I have considered BBL procedure for many years....

I have considered BBL procedure for many years. Motivation for having procedure done would be self esteem and feeling extreme comfort with my body shape. Currently, I have to wear waist cincher's and double up with a spanx to gain the illusion of a waist and some what of a booty. I can't wait for the day I can retire my stash of support garmets, oh yeah and don't forget butt pads.

After researching many Dr's, I fell in love with Dr. Jimmerson's technique. Based on reviews and pics from his site, his work looks amazing. I haven't had a consult yet but plan to after this pregnancy. Currently, 202lbs, 3 months pregnant, and 5'6 in height.

Marie I know you feel betrayed. But I feel like this is going to be a great event. On top of that there are alot of other necessites that come along with the price. His rep. is on the line here, dont forget that. your luck to b having this done
Marie if you saw his work in person and it looked good I'm sure yours will looks just as good if not better. Don't fret. Go with your gutt- if he made you feel comfortable which is most important than everthing should be a success.
I think they put the review up -only because maybe he just wanted his name on this site. This is a very popular online community and he wanted to make himself known, which is'nt a bad thing.

Hey Ladies I could use some assistance. My hubby...

Hey Ladies I could use some assistance. My hubby is not feeling the BBL idea. He says did I meet you with a FATT ASS "No" I met you with a "flat back". Very rude, but he loves me for how I am. I feel as if I need to make improvements for myself not for anyone else. He doesn't have to walk around uncomfortable with a funny shape booty -I do. He fails to understand my feelings about the situation and I don't think he's being very supportive..

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow I wish I would have known this alil earlier. I leave fri for ATL I will defiantly do ll I can now. I was actually eating bad on purpose to put sone extra fat on. :(
Just do your best for the rest of the week alil bit still goes a long way.
Very helpful info received from "Social butterfly2478 19 Jul 2012"

It is important that you maintain a healthy diet including many fruits and vegetables. However, there are certain foods which naturally contain salicylates, which affect the blood, and should be kept to a minimum for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Cutting down on these foods will help reduce bruising after surgery. Now is the time to clean out your refrigerator and adjust your shopping lists for the weeks ahead.

Foods containing salicylates that should be kept to a minimum for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery:
Almonds Cherries Grapefruit Limes Peaches Raisins
Apricots Cucumber Grapes Nectarines Plums Tomatoes
Berries (all) Currants Lemons Oranges Prunes Vinegar

Two Weeks Before Surgery

Stop 2 weeks BEFORE until 2 weeks AFTER surgery:
• All Aspirin and Ibuprofen products including the drugs listed on the enclosed insert.
• All anti-inflammatory drugs used for arthritis. (Please consult your physician prior to discontinuing).
• All anti-coagulants
• Vitamin E taken internally
• If a medication is in question, call our office nurse.
START 2 weeks BEFORE until 2 weeks AFTER surgery (Strongly Recommended)

• Take a Multivitamin tablet daily. Most multivitamins contain some form of vitamin E, however this is acceptable to take prior to surgery. We do ask that you refrain from taking additional vitamin E.
• Take Vitamin A - 8,000-10,000 units, twice a day. This has well-documented beneficial effects on surgical healing and will also fuel your immune system.
• Take Vitamin C - 1,000 mg., twice a day. This is essential for collagen synthesis, which is part of normal wound healing. Your need for Vitamin C will increase after surgery.
• Take Bromelain - 1,000 mg., twice a day. (Pineapple enzyme - from a health food store) This helps to relieve the swelling associated with surgery.

For Liposuction patients only:
• Begin taking Slow Fe (non-prescription iron supplement) once daily.
One Week Before Surgery

BEGIN A LOW SODIUM DIET: (1 week BEFORE until 2 weeks AFTER procedure):
Limit sodium intake to 1200-1500 mg. daily. Limiting sodium will help you have less swelling and discomfort and allow you to heal faster after surgery.

GET PROPER NUTRITION AND REST: (1 week BEFORE until 2 weeks AFTER procedure):
• Avoid white carbohydrates such as bread, bagels, rice, potatoes, pasta and sweets.
• Eat healthy, regular meals.
• Eat 2 fruits and 3 green vegetables daily.
• Eat a small amount of protein at each meal.

IMPORTANT! Your diet can aid healing remarkably and reduce swelling and pain! THIS WEBSITE IF VERY INFORMATIVE >>>http://www.drjoannelopes.com/preparing.php#one

Baby due end of January. Friend is getting married...

Baby due end of January. Friend is getting married mid August in Jamaica. Think I can get a date in June with Dr. J? Guess I better get the process started.
Yaaahhh!!! You have to keep me updated with your pregnancy Hun. It's a great journey to live. Ya know.
& I HOPE it all works out. It would suck if I don't get that much.
But the exillis is a skin tightening treatment. For me when I was about 8 months prego 90% of my belly was hard. However when u got passed my belly button it was a soft. So I figure that would be the pudge loose skin that would be hard to get ride of. Most womn get ride of that LOOSE SKIN with a tummy tuck. But being that I'm only 20 & wil have more kids the treatment is the best route. Is a machine he will put on my belly & it will smooth out the little loose skin I'll have left over around my belly button. My package only come with one treatment but he's going to do one session immediately after surgery and another session when I come bk for my one month follow up.
So long story short it will help the loose skin on my belly
Thx Marie, so far so good no issues, no pains, no bad news 'Thank God" so I'm blessed. I looked up the Exillis looks like it works, but never know until yah try it for yourself. Yeah definitely hold off on the tummy tuck if you intend on having additional children.
hey girls. i hope all is well with you & the babys.
whats going on?? i had my consultation w/ my dr. okoro it went well but i was alil concerned it wasnt going to b big enough. hes doing 800cc per cheek. but as u know some wont survive. its may sound like alot but when he drew it on the board against my pic. it didnt look like a difference. it look as though i could get that on my own with just age. idk i asked for a shelf & he assured me i could get that. & regarding that extra skin from the baby he assured me i would only have a smal amount left over around my belly button area. but with that exillis treatment. it would take that away. so im excited girls only 2 days away

Hey BBL family, I have made a pact to myself to no...

Hey BBL family, I have made a pact to myself to no longer discuss my decision to have the BBL done. No one I tell seems to be supportive. The closest I've gotten is telling my mom. She seems to just be okay with the idea, more so just in fear that hopefully everything goes well with the procedure. My hubby isn't supportive nor are my closest family members- so what's the point in talking about. My mind is made up!!!

Soo I was wondering If I give birth in January is...

Soo I was wondering If I give birth in January is June too soon for BBL surgery. Haven't checked with the Dr's yet but just getting your opinions first.

So BBL Diva's and Divo's I just wanted to give you...

So BBL Diva's and Divo's I just wanted to give you a quick update. I called Dr. J's office yesterday and inquired about the BBL procedure. I spoke with a woman by the name of Dawn. She seemed really nice and friendly. She asked a lot of the generic questions name, address, type of procedure I was interested in, questions I had for her. I informed her of my pregnancy and how long was the typical lapse in time I would have to wait in order to get the BBL done. I am due in January but I want to have the BBL done in June. She mentioned that Dr. Jimerson usually requires you to be 3-6 months post baby to have consultation done and the surgery. Also once you have your consultation done they usually schedule the BBL for the following month. As far as price I mentioned to her that I wanted to lock in the cheapest rate. She mentioned she had been an employee with the office since February and the price hadn't changed since then. Also as far as promotions the staff finds out about promotions the same day it's published on websites such as Real Self. A few months back I remember seeing a promotion for bring a friend and both receive the BBL at a discount.

Let's see, she also mentioned that Dr. Jimerson usually lipo'd 7 areas total and he would discuss all the area's during consultation. I mentioned to her that I also wanted to have hips included and she said that during the consult Dr. J would go over the price for hips, if really necessary, and if it would be extra $$. So I asked about price and Dawn said the price is usually between $8,800- $9,300.

So since I am due in January I have to call between January and February and schedule my consultation for sometime in April and hope for surgery in June.. Wish me luck BBL fam!!!
go with dr J !!! Never heard or SEEN any bad thing on him, his butts look smooth and perky, he's an artist :)
He sure is.. can't wait till my day!! Hoping for June- wish me luck.. how about you??
but if you make a dramatic change ppl wil def noticed the difference, do you mind telling people that you had bbl or will you tell them you hit the gym like extra hard lol?

Just uploaded some pics of current figure

Just uploaded some pics of current figure
Hello JLO1 , hope all is well with you and the baby.
Hey Cinnabuns201, thx for checking out us. We are doing really good. Baby is moving around like crazy -super active. Always a good thing!
I know women are never satisfied but you already look good to me :) And that icecream cone over your face......smh...really lol

Hey BBL Fam!! So just wanted to do a quick update...

Hey BBL Fam!! So just wanted to do a quick update on my convo this afternoon to Dr, J's office. I called the office today because I could barely sleep last night after reading an update on Brickhouse38 page she mentioned that prices for BBL may be going up at the beginning of the year. This surgery is already expensive so to think that price may be going up was a lil shocking. I know Dr. J is good but damn!!! The surgery is already $9,300 if financing and $8,800 if paying in cash. You know right now I am bussing my butt to get the $$ together so I don't think I would be able to afford it if the price went any higher. So long story (hopefully short) called the office and spoke with Damaris and inquired if the price was really going up and to how much. Damaris wasn't able to confirm if the price was going up nor did she make me feel SURE and comfortable that it wouldn't go up. She mentioned a few times that if I was going to have it soon that I could lock in the cheaper rate now by putting down a non refundable deposit of $500. I think I might just have to do that. I can't risk the higher price and I am also sure that Dr. J is the Dr. for me.

