I had my rhinoplasty performed by dr lefkoff in...

I had my rhinoplasty performed by dr lefkoff in Atlanta. He came highly recommended by one of my celebrity clients that wishes to remain 100% anonymous. He had no pictures of his work on black women do I went to him just based on her review and results. I'm faithful he delivered- we will see! Excited

Nose congestion :(

Feeling and looking better. Nose congestion sucks! 2 days till cast is off. People stare at me everywhere I go! Lol

Can't make everyone happy!

So I'm going to make me happy!

I've gotten a lot of bad free back- people saying I shouldn't have changed my face. People wondering if I did Bc I felt ugly- or if Bc people make fun of my looks. None of the above! When i was younger I was made fun of- I assume no more than the rest of us- its just something I always wanted to do! But I didn't do it until I had the $$$ and found the right doc! I'm happy about it. I think lol. We will c when the cast comes off...

Another before

I feel cute but nose not proportionate. Feeling good about my decision

Cast off!

Very weird looking still but progress. I look forward to seeing my new look as my nose and facial swelling go down. My teeth hurt too. Yikes !

Pics day 8

Forgot the pics

Another pic day 8

Day 8

Day 11

It is so hard getting used to my new face- I feel like I look like an alien but I am feeling cuter each day hehe. I am still glad I did it!


Loaded same pic twice

12 days

Getting used to it! No one can tell I've had it done. They just say u look soooo young! Like a baby hehe

Two weeks post

It seems a little more swollen because my baby has been hitting it by mistake here and there... Going to doc today to see if its still ok... Contemplating wearing a brace again yikes! These ones I posted with no makeup so u can see how your black eyes will look a couple weeks post

Let me preach hehe

Also my right nostril is much smaller than the left. Hoping when swelling goes down the they are nearly symmetrical. Although he did tell me perfect symmetry is impossible. It will probably be fine because initially, the left side was so much bigger my nose looked crooked! When u have this surgery be sure to have good people around you to tell u that u r beautiful as u go through these changes. And be sure not to have any appearances planned for months as ur nose changes daily as u heal.

Remember to expect improvement- not perfection!

Also no computer imaging or dialogue can tell u what u will look like afterwards.... It's like shooting in the dark lol!!!!! Just choose a great surgeon who's work u have seen and liked so u can trust their expertise to give u a nose that is in harmony with your face

For instance- I'm a hairstylist- people have to trust me to turn their ideas into a style- all while adjusting it to for their face, personality and lifestyle. That's what ur doc has to do

My doc told me he had to leave width to my nose Bc I have such a round chubby face. I'm glad he did! Because i do feel this nose- although not small- fits me- because I am not small. And neither is my face lol.

Also please please please think long and hard about this decision. It does take a toll on u mentally. It's hard adjusting. Be in an overall positive state of mind before entering surgery. Have good supportive and loving people around you. And please have realistic expectations of this your results and how long it will take to see your results as this can be a very lengthy healing process

Ok that's my wisdom for the day hehe

My new nose at thanksgiving

I felt so cute hehe. She is coming right on along

Finally! These pics no make up. Just lipstick so u see real shape

Sorry guys. Ok so here it is. I like my new nose. Men almost tell me I have a cute or pointy nose. Regardless they notice hehe. I do feel cute though. Over all happy I did it. Def feel prettier! But I Don't love. My tip gets really big when smiling and almost looks disconnected hehe. Also nostril asymmetry bothers me- But only picks up sometimes in pictures. Dr has committed to fixing these things 1 year from surgery. That's nov and I'm excited!

More with and without make up

Real separated thing was real bad here yikes!

With makeup. Looks really pretty good!

More without makeup

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

Can't review the doctor just yet until my results are seen. I don't care about office procedures- how long I waited- that's stuff means nothing! If he gave me the nose I wanted I'll be happy!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thank you for sharing...he did a good job! You look great!
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Hi M, Thank you for sharing your Rhinoplasty journey !!! You look beautiful!!!What type of anestisia did the surgeon use?Did you stay in Hotel after the surgery? When were you able to exercise after the surgery. ?
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Cosmetic surgeons all over the world said that naturally that everybody's nose is asymmetric to some extent but is often seen when a surgeons fails to put that into consideration prior to the surgery. That'by the way, because you love the nose already! And I wouldn't want to ruin you excitement.goodluck as the days unfolds!
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did he put any graft or implant in your nose? was it open or closed rhinoplasty?
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wow. i need to see this doctor. you look amazing! you should be proud!
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You look amazing girl, I have been dying to do for years... I am definitely ready to do it after the summer. Thanks for sharing
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Hi dear I just wanted to tell you that your results are absolutely amazing and you look soo incredibly beautiful! You looked great before the surgery and you are a knockout now! Your review has given me some extra confidence. I am seriously considering Doctor Lefkoff. (I'm deciding between him and Dr. Boahene as my top choices). He really delivered top work!! Well done beauty :)))
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Just wanted to add…it would be awesome if you posted a side-by-side pic of "before" and "now". You results are fabulous.
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You look amazing! I'm glad it turned out well for you. Work it, girl! :-)
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I love these results but I can't find any other reviews from other African Americans for this doctor. Is there any other people of AA heritage giving reviews of this surgeon?
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No ma'am! I'm the first. I did this bc I know a LOT of black women want their noses done but have no idea what the experience is really like. Also my doctor ha absolutely no pics of African American work but came highly recommended by a high profile client of mine
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Thanks for the reply you look great
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Wow, really pretty, can we get an April update?
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Just updated!
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Wow very beautiful results! Congrats
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Thank u so much!
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Can we see a new picture? Particularly one with you in February next to the old picture? Please!
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New pics up. I'll pic stitch some shortly
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you were beautiful before and remain beautiful still...love this look on you! And great hair too!
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Thanks girl! Follow my salon on Instagram. Gorgeousgrowth. We special in hair growth
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oh,my gosh wow,your results are amazing!!!!!!!! did the $8000 fee include all anesthetic and surgical fees? Was it an open/closed rhinoplasty procedure?
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That includes everything... Meds etc... And it was closed. Be only does closed
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I smile when you said ur little one hit ur nose bcuz I said to myself I might get the surgery one year b4 my wed therefore before kids too to avoid any hitting
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Oh thanks for the little speech "preach". I was re-thinking about my decisions after seeing 3 different computer imaging. Thanks a lot. Feel free to check my profile n give me ur thoughts. Ur new nose is already beautiful
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Looks beautiful, give us an update when you think most of swelling is down.
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