Consultation with Dr. Jimerson on the 15th!! So excited/nervous

I hve two children and my body is just ICK! Im...

I hve two children and my body is just ICK! Im only 22 and i want the BBL so bad but even with the financial help through care credit (even tho i hvnt applied) its an estimated $200+ a month. Do any of you ladies know if there is another way to pay for my BBL that is more affordable? I really want to have Dr. Jimmerson in Atlanta to do my surgeryand his prices are higher then most (avg. 10000+) plllsss helpppp


babe u can take that money and go to dr campos or yily and do a fully body make ov er and have some money left over , like u said u have a family so do what u can afford, plus a lot of people on this site is going to dr yily or salama or campos
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How much are you wanting to spend
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Pre op && Post op..what do i need????

Ok so my consultation with Dr. Jimmerson is set for Jan 15 2014....just called today and the prices went up almost 1500$...ugh.

So ladies...i need help figuring out what all i need before i go into surgery (what vitamins do i need to take, what ill need to take with me on sx day) and i also need to know what i will need post op (how much do all the meds cost, how many massages i will need and what type of massages)

Basically i need help figuring out everything im goin to need and need to do. Pls help ladies!!


yes i agree...i am having the same problem right now mama trying to finance 6000 so I can only imagine what your going thru..However, I think you should start off by choosing a "good, recommendable, affordable surgeon". Then your worries of paying $12,000 will be at least halfway out the door!

Does yur skin reattach to abdominal wall??

So i was wondering if any ladies out there have had kids and have stretch marks? Did yur skin attach to ur abdominal wall. Im scared my stomach will look saggy afterwards. Did any of yu ladies work out before surgery????


Im going to finance half and hopefully pay half...i reallywant Dr J bc he is local for me and ive seen his work and it is grt!! Now i jus have to figure out wat all i need pre & post op

Team Jimmerson??!!!

Sooo my consultation isn't until January 2014 but I wanted to go ahead n start getting some of the supplies i need.. What do u ladies suggest work best? I've been debating if i need a tt due to hving kids but am unsure. What do u ladies think?


Omg whats included in the 15, 000? What all are you having done? He is going up and up as the months pass...come on now dr.j
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Lol no his prices went up$1,500..if u finance it was $9,300 but now it is 10,300 and to do hips it is $1,500...which is crazy indeed
I am having side flanks tummy back and bra rolls...I think bra rolls was an extra $900 but is prob went up too i just forgot to ask

Cost of Meds??

Does anyone know what the cost of all the medications is without insurance? And how much is the blood work and where do i need to go to get medical clearance? I dnt hve a regular physician and i hve no insurance so how much wud tht cost?


Good luck on your journey :)
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Thanks!! yu too...oh n girl ima hve to jack some of ur wish pics ;)
Its the back fat where your bra is at the back. I got my quote last month I believe and my consultation way next year in august. When did u get your quote. Im thinking of going to Perry because he sculpts you. Dr j lipo sucks when it comes to definition in your waist

Wish pic

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Wish pics

Jus a couple of wish pics


Lol no problem
Ugh i hope he doesn't but I hve a feeling he will too...I've seen some of dr j's work and they looked good except i hvnt seen any tummy pics so idk how they turned out....I'm def goin to do all research i can
His work is amazing especially if you already have something to work with..good luck on your research I know you will find what you need to make your final decision ans the females on here are really helpful as well.

Wish pic

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Love LOVE LOVE Dr Jimmerson

Ok so I just got off the phone with one of the ladies (didnt ask her name) that handles Dr. Jimmersons phone calls...first off she was the nicest one i have spoken with so far..I had sooo many questions and she was VERY patient with me and answered all of them...So question for you ladies; does everyone have to go thro medical clearance? I don't have any bad medical history so i was wondering if i apply.

