking the water pills yesterday and this morning I took 2 as directed and I haven't swelled like I usually do. By this time of day my sides would be so swollen and hurting from being so tight and that's not the case only down side is that I get a slight headache from the caffeine in them I should've brought the caffeine free ones but hey I could use the energy a slight headache or no swelling I'll take the no swelling!! I have this foam on also and I'm sweating where the foam is not bad but if I put my hand under it it's wet. These water pills have you use the restroom like you 9 mths preggers I don't mind and also I was a pound lighter this morning I guess that's the water weight coming off.
I'll keep yall posted on how it goes.

I'm definitely going to need a round 2!!

Well I've be m.i.a for a minute even tho I occasionally check the blog. I've been focusing on getting my waist down more and it seems to be not happening. This swelling is driving me crazy I really do think Dr. J could've done a better job with my lipo. I am planning a round 2 early next year not sure which dr I want to go to yet but I'm still researching. Well that's it for me good luck to all the sistas who are waiting for their turn to be bootyfied and happy healing to those who already experienced this life changing moment.

I wish I would've chosen another Dr.

You would think after 5months I would be right but hell naw I feel I wasted my money with Dr. J don't get me wrong he's great with asses but I feel he was sleep when he did my lipo. It's sooo hard getting in contact with someone in the office and finally when nurse Kim calls me back every answer is oh that's normal and gives me info on a website they use now for their patients called AestheticLink and you can send in photos or a video of about any concerns you're having and he'll supposedly get back to you quickly....yeah right that was last week. I think he needs to do a revision because it looks as if I haven't had anything done. I'll post pics and you tell me if I'm seeing things are not.

Can't even get a response from my own Dr.!!! SMH! 6mnths post op very unsatisfied! Pics included!

It's so frustrating when you try to get in contact with your Dr. about your concerns all to have someone who didn't preform your surgery contact you, this person can't help me because she didn't do my surgery! I mean I do think I paid you and not anyone else. I really wish I would have thought it through and went with my guy and picked another dr. I get that everybody results are different but damn I look the same as before surgery even worst in some areas as I go back and look at my before pics I can just kick myself!! Take a look at my photo from my consult on 3/15/13 that I took while in the office and you tell me if you see a difference.....hell no! If you have been on here for a while and have seen other before pics I posted but then remove you will know exactly what I'm talking about.

I think if I would have chosen a local doctor in SC he/she probably would've done a better job and I would've save some money. At this point I feel as if Dr. J has no intention on talking with me about my issues. My bra rolls look like they weeny even touched my left side is bigger then the right and my lower abs looks like something is bulging out. For all this trouble I could've saved that money if I was going to lion the same. I just think its unprofessional that he doesn't even check on his patients let alone call himself when there is some sort of issue. I can say this is certainly a lesson learned. To each is own and everybody results are different but I don't think I can see myself paying him anymore of my money to fix this just cuz I feel I'll get the same attention I'm getting now NONE!!!

I have to get this fixed I don't even want to take my clothes off in front of my dude!! It's depressing to say the least.

6months post op!! Very unsatisfied!!

