18 days post op pic, after massage still swollen, a Yily

I'm so excited! I'm not a virgin to plastic...

I'm so excited! I'm not a virgin to plastic surgery. I had a breast lift and augmentation in Feb 2012. I went from a saggy 34B to a perky 34/36 DDD. I'm in love with the girls. Now the bottom part....after 3 children my waist isn't what it used to be. I do have a buttock. My measurements are 36; 29; 40. I'm wanting to achieve 36;26;43...lol. I'm in need of a perkier buttock.

This site has become my bestie! I'm so excited. I'm even found a lady to share a hotel with. Now all we need to do is lock in dates. I'm want to have a hour glass by the summer. Crossing my fingers for a March date!. I will post pics soon as I can. This is my journey; I'm taking Realself and my bbl sisters along for the ride.

I have decided to go with Yily. I love Jimerson's...

I have decided to go with Yily. I love Jimerson's work but I do not have all year to wait as I am a full time student, part work and full time mother. I love Yily hips and that is more important to me. I want to be very curvy.....tiny wait...sloped buttock. i am nor looking for hour glass.....but a very nice pear shape.

I just booked my flight. I am so excited. I will...

I just booked my flight. I am so excited. I will flight out on the 20th of March. Looking forward to meeting some of my beautiful BBL sisters at Jacqueline Spa. Next on my to do list is shopping for items I will need and my passport. Wish me luck!

I purchased my vitamins today and took my first...

I purchased my vitamins today and took my first dose....lol. Im going to get my passport in the morning. The next thing on my agenda is to get these prescription medications prescribed before i leave. I am trying to cut cost as much as possible. I need to save my $ for shopping! This new booty will need something to clothe it!

My surgery date is the 21st of March. I am flying...

My surgery date is the 21st of March. I am flying down on the 20th. To my understanding if you buddy up an have surgery on the same day Yily will discount $250 off the procedure. Also if you roommate at the spa it reduces your fee from 90 to 75. Any little bit helps. Anyway hit me up if your interested. I'm staying the 20 thru 29.

Can someone give me some information on these...

Can someone give me some information on these boards that everyone is raving about, I need the most out of my results. I need to know the best ones to purchase and where to go get them. Also, when do I start wearing them? Boy o boy this is going to be one hell of a summer!

40 days til lift off! Team Yily

40 days til lift off! Team Yily

If do not have a buddy for March. Please list you...

If do not have a buddy for March. Please list you surgery date and if you are staying at the J Spa. Some of us are still seeking buddies. It would be nice to get a rounded out head count. Thanks ladies!

I have a passport appointment for next Tuesday....

I have a passport appointment for next Tuesday. Since I procrastinated the grand total will be 222.85 to expedite. I didn't want to take the chance if waiting 4 to 6 weeks and not having my passport on time.

****Yira (Yily assist is going to kill me)...here...

****Yira (Yily assist is going to kill me)...here it goes. 1. Send photos of your front, back and sides. Include your height and weight along with wish pics and desired date of surgery to drayilyplastica@gmail.com. 2. If you don't get a reply within 3 days it safe to give Yira a call (Yily assistant a call @ 809.331.5050 ext 208. Yira speaks English. She will pull your email and have a quote sent to you. You also can set a date with her. 3. In the email will be information on how to send your deposit via PayPal. You only have to send a minimum of 200 to save your date. THOSE WHO SEND THERE DEPOSITS WILL ONLY SECURE YOUR DATE. 4. Once you send the deposit call her back. She will pull your payment can...congrats your officially scheduled. This process took me literally 3 hours from the time I first contacted her. It has also worked for other bbls sisters i gave this info to. I hope this help. Welcome to inbox if you have any issues. Go forth and be

Ok here is the 411. 1. Find a person scheduled on...

Ok here is the 411. 1. Find a person scheduled on your date call in and give their name to Yira and your buddies. There are 4 females scheduled on the 21st of March. That means if I can get everyone's name we could save 300 off each of our surgeries in addition to the Jspa. Once you get to the Jspa who ever you room with gets a discount. So basicly all we need to do is call in with names. She said one person can call in with the names as long as the surgery is on the same date. Lets save some $. Pleaseeeeeeee let me know if your scheduled for 21st of March. I will contact Yira and do the foot work. Everyone should at least be able to get one buddy for surgery. Lets help each other out!