Also she told me that depending on how much fat i have Dr. Jimmerson might do some areas like the roll underneath my bra for the quoted 10,300$ :)

So any lady's live around Atlanta? I live an hour away and my husband will be driving so after surgery can i go home or do i need to stay in atlanta? Anyone have their consultations in January? I need a buddy to get me through these next couple of months!!! I'm so anxious lol

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TT OR NO???????

Do I need a mini I've mentioned i have 2 kids so i have stretch marks and i do not currently exercise or yu think it wud look weird if i only got lipo??? I dnt want a saggy tummy..

You can see in the pics i posted when I'm standing it doesn't look as if i have a lot of extra skin but when I sit or bend in the pics my belly overlaps my waistband and looks horrible....I need advice plssssss :(


post ur question about the mini TT on realself for doctors can see .. as for my opinion u dont need a TT bc ur skin has elacticy and is still looks tight and with lipo it can be back to flat.. TT is for loose skin which u dont have.. mini tt IS for the same person but for woman who are like ur size but has hanging skin.... good luck
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Ok Thank You!!!! It kinda sags when I bend tho or does something do I post for the doctors to answer?
on the very top of the website theres an tab and it says ask a doctor

Change of heart? This is hard.

I posted my pics and asked the doctors on here if i should have a TT...and all of them said yes due to my stretch marks and having kids...

It's really depressing..for one i hate the way TT's look with the scar. & I've always been told i am so tiny and look so great especially to have two kids. I mean yesterday i was told about 100 times i am so skinny...maybe I should try working out to tighten up my stomach and see that goes...I really want the BBL but now tht all these doctors are saying lipo won't do i need a full TT i just feel like this is all too much...I mean I jus wanted lipo and I seriously thought that's all I needed. And I dnt want to spend 12,000 and then have a saggy tummy.

When I say this is depressing...ugh I've just had a change of heart about all this surgery. Even last night when me and the husband were making love (sorry tmi) he was rubbing my stomach and it felt good..I wasn't ashamed like i usually's my ass that gives me the most problems bc he has nothing to grab onto lol....I'm sooo confused now i dnt want a wrinkled up mess. :(

This is hard


Don't feel down on yourself, i have seen far too many pics of girls wayyyy bigger than you that chose not to have a TT and their stomach looked just fine, no saggy skin. Of course the surgeon u choose wants you to look your best because u will be a walking advertisement but that doesnt mean you have to do it. U may look good in clothes but once those clothes come off, u are left with that huge scar. Dont feel pressured into doing nothin ur not comfy with. The worst that could happen is you get ur sx and u are left with excess skin that u can later get rid of. or u can tone up and get booty implants. U have options luv...
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I just added better tummy pics to see.
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I say you will look great!! Your skin looks thicker than mine, less stretch marks way better start than me. Don't even trip!! I will post better pics of my tummy, compared to the shit it was, I am over joyed! You will look better. I did make sure to ask My doctor NOT to go aggressive on th belly. I knew if he took out all the fat, it would hang, so He left so, but took more than I expected, but the results still amaze me and I am not even at two weeks yet!! I walk and stand too much so I am making my self swell all the time, but lying down is annoying!! Anyway, you talk and tell them you are looking to have a flatter belly, not a stripper belly. They can go aggressive on your back and flanks for the tiny waist you want. I also didn't want that, but when I am not swollen, tinier than I asked for, lol! Do not be depressed, that all along was my greatest fear, read mine and you will see it was. No one would help me out on RS with this question, maybe too personal? Who cares, we need each other for this!! Dont worry, be happy and talk to the DRS.,Show them mine and ask them, arent you as good as this Dr?
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My emotions toward this surgery

Are crazy!!! One minute i want the surgery the next my husbands talking me out of it or the doctors are telling me i need more than I want ((a TT))...but I have finally decided no matter what I am going to do this for me. I have not been more passionate about getting something then when I meet my husband lol. I need this for me. I want to be able to get naked and feel my husband watching my every move. I want to be able to walk out of the room and stop him from watching ESPN just to watch me walk out. I want to feel that good. He says i don't need it I'm perfect the way i am but then why the need for porn and why do i see you go crazy over a fat ass when u think i can't see you?... I wanna be that fat ass! Lol. He doesn't understand though. Before Mother Nature took a toll on my body after my kids i never worried about my body bc it was nice and i have felt so ugly and I change outfits 20 times bc i hate how my body has no shape. I want to put on a dress and fill out the back of it. I want to be able to give my husband a lap dance and not worry abt what I am lackin in the back..of course he always says I'm perfect the way i am I know after i get surgery he won't be able to keep his hands off. And I won't be ashamed for him to grab my butt because he will finally hve something to grab onto.

