So I live in Atlanta, land of the big butts. I...

So I live in Atlanta, land of the big butts. I actually have a decently size butt for my 5'1" frame BUT about 10 years ago, I had liposuction on my hips and thighs to make them smaller (I know, crazy right?)... There were a few issues with my lipo, like the doctor took too much out on one side... and also my ass has a dent on one side... it never really bothered me until I started to "thicken up" and now it's very noticeable. I hate the way I look naked... but when I wear clothes, it's easy to hide. The lower part of my butt looks fine... but the top, looks like someone scooped out part of my butt. I'll post pictures soon.

I have PCOS so I gain weight in my stomach and it's hard to lose... I figured if I'm going to get lipo I might as well fix my other issue with my hips/butt and then make some magic happen and get a BBL as well!

I'm going to have a consultation with Dr. Okoro and Dr. Jimmerson to see who I like best. I've seen from other reviews that Jimmerson is more expensive, but I'd like to see what each of them thinks since...

Hopefully I can get it done in October so that I'll be okay to sit on a plane for 4 hours in December when I travel back home to visit for the holidays...
Good luck on your bbl journey, my advice to you really do your research before picking your PS, I'm sure your gonna have great results sweetie.
Thanks, I hope so! I hope I can save up enough to have it done this fall so that I'll be good to go by Christmas!
Gd luck

Consultation With Dr. J Curves (Atlanta) Next Week

I'm having a consult with Dr. J next week, I really like the projection that he's able to give... he seems to have a lot of experience in the BBL. I like the way he scoops the bottom part of the back out and snatches the waists in! I need that in my life! I'm going to take some pix of my "before" body tonight... even though I just ate and look like mrs. fat fat lol

I just wanna be happy with my body for once... can I please wear a F'ing 2 piece bikini and feel GOOD?! ugh.
Keep us posted, best wishes :)
I'm very interested to see how your consult goes. I agree with you that we should get 5 star treatment. What do u do, just be ok with being treated like a number because his work is so great?? No PS where I live has results like his!!! Frustrating!

Ugh! Took my "before pix"

I'm totally grossed out. I never really look at my body naked because I don't have a full length mirror. You'll see in the side pix where the dr lipo'd out too much on one side and the other side there is a indent which was permanent after surgery. My lipo was about 10 years ago, I was about 20 lbs lighter back then and had lipo done on my hips, inner/outer thighs. Now that I gained weight, it's looking even worse.

Like the rest of you ladies, I just want to feel better when I look in the mirror. Doing this for myself and nobody else.


These are some of my "wish" booties.


I love her waist...and then her butt is EVERYTHING! I know that they say 30-60% of fat gets absorbed, so I think whoever did her ass used like ALL the fat she had because it's still really big! I wanna walk on the beach all comfortable by next summer!
Oh another thing Whitegirlbooty have you checked out Cortes work?
Yeah, I like it a lot I just don't want to travel :( are you looking to get a DONK or just a natural look with more projection?
Wow, I think you are going to look great after your surgery. You have a nice frame already so I'm excited to see your after pics. They are going to be perfect in time for next summer! Good luck and keep us posted.

Going on a diet for real!!!

Ok y'all, I feel so gross after eating 2 giant slices of pizza and 3 wings. I just decided that I'm going on a "healthier" diet... Smoothies, low sodium soups, baked chicken with no salt... I don't really like fish but I'd be ok with salmon if I HAD to...

My big thing I like is potatoes! I'm originally from Idaho and I can cook up a potato any which way you like lol!

I'm also addicted to mocha frappucinos from Starbucks. I literally get one everyday. I bet that's where a lot of my stomach fat is coming from... When you have PCOS your body stores sugar as FAT instead of using it as energy. It's called "insulin resistance" - it also causes fatigue too. I'm supposed to take metformin but it gives me a stomach ache and causes nausea... ANYWAY I'm going to buy some SHAKEOLOGY stuff to replace my fat girl chocolate addiction to frappucinos.

I turn 31 next month, I need to get myself together. Ugh!

Addiction To RS

I've been looking at butt pictures everyday for the past month, it's the new facebook... BOOTYBOOK!

Anyway, so these are the doctors I've narrowed it down to:

* Dr. Jimerson - (since he's so close and I like this work most of any Atlanta doctors, but he's really expensive and I heard he has bad bedside manner, like patients are just a number. Another notch in the bedpost?!)