Is it March yet? I am so ready to start my count...

Is it March yet? I am so ready to start my count down. I even did a little perky booty shopping....lol.

I read a post just now by FebruaryLove that she...

I read a post just now by FebruaryLove that she almost died by the hands of Yily. If you are at the spa can you check it out and see if this is really true? Her post has scared my shitless!

I just want to know if this is a real post. My...

I just want to know if this is a real post. My concern is her picks do not look like a 1 day post op, there are no drains, no bandages, no garment and no incision places. She says that the drain was put in after the surgery, I was under the understanding that this is done while you are under? Forgive me if I am wrong but this does not look like any of the pics Yily girls are showing that are 1 day or more post op. If this is real I do apologize and am thankful for her recovery. But since I am going there in March this is my concern as well as my other bbl sisters.

I am still a Yily girl! March 21 2013! Just trying...

I am still a Yily girl! March 21 2013! Just trying to clarify this information,

Time is moving right along....oh what a summer...

Time is moving right along....oh what a summer this will be. Beach bound!

25 days til lift off #Team Yily

25 days til lift off #Team Yily

I will give a full review of my experience. Please...

I will give a full review of my experience. Please understand my experience is just that. What's not good for the goose is not always good for the gander. I will answer as many questions as possible. Best wishes and may everyone have a donk or dink they wished or paid for!

I hope in doing so that I am able to assist...

I hope in doing so that I am able to assist someone in making their mind up...whether they chose my physician or not. No need to sling mud at each other. After all most of us are seeking the same thing....but on many different levels. Only God can judge us. Best wishes BBL sisters.

Don't wait til the last minute.....sucks leaving...

Don't wait til the last minute.....sucks leaving in a small town.

Purchased my Bromelain and Arnica pellets today....

Purchased my Bromelain and Arnica pellets today. The last of my supplies...now all I have to do is wait. Tick tock!

When should I start taking my Bromelain and Arnica...

When should I start taking my Bromelain and Arnica tablets?

19 days and counting! #Team Yiliy

19 days and counting! #Team Yiliy

If my air fare was refundable I would call this...

If my air fare was refundable I would call this quits! Ugh let me get through this process....it will be my last dealings with her payment methods. I think my waist nest to be 25 inches for all the trouble....ugh.

We have to be mindful that some of these wish that...

We have to be mindful that some of these wish that are displayed.....these girls have has multiple sx....too include some injections that are not nature at all. Also our body structure will play a big role in our results. I'm definitely not going to set myself up future. If I don't get want I want, oh well I only spent 2900. Going through this process with an open mind and heart. I'm wishing for the smallest waist I can receive and a rounded buttocks aka....pear shaped.....lol.

Since it seems that she is not having the proper...

Since it seems that she is not having the proper size garment for everyone.....

Waiting to hear back from a six buddy. The total...

Waiting to hear back from a six buddy. The total for two days would be 850..that's 400 a piece....saving a $ wherever I can lol.

I mentioned that I had a boob job done last year....

I mentioned that I had a boob job done last year. I was asked to post some pics. Here they go!

2900.00ard want me to repay me she can't get from...

2900.00ard want me to repay me she can't get from PayPal..that I sent. But she hasn't refunded me. Do no...I repeat do not use Yily. I see more complaints that applauding on her results here lately anyway.

My feelings about the whole situation I will be...

My feelings about the whole situation I will be glad when its over. Note to self spend as less time and money as possible. I'm only staying 5 days after my surgery instead of 9. I will finding a hotel instead of the Spa. The quicker I get this behind me the better. Note to self.....handle sx procedures where I can communicate and send my $ in an orderly fashion. Best wishes to all my BBL sisters! I presently have a sour taste in mouth.

Back wishes to those who are continuing their...

Back wishes to those who are continuing their journey with Yily. I gut would not let me continue.

I decided that he would be a better fit for me...

I decided that he would be a better fit for me than leaving the country. I have did some some research on him and everything checks out. Plus he give a nice round A$$. Oh please understand his quotes are base on the person and what they are wishing to accomplish. I like that because I need a little less work than the usual client. Cheers! This booty journey must go on!