Looking to schedule my consult some time for March/April and schedule surgery for June. Also if I remember correctly Dr. J's surgery days are Monday, Thursday and Friday!! Keep this in mind. Also, though I have alil time before the new year comes in - think I will be making my deposit time time with in the next month.

So ladies how much ass is too much ass. I still...

So ladies how much ass is too much ass. I still have a ways to go. But at this point I am contemplating just how big to go. I was thinking 900-1000 CC at first now I have bumped it up to at least 1200 CC. But shoot it's already hard find an outfit due to my 2 watermelons I have on my chest imagine a pair of jeans or pants to fit over my new donkey booty. I wouldn't mind having to make cute dresses apart of my every day wardrobe. So the question is ..is it better to go hard or go home (in this case BIG or go home). I bumped it up to 1200 because I noticed ladies were beginning to complain about fat loss during the first stage of recovery. Seeing your booty swollen you love how big it looks but as weeks go by it's all just swelling and the remaining fat is what you have left.
Yeah I had seen that a few days ago. I did not want to be the one with the bad news. I have a consult this week. I called yesterday to ask about the price and they could not say yes or no, but like you said if you pay now you can lock in the price.....So you know my next question was is he all booked for the rest of the year....I did not get a straight yes or no for that either. This has really consumed my excitement. If it goes over 10k, goes out of my budget. Keeping my fingers crossed. I mean who is his competition?
I don't think he is booked for the year but -they always say he books surgery at least a month or 2 out. So this is the time they are booking for December. They prob won't tell you how booked they are just ask them for specific dates that your thinking of scheduling your sx. I told Damalis I wanted middle of June and she asked a patient rep- I guess they do the BBL schedule for the actual surgery and she said he's all open for June. I feel you on budget but it's better to pay cash if you can or by getting a personal loan because that way you will pay 8800 compared to 9300. Then I may get hips which brings they price up an extra 1,000. So now I may be looking at 9800. I hope he tell me I don't need hips and he can work around them or at least give the illusion. Also you have to consider bra rolls that's an extra "G" but I'm not sure. So it's all about what your looking for. I have bra rolls but mines are not rediculous. I can live with them or have them sucked out another time. In my case his only competition is Dr. Salama cause I know he does hips. But personally I am not the biggest fan of Dr. S to many issues have been coming up with his name attached. 10G is my limit too. So its gonna be either hips or back rolls (maybe).. What are your primary issues- or areas you wanted worked on? Cash or financing?
I feel you on the excitement level. I swear yo you I was up at like 5am tossing and turning and then got on RS. I will be on this site like crazy till I get my own new body. What made it even worse was like when Damaris mentioned it's about what your looking to have done... and if you want a coke bottle shape.. (Bells went off in my head) I never even thought that could be achieved. But with the hand of Dr. J anything is possible.

Hey ladies just wondering how soon after surgery...

Hey ladies just wondering how soon after surgery do you include your waist cinchers under your garment?
Hey sistah!!!!! To answer your question, Im almost 2 weeks out and Im about to start looking for a waist cincher. I only had my ab/back/back bra roll lipoed so I dont need the extra compression that this garment is giving.
Hey BeB let me know when you find a good cincher. Do you have any particular ones in mind.
Hey girl I'm with Dr.j too and I'm booked for the 22 of Oct.I think he's high in price but he seems to know what he's doing plus you don't see people going for more rounds with him,so really other people paying bout that amount just going for a second or third round,also u can't put a price on your life....which is what we are playing with every time we go under the knife...I wish you the best of luck, and hell yea go BIG!!!!!!!I know I'm not spending ten grand to be average lol.

Important questions to ask during...

Important questions to ask during consults?????????

1. Is the dr a board certified plastic surgeon and certifed with the American Society of Aesthetics and Plastic Surgeons?
2. Is the anesthesiologist board certified?
3. Is the office/surgical room certified/accredited?
4. How many years of experience does the Dr have in the sx of interest?
5. Does the Dr have hospital privalleges? How far is the closest hospital?
6. Is the office equipped for emergencies?
7. How much lidocaine per/kg do you use? (recommended 35mg-45mg)

*Things to be aware of*

Do they use lidocane? lidocane can slow down your heart, lower your blood pressure and aggrevate your brain causing seizure than coma
Fluid over load can cause your lungs to drown
clots/loose fat that travel to your lungs, heart, and brain= DEATH
perferation of the abdominal wal;s or bowels, you would need surgery within 24-48hours to save your life
too much fluid=dilution of the blood SYMPTOMS: lightheaded, restlessness, drowsiness, ringing in ears, slurred speach, metallic taste in mouth, numbness of lips amd tongue, shiverig, muscle twitching, seizure
too much lidocaine for too long= laxy heart muscles and aggrevated brain
poor patient health. excessive fat removal, using too much fluid, ans multiple procedures increase riak of death

So ladies and gents my mind is made up I'm having...

So ladies and gents my mind is made up I'm having a bbl done next summer no matter who approves. Just wanted to update everyone on a recent discussion my hubby and I had. He explained to me that he does not agree with the procedure and also feels that I do not need to have the procedure done. But he would never allow me to go thru. The experience alone. He mentioned that he will be coming along with me to have the BBL procedure done. When he told me this I became super ecstatic, glad to see that he finally came around and just making the decision to support me. Guess he see's that I'm not joking.
That's great about your hubby. I didn't tell mine nothing about my surgery so he loved the surprise of having his juicy booty back,(that was my nickname in high school). You are going yo be so flyy!
Lol i bet.. it worked out perfect ly for you and him. Mouth is too big and not good with surprises I couldn't avoid not sharing the news with him.
Well he gone be on you when it's ova. Trust me :-)

If your looking for the booty cut out garment...

If your looking for the booty cut out garment check the link below!!

you dont need that surgery. you just need to take some weight off your middle section and work out your butt and you have forms, it is just hiding. Please, girls, dont kill me for this remark
Excersize only makes you a smaller version of what you are, it can't change your SHAPE...your genetics determine where you lose weight first and most women with an apple shaped figure tend to gain on the midsection first and lose from that region last, so no matter what proportionately the body remains the same. I'm not even an EXTREME apple shape, and I can't tell you how many times I've tried to diet and gym to get a little waist and nice round hips. It never happens, the best I can do is get a smaller waist and tummy but then my ass just dissappears completely, so I'm like a column shape with boobs. THATS why I, and most women are doing this surgery- to change what excersize and weight loss can't!
Hey Cutekoala, that was prefectly said.

For the last few months all I've seen is DR....

For the last few months all I've seen is DR. SSSSSSSSS supporters.. Now I check out latest posts and it's all about Dr. J. I am happy and super excited to see more Dr. J supporters. Good luck ladies that are going down this road and have chosen Dr. J as their main man.

Hey hey hey... so ladies I am super excited. I...

Hey hey hey... so ladies I am super excited. I spoke with the HR department at my job and they informed me I would be able to qualify for 4 weeks paid time off. I couldn't be more thrilled too hear this news. Now I am in the clear.. At least for now. I can schedule my consult and my surgery date with a peace of mind. Now just need to decide when in June and hope the day I choose is available.
Hi girly!! Congrats on getting approved for your 4 weeks approved :) I think you should go ahead and call the office ASAP because when I talked to Shelly she told me that the summer months were pretty full, I was looking to do June, but I had to do the beginning of July. Good luck on everything.
Are u serious??? I needed a date in June too. I'm gonna call Asap.
Yes girl go ahead and call them Monday!!! Bc I know how it is to only have a small window of time to do something.

Quick update: called the office today and tried to...

Quick update: called the office today and tried to pay on the deposit. They were very persistant with making sure that I had my consultation prior to making a deposit. So I even informed the lady I was talking to that I would prefer to make a deposit now and that I was aware of the non refundable policy and that I was willing to take that risk. I also mentioned that I was informed that there would be an increase in price and she tried to tell me there would not be. So I said I wanted to lock in my price and date now and that if in case i wasn't able to and the price increased I would no longer be having the procedure done at this practice. The BBl price is already rediculous and I refuse to go any higher. So long story short she put me on hold then came back with a consult date of December 5th. This works for me!!!
So to everyone who had bbl how baddddd is the pain afterwards? I've had 2kids an my tubes tied. It was bareable just was a little sore. An how many compression garments do u have to have?
Everyones surgery experience will be different. Mainly just depends on your pain tolerance level. I've heard ladies have 2-3 garments so you can alternate when washing them. And also would recommend a waist cincher I will definitely be wearing one to train my new waist.
The pain is bad aftrerwards girl- I'm 10 weeks out. But you are on pain meds and for the fab ass you get; its worth it! There are some useful tips for sleeping and helping with the pain etc.... Inbox me!

Getting alil excited- consult is tomorrow morning....

Getting alil excited- consult is tomorrow morning. Sent over my current body pics and my wish pics. Lets see what they have to say.

So today I had my consult. It was scheduled for...

