I am new to the site and I am going to see Dr.J...

I am new to the site and I am going to see Dr.J for my first visit in Oct. I'm 37 with three kids and its time for a little TLC for me!! I'm 5'1 and weight 185, so I am on a diet and praying that I will lose 50 pounds before my BIG BOOTY time.

Right now I have a flat butt, so I have made a deal with myself that, I can only get this booty if I lose the 50 pounds!! I know when I give Dr.J this down payment in Oct.,I have no other choice but to lose these pounds. Wish me luck!

Congrats!!! Im seeing him Sept 7th!! I believe he's the best...keep me posted and be blessed
I lost my butt years ago need a new one now lol who is the best Dr to go to here in Miami Fl

I just love this site!! I can't wait to get my...

I just love this site!! I can't wait to get my booty done and I also think I'm going to move my date to March 2013! I cant wait to go see him on Oct. and gave him my wish list ya!
Thanks Hun! I'll inbox you her info.
Hello Brickhouse. Welcome. Please feel free to read my blog on Dr. Jimerson. I would advise you do your consult with him before you lose all that weight. He does like his patients to be at least 15-20 pounds above their goal weight for surgery. If I can offer any advise please don't hesitate to ask. Also I can refer you to an exceptional home care provider that I used myself. Good luck.
k, thanks for telling me that. I would like to know about the home care provider you used. I been on your page everyday lol, I like that booty and you are doing good so glad to hear that. keep me posted and be blessed

Hi ladies, I haven't posted much but you best to...

Hi ladies, I haven't posted much but you best to believe I have been on here, lol. I am so happy to see more of
Dr. J ladies on the site posting about there surgery because it just made me feel that I knew I was making the right choice for me. The ladies pic on his website looks amazing but I still just like to hear about there surgery with him and the staff. I'm so happy happy and I can't wait to Oct.8 that's when I go to have my in person consultation. I will post again after my consultation, so ladies take care and be bless. Oh I also change my cost because I think I'm going to need a tummy tuck too, and that was the price Dr.J staff told me.
Hello Girlie!! I had my consultation on Sept 12 and scheduled my surgery for Dec. 6!!! Girl Im so happy and Ready! Good luck on your Journey! He is a awesome doctor! He does magic and I am ready for body to match this beautiful face!! Super ready.com!!!
I will be having my in person consultation with Dr. J on November 21. I am SO< SO
Congrats on starting your journey. Ill be having my in person consultation on November 7 and I can't wait!

It took everything out of me to put these before...

It took everything out of me to put these before pictures up, I hate the way i look. I need this surgery so bad and I am going to get it, I'm doing this for me it have always been about my kids but now they are 18, 14 and 13 so I can spend some money on me. I need a little TLC for mommy now and I will be 38 next year and I'm going to be one bad single mother of 3 kids. We can do it ladies!!!
You go girl! I too am a single mother and have always done for my kids. I'll be 43 next year and this is my bday gift to myself. I think you have a great attitude and you are going to love your results. If you need any help with dieting, let me know. I am really good at making menus that taste great but get the weight off. I hope you know that no matter what our b4 photo is..we are all the same sister..kids, ex husbands, life..it takes a toll on us but thank goodness for this type of surgery to put us back together! I'm having my surgery oct 23, I'm so excited and scared but I'm positive dr. J will change my life...and yours. :)
Love those wish pic's maam!!!! Team J all day!!! Wishing you the best. Keep us all posted.
I feel you brickhouse....my girl are now 21 and 16, still want to be there for them lord....But I want to finally do this....Been thinking about this since 2012....Not tryingto leave them or anything, thats Y I been praying for a positive sx and results.....I want it but I still gotta keep my mind on god and family with humbleness in my heart... But I really do feel you. I have a consultation with Dr. J coming up at well.

Hey ladies, well I went to my consultation...

Hey ladies, well I went to my consultation yesterday and it was bitter sweet. Bitter because I wish I could get it done now and the sweet part is i'm going to be one bad ass lady. But anyway I talk with Michelle for a long time I had a chance to see and touch her booty it looks good, felt soft and look real. Its just to little for me but it fits her tall but small frame. Oh ya, I got to see Dr.j for two minutes only because me and Michelle talk to damn much,lol. But he did get to look at my body and told me what I needed, which is what I said bbl, tummy tuck and back bra roll. After he said that he had to run off to surgery, but I was cool with that cause I really didn't have to much to ask because my sisters on here always keep us updated on everything. He said he was doing 3 bbl with tummy tucks that day, Oh how I wish that was me on that table but my time is coming. Michelle said the prices will go up on the first of the year and that my cost would be 15,200 cash,and 15,700 finance. Well ladies everyone stay bless and happy healing.
You have me In panIc mode over here. I am goIng wIth Dr. J next June. Is the prIce for BBL goIng up to or just If your doIng the combo. I'm only gettIng BBL not the Tummy Tuck.
Michelle just said prices well be going up the first of the year, but you can put your 500.00 down to save the price and date.
When are you thinking to get your BBL?