So the decision is final. I am getting this done and no one can stop me!!! Plus i got another increase on my care credit account so now i can get whatever I want done without worrying about finances...although i wasn't worried but some ladies have told me my medicines are going to be $400+ without insurance which i dont have and the medical clearnace which i dont know how much that will coat me since i dont have any type of insurance and the massages..I plan on getting at least 8 lymphatic a day before surgery (I've heard it helps) and i haven't decided about the other massages bc i don't know what else i need..I kno something for the scar tissue so if anyone has any idea how many of those i need let me kno

I also plan to start working out my glutes (the more muscle the higher the chance of a survival rate for the fat that's injected into the muscle) my stomach (bc so many doctors here on RS say i need a TT due to stretch marks and kids but i refuse. They say my abdominal muscles are far apart so if anyone knows some exercises to help with this its appreciated) my legs (since I don't plan on having lipo done there & i do have cellulite there) and my arms.

If anyone knows any really effective exercises for these problem areas let me know. Until next time my dolls :)


I think u don't need one cause after the lipo ur stomach is gonna be so flat so wait til after ur bbl to make sure.
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Ok thank you doll
Thank you doll... All encouragement helps with all the emotions involved in preparing for a drastic change :) I've decided against a TT even if MY doc says i need one. I jus want a small waist and a big booty with hips like a goddess..if my stomach turns out not so perfect thts's a sacrifice i am willing to mke lol

Pre Op Measurements

Took my measurements today (with shoelace & ruler so it might not be exact lol)
Hmmm...wonder how small my waist will be post op...I hope tiny :)
Lol if my measurements are correct since i did it the ghetto way..hey I had to improvise tho...wasn't expecting a 43 in there tho lol...I hope it's correct bc after sx it needs to be a 48+!

Hope I have enough fat to get hips and butt done

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I vow....

To never ask the doctors here on RS another are you gone tell me lipo won't get rid of my tummy pooch that only a TT isn't it fat? My skin has SOME stretch marks...IT'S NOT EVEN THAT MUCH FAT!! I think these doctors just suggest more surgery then needed kinda like a mechanic always tells you you need more work then yu actually do...DON'T DO THAT!

However I do thank the doctors that said i would need to be seen in person.

I have seen ladies wayyy bigger than me turn out lookin fine as hell and they had stretch marks and bigger stomachs....I have great skin and its very thick.

So I will ask dr. J what he thinks in January but even if he suggests it I'm not sporting tht ugly scar so ill take my chances:)

Sorry my dolls...had to vent a second lol


SRY. I was saying the doc wants to make tt money. I'm in the same boat as you. I have 3 kids youngest 8 months. I need it but I have heard from friends that its the worse pain Everrr! I figure as long as the fat is gone and the booty is there I will be fine lol
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I have 2 kids my youngest is 6 months!! I'm gonna go with my heart on this one and just say NO! Lol. One doctor tried to tell me i would not be able to get rid of my stomach with jus lipo i would need a TT...DO U SEE HOW SMALL MY TUMMY IS?! Only wen i sit does it want to look funky lol. These doctors need to stop acting like mechanics...I am not a car you can make an extra grand off of. I understand they are saying my abdominal wall is messed up after kids but i rather work out (which i don't) and try and see results tht way then to get nipped and tucked.
Hi! The doc wants to make tt
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Pre op pics

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Called Dr. Jimerson s office and talked to Nina (thank you sooo much for being professional) had called last week and was promised to get a call back and never did.

