I am new to real self. I am scheduled for a...

I am new to real self. I am scheduled for a Brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck with Dr. Jimerson. Has anyone had these 2 procedures performed by Dr. J at the same time, if so, please, provide your experience and feedback. I would greatly appreciate it. I hope I sent this message to the right place because I have absolutely no idea how to send messages. Today is my first day. Please, help a sister out. Thank you, in advance to all you wonderful ladies.

Ladies, I am back and I know it has been a...

Ladies, I am back and I know it has been a loooooong minute since my last post. I had to calm down because I was driving myself crazy thinking about my new look. I am hoping and praying for a successful surgery with a speedy recovery...........okay maybe not speedy, I got to be realistic, but I am definitely praying I make it through without complications.

December 19th, is the big day and I am excited, nervous and scared all at the same time. I got cleared medically, my flight is scheduled and I made my hotel reservations. Has anyone added liposuction of the chin in addition to BBL and/or TT? If so, how much was it? I would think since it's such a small area and the surgeon and facility fees have already been included in the initial procedure, it should cost too much to add it. This double chin is not sexy at all and it has been bothering me soooooo bad. I am on the petite side but over the past few years I have noticed my face has gotten chubby which was okay, until I noticed the double chin.

I will post before and after pics the a few days prior to my surgery. In the meantime, I guess I better learn how to post the pics, lol......TTYL, my realself sistas!!

Ooops! Let me clarify...... I meant I will post my...

Ooops! Let me clarify...... I meant I will post my BEFORE pics a few days before my surgery.

My Realself sistas, I have some what seems to...

My Realself sistas,

I have some what seems to be not so good news. I have got sick and my surgery is scheduled for next week. I had to reschedule and at first I wasn't happy about it but everything happens for a reason. Now, I have to wait 6 more months to have my outer transformation but on the bright side this gives me more time to work on my inner transformation. I am trying to stay positive about everything but I know that with getting sick so close to major surgery, rescheduling was the best thing because health overrides what I may want at the moment. I want to be in good health and good spirits. I'm not happy about all the preparations I made only to have to do it all over again but it's all good. I was having some blood pressure issues the past week so I want to make sure that its just because I have been sick and pumping my body will all kinds of medicine to get some relief, that has caused my pressure to go up.

I'm okay with pushing my surgery back when it comes to my health because ladies we have to make sure that we put our health and wellbeing first. I am going to take this time and continue to eat right, exercise more, and prepare for my body transformation in June 2013.

I'll continue to pray for all you ladies and please, keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I will update at least once a month and I will do my best to respond messages as I receive them.

I just know my body transformation is going to be even better come JUNE 2013! sometimes patience is key to a successful outcome. We can't rush things and we have to remember just because something doesn't happen when we want it to happen, it doesn't mean that the it will never happen. I'll be dropping in with updates and to check on all you beautiful ladies.

Hey ladies! It has been awhile since my last post....

Hey ladies! It has been awhile since my last post. I been do busy and I apologize to all my Realself sisters.

I have my surgery scheduled for June 14th, with Dr. Jimerson. However, I am in need of a date in late March 2013. If there is anyone here that would like to switch dates please, please let me know.

Thanks, ladies!

CORRECTION....my current surgery date us JUNE 13th...

CORRECTION....my current surgery date us JUNE 13th....not the the 14th.

Well, ladies I have been MIA for awhile, but I am...

Well, ladies I have been MIA for awhile, but I am back. If everything goes well and there are no unforeseen circumstances, I will be having my surgery on June 13, 2013. I am excited, however, I am not nervous. I am sure the nerves will kick in the day before and I am in my hotel room. I just pray all goes well with NO complications. I will try to post at least once a week from now leading up to my surgery an I will definitely keep you all informed during my post-op experience. I welcome any and all prayers and positive energy as well as insight from those that have underwent surgery. Thank you, to all my realself sistas!

3 weeks and counting

Can anyone refer a good home healthcare nurse and massage therapist?

5 more days and counting!!!

I can't believe I an 5 days away. Honestly, I am not nervous, partly because it does not seem as if this is really about to happen. I keep thinking about how things will turn out. I don't want to have unrealistic expectations but I am hoping for great results and praying for NO complications. JUNE 13th, here I come. RS sisters, please, keep me in prayer.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Rating incomplete until I have surgery. To be continued.........

