Finally leaving Georgia!! 11 days po op and pleased!!!!

My motivation for having the BBL is def the way my...

My motivation for having the BBL is def the way my clothes fit. I have come to dread shopping and am sick to death of ruffles on the bottom of my dresses and skirts to camouflage my lack of butt. Hell I don't even like ruffles. I am so ready to have this procedure done to increase my body confidence.

Well I am scheduled for my phone consult on...

Well I am scheduled for my phone consult on Thursday, and am so excited to talk to Dr. J and see if the vision of my new booty is achievable. I called yesterday to confirm that they received my photos and to confirm my appointment for consultation no one ever called back to confirm with me. I will call back tomorrow, little nervous since my phone consult was moved up from Nov 12 till Sept. 27. Pray that it happens and on time. Also thanks to all you ladies who have welcomed me to RS your support feels fabulous as their are not alot of people in my life that I am bringing in on this thing with me, they really don't get it. I hear you're fine, don't need it, and you really want to wear a bigger size jeans. So it means alot Thanks!!

Ok ladies I had my consult today and Shelley at Dr...

Ok ladies I had my consult today and Shelley at Dr. J's awesome was so amazing I literally didn't even need to talk to Dr. J at all she really answered all my questions this site had me well prepared for the things we discussed price went up by 1000 however I def saw that coming my boyfriend and I had just been discussing the fact that I should get my hips done as well and sure enough she suggested that so I'm doing the hips. I am scheduled for Dec 17 at 1:30 OMG WOOP WOOP!!!! The negative is that I have to drive all the way to GA six and half hours from home just for my pre-op not sure why, just to sign paperwork, and pay give'em my medical clearance forms..hmmm was that yalls experience as well makes no since to me. Thats a day I really don't want to take off from work but she did insist its needed. My preop app. is Nov 27 and the balance is due in full, the first info I was given from the office said balance due, two weeks prior to surgery so they upped it a week. Not to big a deal on that though...

Oh yeah I need to gain around 10- 15lbs shouldn't...

Oh yeah I need to gain around 10- 15lbs shouldn't be a problem, and quit smoking a month before and after no nicotine patches now that is going to be a real struggle...any suggestions..

I am so excited went to Vitamin World today and...

I am so excited went to Vitamin World today and got a two months supply of the vitamins that you guys have posted on here the Aranica cream, B12, Vitamin C with rosehips, the other one that promotes healing made from pineapple stems(forgot the name) my room is booked at the Holiday Inn Express in Atlanta (10 miles away from Dr. J office) I choose this one so I could get the 29.00 nightly employee rate!!! Yah!! My mom has agreed ed to come with me I just hope I am able to have my drains removed by Friday so that I don't have to spend Christmas in Georgia, we'll see how that all works out. I have accepted that I may be there for Christmas and not really feeling to guilty about the fact that I just may not be back home with my kids I have always been here for them and I know I can make it up to them with an extra special present.They are def. at the age where I can buy them off lol, (10, 13,14) Any of you ladies have kids around my age and what did you tell them about the surgery.Any guidance will be much appreciated

So I had a huge issue come up, I found out the...

So I had a huge issue come up, I found out the division of MedicalFinance called No Patient Left Behind is not accepted at Dr. Jimerson office. The rep I spoke with told me he worked with the office all the time and Dr. J does take MedicalFinace just not this particular program. I have already paid this company 200.00 and can't use this for my surgery. I have been approved with another company and the surgery will happen. I just got robbed. Please avoid these people my rep Damont Carroll. I am planning to call the doctor in the morning and let them know this company is signing people up for financing and keeping the deposit.I doubt I'll get my money back. But this was really stressful any girls going to Atlanta to Dr. J be warned ok.

Well I have been soo crazy busy I'm in a wedding...

Well I have been soo crazy busy I'm in a wedding this weekend and I started a new job...I've been trying to keep my eye on RS but haven't updated in quite a while..Nothing much going on just saving money and slightly stressing about the weight gain and quitting smoking. With all thats been going on I have actually lost 2lbs and I need to gain 10-15lbs I need that fat for my booty. Well any way be blessed RS sisters any feedback on weight gain would be appreciated. Also any sisters who are tall and have after pics please let me know there aren't alot of 5'10 on here and I would love how the booty looks on my body type. Thanks!

