Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) and Upper Body Lift to Remove Excess Skin from Massive Weight Loss - Atlanta, GA

I had an arm lift and upper body lift done on...

I had an arm lift and upper body lift done on December 10th. My surgeon used glue instead of steristrips. I have had some complications with blood flow which is causing necrotic or dead skin on the incision line on my back. I'm unsure of what to look for in order to know if I'm healing properly. Also, there are some issues with my armpit healing on the left side. I expected this to be am issue as I'm told it commonly a problem area.


Thanks for sharing, so sorry you are having to deal with this, but I have learned from others here who have gone though similar experiences it looks worse than it is and will all heal and just be a memory. This can happen, I was lucky it didn't happen with my arm lift. I had bunching issues at the ends of both arms. One arm has completely evened out but the other looks like a little fix will be in happens.
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Welcome and thanks for sharing with us!

I'm sorry you're having complications! Hopefully your visit with your doctor today will help address some issues. Please do keep us updated and let us know how it goes.
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Thanks! All is well and things are healing well I am told. I feel better too!

Brachioplasty and upper body lift 1 month update

My PS took off the glue/tape from my arms, side boobs, and parts of my back that aren't being treated for necrotic skin. She is going to restich the armpit that came undone in time and mentioned bleaching my back to match my skin when healing completes.

I'm praying that my skin doesn't keloid and that the lumpiness from the incision goes down over time. The right side of my body heals great but this left side is a bear on my back.


oh... why is it that the armpit is being restitched?
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On the one with bunching what will be the guy for that?
Oh good! I am so glad to heart this!

Restitched Today

My surgeon decided to stitch my back scars again since there was so much tension from dwelling. She also decided to start the debridement process on the necrotic skin. We discovered that the tissue was very healthy underneath. I'm doing well on my protein, but we took blood samples to be sure that my iron is up to par as well. No pics yet because I have bandages until I go back Friday.


Oh good golly. .. im.sending you positive healing energy. I am now becoming Really terrified of having this armlift and backlift.
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I would not be scared. It's a risk but not typically. Make sure you follow up with your doctor on everything. I'm healing well tho, honestly. Thank you for your healing wishes. That's too sweet.
I have some "bunching" too near the end of the arm :-/. Trying to massage it to see if I can lessen the tension!
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Ongoing healing of upper body lift

I'm healing great. I had debreding done with stitches about two weeks ago. The plan is to get everything done as it heals up. I'm going Monday to finish the procedure. I've also started scar therapy. I'm using Biocorneum right now. I'll see how it goes!


I hope you are doing well and your lifting is completely healed.
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So much going on for you, I am glad that you are healthy..I don't know if I could be doing more although I would like to do my arms cause of the armpits but it won't be possible cause of my autoimmune...although I never asked. Your arms look so good, I'm so happy for you.
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I am doing great now. My back is being closed up little bit little. I will take a photo tonight. But I feel fine. My arm pit closed up nicely and I'm raising my arms more little by little. Thanks for checking on me!
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