So today I had my consult. It was scheduled for 10am and I think I received the call from Shelly around 9:45. Shelly is definitely a sweetheart and has a great personality. We clicked really well. She asked me lots of medically related questions then proceeded on to discuss my pictures and what she would recommend regarding the BBL procedure. The first words out her mouth.. were "oh yeah you definitely need hips" and we both laughed because those are a definite must and I was already aware. She also recommended upper and lower back roles. She continued on to describe the procedure and mentioned a lot of details I was already aware thx to doing prior research. We finished up and she asked if i had any other questions and i mentioned that i had a few questions for Dr. J. said no problem put me on hold to see if he was free but he waw actually in the kiddle of surgery. So she informed me she would have him give me a call. So Dr. J did indeed call about 3-4 hours later. I was so happy to hear his voice. He is super down to earth and talks to you like an uncle or older brother. I was cool and laid back with him and I got the same vibe from him. He looked over my pics and told me listen. I'll take care of you and once your on that table you'll be my focus. He said don't worry your family now.. I'm going to hook you up.

So with all this said. I'm happy and very satisfied any more questions I told him I would hunt him down. And he said well you know where to find me... in this office. . LOL

So I am scheduled for June 28th and super excited! Deposit is paid now on to the big saving. Also Shelly recommended i lose at least 10 lbs and Dr. J said at least 20. So pre prego weight was 199 and hoping post baby I go back down to that and maybe lose a lil extra. Long time goal by surgery date is 180. I can do it!!! Sorry in advance for typos. I'm updating from my phone.
how tall are u ?????? i need to ask abt losing weight alson
Thx Newbody and I am 5'6..
ok im 5'9 200 lbs i was,thinking hiw much do i need to lose !!!!

So ladies I was just thinking if certain states...

So ladies I was just thinking if certain states have a maximum on what they can remove during surgery would it be smarter just to focus on your main problem area's. So in my case Dr. J can only remove 5000 cc and when I was talking to Shelly yesterday she mentioned that could be sucked up by just abs and flanks alone. So what I'm thinking is to focus on the main areas included in the BBl and don't add anything extra. YES it is cheaper to add in additional areas now while your already under the knife but why pay when you want get 100% results. Remember that 5000cc has to be divided by abs, flanks, lower back. Also Shelly mentioned that if you came back for additional areas at a later date to be lipo'd it would be 4 G's. So what are your thoughts??? I think I'm gonna stick with the regular BBL and don't add anything. If the bra roles are unbearable I'll get them sucked out another time. If I'm going to pay extra at least I'll know I'm getting exactly what I'm paying for.

This was taken from Beautiful10's page- hope no...

This was taken from Beautiful10's page- hope no offense taken just trying to prove logic to my thoughts and concerns regarding paying extra for additional areas that most likely won't get touched anyway. By the way her Dr. was Salama not Jimerson

I'm ok with my shape I am defiantly not 100% happy with my body. I went to see dr S and showed him my concerns. I paid to have full lipo in my upper and lower back and stomach and love handles but he did not do my upper stomach or my upper back. Now that swelling has gone down in other areas it's very obvious because my lower area is smaller and flatter than my upper. I have fat that bulges around my upper back (bra hook area) and I'm pissed! Anyway he says he couldn't do those areas bc he reached the max on how much fat he could remove bs I don't know why he didn't tell me that or refund me for the work that he did not perform.
wow! well then i should do in a two section like my doctor does it..when he knows that its too much fat, he does it in two section..i think he needs to give youu or your money back or take the fat out bc your already paid for it.
At least everyone knows the facts now.. If your over weight then don't add extra's in. Just have the extra areas done another time. Of course they are not going to refund the cash. If I were a Dr. I would just take out a few CC's to just to say it was touched. Business is Business
U hv a great foundation so I kno ur goin to be tha BOMB lol!!!! Congrats on ur upcoming surgery.....we're all goin to be HOTTER THAN THA SUN THIS SUMMER!!!!!!

Baby due is 6 weeks. Not as crazy excited about...

Baby due is 6 weeks. Not as crazy excited about the BBL as in the past. More calm and a feeling of relief for booking my date before price increase. I have'nt really looked into pre op paper work- maybe I should. Thinking how soon should I start to prepare for surgery and buying supplies. I don't want to rush out and purchase uneccessary items.
true.. God bless u and ur family.. and yes i agree with the girls to wait until after baby is born..
Thx! Definitely will give it some time.
If I was you I would start buying the supplies after the baby is born, this way right now you can continue to buy things you need for the baby and then you can focus ur money on the surgery. You have 6 months from the time u give birth so just by the big stuff first and then the little things because 6 months goes by fast.

So I had a big decision to make. My cousin calls...

So I had a big decision to make. My cousin calls me and tells me he's engaged and that his wedding is July 13th in GA. So me and my big bright ideas spends 2 days trying to figure out how in the world am I going to have my surgery on 6/28 then make a wedding on 7/13 only 2 weeks post sx - I have come to the conclusion "it's not gonna happen". Don't get me wrong I would love to attend the wedding and I feel sooooo bad now but I am putting myself first and on the front line. I have waited years for this booty and now my day is coming near. Also I would be away from boy boys for to long, and the expense of staying in GA would be to much for my pockets not to mention the discomfort and swelling during my healing process.

Hey ladies I was just wondering can the I-surgeon...

Hey ladies I was just wondering can the I-surgeon ap be used on an Ipad? I don't own an iphone but I would like to see how I would look with a bigger booty. Please help or any suggestions on other softwares.

Yes the I-surgeon app works on Ipad.. pretty cool...

Yes the I-surgeon app works on Ipad.. pretty cool app but the sound effects are lil annoying.

So besides the app update.. I worked an overnight shift tonight so this was the perfect time to start doing my research and getting price ideas for cost of travel, flight, hotel, and car rental. So far these are results. I did not search the hotels that were recommended by Dr. J's office I just did a general search to see what would come up. The hotels I searched all were around 3 Stars and the price range was 43-$80 pn. $80 is definitely my max for hotel considering I will be in GA for 9 days and 8 nights. Just to give you an idea of cost, my top pic hotel is the Residence Inn Atlanta Gwinett Place which is $69 pn and $552 for 8 nights. I don't want to go over $700 for hotel stay. Budget for car rental and hotel is $1000. So far car rental looks to be about $230/Mid size-$250/Full size. Looking for cheaper but not going over $250. So far Hotwire is cheaper than Carrentals.com For flights, right now flights are $311 RT. I intend on using the reward points from my credit card to get the ticket half off.

The pics in the orange bikini are 8.5 months post...

The pics in the orange bikini are 8.5 months post the birth of my first son. As you know I am currently expecting my second son and hoping I go back down to this same size. These pics are how I looked when I conceived.

So excited for the new year to begin. Anticipating...

So excited for the new year to begin. Anticipating the arrival of my baby boy and then going to start preparing for my BBL. For all my west indian ladies Machel Montana keeps playing in my head. Miami carnival - can't wait to show off my new body. Not to mention labor day in NY.

Hey ladies hope everyone had a great holiday. So...

Hey ladies hope everyone had a great holiday. So today I was in the hair salon and there was a woman that had a banging shape and booty. I was under the dryer plotting away just how I would get a pic without her noticing. So eventually I got my pic. Now another few minuts goes by then another woman comes in and her booty was looking even better. So here we go all over again. You know I had to snap a pic of that ass Ladies don't get me wrong. I'm not homosexual I just was amazed by her booty and I want Dr. J to give me one just like it.. lol Now still under the dryer few minutes pass and mom walks in. I tell her what I've been doing and my southern friendly mom takes it upon her self to explain to first girl i already took a pic of that I liked their shapes I'm having surgery and if she could ask the other girl if I could take a pic of her booty. So the girl burst out laughing then proceeded to tell the other girl then everyone in the salon burst out laughing. Shit I could care less about them laughing I was laughing too but in the end was just concerned about a pic. Long story short I didn't get my pic, think she was too shy. Oh well at least I got one of the first girl. Come to find out they were sister's.
Hey honey! Beantownnn!! ;) I just inboxed u! :)

Hey ladies I've been MIA from updating but I am...

Hey ladies I've been MIA from updating but I am still avtively replying to other's blogs. Just wanted to update on my pregnancy and BBL process. SOOO I'm still prego, my son was due on the 23rd and it's now the 26 and he's still not here yet. This was expected considering my first son was 9 days late and I had to be endused. I'm happy to be carrying a full term and healthy baby but miserable -that I'm still pregnant. Just hoping that he doesn't go over 9 lbs which is probable because my first was 8.5. Not much to update on BBL. I've been updating my list of necessities but haven't purchased anything as of yet.
hey jlo1.. congratulations! may God bless ur delivery! very happy and excited for you (waaay more exciting than bbl). be well hun!
Thx everything was a success just super excited he's finally here and my baby making days are over
I kno how u feel! I have 7 kids n one of them weighed over 9 lbs and I have never taken any type of drug to ease my pain during labor;) I do HVE to say it was a bit hard. It was like they were prying me open to get him out!! Lol! Just pray, breathe, n b4 u kno it ur bundle of joy will b ur arms;) ur a strong woman Hunnie, just walk n try to relax when u can, Mother Nature will take it course in due time;) as many children as I Have had I went to full term w every single one n at times I felt like I couldn't walk or sleep or even sit anymore, but b4 I knew it, finally the day arrived when I got to meet my baby;) I just Luv that beautiful feeling of seeing ur baby for the first time and u find urself starrying into their eyes n u can't keep ur eyes of them!! The feeling is the mist wonderful feeling in life!! God bless u Hunnie!

Hey RS family!! By the grace of God I delivered a...