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Im so anxious to hear what happen after surgery and see pics. I pray all is well with you.
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hey mac body..just checking in...how are you..hope ur recovery is going better than mine
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Hello I am need to this and I am looking forward to getting this bbl done . If anyone can answer this question I'd fine with me do anyone know Dr j provider ID number I am eating it too apply for credit and if anyone knows any credit place to get doctor J um uses please submitted
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Those months r going to fly by. U know what u'll need and can prepare w/o rushing or stressing. Everything will b alright. What's most important is that u r healthy. When u come out on the other side, your body will b in perfect shape, inside and out :-)
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Hey Mac Body, sorry to hear that you had to push your surgery some... I got a call from Monica and was given the earlier time slot. Although, I am happy to not have to starve until 2:00pm for my surgery, it saddens me to know that it was from a fellow RealSelf BBL sista. On the bright side, everything does happen for a reason and I am pleased that this will give you more prep time. Keep us posted. XoXo
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Hey, LuxciousmindBodynSpirit! I am glad you won't have to starve because that is a terrible feeling to go all morning and part of the afternoon without eating. I hope your surgery goes well and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I am looking forward to hearing about your journey and to see your amazing results. I know that you will look great. I'll be waiting patiently until June but for now, I'll be cheering for all you uniquely wonderful ladies. Big BOOTY here YOU come......;)
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all the best with.your health concerns! now I will have to inform you on how the healing process goes vs you informing me. well i will try.to be as detailed as possible!
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Thank you, and I look forward to hearing about your amazing journey. I am still a little upset and now I have to wait a loooong 6 more months, but hopefully, the timing will be even better and things fall right into place. Please, keep in touch.
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Hey Mac Body!Welcome. I am having the same procedures as you with Dr. J as well. Mine is scheduled for 3/18. I will be very interested to hear how journey goes. Good Luck with everything. I am local to GA, so if you need anything hit me up. Question just based on your weight & height, I can't imagine why you would need a TT. I guess I will see once you post pics. I need it bc I have loose flabby skin w/stretch marks after my pregancy.
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Thank you, SweetMahogani! I will keep you informed on my journey. I also have loose flabby skin with stretch marks. Imagine being 5'1 and never weighing more than 120lbs and all of a sudden you get pregnant gain 57lbs.......yep, that was me. I am now living with the after affects of that pregnancy. I love my child but my body took a beating, lol. Most of my weight is in my stomach and back. I am very top heavy with boobs to match.......not a good look and I have decided to take action :)
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Well good for you for taking action! I am 5'2ish lol, 163lbs (I recently lost 10lbs). I am kind of hourglass shaped but my shoulders are broader than my hips. So I know how you feel. I need to balance it out! My goal is to lose another 10lbs before surgery. He suggested that I lose no more than 20lbs. He will need some fat to work with. Well after our procedures, We will have nice flat stomachs and a nice round asses! Best Wishes! I can't wait!
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can you let me know how they came to your total price and how long did they say it will take u to heel?
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Hey tootieslim! The price includes BBL full TT, lipo of the upper back, and bra roll and grafting to the hips. However, I am undecided about the hips at this point. I am still trying to figure out if the hips are worth it. The healing process is different for everyone. I know that it will take a while to heal and I will have to be patient, considering, everything I am having done. I am praying for the best and most of all NO COMPLICATIONS. I am taking 3 weeks off work so hopefully that will be enough time off work although I will continue with the healing process.
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thank you so much on the info, it really help and i hope you recover quick and safe
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Thank you, tootieslm!
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Good luck on your journey girl
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Thanks, PrettyPhysique!
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Typo ....Im goIng with*
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I'm goin Ithaca Dr jimerson ...he is extremely over priced compared to others.. however his b4 and afters are exactly wat I'm expecting... this is my body we r talking about... gotta make sure if Ima spend my hard earned money... Ima get the results I want!!!!!
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I want the easiest healing... and the maximum results .. therefore I'm putting my anxiousNess to the side ...and taking it 1 procedure at the time... just my opinion
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Im planning on having the same procedures done however NOT at the same time.. imagine the healing process when u can't lay on the front or back side!!
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I'm looking into having the same procedures done so please let me know how everything goes. Good luck.
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Hey Mac Body, It's about that time,lol!! I'm so happy for you. Keep us posted and be bless. You are going to look great.
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brickhouse38, I wish it was about that time, but I have to wait until December, and it seems soooo far away. I try not think about it. I am trying not to be inpatient but I want to get it done and over with but all the while, I am praying for a successful surgery with no complications and great long lasting results. I am hoping nothing unexpected happens that would prolong my surgery any longer than it has to be. I am trying to keep it together and stay focus.
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Can you give us your weight and height? Lipo to what areas also? How long do you plan to stay in Georgia..
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