Ok I am so glad i am on the downhill side of this...

Ok I am so glad i am on the downhill side of this waiting I have a little over 3 weeks until my Big Booty dreams come true! I have the money for the procedure saved to paid at preop, I've ordered the Make Me Heal vitamins (thanks to all who shared about these) after reading numerous, numerous post the girls who had the smoothest recovery took this kit.. (My opinion) Gaining the weight was a struggle at first but I do believe I can get to the 10lb mark before my surgery date, of course I would love to gain the 15lbs but that may be a stretch for me. I see Dr. J on Monday!!! for my preop appt. Now my goal is to get my bag packed for the trip and I am buying bits and pieces of comfy clothes here and there. Kinda blown that between my exam and the blood work I paid 300.00 for the medical clearance stuff. i was anticipating about half of that cost. But I will remain optimistic I made it this far and will get all I need taken care. Any of you sweet sistas who want to pm me a list of needed items to pack I would appreciate it!! Also I will be adding some more pre op pics for the record the weight I've gained some has went to my booty so its a little bigger but the majority is right on my stomach.

Ok ladies I am so hyped up at this point you don't...

Ok ladies I am so hyped up at this point you don't even know . I have upped my calorie intake to the 3 Ensure Plus a day I should have been drinking all along and now have only 5lbs left to gain!! They really do work if you are consistent! I have tons of supplies, surgery is paid for room and flight booked, my moms ticket purchased and just dropped off my scripts today! I can't believe it is finally so close! I plan on trying to finish all my Christmas shopping this upcoming weekend and pack. The week before my surgery I need to go to work and relax my mind thats about it! I am seriously going to miss my kids and boyfriend like crazy and will not be flying back home till the day after Christmas. I'm sure thats going to be a trip for me but I am determined to make this as positive an event as I can. Any of yall going to be in ATL between 12-17 and 12-26 and want to text, talk or possibly meet up for coffee or something PM me please.Be blessed realsealf sisters~

Well finally its my time flying out tomorrow to...

Well finally its my time flying out tomorrow to ATL for surgery Monday I have gained 12 pounds and from my preop appointment Dr. J seems to think he can get around 750cc, I've gained at least 3 to 4 pounds since then so we'll see. I was hoping to put up pics of my weight gain and still might later tonight or tomorrow. yall keep me lifted up in prayers please. And thank you!!!!

I am still in a good bit of pain i will review for...

I am still in a good bit of pain i will review for yall later. Thanks for prayers!!

Hey BBL ladies... Just wanted to let everyone I am...

Hey BBL ladies... Just wanted to let everyone I am feeling much better today day 3. The first day was hell I was in sooo much pain, and unable to get up out of bed alone. Each day I am able to do more and more.I want to give you all more detailed account of what has happend so far but I cant get comfortable enough to type up detailed review.

Wanted to give you guys my pre and post op...

wanted to give you guys my pre and post op measurements pre op bust 36 waist 37 hips 39 post op 36 waist 33 1/2, hips 44 hell yeah!!!!!! I did not get inner thighs done and so glad it has been painful enough dr. j asked how big I wanted my booty and I said big not huge. I got 750cc and 200 hips would have loved 850cc but on well. iam happy this far and love the shape of my booty

So I am horribly bruised from the lipo and swollen...

So I am horribly bruised from the lipo and swollen. Two days ago I started applying the Arnica gel I bought and the bruising and swelling are so much better!! Highly reccomend this to anyone!!

I had my drains removed today and it was painless....