* Dr. Cortes - located in Houston TX, I like the sculpting, looks natural BUT I don't know how I feel about his lipo work... I feel like he could also do better at the lipo'ing the bottom of the back, it's not scooped out like Jimerson does it.

* Dr. Fisher - located in Miami, FL... I REALLY LIKE HIS WORK! BUTTTT, I'd have to hire someone to take care of me - its like 12 hours to drive there but I'mma fly. I'm really not looking forward to a flight, although it's prob only like 1.5 hours from MIA - ATL... if my hotel was close to the beach, I could wobble my little, I mean, *BIG* ASS down to the boardwalk or something when I get to feeling better. From what I read from all of the reviews, you aren't feeling too bad after 7 days...

Look at how good and natural Dr. Fishers work is:

Also, it seems like Fisher's prices are less than Jimerson... Jimerson wants like 10k+...

What to do, what to do!!!

I'm 90% Sure Going With Dr. Fisher

Ok y'all... have you seen all of the beautiful butts that Fisher has done?! I am ready to put down a deposit NOW! At this point, I don't even want to have a consult with Jimerson's expensive ass lol... if Fisher can do my surgery at 5k or less like others have been getting, SIGN ME UP!

I will have enough to hire a nurse, or fly my mom in from Idaho lol... and then get a hotel for 8-9 days - hopefully they have extended stays or a hyatt place, those are pretty nice hotels for the price.
Gd luck fisher does great job on booty
Just read all of your review...thanks for the info. I'm located in Alabama.
I'm in Al too, are you going to see Dr J??

Decided NOT To Get A Consult With Dr. Jimerson

Jimerson charges $50 for a phone consultation & $100 for in-person consult.

He is booked out 2 YEARS from now unless you pay in full, then you can get a spot for the following month unless he's booked up, then it's the next available the month following...

I'm over him and the bad reviews about his bedside manner, and office treating patients like a number and not an important priority!

Phone Consult With Vanity Today

I had a phone consult with Vanity today. The person I talked to was Jessica...

A Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Fisher is 5k... This includes 12 areas of liposuction, which is the standard.

The only extra would be the garment and $350 for 5 massages, which is required.

It's $2,500 to secure the date... If I pay today I can book as soon as the end of September or October... She said they are booked out until November if I don't put the $2,500 down today.

I'm going to do it! I'm so excited.

I'm hoping to get in around the 5th of October if possible...
That's so exciting.!!!!!!!!!!!!

More "Before" Pictures

These are the pix I had to send in to Dr. Fisher to see if I was a candidate for surgery or not...

I can't wait to have my waist snatched in, a new a$$, and that ugly lipo dent fixed! #yaaaasplease

I literally can't believe I've been okay walking around, looking like this! It's depressing.
Girl I live in Atl 2 and I'm going to fisher maybe we be buddies!! When are you having sx?
Thanks!!! Omgggg I'm like trying not to do a crazy happy dance at the mall but it just might happen!

Surgery Date SET

I put down $2,500 today for October 7th, 2014... sh*t just got real!

How many days did you all stay in town for?
i wish you were going at the beginning of november that would be great. i need a buddy:)
Have you booked your hotel yet? I think I'm going to stay at Hampton Inn- the other cheaper hotels look like they are in scary areas lol
October 7th! You?

After SX Massages

They told me that I will need at least 5 massages after surgery... I found this person via google, looking up "after surgery massages in Miami" - she has really good ratings and $150 cheaper than the $350 that Vanity quoted me.

I will be following your journey hunn! Sure you will look amazing!
you have small ass sides i notice your stomach weight does go to the front ouuu cant wait to see the new you on the other side your weight isnt bad though continue to work out, and loose about 5-7 lbs because now you look good if you do your overall weight will be really nice. wow your going before me :-) 0ct7 im going nov 10, blessings on the other side with your new big ass
I will be following you


Being short & thick is a struggle! Everything is always too long and hiked up to my boobs! lmfao!
Tell me about it... having to hike your pants ALL the way is the worst. lol
shorties are cuties if I do say so myself, lol...
Right?! LOL! And then I get a freaking camel toe from it!

12 Areas Of Lipo

I forgot to mention the 12 areas that they will be liposuctioning...