Hey RS family!! By the grace of God I delivered a healthy baby boy a 5 days ago. He was 9 lbs 6oz. I am truly blessed and loving my lil boys. So now that I am not prego anymore I can begin to work on my body. In total I gained 28 lbs. At delivery I was 227 and pre baby weight was 199. By my 6 week check up I'm hoping to be back down to my pre baby weight of 199. Wish me luck!! It happened with my first so praying it goes the same with this one.
Congrats luv!!!
conrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! baby boys are awesome :)

Just a quick update it's been 2 weeks and I've...

Just a quick update it's been 2 weeks and I've lost 22 pounds. Woohoo I'm so excited.
Congrats on your new baby boy!!!
Thx hun!
Aw congrats on the new bundle of joy!

Having mixed feelings not about the BBL but about...

Having mixed feelings not about the BBL but about these damn bra roles. Really wish I could include them in my sx but don't see it affordable nor do I think I will get the best results. It's not that I don't have faith in my Dr. But in my opinion if I am spending the extra cash for them to be lipo'd I want them completely gone.
Congratulations on your new baby.
Thank you so much Faith
Congratulations Hun!!! Many blessings!

Hey BBL Fam? Lots to think about? Considering...

Hey BBL Fam? Lots to think about? Considering selling my sx date with Dr J is this possible not sure how I should go about this? I recently purchased a home there is lots or work to be done. I've already invested 20G cash into my tenant unit now my unit is live able but not comfortable and happy when I walk thru the doors everyday. I also need a breast reduction thinking maybe I should do this first and it'll be free. And just do the bbl later at least 6months to a year later. What do you think?
Ladies, I just hung up with Dr. J's office. I was told they do not allow people to swap dates although, there is a fast track program they offer to expedite your need for an early surgery date. Your surgery has to be paid in full and cash price helps but does not guarantee your date. Is there any other PS that allow swaps?
Not sure of any other Dr's that allow swap dates or selling deposits. I did find out this same info a few weeks back just haven't made time to update my blog.
hi miss ladie good luck with surgery i see you sceduled in June

I haven't updated in a while. I've been all...

I haven't updated in a while. I've been all depressed about this whole money situation. I'm trying to exhaust every possible option for getting money for the BBL and I don't have much time. My surgery is scheduled for less than a month away and I don't have all the money for surgery. Soo I have a plan! Though I asked my boyfriend to co-sign on a loan and he said he would, I don't trust his credit. So I'm going to ask my father if he'll co sign because his credit score is superb. My father has no knowledge of my BBL so there for I will inform him I'm having breast reduction surgery and its mandatory because I'm in so much pain. So ladies cross your fingers and wish me luck.
Hey sis, I am sorry to hear ur having finance trouble. Its funny because I asked my father too to cosign (his credit is great) and said it was lipo & he said no :(....so now I am feelimg super overwhelmed about saving the right amount within 2 1/2 months. So far so good but Im getting nervous because 2 1/2 months is not a lot of time to come up with the money that I need...what are ur options? could u maybe get a personal loan? I hope everything works out for u keep us posted!
I tried the personal loan and they told me I needed a co-signer. I did ask my father and he also rejected. So looks like I'm screwed. Very last option is income tax money which I haven't received yet and not sure if I'll get it in time for surgery. Hope everything works out on your end as well!

Although I have already placed my deposit and...

Although I have already placed my deposit and locked in my sx date with Dr. Jimerson I called Dr. Salama's office this morning to inquire about a consultation and their current fees. In the beginning I was anti Dr. Salama because many of his patients were returning after surgery complaining of seromas but recently I haven't noticed this. His work has always been compareable to Dr. J. There were times that I could always tell a Salama booty either because of the shape he always gave or place blame on the butt in garment that he distributed post sx. In any case what had me reconsidering Salama was the amazing job he does sculpting a new upper body which is also my problem area.

Now what I've noticed is that a lot of women on real self must have Salamas old prices. I called and Nancy told me the price for a BBL is $9199 and $500 per additional area. Price does include full back, flanks, and abs. I completely forgot to ask about hips but lord knows I can't leave the surgery bed without those. But shoot for that price it's almost the same as Dr.J who's original price was $8800 and $1000 for hips.

So listen to this BULLSUGAR.... So I just applied...

So listen to this BULLSUGAR.... So I just applied for Medicalfinancing thru Dr. J's site and these people had the nerve to call me saying yes I got approved.. Now listen to this crap loan is at 20% interest rate. A $1600 security deposit fee held as collateral that is refundable after complete loan is paid. Also required to pay a "NON REFUNDABLE fee of $1,325 which can be broken down into 2 payments. So they do refund the 20% interest paid on the loan if paid within 12 months. So I applied for $8000 full procedure is $9800. Soo I wanted to get approved and I have been at an additional cost of $1325 and total of $2925 up front .... Not including the $1800 I need to pay because I only applied for $8000 not $9800 Ladies is it worth it??? 2925+1800=4725 these numbers look like a waist of money to me how bout you? Hope this isn't to confusing.
That's a rip off and not worth it. What about applying for a personal loan from your local bank? I think you would probably get a better deal if you did it that way. I don't think you should do it.
I tried a personal loan and said I needed a cosigner. I asked and my dad and it didn't work out.
It would be so nice if they did in office financing with no interest like when you have to get braces or something lol!!!

Hey RS family!!! Hope all is well. So in...

Hey RS family!!! Hope all is well. So in preparation for my BBL I've decided too try out the HCG diet. I'm really excited about trying this diet and I'm starting to get in my diet frame of mind. Currently I'm still nursing my son and I'm really enjoying this. I love my baby boy to death and I find it really comforting for the both of us when nursing him. He's just the sweetest lil butter ball turkey ever. Since I'll be going on the diet soon I will be cutting out the breast feeding due to the chemicals in the hcg and the lack of calories I will be in taking (500) per day. I haven't done any research on breast feeding while on this diet so if anything changes I will update you all.

Soo as you noticed the surgery is still on I haven't cancelled or rescheduled. I received my state tax and now just waiting on the federal so hoping I receive it within the next 3 weeks. Praying on it! I'm also relying on savings from this month and the month of May. As a back up plan I may take out the loan everyone is talking about that gives you max of 3g's.
Just be careful while on the hcg diet. I was on the same diet and ended up getting pregnant. I know there is a hormone in the drug that can make you get pregnant real easily. so just make sure that you do your research and good luck on your weight loss.
I'm still doing research on it before I take the full leap. No more babies over here my hands are tied with the two I have.
Good luck on your diet! My BBL is scheduled the week after yours and I'm starting a diet as well. Hoping to lose 20-30 lbs by my surgery date!

Hey does anyone have the direct web address for...

Hey does anyone have the direct web address for health care finance direct.. I googled it but not sure if it's the correct site.

It's official surgery is going down June 14, 2013....

It's official surgery is going down June 14, 2013. Now just looking for a cheap flight. Ladies what's the average stay? Dr J says at least 10 days but my sx is on a Friday. Intend on arriving Thursday am for my pre op and departing on Monday the 24th. Now I feel I should just leave out on Saturday the 22nd instead of waiting till Monday because they will be closed anyway during the weekend. What do you ladies think?? Eight days too soon to go home?

Can't wait so excited now the real planning begins

Can't wait so excited now the real planning begins
Yea I agree with prettyphysique I would stay 10-12 days just to be safe
Thx Bubblez I took you ladies advice and extended the trip to 11 days!!
You don't know if give drains will for sure come out on day 7, so be careful with that. I would say at least 10-12 days

Hey ladies I am begining to purchase my items for...

Hey ladies I am begining to purchase my items for sx and just wanted to order a few extra garments now. Which garments do you recommend? Defintely wanted a thong garment and also a mid leg garment one that I can possibly cut a hole where my new hips will be. Ladies who got new hips did you cut holes in all your garments??

Hey ladies I am begining to purchase my items for...

Hey ladies I am begining to purchase my items for sx and just wanted to order a few extra garments now. Which garments do you recommend? Defintely wanted a thong garment and also a mid leg garment one that I can possibly cut a hole where my new hips will be. Ladies who got new hips did you cut holes in all your garments??

So ladies I am a month a way from surgery and...

So ladies I am a month a way from surgery and there is lots to be done. Buying plane tickets this week Tuesday/ Wednesday are the cheap days to book flights all airlines usually drop prices those days. I was so pissed I was suppose to by them this past week but I was waiting for my mom to give me the "OK". I didn't get the OK till Thursday and the flights went from $232 to $280. I just hope they go back down to at least $250. So I haven't purchased not one thing. I need to go thru my list and just start working on the must haves.

A update on the funds. I have $6000 in savings. $800 available on a credit card and I was recently approved $3000 on a personal loan. So there's my total $9800.. Whoo hoo it must really be meant to happen after all these years. Weight check in I went from 200lbs to now 195lbs pat on the back!! Goal is to lose my 10lbs more but I am not going to kill myself. I need to save some fat for the booty.

Hey ladies my day is coming near.. I was just...

Hey ladies my day is coming near.. I was just thinking about how my new body would look and the new found confidence I would have. I can't wait to feel sexy enough to wear some nice lingerie for my baby. I have always felt too shy and uncomfortable so I never wore it. I have one outfit I brought maybe 5 years ago and have yet to wear. Maybe now I finally will.

Whoop Whoop flights booked for me and Ma and only...