Nina however answered all my questions and even when she didnt have the answer she told me she would call back and she CALLED back in 5 mins :) love her!

So I am financing and my question was how many months interest free will i get. She said 6-12 months so that's I have to figure out how long I will have to pay back care credit..I think 5 years but idk


You may nt need a TT. There is this girl name Marie who went to my doc and she got lipo. It depends on the doc, if your stomach skin is tight then its different from if its not. my stomach looked way worse that yours and i only got lipo.
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Idk if i have tight skin...mostly I'm scared abt my belly button. I had a piercing there and got preg and it stretched my whole were the piercing was. I dnt hve the piercing anymore and I have a couple stretch marks around my belly button so I'm hoping it doesn't look deformed and stretched out after lipo. I can say however my skin is thick and when I pinch it its all fat not stretchy. I put my hands on the sides of my stomach and pulled the skin back n my stretch marks look better but i still dnt want a TT. I'm very scared i will hve like lil rolls of excess skin when I sit after lipo
hey girl, i'm in the same boat as you, I scheduled to have a TT and BBL combined with Dr. J next July and I am having second thoughts about getting the TT. I want him to focus on my bbl and make that the best that it could possibly be.... if i have saggy skin on my abdomen after, ok then I will get a TT. I actually dont really think i need a TT. I'm going to PM you.
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I've decided to post some things that may be helpful to all the new comers on RS. These are some of my questions that iAm going to ask my doctor at my consultation:

Do you provide insurance after the procedure in case i have to go to the ER?

Is the Make Me Heal vitamins worth it? When should I start taking them?

Are post op lymphatic drainage and scar tissue massages recommended? How many (Some doctors say it actually slows your recovery and can make your outcome bad)

Is post op care included in procedure price? If not how much?

What are your complication & re-operation rates?

Will you only lipo what you need to put in my butt or will you take out all the fat? (Of course no more than 5000cc)

How many cc's will you inject in each cheek/hip?

I am on birth control (Implanon or maybe it's nexplanon, the birth control tht goes in your arm) do i need to take it out or is it safe?

Do you inject fat into the muscles? Does this give a higher survival rate for the fat? (Some doctors say it does)

Does the office recommend a practice to get medical clearance for the uninsured?

How many months financing interest free?

How long is care credit good for? (I've heard from dr. J's office 3 years, from care credit I've heard 1 year and forever so idk)

Cefalexin 500mg (antibiotic)
Flexeril 5mg (muscle relaxer)
Norco/Hydrocodone 10 mg (pain)
Lovenox/Enoxaparin (prevent blood clots)
Zantac 150 mg
Zofran 4mg (nausea)

*****this may not be what every doctor prescribes and it may differ if you have any health conditions. This is for the ladies that need to know how much meds are going to run them.

For the lab work and blood tests - CBC, PT, PTT, UP, UA, C&S, CMP, EKG
Medical clearance done within 30 days (WITHIN, so if you get it done 35 days before sx u will have to get it done again)
Operation needs to be paid in full 21 days prior.
There is a LipoExpress not far from dr. J's office and they give you a brochure for it. That way you can actually be fitted for one and not have to waste money.


Pill organizer
Benadryl cream & pills
Cotton balls / marble (for reshaping the belly button)
Prescription discount card ( for the ladies tht are uninsured
Headbands (put on your leg to hold the drains in place to keep them from snagging on things)
Rolling pin (self massages)
Non stick gauze pads
Stool softeners / latex
Maxi pads
Female wipes
Alcohol & peroxide
3 maxi dresses (dark colored)
Hibiclens skin cleanser.
Bio dermis foam and board
Big cup to pee in
Arnica Montana
Arnica gel
Compression socks
Clear steri strips

