Hi ladies, Well I am sort of new on the site. I...

Hi ladies, Well I am sort of new on the site. I have been researching this surgery for like a year and a half and I have been researching Dr. JImerson since June 2012. I finally decided on him because of his amazing results and reviews that I saw. He is the only doctor I have researched where you see major projection on all body types and races. I feel totally secure in trusting him to do my transformation.

I had my consultaion on November 5, 2012 and it went great. When I talked to him he listened to me explain in full detail of how I felt about my body and what I actualy wanted. He has a friendy staff and very professional. I am so excited about this surgery I can't even wait. My surgery isscheduled for 02/11/2013 but as of now I am still having trouble gettting financed. My credit is not that strong and I have been stuck deciding whether or not to pay off credit debt or pay half my surgery now and contnue making payments on my debt. It's no major debt, not very expensive. I even called today to see about changing my surgery daye but the earliest they had was 07/25/13 which is to far away.
I am still excited but sort of depressed and worried about financing.


Hey girlie, are you still looking trade with someone in late March or April? I can try to help you find someone if you are still looking. My date is Feb 14, so it's too bad that you won't be there; we could have linked up. But I know the struggle of needing to switch dates. I actually switched with a girl that needed a later date because my original date was April 15. I'll keep an eye out!
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I just inboxed u!
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Hi hun! Yes I am looking for an earlier date is it still available? Mine is July 17th.
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About My Struggle

Ok so I had been reviewing Dr. J for about almost 2 years. Finally in November of 2012 I had my consultation. My surgery was scheduled for February of 2013 but I couldn't get financed in time so I reschedule for September 2013. This past Friday I realized that I still wasn't able to be financed and that my school break wouldn't be long enough for my recovery so again I rescheduled.
I called Monica at Dr. J's office and told her the situation and she advised me that the best thing to do was rescheduled for my next break and I told her my last semester was in June. She suggested July 30 and if I can get the exact date that classes are over in June 2014 to call back and reschedule for then.
In the meanwhile, I almost went with the No Patient Left Behind financing program but Dr. J's office does not even accept that so it was sort of a scam. Monica said that that program was not accepted and was not a good financial decision. I decided to just start paying out of pocket and since my surgery is a year from now I can pay at least half and may be able to get financed for about less than $5000.

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Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I researched and googled and he was the most popular and positively reviewed search that I came across near my home. So after deeper research for months I decided to go with him.

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