I had my drains removed today and it was painless. I love how dr. J shaped me. I go back and forth from loving my booty to wanting it a little bigger. I didn't realize how much I loved the ass till I got some now I'm being greedy! lol Typical I feel great haven't had any other than water and gatorade the entire time I've been here. (one Auntie Anne lemonade) so I stayed very hydrated. I have been eating three meals daily starting the day after procedure. I was extremely nauseous from the anesthesia and it was the greatest relief when I finally threw up while walking. After that I ate pnut butter crackers. I was in extreme pain the day of and half the next day because I could only take half of the prescribed pain med due my low oxygen level you must have help thats for sure. I did meet up with another real self sista beauty MzC and spent alot of time with her it was fab!! thats about all I can think of for now!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. J's photos sold it for me along with the flexible financing that they offered.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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I C alot of ladies on here say they want bigger but please believe your butt is huge like large....I know u have swelling but I think after the sx...It makes ladies think for some reason the butt isn't big....Honestly Very Nice love the way he shaped u #realtalk
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I weighed around 164 so I ended gaining around 9lbs I was close at the end to the 15 but the stress got me!
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I just read my on review and saw that I had gained 12lbs on dec. 15 i didn't weigh myself after that so 169 would have been my weight
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Hey girl.glad you are doing well overall. How much did you weight right before surgery?
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Congratulations hunz, hope u have a safe and uneventful trip back home. Try to avaoid sitting on the merchandise as much as possible. Xoxo!
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Congrats on a successful sx! You're right arnica is amazing! Continued healing.
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Thanks I'm feeling very good during the day I always wake up in the night and early morning very stiff and sore but ibuprofen works fine i'm off all pain meds @ graduate I bought arnica gel at VitaminWorld
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Happy healing :)
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its Hylands Homeopathic Muscle Therapy Gel with Arnica!
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were did you purchase it from
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what brand of arnica Montana are you using?
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bblbound ... u were the first with the name calling and i responded if i sent u a message not for u my bad but it could have been handled better than that u took the.question to personal like it hit home it was just a question im gone.from it it was a mistake thats all period point.blank
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(bblbound ) if i posted it to u that was by mistake that question was not personally, ive onlt been on here a little while so i can believe i did that by mistake i was wondering y u were responding to me i c y i was not sending that question i was just asking cus alot of girls have had that issue and i didnt want that happening to me that y i ask and that question was for all the girls so i c where the misunderstanding in at
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last point vickie y you calling me dumb stop look and posed your question on my page, as a comment to my review which is why I responded at all. It was directed at me. as your rants go on I see you don't know how this blog works and thats cool I don't respond to name calling actually it brings me up a level so blessed be and all that I'm done with your negative uniformed don't know what you doing on here and all bs really...its lame and not something i want to be a part of soooo yeah
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Thanks BBL13 I'm feeling so much better! vickie ummm ok my ass, my money I've done the research miss my page with your ignorant ass please...
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let me tell your ass something this site is suspose to be to help each other and ur dumb ass making comment to my questions r u fucking retarded or something if u dont know the answer to my question y would your dumb ass respond i dont know your ass from a can of paint and u keep posting shit to (bblbound) ladies please read this dumb chick stuff shes posted to me your ass should b somewhere healing not on here answering people question that dont apply to u or mayb it do.thats what this site is for u dumb chick !!!! go heal and hope the question that i ask dont happpen to u!!!(bblbound)
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and this aint facebook go on there with the bullshit bblbound not gone go back and forward with someone i will never c over a question i ask stupid ugh
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do wish u a speedy recovery. Just ensure that u eat as healthy as u can, drink enough fluid and keep off ur butt as much as possible...
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vickie seriously do you think i would spend 10300 if I thought my ass would just go down flat again. damn!
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bblbound im not sure how much u paying but if ur fat cell dont live u will lose that 10,000 ass sorry!!!and u might need to google some of the story where people have spent that and after the swelling goes down to where they have no projection it will b flat damn!
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bblbound and that questiond wasnt for u i was asking cus people say show your results after a month y do u think they ask that damn
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after a month does your butt go down so much that its like a waste of getting the surgery or just the swelling goes down but your butt still big just wondering read a couple.story where there butts go back really flat thx
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Thanks for the compliments Mommy &Lookbetterbody!! I know i shouldn't get to attached to the first week look but I can't help but love it such a dramatic change for me I really pray I don't loose anything noticeable its perfect @ Sherrale I am not at two weeks post op yet just on day 6 I will be going back to work after two weeks though.
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how did you fell after two week i have a very hard job that i have to work on my feet for 6 day out the week an i have a two week vacation and i wanted to know if i woould be able to work and take on the pain
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OMG i am in the same boat and have been looking for a response to your question. I have a two week vaction as well. I work only 8hr M-F but i have to travel to FL for my SX and im nervous that 2wk will not be enough time to heal. I dont know a good reasin for more time. Someone suggested tailbone SX
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