****Hope this helps the ladies that are just beginning their journey. If anyone has anything to add pls feel free.


Sometimes (according to what I've heard, obvoiusly I'm not a Doc) after babies the abdominal muscles can stretch and cause the pooch so that's what they have to repair with a TT. The lipo may remove the fat but won't repair the muscle. In terms of skin elasticity, you can buy creams to help build up your collagen and elastin which makes the skin stretchy, but drinking water is also very important. I would say, if you don't feel you need the TT, don't get it. If your tummy comes out a bit saggy that's something you can correct later, or hopefully wearing the right garment can help. I saw a RS sister on here recently who was using one of those belly wraps that you use when you work out and she showed a b4 and after pic of her using and not using it, and her skin was much tighter after using it. Good luck to you chica!
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I'm not looking for muscle repair...I've done the self check (placing two fingers right above then below belly button and doing a half sit up) and I do have somewhat of Diastasis recti but i plan on doing exercises that specifically target the Diastasis recti instead of having a doctor sew it back together (I think thts jus to scary for me) i understand my stomach may have excess skin but I'm not looking to prefect my body....just trying to enhance it a bit. Thank you for your comment and your advice. I sometimes use a belly wrap that is used when you workout and it shrinks my stomach almost until its flat so i may also start wearing that again
You have the best wish pics! If I save anymore behinds on my computer it would be a crime! I'm so excited to have this done
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How are you ladies finding wish pics close to your weight height ect? I'm tryna find the PERFECT wish pic n i havent yet

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A little about myself...

I am 5'5 or 5'6...I hear both
I currently weigh 140-145 (fluctuate between 140-150
My heaviest weigh in was 167 during 1st pregnancy
I have 2kids
When I gain or lose weight it is always in my tummy love handles and back
In middle school i was VERY curvy but started playing sports and got REALLY skinny so lost all curvy ness
I do have muscle seperation (Diastasis recti) don't know how bad it is though
I plan on getting bbl with lipo of abdomen flanks lower back and possible bra rolls with fat grafting to butt and hips (if i hve enough fat! I hope so)
I want a heart shaped butt with a nice slope in my back and a TINY waist.
My current measurements are 33.5-28.5-40

I'm getting VERY anxious. I really want to do the webinar but I'm trying to wait so i can save money and just go to my consultation in jan 2014. I just hope i don't have to wait for sx until 2016...*sighs

Anyone else with their consultation in 2014? I need someone to keep my head straight while i play this waiting game lol


Yesss I'm going crazy over here.. Ready to get this over with so I can be fine as wine! Lol
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Girl...crazy is an understatement for how I'm feeling lol! I'm lookin at all these ladies with their amazing outcomes and i am so ready to join the club!
I know what you mean. I got a quote from Cardenas and she said yes you NEED a TT and if you don't get it your results won't be as good. Then I saw a Doc for an in person consult, he said "NO you do NOT need a TT, you're fine" but he told me to gain 10 lbs and I weighed 180! (I'm 5'7 so I had PLENTY of fat). Since then I lost 20 lbs and I asked Cardenas to quote me again, same thing. YOU NEED A TT. I'm like, uhhhh NO. LOL I know my tummy doesn't look that bad and I want another baby. Cardenas said, you can still have another baby. Yeah right, then I'll need another TT LOL. If I have one, it will be after baby #2 or #3.


So I just found out my job was suppose to give me a raise 6 months ago and failed to do so. I brought this to their attention (i found out about the raise through co-workers that had alrdy received their raise after their 1 year mark) and at first my supervisor told me she would evaluate me at my 2 year post mark and give me a double raise. Um no.

So I talked to the owner and he insisted she give me an evaluation. So she did.

Let me back up for a at my 1 year mark with this company i had just had my baby girl. I worked until the DAY i gave birth 40+ hours a week. After giving birth i took 2 weeks off and went back to work but they stopped giving me clients and hours.

So when she evaluated me she ONLY evaluated me for the last 6 months which i hadn't been working bc i wasn't getting hours and the hours they did offer me was overnights and on weekends which i do not do. That being said i received a .13 cent raise.