All of my back, the part where my bra fat sticks out on the front by my armpit, all of my stomach, and my VAGINA! I guess I have FPS (fat p*ssy syndrome) but I'm glad he's doing it so it won't be sticking out, like "hiiiiii" - I'm going to ask how much extra it'd be for him to do my arms too so that it won't look like I have chubby arms and thin frame... I'm fine with my thick thighs, they are pretty muscular naturally and the easiest to tone on my body. My stomach just WONT go away, it's that thick hard fat. Supposedly, that's the healthy fat that will stay when it's injected - I hope so!
LMAO. Too funny!
PREACH!!!!!! lol
lol it sure its actually the original version though bc my mommy has been calling me that since I was a

Another Pre-Op Pic

Another pre-op picture of my struggle booty... There's a little projection on the bottom but it doesn't round out at the top so I always cover it up with a shirt :(


I read that Dr Fisher *has* to give you hips, I don't want much more than what I already have but I like these "hip" pictures, not too much and looks proportionate to the body.
Thank youuuuu!
Thank you, I'm hoping!!!

Trying To Tone Up More

Other than the gym - this is a really good video and it works!!! 8 Minute Abs! The outfits & early 90's music are really funny too!

Semi-Started My Diet

Ok y'all I weighed myself last week and I was 157 - I was like WHHHHHAAAAAATTT!!! So I started doing crunches and eating more protein, like eggs... and I just bought some SHAKEOLOGY (strawberry flavor) to replace my mocha frappucino addiction. The shakes are supposed to be pretty tasty... just blend with fresh strawberries and a banana and it's also pakced with vitamins! I'm going to try to start running... I HATE running. It hurts. lol
I have to start taking metformin today. I've taken it before in the past to help with insulin resistance. Have you ever had to take it?
Yeah, I took it for about a year but it didn't do anything for me besides give me diarrhea lol sorry, tmi.
LOL The first time I took it I would throw up everyday all day. This time I'm actually good. . . So far.

I Bought A SQUEEM - Vlog (Video Blog)

Hopefully this video thing works, if so I'll just be posting video updates since I'm not the best typer. I'm ADD so I'm all over the place with my thoughts in this video - sorry! I'll work on that lol - If it doesn't play right away, give it a second to fully load.

Here's the link to the squeem "perfect waist" that I bought... it's only been about an hour, but it's not that bad.

I'm wearing it PRE-surgery so I can try to get my stomach down so that I won't have much extra skin sagging. The flatter, the better. The fat is just going to be flattened instead of all poofy. I'm wearing a medium, which fits me now - and when I wear my lipo foams after surgery, will probably be a good fit. After lipo foams, obviously a small or extra small.

Hoping this waist training helps! It's "all the rage" on instagram :)
I have a squeem too (actually two, two different sizes) I stopped wearing it but you bring up a good point, I think I will start wearing it again to flatten my tummy
After an hour I took it off and I saw a huge difference, so by the time I'm ready for SX in October I think I can get it down a pretty good amount. I'll post pix next time I wear it. The smell was making me sick.

Hotels Near Vanity?

I've been researching a good hotel to stay in near Vanity - my mom wants them to have free breakfast... So far, I've only found the Hampton Inn Brickel Downtown to be something I want to stay in for *2* weeks... if it were something for a just a few days, I'd get rachet and stay in something not as expensive, but I feel like I might as well "go all out"... but not $200/night all out... just $140-ish/night.

My mom is like "Make sure they have a hot tub" - I'm just sad I won't be able to enjoy it since we can't have baths or go in a hot tub for at least 4 weeks :( ...which makes me remember that we can't even SIT for 8 weeks! Ughhh!!!... I hope those pain pills help me with the struggle lol

More Wish Pix

I found these on:

I like her projection, and I think I might get my thighs lipo'd now seeing this... I don't want thigh gap, but I just want to thin mine out and revise the first time I had them done so they will be better looking.
Nice n funny video. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.
Thank youuuuu!
OMG.. dont be sorry for the long video. It made me smile :) I am scheduled for Sept 24 w/ Fisher and am excited as anything. Good Luck to you!

Text From Vanity (Dr. Fisher)

Just letting future fisher dolls know that they have a special going for their recovery house. I got this text from my coordinator Jessica yesterday.

I'm already staying somewhere else and coming early to do a pre-vacation before my sx so I won't be doing a recovery house but seems like a good deal for those of you going alone!