Whoop Whoop flights booked for me and Ma and only bringing my 3 month old. Starting to get lil butterflies and I think it kicked in once I paid and processed my flights. Now I would like to get at least 2 back up garments but I noticed I'm making it so complicated for myself. Not sure which ones I should get. My clearance is scheduled next Tuesday so I'm excited about that. I pray everything goes well with that. Also full payment is due no later than Friday the 24th.

Oh yeah nolonger staying at the Hyatt instead will...

Oh yeah nolonger staying at the Hyatt instead will bbe staying at my uncles house who lives 13 minutes away from Dr. J. Thank GOD because that saved me 900 bucks and definitely won't need a rental because where am I going? I'll be surounded by family so what ever I need someone else can go and get it.

Oh yeah update on the unsuportive hubby.. So now all of a sudden he wants to come along. Well I told him about a week or so ago I did not need him to go because my mom was going with me. He now says he will take off a few days from work and come be with me because he knows I will need his help and he doesn't wan't me going thru this with out him.. So my response I told him I didn't want him to be there if he wasn't going to be 100%. Your not supportive so why do u want to come? I feel like I can do bad by myself I don't want any negativety around me during my recovery. So nope I'm all set he will see this booty when I get back to Boston.
Congrats your 7 days before me.......I havent started ordering yet.....Just went in for lab work today........It's really hard for love one's to not be sort of jealous when your going to get something that will cause alot of attention:)....Dont be so hard on him...Im sure he loves you so very much...In getting this sx we want someone that is going to love us for who we are "not for the booty"....Having someone that love you b4 the booty is best...Sincerely Speaking...xoxo
Thanks love I know huh?? Your probably right! I know he loves me dearly without the booty - but shoot won't you love me a lil more with the booty.. smh..and rmao. Shoot I haven't starting ordering either though I really need too. I doubt I'm going to get any of the vitamins off make me heal. I am for shore getting the bromeline (hope I spelled it right) and the arnica gel and tablet which I can get at whole foods if I order to late. My main issue is getting extra garments to keep me nice and tight. I will be there for 11 days maybe we can do lunch or something.
That will be nice....I will nbox you......Stay positive.

Clearance today- What happens if my iron comes back to low?

Hallelujah !!! My clearance was today and so far so good. Now just waiting for my blood work to clear, should be cleared by tomorrow. Question for the VETS, what happens if my iron comes back to low is this an issue? It has been low in the past and sometimes shows that I'm anemic. Should I start taking iron supplements just in case 3 1/2 weeks away. Super excited !!!
yes U should, I am going to start taking an iron supplement cause my iron is always low...eating ice makes your iron low....I had breast sx back in nov.."lump removal" thank god no cancer, and they wasn't going to do it at first cause my iron was so low....My iron count has to be a 10 or 11 mine was a 8 or 9 anyway to low.....I'm going to have take me a liquid iron because the pills make me constipated.
Happy to hear it was non cancerous thank God for that. If your concerned about your iron the office recommended to start taking iron supplements and don't double up just take once daily along with a calcium supplement.
I'm happy that u are getting it done, u have to make u happy. my hubby said why I'm getting it done as well, I said because my butt is getting smaller, u see I always had a big booty but I had weight loss surgery in march 5th and mama need's to have he booty back and a tummy tuck next year march 2013. I'm doing it for me to make me happy not for no man, a man comes and go's and my body will still be with me forever so. lol I can't wait for ur pics and when I get mine done I will have before and after pics as well boo. congrats on the baby

Are hips still $1000 with Dr J??

Whats the current price for hips?
How far out is your surgery date?
Its actually in 2 weeks. June 14 super excited.
I believe hips are now $1150.00

2 week count down begins

Well ladies I am officially 2 weeks away from my sx date. I am super excited and not so much nervous, just ready!! This process was such a long journey and I am blessed to just have made it this far and without interution. Money came thru on time, stuck with my first choice Dr. and just overall feeling blessed to be able to make myself happy though others may not agree nor understand. Thank the Lord for allowing all this to happen and come together. Amen

How much time needed before returning back to work?

Hey ladies just woderding what's the average amount of time you've taken off from work/school. Should I do 3 weeks or 4?
Ur doctor could be able to tell u better .. My doctors website says u can resume sexual activities after 10-14 days and can return to work after 2-3 weeks.. Just cant do insanity activities. Which in my case is hard cus i am a barista
Ok that's good info to know I guess I will find out what my doctor recommends on the day of surgery.

Yoga role

Hey ladies check out the latest pics I found this yoga role which I think is better than the yoga mat. The role is firm and super durable. I won't ever have to worry about sinking or flattening compared to the yoga mat which eventually flattens after sitting for so long. I believe I purchased from Marshalls for around $15.I will post a pic soon using it.
Just caught up with your page...you must be super excited....no doubt Dr. J will hook you up! I will definitely be following your blog. My surgery isn't too far from yours....July 9th.
Ok stay tuned results coming soon! I am so ecstatic words just cant explain. Also just glad to be finally at the finish line. I truly hope I am one of his success stories. I just can't wait.
Hmmm....a yoga roll...yes, look forward to the pic of you using it


Will keep u elevated and very durable
I'm excited for you Ms JLO !!!!!!!! Question is a Yoga Roll better then a bobby pillow?
Thx hun, as of now I think it is but I won't know for sure till I get my booty blessed. With the boppy pillow I'm not quite sure just how your suppose to use it. But once I find out I can make that judgement. Also, with the yoga mat your butt sits 2" from the seat and the role is 6" from the seat.
Got it!!! I truly appreciate the demonstration , I needed a visual. Your the best!!!!

Yoga Mat

Not as firm, too low and easy to rock back on the new booty

Yoga Role

2" compared to 6" which u do prefer.

HCG Diet

Dieting is extremely challenging. Thank the lord I don't have to far to go. I am not looking to lose a drastic amount of weight. So far, I was on average 199lbs and now that I started to dedicated myself to this freaken diet I have managed to get down to 193. By the way this is my 7th day. I have fluctuated alil between 192-195 because I did cheat alil and let me tell you it's not worth it. By the next day after cheating just on maybe a handfull of sausage (Jimmy dean/ and the italian suasage hubby made in the spaghetti) I put on 2 freaken lbs. I still don't quite understand how this diet works becuase I haven't done all my research which I do plan to - one day. I know that sounds bad but "OH WELL". All I can tell you is it does work if you stick to it. Only based on food regimne no gym or working out. So goal weight is 180lbs. Even if I get down to 185 by surgery date I will be satisfied and easily able to work out and lose the rest.
Good luck on ur sx! I'm 9/23 can't wait
Thx hun I'm only a few short days away. Good luck on yours as well.
Nice...I researched on Amazon and found one I like (not too hard or soft). Thanks again!

Nerves starting to kick in

Though I am super excited I am starting to get a lil anxious and nervous. I had the weirdest dream that I got to the sx center and the nurse started to work on me and not Dr. Jimerson.
You are almost there. I am praying for you!
Thx girl I really appreciate it.
Speedy Recovery girl!!! ...Can't wait to see your pics......

SX at 7:30am 6/14

Hey RS family!! So the big day is tomorrow morning. It's been long awaited and I have finally arrived. I had my preop today. When I first got there I was handed this ipad looking thing and had to fill out like 30 pages of questions. Seemed like it took forever to get to the end. Then I was taken in the back by a nurse I forgot her name but shes really young and sweet. She took my blood pressure and weight and then did more paperwork. I did meet Shelly and got a good look at her booty and let me tell you that booty is fat. Its shape looked like to basketballs under her long maxi dress. So I received my prescription list and a copy of the signed documents and was on my way. I have to be there at 6:45 and can't eat anything after 12am. Oh yeah my uncle whom I'm staying with has a NutriBullet which I've been dying to try so I'm off to make me a smoothie.
I am super excited for u. U waited so long for this day. Cant wait to c the pics
I did .. finally I made it. Going to post this pics now
wowwwww cant wait to see pics....sending prayers to god to guide jimmerson hands

Kiwi are natural blood thinner

I'm sitting here reading thru the NutriBullet book and it says that the Vitamin E and Omega -3 fatty acids within the kiwi seeds have a thinning effect on the blood, which may reduce the risk of blood clots.
Good luck hun! My surgery is at 10:30 today. Getting ready now lol!! Have a speedy recovery!
Thx hun sx was a success. Hope yours went well. Hope we both heal quick and without complication.
Good luck!

SX today

My surgery was today. When I first arrived Rene took me in the back I got undressed and started an IV. The anesthialogist named Kevin came in talk to me about going under. So Dr. J comes in which might I add he's more handsome in person. So he comes in and the first thing he says is so you want a big butt and some hips and I replied I sure do. So he has me stand and I take of my gown and he goes to town marking me up. I asked him about my lil post baby pooch and he said I would need a full tummy tuck. That's not happening.

So I told him the shape of booty I wanted. Didn't show pics because I left my phone at home. Sorry ladies if my post sounds confusing at all. I'm typ and eyes are rolling back.. b later
Take care of yourself....hope you get lots of TLC
I have been getting lots of love. And healing well.

Feeling better

So looks like I'm feeling alil better. Post surgery pain wad at 12 now its like a 7. Before I was taking baby steps and needed assistance getting up from the bed. I have switched to the couch and though it uncomfortable at least I can get myself up. I order the P Ez or what ever its called and it works perfectly. I will take a pic. I ordered off Amazon for 89 cents and $5 shipping. Booty isn't in much pain but my back and belly hurt the most. Garment wise I do think it's alil loose but I have 2 other ones that r stupid tight. Ask any questions but for now this is all I can think of. Oh as far as CC I think the nurse said 900bin booty and 200/50 in hip. Not sure if that wad a dream so I meed to confirm.
Hey lady, I am delighted to know that all went well. I wish you a speedy recovery. Hope you love your results !!!!!!!!!
So fat so good I do see a difference and he filled out the dents in my hips I love it.


