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I have been looking into ways I could get a big...

I have been looking into ways I could get a big booty since 2010 but was skeptical about the BBB and butt cream. I'm also a stalker of this site and like others I would like a surgeon who cares about the patient, and what the patient desires to perform his work of art on me....that's why I am choosing Dr. Jimerson.

Welcome New Booty31. I think youve chosen the right Dr. Nothing at all against any of the others. #GoTeamJimerson!!!! Keep us posted maam!
Just want to stop by n welcome you as a bbl sister n say gl your day will b here before you know it. 

Hey ladies , I hope everyone is doing well in...

Hey ladies , I hope everyone is doing well in there recovery stage and to everyone like me our day will be here before you know it. Well my consultation is monday and I'm so anxious to hear what he have to say . I know that he is going to tell me I need to drop 60 lbs and by all means I am ( current weight 240 lbs ,31yrs young-lol! 5'5", 2 girls - 8, 11yrs old) . I don't want to look like I have had some work done to this body.....I like the tone and fit look w/ the thickness to it. Although I'm still undecided on my booty shape , hopefully by monday I will have it narrowed down to 2-3 shapes. I will update ya'll monday on how the consult went.
Ok bc Ian fixing to start that Hcg diet and praying I don't loose to much .....
Dont lose to much weight. Maybe 20 more lbs. If you do he won't be able to take 5000cc from you. If seems you would have enough but you won't
Good luck on your journey!! I'm scheduled for May 17th with Dr. J

I just viewed some pics of a bbl from another...

I just viewed some pics of a bbl from another doctor and it have me on the edge. iam going to pray that GOD lead me in the right direction.
Welcome to BOOTIFIED world!!
I thought I was posting on my profile child really distracted me then! Next time I will post at night
hey ladies. for some odd reason I can't update on my pg so I'm having to put it here. I have been working and in school like hella carzy! I will be graduating (First as an LPN following RN in 2015) in the fall of 2014 so as I walk across the stage I do want to look my best & bootylicious in my cap and gown.I haven't had the surgery yet but I have lost 40lbs on the oxyelite and exercise. I plan on loosing probably 10 more pounds instead of 35 bc I don't want my skin to be to tight. happy healing to those of you that have had the surgery and praying for those that may be going under soon. Smiles & booty luck to all. P.S. for the nurses, do u think it will be best to wait for my LPN insurance benefit to kick in first ?

just wondering if about sitting on your butt

just wondering who in there right mind out there sitting on there butt after 1 week of surgery? wouldn't you lose some projection from that? Please give me some info on this BBL sister's

sorry for the typos ...

in a hurry
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I heard about Dr. J on and decided from some post op profiles he would be the best surgeon for me.

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