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I was impressed by his work and wanted only to have my procedure done by him but I now regret that decision. He does great work but he wasn't the doctor for me!! Quick to take your money slow to respond after that!!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I hope your doing better hun
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I understand, I'm a former Dr.j patient.
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Sorry about your results I second that statement he's an "ass" only DR he is not great as far as lipo goes that's just my opinion an knowing two of his patients personally an seeing their results. He's great if your already small an just need an ass.
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Girl but chics still flocking because of the hype. My homegirl went to him a week after me. She has a big booty but her lipod areas dont look like she had lipo. Even with results like this,when u play your hard earned money you want the best results possible. People see him on TV and they go for that reason. His pics are taken at a week when everyone is still swollen. It's sad that this happened. I hope he fixes,but he's known not to fix those girls who are unhappy. There are people a year out that had to go to other ps for revisions.
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Sorry you are unsatisfied. He's known in the "A" to be an ass ONLY doc. His lipo isnt aggressive at all. Looking at your before and after it all looks the same. It looks like he didnt even touch you at all. He is great with small ladies who have minimal fat and are on the small side who want a big ass. If you are a thick girl he is NOT the Dr to go to for lipo, only an ass. Now that he is going to be on a show documenting his work, he needs to fix these mess ups before people start coming out of the woodwork and ruining him for real.
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Sorry sister, for your results, me too I m 4 months post op and my results are getting worse... I m very depressed and dr J just messed up both my body and my heart.since this surgery my life is a nightmare.....
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Its a well known fact Dr j is not aggressive with lipo. A lot of girls say get the booty and keep moving cuz everything else will be a disappointment. But i see u only got lipo though. There are plenty of surgeons that are aggressive with lipo. Infact that should be the first thing any plasticsurgeon should learn before specializing in a particular area
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Yeah you aren't seeing things. Dr j. Been slipping lately. Check out robbed blog. He did her something awful. I'm looking into perry or salma. Salma been showing out lately. The dolls are looking nice
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Congrats, u looking better. Give it sometime because everyones body is different. Im 10 days post op and I have swollen from fluid so im take lasik pill to pee it out and lymphatic massage. U should have stood with the garment they had previous put on u the first day u got ur surgery done that is a why for wearing that garment ib particular. Stay strong sista it will get better. I got 950cc each cheeks and 300 cc in hips my waist is small but I got to do my job he is talented but he is not god as well.
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I still where the garment he put me in I just had it taken in a little bit cuz it did get a lil big but I still don't have as good results as I should.
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Sorry to hear ur not happy. I actually went down to a meduim excited for a smaller garment. I soon buy a corset.
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When I read your review i found very similar thing between our stories,.dr jimerso told me the same thing. He said i was a difficult case, my fat was like cement,he was able to took only 800 cc from my abdomen. And I have to diet and excercise to improve my results.he give similar numbers to everyone. And obviously his lipo skills need to be improved . Anyway I hope your results are better now. I m 4 weeks post and I wasted my 20000$. I hate my results
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I was wondering why he said I was a hard case but my stomach area was as soft as can be. I was scheduled for another follow up on July 1 but I didn't even waste my time going because I know he was going to feed me some bull so I plan on going for more lipo with another dr sometime in the next few months or so.
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Glad the water pill is working for you!!
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You lookin' good!! Much better!! Seriously..... listen to newbootyinc....she knows her stuff!
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Good luck with your follow up! Hopefully you get some good news!
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Uh ohh..get it chica. Im so happy for you..yaasss post more pics. Your result are starting to show and them hips popping out...love it and the reaction you get , makes it all worth while especially from family
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Hi Dallas78 I read some place that it takes longer healing after a surgery for people that are vegetarians. Maybe ask Dr J about this.
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I am vegetarian also. At four month post op I think it myb slower for us. Dallas the back/bra roll area is very difficult area bcuz of the muscle n fibrous tissue n fat. I think he shldnt charge for tht if he can't do it well. Myb a Diane 2465 vest will help. I wore it over my squeem.
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Its getting better girl, stick to the regimen you have to keep more and more compression on it it will go down even more your only 5 weeks
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Dallas78, do you have the squeem waist cincher? I had over 6000cc removed from my abdomen, love handles, lower back in Nov 12. I had lipo on a Friday and returned to work the following Monday. I sit at work, but YES the swelling was crazy. The squeem was a lifesaver when it came to controlling the swelling while at work. I definitely see a big improvement in your last pic. You look great!
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Shot I wish he would've removed 6000ccs but the state limit is 5000cc. I think I would be much happier about theses love handles and my left side is bigger than the right
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I need to get a squeem ASAP
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i ordered my squeem from amazon. its over $50 now, but i got it for half that. The demand must have increased. I can inbox the link to u tomorrow from my work computer. i provides excellent compression and is pretty seamless under clothes
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I had lipo in Vegas. The physician's office mentioned the 5000cc restriction in the communications prior to my procedure. Once I arrived, he said the limit is really more of a standard and he would remove as much as it took to get my desired result while being safe. U look amazing esp in that last pic. RS is taking forever to publish my review. i loaded before n after pics. I will take a squeem pic tomorrow and add it
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