Hey ladies, I paid my deposit yesterday, so Merry...

Hey ladies, I paid my deposit yesterday, so Merry Christmas to me,lol. Michelle was so sweet and I made my surgery for Oct.11,2013. I know that is a long time from now, but I have to make sure I have all my ducks in a row cause this is no cheap surgery. I'm going to try and pay cash, I hope anyway. I am a hairstylist and Oct is my slowest month, so I can slide away without everyone wondering where I'm at for 2 weeks. All the money that I spend for no reason will stop today!!( eating out everyday+3, shopping, riding out of town every weekend gas) I'm sorry sisters I had to vent this morning because I know I can save better then what I do. So if I really want it I have to do it, Michelle also said I could call and make a payment every week if need be, so I think that will work better for me. Well, I'm on my way to work and I will be working my flat ass off trying to make this money before my surgery. Much love my sisters!!!
I am so happy for you! We have a lot in common. I am also going to Dr. J in October. I am scheduled on the 16th @ 7:30. I am also on a weight loss journey and trying to lose 50lbs. We can do it girl!!!
Girl you are gonna be fantabulous lol
Keep it up girl, you are going to get there. Goodluck.

Hey ladies, That pinkmonkey got me going crazy,lol...

Hey ladies, That pinkmonkey got me going crazy,lol. That lady is bad and I mean bad to the bone. I had to get on the phone and call Michelle today and pay some more money down, because her pics had me going crazy. I know I have a while before my day comes, but I love the MOTIVATION!!!
@BrickHouse.....Pink Monkey is thebomb.com...I love it.......I'm team Jimerson as well....I'm scheduled July 3 of next year.....good luck to u.....thanks for sharing ur journey....I look forwarded to swapping experiences.....best wishes
Good luck on your journey mama!! I am scheduled for May 17th :)
its hard but im teying also cant wait to see yout results !!!!

Hey ladies, I had to change my date, I'm a little...

Hey ladies, I had to change my date, I'm a little sad but I guess it will give me more time to prepare. Because let the truth be told I was no where near ready. This is a big surgery for me and I need to really get my house in order, like pay some bills off cause when I get this body I'm going to be a shopping fool. So ladies don't count me out, I'm still here!!!

I tried to change my date but couldn't, anyway my...

I tried to change my date but couldn't, anyway my new date is 03/07/2014.

Pray for me

I had my medical clearance done today, I have not gotten the blood work back yet. But this doctor put that bmi> 30 obesity on my paper, hell I know that and I hope that dont stop anything. I am so upset that I have not lose more weight, am 180 now hooe I can lose 10lbs before 2/7/14. Guess I will know by Wednesday, please pray for me ladies. Happy healing!

sorry posting to fast

Sorry posting to fast, I am 180 now and hope I lose 10lbs before 2/7/14.

snow go away

Everything is closed due to the snow and I have to have everthing turn in by Friday. I guess Dr j. Office is close too. I was calling michelle to tell her my medical clearance may be delayed due to the snow cause the doctor office is close. But I guess it snowing there too cause no one is answering. I am stressing big time.

I pass my medical clearance, thank GOD!

I can't believe my dream of a booty and a flat tummy is right around the corner. I am going to buy the things I need for the surgery today. I am a hairstylist so im going to have to tell my clients im going on vacation for 2 weeks and not sitting wont be hard for me to do cause I stand up all day at work anyway. So ladies I have a lot to do in 3 weeks and im down to 179lbs hope to be at 170lbs by surgery time.
Congrats on passing your medical clearance! It's down hill from here!!


So upset right know, Michelle told me even though my doctor pass me for clearance my red blood count is still low and I may not be able to have the surgery or just have one done. Its no way I will be able to come back and have another surgery, if I don't get it all I will just get a tummy tuck and get a refund for the rest. I have started to take my iron pills now but don't know if it will help since my surgery is so soon. I thought a 11.3 was good for my iron but it should be at least a 14, I guess I been at an 8 for so long before I had a hysterectomy I thought I was doing something, so wrong. Bless it!

Green light!

I'm happy to say im all clear on having the surgery, thank God! I just need to keeping taking my iron and eat healthy. Well I wont update again intil I get to atl for my pre opt due to me having so much to do. I would like to tell Niqua218 thank you for being here for me.
It Surgery day!!! Surgery Day!!! BEST WISHES TO YOU DOLL! Prayed that the Lord will look over you throughout this sx/recovery & guide Dr. J's hands. Best wishes for a healthy recovery & a big ol BOOTAY;)
Congratulations & you are truly welcome. You know im here for ya. Im so happy you are medically cleared. Just continue with your supplements and healthy eating habits. How excited are you? Your day is right around the corner. You know im praying & wishing the best for you*

I made it!,

I am doing better and will update when I can.
Hey Doll, how are you feeling?


I'm sorry ladies for not coming back sooner, but my body is so bad. If I could kiss Dr. jcurves i would. I will post pics soon.
Glad your well :) sounds like he hooked you up!
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