More wish pix

How has it been dealing with vanity?
I haven't had any issues with them personally. I've read other girls reviews and see most of the complaints are with the front desk vs the surgical procedure. My coordinator is Jessica, she's been good so far.
If you don't mind me asking what you spent all together flights stay prodcedure ect..

Hip Size Wish Pic

I like these hips, not too wide and would fit my 5'2" frame nicely I think.

Surgery is less than 2 months away, seems like forever! I practiced laying on my stomach and it hurt my neck SO bad! I may need to get neck massages along with my lymphatic massages too! I'm still dealing with a whiplash injury from a car accident a few months ago, just a fender bender, but I have to ice my neck a few times a week or else I get headaches.

Anyway, I'm steady stalking all of the girls who are getting surgery this month! All y'all look great! It's giving me more confidence in the BBL choice and doctor choice!

I inboxed you with a question about your invoice. What does your invoice list as your procedures? Does it include your doctors name? I think they did my invoice wrong so I'm curious because I too was told 12 areas but my invoice does not say that.
Your ass is going to look amazing!!!!
Are you 100% going with fisher?? I'm going to get of done too I just don't know who to go to and I'd be traveling from Oregon and not sure where to stay or what.

Maxi Dress

I finally found a maxi dress that isn't heavy material and fits my body shape. I'll still need to hem the bottom because I've got #littlepersonproblems!
Nice dress! I was just at target and they had all their maxis on clearance. I bought 3 for 14$ each :) But I am 5'2 so I took them to the seamstress to get taken up ( because target designs for amazons!) It will be 18$ each. So now I am just going to return them :( short people problems... lol
nice video i think u going to have a great out come because u dont have as much body issues as me & others lol, good luck post lots of pics and videos to lol if u can

Less Than A Month To Go!

Here's a picture of my fatness...

I'll be documenting via video from start to finish starting the day I leave Atlanta! I leave for a pre-vacay on 10/3, surgery is 10/7!

I'm getting my blood work done this week, everything better be okay with all my blood levels or imma be pissed! I've been taking extra iron, just incase....
cant wait to see your results ... good luck!
omg, coincidence... I had lipo on my hips and thighs too. It's a huge regret, now I want my curves back. You still look curvy though. I think you're going to have really nice results. You have good skin and your fat look really healthy from the photos.

Quick Update

I finally got word from Vanity that my lab work was okay! So I went ahead and booked my hotel from 10/3-10/17 (loooong vacation)... I decided to get a first-class flight for my flight back so that I wouldn't be crunched up or having to stick my ass in peoples faces if I needed to go pee. Luckily it's only a 2 hour flight...
Do you have to order your own blood test or does vanity send you the order?
I had to order my own. They sent me a prescription and I took it to my local hospital for lab work.
Hey Fisher doll. i am having mine done on the 6th so I'm sure ill see you on the 7th when i come for my check up.


So I called Vanity to inquire about additional lipo areas and Jessica informed me that the areas circled in my pic aren't lipo'd due to it being a common area to develop a seroma... So I guess I'll just have armpit fat lol

Pic didn't upload

RS doesn't like the new iPhone
What area is the armpit fat? Bc I guess I'll have it too.. lol..

3rd try

3rd attempt trying to post my "armpit fat" picture lol
Hi! Which hotel are you going to stay? We found one for 143 a night!
Finally got the pic uploaded!
Mine is ok I guess.. I'm worried about all the other fat! Lol.. ur gonna look great... and after surgery u can do pushups or something! Lol

Less Than A Week Until SX!

I just received the Pre-Op Instructions via email:

Vanity Cosmetic Surgery
(PRE-OPS Instructions)

The week before of the surgery you cannot:
Drink any alcohol
No natural tees
No herba life
No protein shakes
No aspirin (if you have any pain you may only drink Tylenol)
No vitamins
No birth control pills


The day of the surgery you can't have
Any Acrylic or gel nails
No nail polish
No jewelry
No creams
No make up
No eye contacts


After the surgery

After the surgery it’s recommended to walk 20 min per hour everyday, starting the day of the surgery.

*The day before your surgery an assistant will contact you to give you the last minute instructions and the time you must be at the clinic. Please reply this message as a confirmation that you received the instructions a week before of your surgery.

Thank You
good luck dear! wish ou a speedy and easy recovery and amazing results!!
did you get your garments yet? I'm also going to dr fisher this month but have no idea what garment to get.
I just bought the one from Vanity, it was $120 but you can get them way cheaper I think like $70 on eBay

Only 2 more days left!