WTF???!!!!!! 13 f****** cents for almost 2 years of f****** HARD work?!?!?!?!?
My husband gets a 75 cent raise after ONLY 60 days and $1 raise after 90 days and i have been with this company for almost 2 years and all i get is 13 f****** cents?!???? And the othe people that work for the company received their raise on time.

That being said i am quitting my job. I will not work for a company that is THAT effin greedy!!!!

My husband has been giving me $10 a week (doesnt sound like much but that's all I asked for since we do hve kids and he pays for everything on his own) towards my sx. But I am soooo frustrated bc now i am out of work (they were only giving me 4 hours a week anyway) and i really want to save more money toward my sx.

So ladies if you know anyone in the metro Atlanta area that needs a CNA (certified nursing assistant) please let me know. I do in home health care and house cleaning.

Mood:: Totally bummed.. =\


I keep seeing these dang 36 bust measurements lol...I'm only 33.5!!! So small :( lol
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Sorry to hear about your job. I understand your frustration. How much do or did you have saved up until sx?
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Well I only have my consultation in jan 2014..then sx could be anywhere from 1-2 years from that depending on his schedule. So I have PLENTY of time to save more and research more.

Wish pics

Jus a couple more :)


Girl YES!!! I am soooo tired of waiting! My surgery is in December and I have gained more weight that I do not want!
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Tell me abt it...I feel like i have gained 5-10 pounds. Only good thing is i hve plenty of time to get rid of it lol
look up 34-24-42 you'll find some good ones :)

Why is it so hard to trust?

I am having the worst time having faith in my marriage. Don't get me wrong i have a wonderful relationship. He works all the time and pays every bill and for every need me and my kids have. He gives me money whenever I ask for it and gets me whatever I want. He loves me. I know he does.
But i cannot get over our past. We both have done a lot of cheating. I have never done anything with a man besides kiss but i cannot speak for what he has done. A year after our marriage he has called one of his old gf's from his hometown and it devastate me bc that same day he left me and didnt come home that night. And a couple of months ago i brought him lunch on one of his breaks at his job but his phone was off. When I got there he was outside with a group of people smoking a cigarette (he doesn't even smoke?????) and he use to tell me he never talked to anyone he always kept to his self.

So at this new job he has he workes with sooooo many females. And I'm scared if he gets tempted he wil not fight his temptation but just go with it. I know it's silly as hell for me to be thinking this way abt my husband but i cannot shake the feeling. I'm living off the past bc he has not done anything to make me think he is doing anything to hurt me.

Our last huge fight was a couple of weeks ago. He threw his wedding ring (he currently does not have one so his finger is bare) when we get into fights he always tells me he's leaving me and sometimes he does walk off but this time he took a shower got dressed and left for 3 hours...didnt get home til 11pm. That is NOT cool with me and now it's all I think abt.

He still has not gotten a ring (not bc he doesn't want one but bc we haven't had the extra money) and since then he has not tried to leave again. Also that night he did that he came home (I was in bed) crying his eyes out saying his heart was hurting without me and it hurt to be away from me like that. He kept saying how sorry he was. He told me he had went to his god parents house which is 5 mins away and the last time he "left" and spent the night away from home he was supposedly at their house too. I didnt rly buy it but I can't prove anything so idk. He makes comments like "I really love you so much more now for some reason" and "I don't know what I would do without you"

Our relationship is good. We are like an old married couple. We don't like to hang out with a bunch of people we rly prefer our own company. We stay home with our babies on the weekends and hang out. We do have our date nights but we haven't in awhile. Idk why I have these negative thoughts but i wish they would go away. It makes my heart so heavy most days.

I want to be able to trust my husband 100% but I'm so scared he is hurting me. I understand this is caused by my own insecurities. This is the first man i have ever loved. He is my high school sweet heart.