Sx 6/14/13 day one pics
So far so good!!
I agree, I'm healing well and getting around
Your Looking Good so Far! I want to know the pain factor? How painful is the tummy tuck and are you able to sleep without putting pressure on your new booty?

Bruising under breast

Hello lady. First I want to say that I hope the Oxcy is effectively managing your pain. I would like to know if Dr. J prescribed you additional medication. Did you get antibiotics, vitamin C , zinc or a multi vitamin to help with healing?
The Oxcy is doing a better job than the hydrocodone. At least for now. Dr J office prescribed antibiotics and shots which is to thin the blood. There were like 5/6 meds total. The oxcy I had left over from when I had my baby a few months back.
Thank you for the information. I truly think you are "AMAZING". I hope you you are resting comfortably. "Smooches" :-)

Day 2

So today is day 2 post op I have been walking more like pacing the bedroom and trying to get my blood circulating. I walk for at least half hour to 45 minutes. The more I walk the more fluid drains which is good. The color was dark red at first and now has lightened up. I also noticed a few blood clots I think 3 in total. I am also itchy especially in my hips, back and alil in the booty.
And the healing begins.....water, water and more water. Many blessings
I've been drinking lots of water and mainly juicing which I really love. I've been mixing strawberries, blueberries, raspberry, apples, banana, pineapple and kale, and spinach. Great for meal replacement.
That's good! That's my game plan too. I plan in mixing in yogurt/Kefir as well as a natural probiotic

Day 3

Day 3 post op and feeling better than yesterday. I'm able to get up from the bed just a lil bit better. I don't feel as weak nor do I feel like I'm straining myself. Pain level is about a 6. I've been stretching my back, arms and trying to lift my legs. The itchiness is still there especially where the hips meet the booty. Which is great that means its healing. Oh just looked at my drain and the fluid now is like a light red kinda pinkish. My garment is suppose to come off today at but I'm scared. I don't know if I'm ready yet. I've been soaping up and washing pretty good but on the 3rd day they said to take it off for at least an hour. We'll see. Any questions or suggestions let me know
congrats i am on my healing process too. I was also scare of taking my garment off especially because i still got my drain and you have to be careful with that not being pulled out. you know whats good and have a lot of protein the k special shakes. oh when u take your garment off I hope u have help because if it wasnt for my bf i wouldnt be able to do it on my own. happy healing.
I will make sure to be super careful. My masseuse will be here by 3:30 so guess it definitely will be coming off today. Hope your healing well also

More clots

Another clot is this normal??
do you mean clots from the drain because if its from the drain it is very normal. I had them too but no more. I had a few every now and then but if its blood clots in your body building up and swollen you up no
Yeah I have seen quite a few clots coming thru the drain. I was alil swollen up top but its going down. My feet and legs are going down too.
The key thing , as mentioned by others, is to keep moving and stay hydrated. Naural movements of your musckes can help prevent the formation of blood clots, flex your legs and feet when you are laying down.Do you have compression stockings?

Garment off

I finally got my garment off and I'm in love. I noticed I do have a lot of swelling and fluid around my waist and right where my baby pooch was at. My belly is overall really flat. Loving my new body. Massage scheduled for tomorrow.
Yeaaa!! I wanna see I wanna see. Lol
Are u able to post more post op pictures?
Posting pics now


Under this garment I have the lipo foam and also a rolled up towel in the front
Your looking fantastic!! Bet your so pleased! Ps good tip about the foam roll :)
Thx Jen I am really pleased. I feel very proportioned now. First time ever in life.
Wow you're looking amazing chic congrats on over coming this fear of just the sx itself...:)

Hematoma in lower abdomen

Day 4 Post had my massage today and noticed the fluid from day 3 in lower abdomen was still there. Immediately after massage called office and described the movement in fluid and they told me to come right down. So when I get there Shelly brings me to a room in the back then soon after Nurse Kim comes in puts on her gloves feel my tummy then starts draining. Now she removed 50cc at first then I asked was she going to do other side. At first didn't look like she was but glad I asked because another 50 cc drained from that side. The draining was right in the area u get a pouch at after child birth. I want to blame this issue on 2 things. One my garment was too big since day one. Secondly the garment is not tight in the area between the vagina and under the belly button. There's a lot of space there so I added foam, a board, and a towel and still not enough compression.
Wanna trade name PhatAzz?....lol....looking good chicka...wish u speedy recovery n healing.
Thx girl I'm loving this ole ghetto booty. My lil sis called it an "Escalade".. l'm healing well and making lots of progress.

side pic

You look goooood. I love your results...it just get better.
Thx every day is getting better and better and I'm moving more comfortably. Not so stiff.
Got Booty?! You look great! Oh, I think you meant to say seroma instead of hematoma.....

Dr J garment Day 2

This is Dr J garment. I was super swollen and had it filled with foam and boards.

5th Day Post op

Hey ladies I just wanted to chime in and tell you all that post surgery it it highly important to have a squeem vest or some type of waist cincher for post surgery. I made the mistake of not purchasing a squeem because I wasn't sure what size I needed. I need one bad to start training my waist. The black thong garment is working good for now buy I am wearing it under my original Dr. J garment. All you really need is a super tight waist binder and your original garment. I'm not worried about buying a new full piece butt out garment I will just have this one taken in. I feel 50% normal. I do a lot of upper body stretching. Leg lifts I can even squat down now with minimal abdominal pain. Some ab pain but most is in the lower back. I also had my first bowel movement today and I still have the bandage covering the top of my butt crap and to avoid getting poop on it I squatted down as low as I could without the heels touching my butt and that's how I wiped. To poop I also squatted over the toilet I did not sit and I spread my inner thighs/ booty as much as I could. It worked perfectly and it wasn't sloppy.

Ladies can I tell you I am so happy I went with Dr J. There are always risks when going under the knife and I will admit there r areas that could use a touch up but, I am happy. I haven't done any measurements nor do I intend to.. religiously. The booty is super juicy and my hips are round hopefully they fluff alil bit. I also have a bruise on the outer part of the booty on my right cheek. With my garment on in that same area it looks like a small dent or maybe some fat cells died. Also the fluid pocket I had suctioned appears flatter but not flat enough. Massage scheduled for tomorrow if it still appears to have fluid in it I'm going back to the office to have it drained again.
Hey lady, Hope you are healing well and resting comfortably.
I am healing very well. Body is taking shape.
Congrats!!!! Looking good, happy healing :-)

One Week Post Op

Well ladies today makes my first week post op. I am healing very well still very swollen. Today I had my post op appointment and a total of 45 CC's were drained from my lower abdomen exactly the same spot where I had the fluid drained from previously. My stomach is quite flat and tightening very well. My love handles are gone which is truly a blessing I do have upper back fat that I need to work on or maybe in the future consider lipo. But for now I will be hitting the gym still have not purchased a squeem instead I purchased a waist cincher from Macys for the time being in a medium. Its super tight usually in Macys garment I am anywhere from a large to an extra large. The medium garment that I purchased today I put over my garment and 3 pieces of foam and the original padding Dr J sent me home in that covers lower back and sits in the very top of my butt crack. It is extremely tight so I know it is definitely doing the job when it comes to compression. Pics added. Think the cincher was $42 but got it for around $30 with Macy's card.
Looking amazing!!! Happy healing.
Thx B.U.C. I am beginning to feel amazing and loving my new look.
The miracle suit is definitely tight....wore it recently under a dress....worked so good I was sore the next day lol. So glad to hear how well your doing:)

One week post op pic

Hope you are doing well love! My foam roll came today and it feels heavenly to "sit" on. Thanks for the tip.
Hey wht is the foam roll skintight n used for?
Used to sit on. Your choice a yoga mat or the role. Look at my pics

2 Week post op

Hey ladies so tomorrow will make 2 weeks post op. I'm feeling much better. I'm still taking the prescribed meds. No pain really just tightness in the lower back.

Massages are a must. I had 3 massages with Tiana from the Wellness Sanctuary. She's really sweet and very flexible. During our session she mentioned there was some hate being thrown her way and I'm here to vouch for her. She's reliable, licensed and certified and specializes in many areas of massage, not just lymphatic drainage.

The booty is still very prominent. My new waist with swelling has been measuring at 36" and booty at 46" as the months go by I'll try to keep u updated.

Ask any questions


Ladies don't think I mentioned this but the day of my flight back home which was on the 11th day I stopped by Dr. J office to have the hematoma drained just in case there was fluid in there.. and it was. I had 65cc drained on one side and less than 15 on the other. So this is to inform you although u may have a seroma they can come back. Now that I've been home I think I may have some fluid built up but nothing that I'm worried about. The nurse that drained the fluid on my last visit informed me that seromas will eventually dissolve and go away. Your body will naturally get ride of the fluid. The main issue is compression I have yet to have the garment taken in so I intend to asap at least an inch or two.