Now true I should have called and canceled the...

Now true I should have called and canceled the taxi......but I canceled the hotel. So 1 plus 1 equals 2. I'm on another freaking country do they really think that I am going to wire them or even give a CC # so they can collect $40. Um call Yily and get it from the ass factory.

Trying to figure out if I am a true candidate for...

Trying to figure out if I am a true candidate for this surgery or not. This PS are also giving out square behinds, I have a heart shape and I want it to stay that way.....just aggressive some projection. Seems like too much to ask for now days. Also my waist must be thinned out, I don't want to look like a booty goddess with a linebacker back.....:We shall see, I don't believe in waisting my $.

yil.....Oct 9, back on this wild boose chase

Just going to make it one day at a time. I added a pic of me now. I already have a booty however iI want more fullness and a curvier waistline. Call it booty greed!

me now....booty greed....not bbl yet! (Oct 8)

Just want to fine tune things... I also added my wish pic.

I have an ok figure..but i want Yily to turn me into a KING MAGAZINE model....PICS PICS

I want to turn heads and drop mouths!


Me b4 the BBL #Oct 8, 2013

I have an OK shape....but I want a "Damn did you see that?" Shape. A girl wants what a girl wants!

Help! should I add hips? i want to be super thick lol. PRE-OP PICS!

BBL is running my life right now....lol. I request yet another earlier surgery date....hopefully Oct 7 return Oct 12. #Big booty dreams

stack me up yily

............ (.)

Playing around with the surgery app.

These are the results are hoping for. Excuse the mirror...lol.

Did my asjust with the surgery app. hoping to get this outcome.

Getting a little nervous.

more of my (me) wish pics


Rented a high rise modern condo, hiring nurse and cook to save money. Any girls interested in joining in?

The condo sleeps 4 to 5. That would make your stay around $100 for 6 days. You may pick up extra days if needed. Sept 3 through 6. Hit my inbox for extra details



Sept 30 thur Oct 6, thanks.

Fixing that a$$


Last time going round with.......

Flight paid for, rh booked, supplies purchased.... Now I'm just playing the waiting game.......sighhhhhh

Yily has an opening for me.

Ready to he this procedure done and on with a life.

Where I'm staying

Purchased my lipo foam today.

I'm ready to rock and roll!

Death at Cipla

I had a girlfriend call me and tell me that one of her co workers just left DR, and some died recently. The girl had surgery at Cipla. She did not give her any further information as she just returned to the U.S. Before anyone goes jumping down my throat, I do not have any additional information. I know it sounds strange that someone delay that type of information without details. But that is how it happened. I don't believe my girlfriend made it up (she had surgery in DR a couple months and is very satisfied with her results) that someone told her. I do question the delivers intent or lack of information. So before I start a riot on RealSelf about who the doctor is......Has only heard anything or know of anyone down there presently there they can ask? Thank you

I'm going over the top on my booty .

Why ? Because when I lose my 30% I still need a bump roast left lol, getting my money worth .

I gained 13 lbs hoping to achieve my ideal look.

I know ps are not magicians but I am hoping for great results!

Here are the other two pics !

Yily snatch this waist!

Photo shopped wish pics

I know we all want great results! Don't down yourself if you don't come out looking like your wish pics. Even the ladies in the pics wished they looked like that. Good luck to everyone in there bootie desires.

Last preop pics

Pre op


Present measurements 34/33/46. I hoping to achieve 34/27/49, a girl can wish, lol.

So am I wrong

My asked this guy last week when he would be giving me money fir the surgery. Mind you my surgery is on the 7th of March. After beating around the bushed he finally told me what I expected....he changed his mind. Now let's fast forward to 5 months ago, he volunteered to pay if I canceled my Vegas trip in May. Now he has old these guides that if this would happen or that would happen he would pay. Now who the hell do he think he is? I can't beg someone for 4000. But what I will do is make him wish he did invest. He tells me I have a grudge because I won't spend anytime with him. Grudge negative more like no use. I'm so glad I had a plan B because a man will yet to derail you with his jealous way. You don't want to produce? Move over so someone eske can. Now that've have that off my chest. Happy booty popping!