He has known my family since grade school and my family has known his but we had never met til we were 15 & 16. So I do feel like fate brought us together and this is the man i want to spend the rest of my life with. He is great. He takes care of me. He supports me. Our kids adore and love him. Yes he has his mean or off days but he hasn't threatened to leave every since he did that one night and came back crying.

Why is it so hard to trust?

Am I the only one. I feel crazy. Am I trying to ruin a good thing on purpose? No i am not. I love him and he is my soul mate. I just need to be stronger and have more faith that he does love me and will nvr hurt me.

*****Sorry ladies i needed to get that out...bad.


Maybe you should be focusing in your marriage than surgery (assuming your marriage is more important) you can have surgery anytime but sometimes fixing your marriage has time limits...
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Sx isn't on my mind heavy at this point. I still have 5 months until consultation and I'm not planning for sx until 2015 so this is at the bottom of my list but in my spare time i do like to read the reviews. It's def not top on my priority list. I just needed a lil vent. I'm a writer so it felt good to just write it out.

Smart lipo

Thinking abt getting smart lipo after my bbl just to ensure the fat doesn't come back in the lipo areas. Anyone else done this?


Best of luck to you!!!
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Thanks girl...same to you:)
I don't think u need a tt hun you look great for bbl
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What is a J-tuck?

I've heard it is similar to a TT but he just takes the excess skin. So do you still have the same scar as a TT? How much does it cost?


i believe a j tuck is something dr jimerson created. anyway a j tuck is a mini tummy tuck that is $3500 and yes you will get the same scar. basically its cutting away the extra skin and no work will be done to strengthen or tighten the muscle wall in you stomach. his full tummy tucks are $5500
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Ohhhhh ok I had read it on someone's review and thought it was something's worth thinking abt. Thanks luv

Some days

I want the surgery and others i just don't know. I'm so afraid my stomach will be saggy and ugly after i get the bbl and i am not going to get a TT regardless. This surgery is the first and last for me so I'm really banking on coming out perfect but with all the chance of coming out and needing revisions or losing fat or saggy skin I'm starting to doubt if this is what I really want. On the one hand i would give anything to feel complete and the only thing that would do that for me is by being more comfortable in my own skin which I am not. Also after reading Robbed's review i am a little skeptical if i want to go with a doctor that will completely ignore a patient that doesn't like their outcome. That could be me. Idk. I will pray about it and think long and hard about it. I still have 5 months til my consultation so I'm good. If anything i will still go to the consultation and meet dr j himself and judge from there


Good luck!
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Vaginal Whitening Creams

Has anyone heard of any FDA approved lightening creams for the vaginal, anal, or nipple areas? I have been researching a little about these types of creams and home remedies but i can't find anything legit.


You stomach looks small enough to me that lipo alone should take care of it. Good luck on your sx!
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Thank you doll! I have some stretch marks that I'm worried about but I'm hoping i just need lipo
I use esoterica fade cream I got it from Cvs for 9$ works great it took away all my dark spot specially down there lol also b aware that there's bunch of bleach cream that contains hydroquinone that's secret incredient to lighting up the skin ..
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Why is my butt flat on top????

I use to have the nicest ass and for whatever reason after playing sports it just went away and got flat. Now it's kinda round at the bottom and flat near the top of my crack. It's so ugly and annoying i hate putting any clothes on. Can that be caused from sitting too much or what. Will exercises help make it more rounded on top? This is of course pre surgery. Just looking for any ladies that have any insight to my problem. You can see in my pics what i am talking about how it is completely flat on the top but a little bigger toward the bottom. Is this surgery the only way to help me? I want more hips and a rounder bottom and it seems like if i gain any weight it goes in my belly or thighs never my hips or butt.


I'm gonna try it. Lord knows I need it. One of the many reasons I don't wear swimsuits

Started Fade Cream

Started the Esoterica Night Cream two days ago. I started applying it to my vagina and anus. Hopefully I will see a change within the next two weeks :) I will let you ladies know if I do :) anyone who has tried this feel free to message me with your secrets


Ambi fade cream works wonders for me in areas.
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