Also I wanted to update everyone on garment sizes. On the lipo express website based on measurements I should have been in an l/xl. After sx I woke up in a 2xl. I wad like WTF. So at my post up the nurse explained why they put u in a larger garment post sx. The reason wad because of all the swelling and dead weight. She said just imagine its already hard getting in your post op garments so just imagine directly out of surgery. She said sometimes it takes 2-3 people and sometimes a person to hold your feet just to get u in the garment. So glad I got that clarification. I had my surgery on a Friday by Monday a lot of swelling went down and my garment was super lose. So I've been wearing my butt out garment just with the waist cincher underneath.
You look amazing and of course you will only look better as time goes on. In your opinion how long should a person coming alone have a nurse?
Thx Ms. Tush. I think the first 3 days are the worse. The shots are not bad at all and you should be able to self administer.
I want to add that you should get a licensed nurse not just a CNA it does make a difference and the price is the same. A licensed nurse can do lots of things a CNA can't or not suppose to, inbox me if u want the info on the one I used he was excellent!!

2 days shy of of weeks post

Been a away for a lil it but I'm back. Finally have a minute to myself to share my experience. So I am almost 4 weeks post BBL sx and I must admit I do feel amazing. I feel a lot more confident and everything I wear looks great or as my sister said to me " damn, that dress looked nice before but now it's screaming your a Bad Bitch". You know that had me gassed up. Lmbo!!

So lets get to the facts. At the three week mark my lower back and booty went into this itching festival.. It was crazy I was just walking around scratching and rubbing my lower back and the upper part of my butt. Now at week four its died down alil but still exists. Now Dr. J staff said these lil bandages on the booty would eventually fall off but mine are still hanging tough. Also becoming really un attractive to look at. I feel like peeling them off but what if the holes aren't closed all the way?

Lets see, update on the seromas as mentioned before I had fluid drained from my abdominal area on 3 separate occasions and now I think it may be time again. The area on my left that didn't have much fluid now feel like it does. It could just be scar tissue and me getting myself worked up. Now here we go.. Searching for someone that will drain these darn things and how much will it cost? This SUCKS.

Other than seromas I wore my first pair of jeans today, so weird I could feel the booty jiggling as I walked. I will be taking lots of pics soon just haven't had the time nor someone around me to take them. Reality has set in. I return to work on Monday after being out for four weeks.

Also ladies update on the foam roll I've been using. I use it to drive I just leave it in the car. At home I either kneal down or lie accross the couch. I have bar stool chairs so they are to high to sit on. So in the car I use a boopypillow for my back and the role at the back of my thighs. I must admit I truly hate driving because u can't sit to long in this position. Everything eventually goes numb, whether your driving or not. Starts at the calve area and moves down to my feet and toes to the point of complete numbness. This happens anywhere from 30-45 mins in this position. So I would not suggest long rides.

If I think of anything else- definitely will post.. Xoxo
Hi jlo1 ...you look wonderful congratulations!
Thx Sexee I feel wonderful. Feeling born again.
I'm so happy for you you've joined the booty jewels team. Lol! Thanks for the advise on how to drive and the yoga role tip. Eventually I will need to get back to reality, even tho I'm off for the summer.

5 week pic

Looking good feeling better. Numbness going away on lower back. Still ichy though. I have a stinging sensation in flanks when in the shower. Over all moving well sometimes I pop a muscle relaxer because laying on my belly I tend to get really stiff and uncomfortable. Other than that all is well. Ladies get ready for your sex life to increase. "JUICY" is a trouble maker. This new body has my head gassed up. Feeling like a bad BI. I get compliments left and right. My waist and booty has shrunk a total of 7 inches. Started at 36 waist and 46 booty. Now 32 waist and 43 booty.

Yoga Role

Ladies just wanted to do a quick update on the yoga role. I use it for sitting and driving also with a bobby placed behind my back. I can't sit for to long no more than half hour because my legs then toes go numb. I can't feel a thing mainly on my right foot. Even at work now I can't sit for to long when sitting on the role because again I get a pain or numbness. As if the position cuts of circulation.

Out on the town

You are looking good !!!
Thx Ms Double
Thank you Hun! Your really helpful and you look fantastic!! Much love xxx

Love my bubbles.com new garment

Hey ladies I ordered a new garment from a site called www.lovemybubbles.com. This site sells a few butt out garments made of the same powernet material of Lipo Express garments. This one is a size XL and its to big. The site said to order odera size bigger because the material is super tight. So I order my exact waist measurement hoping it would be just right. Nope.. to big so my girl wants to try it on. Hopefully it fits so she can buy it off me. I definitely need a large. I also plan on ordering the squeem and going by their size chart says I'm a medium. So ladies does that mean I should get a small or get my size?

More pics

Also think I'v been measuring my waist incorrectly. I've been measuring from my belly button and apparently your suppose to measure from the smallest part.. Whoops!! New measurements coming soon. Also price on this garment was $84 and $5 shipping.
Hi ms j if i were u i wld get the size smaller than u are bcz ur body is slowly developing into its permanent size. Ur waist may go dwn smaller than it is at a medium rt now.u look great!

More pics

Go girl!! Can't wait till he get me right! ! 9/23←
Good luck he's a great Dr. Just be clear on expectations day of sx.
Hi ms j U LOOK GREAT to ..HARD WORK PD OFF! WELL its showtime for me...ill keep u posted ....sx monday!

2 month update JCurves

Well ladies figured while I have some down time let me pay RS a visit. So it's been 2 months and a few days. I am feeling good. Self esteem is thru the roof. Clothes still fit lovely. My overall pain level is a 2/3. I no longer get the stinging pains on my flank area. I sometimes wake up with lower back pain from sleeping with a pillow under my head. Only way I avoid pain in that area is to sleep complely flat. My measurements are still the same 32 waist and my butt is a 44. It has grown an inch in the last 2 weeks from doing squats every day with 15lb weights on my shoulders. Also, I am wearing a squeem vest in a size medium. I have been wearing it for about 5 days now and after the 3rd day was able to get it on the smallest hooks. It's overall comfortbale but it does rise up in the back area wear my wasit meets my lower back. Not painful but after constant pressure it gets ichy. Besides that I feel great.

So I have an issue HIP HIPS HIPS!!!!! Where are they??? For $1000 I expected alil more. I am not satisfied and don't see where the money went. Granted my waist is smaller but I still have the same dents I had before. Even after sx I noticed the dents and they told me give it time to heal. So now it's been 2 months and no hips. Has anyone else gone thru this???
Looking good Jlo how's ur healing?
JLO1 you look awesome hips and all! I'm team J all day! :)
Thx girl.. no body can't tell me nothing in this new body. Dr. J is the man when it comes to shaping a fat ass.

1 Week shy of 3 months post op

Hey RS fam!!! I have been gone for what seems like for ever. I miss being active on RS. I do pop in from time to time to check in on the latest BBL posts. I haven't posted on my own page because I have been some what of a loss for words. I have been going thru alil rolor coaster with the issue I have with my hip area.

In my last post I mentioned having paid extra for the hips but don't see what I paid for. It really is begining to bother me. I put on sexy dresses have a nice booty but then I have the same sponge bob shape with dents I had from before. I still feel someone what square shaped at least from my waiste down. So I called Dr. J's office and explained my concerns. The rep I spoke with forgot her name explained that I was still going thru a healing phase and to give it more time. My response was if I have dents nows.. I am sure they are permanent. They are my original dents. She asked if I had slept on my sides at all. NOPE not at all still lying flat on my belly. I could see if they were uneven then okay maybe the cells died off or something.


Also, forgot to mentionn that the rep set me up for a 3 month post of apt. So I am scheduled to talk to Dr. J in about a week and a half. Also required to send him updated pics. So will keep you all updated.
Lol @ ur first night out pic hahaha GURL.. Thanks for the support its been hella rough for me... I mean this swellong and seroma or liquid pockets are KILLING ME....ive laid on my ass everyday becuz my tummy is ON FIYAH... but I just been praying and taking mu meds... again thank u for the support and bless ur continued healing
Get off that booty... lay on your sides before u lay on the booty. I hope your propping yourself up alil so your not applying to much pressure. Keep trying to massage and redirect the fluid. I wonder why your belly is hurting so bad. Usually I've heard more complaints of back and flanks but barely on the abs. Are u rubbing arnical gel or the bormelain on your sore areas?
Hey Lady! How is everything going?

8 Month update Dr. Jimerson

Hello followers and newbies of RS. I have been gone for what seems like for ever. I have been trying to find the words to muster up to tell you about my experience. To cut to the chase I "almost" love my booty. Its basketball round and juicy. Couldn't have imagined anything else. What I am sooo disappointed about, is my hip area. Its bad!! Before I could wear a bikini and just look over weight about now I look and feel deformed. I have this hot dog of skin sitting on my right side right where your underwear would sit. Even putting on underwear is depressing because I can see and feel this skin sitting there. The hips I paid for are either to high or just weren't put in. I gave it time to heal before I went in and started critiquing my body. I have a trip in May to DR then to the Bahamas in August. What am I to do? I intend on reaching out to Dr. J's office to discuss my concerns. Any thoughts on how he ma u react?

REAL DEAL about Lipo and pic

Juat wanted to give you an update I am ten months post BBL. I have a small in some cases large pouch that hangs and is very visible in certain clothes. My hips are not filled in though I paid for hips. Also due to lipo or fat injections one side of my hip area is higher than the opposite. My back/butt has a crazy shelf although I asked for a slope. Didn't have full back lipo only looks like the area right above my butt was lipo'd. I am satisfied with my overall belly and lipo on my flanks. Tell me what else!
Wow srry you didnt get exactly what you asked for! I have seen another RS sis say the same about the shelf with dr.j. I think he does alot of shelfes which in many cases is ok but its not ok when its not whst you ask for! But anyways you look great hun!! And hve u though about a revision for your hips/butt??? And a tt??? Im scared my skin is going to be hanging kow after my lipo. Im preparing myself for a tt!:(
Typo *low*
Yes absolutely j agree I definitely got a shelf. I'm used to it now it has dropped a little but in the beginning thought it looked really gross. I know for sure I want a TT later in life. I'm considering a 3rd child so TT is on the back burner. I will be having a revision in 2 weeks back with DR. J. So pray for me!