Excuse the errors

Damn auto types changes my words

He came thorough with fresh bank money

Me about to your these bills info pesos. Heading to the airport in7 hours. I will keep my sisters updated! Smooches and kisses!

5 girls scheduled with Yily so far....

I hope I get a sufficient amount if time on this body .......sighsssssss.

Update after sx, smooches


Pics do not do justice. Grande culo !



More pics

Excuse the blood no way around it!

3 days post


Front 3 days post op

I am very swollen.

I had the masseuse take the pics they Lok a little award

4 post

4 days post of

Pics after massage

Drinking a lot of water and taking a water pill

Will update review one I fell better.

I tried not to twist my back this is the best I could do

My hips are even . This is not the best pic, sorry.

Jackie's place is ok . But here is my compliants.

I was instructed my Dra Ana to start my massages on the 4th day. After we left Cipla we went to Jacqueline spa to get massages. There were 2 massage therapist with an ass load of girls waiting for a massage. It took about an hour and a half to be seen. Mind you I am seating on a pillow the size of my fist on a hard chair. Ugh strike 1. So the next day we go to Cipla again for follow ups and have my drain removed. Jacqueline takes me to her spa again for a massage. This time I'm dropped off. Me speakaaa no Spanish! After sitting there and letting a few girls sign in ahead of me I realized I needed to sign in, ugh. So one one of the girls who is bilingual tells me she has been waiting since 10am. It is now 1pm, I don't have my pain meds with me, have not had lunch and I'm the 7th person in the list to be seen. I text another female at the house to have Jackie come pick me up, she did. I tried to explain that I needed a massage from somewhere else, she SEEMED like she did not understand. Strike 2. Now it is Thursday time to fly home home. My plane left at 12:40pm. Lucky for me another girl was flying out the same day as well.....10am. So guess what I had to left the house. Im at the airport at 8am waiting for a 1240 flight, sore and swollen. Is the house clean, yes. The nurses(?) were nice. Food ok but we ate the same things over and over again. Now I'm back trying to find done one to massage me now. No one wants to do it til my bruises are gone and I'm swollen like a blowfish. On top of that I did not appreciate being at the airport that early considering the condition I was in. That will never happen again. My vent

10 day post op

Still swollen

18 days post op

Curves curves
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I'm going with Yily. It will not let me update.

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Hello Love, how is the healing process going? Can I see ur pics please?
  • Reply
Can I see your pics.. and inbox me the condo rental details thanks love
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You look bomb girl! I cant wait to go what's the pain like 1-10
  • Reply
Thanks right now in at 6, yesterday was a 9. Everyone is different.... But this sx is certainly a processssss
  • Reply
I'm confused the pics at the beginning the girl is white then towards the end she is black is this two diff ppl!!
  • Reply
No they are the same. Except for the wish pics. I'm sure you understand depending on the camera, the lighting are the way you take it. Pics are different. There is no way the first pics look like a white woman!!
  • Reply
Oh ok
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U look great
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Thanks I fe like ish
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Looking good. My surgery is tomorrow I can't wait to be yilyfied
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Good luck boo, Yily will hook you up
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I want a big nice ass like yours did u show her wish pics or did she just do her thing!!
  • Reply
No pics just explained what I wanted.
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I cant see your pics?
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Happy healing! You look good!
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Thanks boo
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But drink plenty of spring or purified water . Lots & lots of it
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Will do thank you
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You look great!!!
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No it's not unusual . It's levels to the sh!t sweetie . U look cool now but as I previously stated once everything settles down u will be amazed . Be patient and take care of yourself. Don't just lay around even if ur feeling sore ,tight or pain. Walk around as much as u can to get ur blood flowing . Take your blood thinner shot if the Dr. proscribed any and eat healthy. Keep that water away from your wounds or your body period if u can & while your laying down rub that belly to try n release that fluid. I was super swollen after sx and full of liquid but time heals . 1day @ a time . Later sista
  • Reply
Thank you
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Hope all is well and I c u have lots of fluid n u which is normal. I know that if u look like this now when the swelling goes dwn & that liquid is out giiiiirl . Snatched BOOM . Good luck & happy healing
  • Reply
I glad you said that because I felt like this swelling is unusual
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How do I get & touch with yily?
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