Tomorrow is my pre-op appointment. I'm going there early because my coordinator said everyone starts showing up around 11 and then you have a long wait! Ew.

But I'll update more after my appointment tomorrow! MWAH!


I've been eating horribly since being in Miami! I prob gained like 5 lbs since Friday lmfao... Oh well.
girl i wish you luck im so happy for you cant wait to see your results my love
Congratulations girl it's definitely a life changing experience
I agress cassey415

Video of Pre-Op

@ Vanity For Pre-Op Appt
Video... Testing to see if it works.
Thank you!!!! Sooooo nervous ahhhhh


Looking so ratchet at this pre-op appointment. Everyone else has makeup on and looking cute. I'm feeling very butch right now lol - can't have nails or toes done etc etc...

Sorry having an insecure pity party...
I loveeeeee that you are posting videos!!! Makes it so real! I wish you luck and speedy recovery!

After The Pre-Op

After My Pre-Op Appt
Excited to see your result
Im excited for you ! Cant wait to hear about your journey, Good luck Lady :)
Good luck tommorw! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Video Blog 10/6/14

Video Blog
A video of me babbling on about my pre-op appointment...
You are the Best congrats & happy healing..... Love ur video's
Good luck!!!
dang girl good luck

I forgot to post a stalker video

Stalker video!
Her ASS! Everyone was LOOKING!!!
Heyyyyy we hope you are doing ok! Worried about you :(
Are you doing OK dear?
Can't wait to see your results!!! Fast recovery

I made it!

Hey guys! Thanks for all of the comments, I'm charging my phone right now so I can upload pix and videos! You all are SO sweet and made me feel special :D
Where did you end up staying?
OMG!!!! I'm soooooo glad to hear from you. Glad you're doing well. Love ya much!
Glad to have you back! I can't wait to see your pics and get your honest opinion on Dr. Fishers work!

1st Video After SX

1st Video Blog After Surgery
Sorry it took so long! I was OUT of commission for real!
yay! Thank You for sharing you're story, im sooo glad you are doing well. You look amaze balls! Cant to see more of you're recovery!
i am so glad you are well danm girl you look amazing that butt that shape perfecto!!!
You give me so much life. I love your blog and your personality. xoxo


Feeling a little better today, going to try and walk around Dania Beach Pier, hopefully I won't get nauseated from the medication & heat! Ugh!
you look great thank you for the video's their very helpful!
Your booty is exactly what I want, but I wouldn't want any of it to go down lol
You Look GREAT my dear!!!!!!!!

Pics Update (From 24 Hours After Surgery)

Here are pix from the day after surgery, look how puffy my face and eyes were! My eyes/face were puffy for the first 3-4 days - it looked like I had been jumped on the street!
Thank you sweetie!
Awe thanks!!!!!!
I can hardly feel the meds! I wish they were stronger! I hope you are doing good!

Pix From Day 2

Here are the pix from day 2! I'm wearing a Vendette 929 Faja which was $100 up the street at the Faja store on the same street at Vanity.
What size garment did u get?
Good luck with your recovery. This review is just what I was looking for. You're awesome, thanks for all the info. Your posts have been really encouraging.
lmao! Jumped in the street!!! You have me cracking up at work! You look so great! You were up and moving on day 1 you go girl!!!! Your results so far are off da hooooook!

7 Days Post-Op

Butt 1 Week Post-Op
Just a quick video of my butt 1 week post-op! I had drains taken out today and I'm already swelling up fast :(

That's why it's important to keep everything compressed and drink a lot of water. Look how puffy my vj is!
How was your trip back to ATL? Has your swelling went down? I hope you are loving your result!
The trip was good, I was hovering the whole time and tried not to put any pressure on the booty! My stomach is still swollen and lipo is the worst part of it all for me
Thank you so much for the update, I will get my BBL from Dr. Fisher in December. Your blog has helped me prepare for this surgery. Thank you again.

RealSelf Keeps Effing Up!

I've tried four times to upload videos and this stupid website keeps giving me an error message after the videos load! It's so frustrating… I'll figure it out.
It's most likely because of the new format on RS. It's making it difficult to do simple things. Things that once could have been done by yourself suddenly requires admin assistance. Ugghhhh!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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