Dr. Cabal death's / court cases

I love Dr. Cabal and his work but this article is to recent and I need my life.

Woman dies after cosmetic surgery by dubious doc
By Isabel Vincent, Melissa Klein and Jose DevarezSeptember 21, 2013 | 10:35pm
Modal Trigger

Hector Cabral (left) during his sentencing in April 2012, and Erika Hernandez who died 17 days after her surgery
Photo: Christopher Sadowski/Facebook
Brain patient: ObamaCare makes it hard to find doctors, meds
'Transcendence' provokes talks for brain mapping innovation
Doctor relieves woman's near-constant orgasms
FDA approves prescription heroin overdose remedy
New York authorities last year slapped a crooked quack on the wrist rather than seek jail time — a deadly deal that might have cost four women their lives.
Hector Cabral, accused of the unauthorized practice of medicine, could have been thrown behind bars for 20 years, but instead paid a fine and returned home to the Dominican Republic, where he continued to pursue his bloody brand of plastic surgery.
Licensed in his native country but not here, he continued to lure American women to his operating table for cut-rate cosmetic procedures.
Erika Hernandez, 31, traveled from Washington Heights to Cabral’s Santo Domingo offices last month for an operation that would have cost more than $15,000 in New York. But Cabral would do the tummy tuck, liposuction, lipo sculpture and butt implants for about $6,000.
The seven-hour surgery was not even over when the anesthesia began to wear off, and Hernandez awoke screaming, “Damn, it hurts!”
An operating-room aide snapped, “Damn, shut up!”
Hernandez related the nightmare to her friend Jennifer Torres, who accompanied her friend, the mother of seven children ranging in age from 7 months to 15 years.
“Erika came out crying. She said her right leg hurt,” Torres told The Post.
After 17 days of excruciating pain and high fevers, Hernandez died Aug. 29 at another clinic in Santiago.
“It’s pure malpractice,” said Hernandez’s mother, Adela Ventura, who blames not only Cabral but the New York authorities who let the butcher off easy.
Cabral, 52, was busted in 2011, accused of trolling for patients at hair and nail salons in Washington Heights, where he would examine women — sometimes drawing on their bodies with markers — and entice them to visit his sleek-looking International Center for Advanced Plastic Surgery in the Dominican Republic.
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman charged Cabral with 10 counts of unauthorized practice of medicine for the beauty-salon exams.
But Schneiderman’s office struck a deal before trial. Cabral pleaded guilty to just one charge, got no jail time, and was instead fined $5,000, ordered to pay $23,055 in restitution and do 250 hours of community service — back in the Dominican Republic.
At his sentencing last year, former patient Lissette Mejia of The Bronx said she woke up from her procedure with burned skin across her stomach.
“He just simply sent me here to New York to die,” she told the judge.
Cabral’s clinic was closed for 10 days this June by Dominican authorities after three women — all from overseas — died. Cabral, the clinic owner, was reportedly not the surgeon on those cases.
Hernandez and her family had no idea of Cabral’s bloody trail.
“They shouldn’t have let him go to kill my daughter,” said Ventura.
A Schneiderman spokeswoman said “when it became clear the court was not going to put this doctor behind bars, we insisted on the largest possible restitution allowable by law.”
But a court spokesman countered: “This was a plea offer made by the Attorney General’s Office. The option to take the case to trial was one they chose not to exercise.”
Cabral’s brother, Hector, said “all proper procedures were followed” and that Hernandez herself “abandoned her treatment.”
Hernandez was part of a “lipotourism” pipeline from New York City to the Dominican Republic. By one estimate, 80 percent of plastic-surgery patients in the DR live outside of the country.
In 2003, women began returning from the Caribbean nation with serious and disfiguring bacterial infections that required months of antibiotic treatment. With nine New York City women infected, the city issued warnings in 2004 against traveling to the DR for surgery.
“Ultimately, what’s more expensive — saving some money there or losing your life,” said New York City plastic surgeon Steve Fallek who treated a woman with the bacterial infection and others disfigured by cut-rate surgery.
Hey doll .. looking good! How much did u weigh the time of ur surgery? How tall r u?
I'm 5'6 and think I was 203lbs
Hey baby, r you wearing your Faja l still using my, l can not live with out it, mybe you need to use longer until at list 6 months to make sure your skin retract and stick toguether, you butt look really good. Muahhh

1 yr later I've come a long way + pics

I had surgery June 2013. It took a full year for most of my body to heal. Many months after sx I still had weird sensations in my flanks and certain areas of my right butt cheek. I am able to lay flat on my back without feeling uncomfortable. This was an issue when doing certain exercises at gym classes. I will be going for a round 2 of touch ups. My hips are still pretty flat and I have a few flat spots on my booty that need to be revised. I am on the waiting list and hope to be back in ATL before the end of the year.

More booty

Do u know how many CC's he took out & put in ur booty?
Think he took out 3500, supposedly 200 in hips, and around 900 in each cheek. I will confirm when I go back for touch up.
Any idea why he didn't take out the whole 5 Liters? (5,000) .. curious to know .. cuz I want .. better yet NEED my doctor to take out as much as he can.

I leave in a week for ATL

Hey ladies I leave in a week to ATL for a touch up to the booty. Dr. J will be filling in my hips and hopefully rounding out the booty more.
Jenny boo I found you lol now helpppppp
Yes u did, here for u always!
Best Wishes to you and Happy Trails.

I've come a long way :)

Well ladies I arrived yesterday which was Monday. I went to the office for a pre op. That's where you go and sign all of your paperwork prior to surgery with a consultant. The consultant and i discussed realistic expectations. I also met with Dr. J. His demeanor was really chill and straight to the point. Dr. J agreed to fixing my hips but I also had an issue with the sides of my booty. Which I call side booty. Dr. J said basically to have it added it would be an extra fee. So after meeting with him I saw Michelle, forgot her title but she's the person you talk to regarding quotes. The quote for fixing and rounding out my butt was originally 5500 or something like that..close to it. but she would settle for 2 grand. We went back and forth alil about the price. But for 2 grand I could probably get full back liposuction and a touch to the booty. So I was really disappointed leaving there but at least I was getting what I came there for... hips...

Day of surgery

Had surgery Tuesday. Arrived at the office at 9am. Surgery was supposed to start at 10am. Didn't see Dr. J till around 10:45. He marks me up asked if I had paid the extra for the side booty and I told him , NO. He then said he would try his best to fill the dents in hip area and round out the side booty. Not sure what time I made it out of surgery. I want to say it was around 2ish. Overall everything went well. Lots of pain but not nearly as bad as round one BBL.

I am able to walk and bend. But moving is really difficult in the waist area. My waist is smaller and he definitely rounded me out more in the hip and side booty area. Thank The Lord above I came out alive and overall satisfied. I have a few concerns bout everyone knows how that goes. You won't see your final results till months 3-6.
omg im goin thru ur pix and saying to myself...somebody done came into my house and been taking pix of me in my sleep! lol im shaped exactly the same way after baby and all.i sooo understand. im going with fisher.
So you didn't have to pay anythg and he fixed ur hips and added butt???What areas did he lipo to get the fat to fix you???
I had to pay the anesthesiologist fee. But not a full revision fee. He did more liposuction in my flanks and lower back. Hips and side booty fixed.

Improved waist and hips

Happy Anniversary! :) Looking Fab Doll.

3 Days post op

Well it's been 3 days. I've been taking my mess almost on time. Pain level is okay. It hurts but at the same time it's bearable. I am in shock and just beside myself at the new shape of my body. Being on all these mess can play with your head and honestly it's like being on an emotional roller coaster. When I first saw myself. I was amazed but at the same time disgusted. I had felt as if and still do like I have the body of a stripper. That wasn't exactly he look I was going for.

My hips are a lil on the higher side and I hope they go down some and my waist is soo small. I originally left the office in a large Lipo Express vest garment but it was pushing to much skin down to an area I had lipod in the front of my stomach. Once you have lipo it's very important to apply as much compression as possible to avoid swelling and seromas. Soo I called the office to explain my concerns and they told me to buy some type of shorts or purchase a compression garment and to cut the sides to make space for my new hips. So I ended up purchasing a large garment it was $130 at lipo express . It comes right to my knees and it's the butt out strapless version. I cut a slit in each side of the butt part of the garment to let my hips breathe. It wasn't to bad getting it on and it is applying lots of pressure to my abdomen which is what I needed.

Now back to these hips lawd have mercy... Between the side booty and the hips my body is dangerous. Can't wait to see how it looks all dressed up.

Stripper booty

This is how I'm feeling right now "Stripper Booty" :/ Dr. J had a vision; here it is.

Booty for days, can't wait to fully recover

Girllllll you took one for the entire TEAM....he put u ova da mofo top of the map!!!! Take yo dam bow! You can donate and still have enuf ...lmbo! Go on girly!
You look good! I am considering round 2 with him as well, for a better look too. Happy healing
Good for u girl .. u look good.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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