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I'm a 47 year old mom and grandmother. I have two...

I'm a 47 year old mom and grandmother. I have two sons (30 and 12). I am planning to have full tummy tuck with lipo. Totally trust Dr. Bootstaylor. She took a lot of time to speak with my husband and I to discuss the procedure, answer our questions and concerns. She fully explained the procedure and what to expect after. I can't wait to do it! I wish it was tomorrow! I've been talking about it for at least 9 years and will finally get it done. This is something for me -- I hate having that bulge and hang over my pants and panties.

Time is moving fast!

It was months ago when I finally made my decision to do this. Now, we are weeks away!

I am excited and nervous! Cannot wait for my turn! I take care of everbody and everything -- I am now going to do something for myself! Yay me!!

Three Weeks Away!!!

I've finally got the nerve to share pre-op pictures. It is embarrassing, but it is what it is. There is no turning back now! My husband had the nerve to say he's going to miss my belly!!! Are you serious??? I cannot wait to get ride of this blob!!

Three Weeks Away!!!

I've finally got the nerve to share pre-op pictures. It is embarrassing, but it is what it is. There is no turning back now! My husband had the nerve to say he's going to miss my belly!!! Are you serious??? I cannot wait to get rid of this blob!!

Pre-op Today!!!

Pre-op went well. Got instructions and prescriptions today. It's becoming so real! I am very excited! PS took lots of time to answer questions. Very confident in her and feel like I'm in great hands.

Tomorrow is my day!!

I go to the hospital at 5:30 tomorrow morning and surgery begins at 7:30. I am excited and not too nervous. I guess it will hit me when I get there. Please pray for me and I will see you on the flat side tomorrow. Smooches!!!

Rough first night!

Surgery went well yesterday. PS is so awesome! Had a rough night getting settled and adjusting to sleeping sitting up. Couldn't keep anything down, water or ginger ale. I have the anti-nausea med too. Then I had to cough -- OMG! That was very painful.

This is no joke. You have to have someone take care of you. My husband is the best!!

I go to my PS today. My belly is still draining a lot. The breasts not so much. Sore of course, but not in pain.

I am so happy that I did this and cannot wait for the end result. I don't regret it at all.

Thank you all for your support and prayers.

Got my breast drains out!

Woo hoo!! Breast drains out today! Stung but not hurt. Great progress. She'll check the abdomin drains Friday or Monday.

Need a BM

I feel so bloated right now. I know if I have a BM I will feel so much better. Even passing gas would help. I'm about to try sone Smooth Move to get me going. I can't go one more day like this.

Lots of Gas - Pretty Darn Swollen

Still bloated -- no BM yet. I will try Dulcolax tomorrow. Feeling pretty good for the most part though. Walking around the upstairs helped me with gas. My husband is still taking great care of me.

Feeing Good Today!!

Used the Dulcolax yesterday and it did its job. Has anyone else experienced hemorrhoids from sitting so much. Well add that to a possibility. All in all I feel pretty good today. I go to the PS tomorrow and pray that my last 2 drains will be taken out. I'm getting up an walking around a bit. Wrap a few gifts. I'll stream my regular church service. Its going to be a good day!

Pray that everyone else has a great day as well.

Ready for Drains to Go!

Oh well, I'm still putting out too much fluid to pull the drains today. Hopefully, tomorrow I can get one out. I will definitely have a drain for Christmas. So sad...., but progress is being made...right??? Right! No tears.....it's a process.

8 Days -- I wanna be free (of drains)

Can't wait to get rid of these! Hopefully tomorrow one will be gone. Also need to ask PS about itching. I'm starting to itch like crazy!

One More Drain to Go, But Another Issue

I got one drain out today, but PS concerned with redness around nipples. Temp was 99. I'm starting another antibiotic just to be safe. I sure don't want any setbacks.

Groin Pain!!

I have been having a terrible pain below my incision on the left size going down into my groin and upper thigh. This has been for about 2 days. It is common from what I understand. The pressure from fluid is pinching the nerve and causing the pain. I will get my last drain out today, so hopefully this will resolve this issue. It is very painful and uncomfortable. I've gone back on the Vicodin -- Tylenol is not enough.

Photo w/ Last Drain

I did get my last drain out yesterday. Feel so good -- still a little pinch nerve in the groin. We'll work on that for the next couple of days. Feeling pretty good all in all.

Photo w/ Last Drain

I did get my last drain out yesterday. Feels so good to be free -- still a little pinch nerve in the groin. We'll work on that for the next couple of days. Feeling pretty good all in all.

Return to Wok Tomorrow

I'm getting myself together to go to work tomorrow. I feel pretty good, but worried about the hunched over walk. I' feel that my shoulders kind of round when I walk a bit. I sit for my job, so I will limit my walking to restroom and heating my lunch for this week. I was advised to keep Motrin in my desk just in case. I also have an issue with clothes fitting now -- I purchased a couple pair of pants and will definitely need to do some shopping.

Wishing everyone well in your recovery!

This is Definitely a Process....

I have been feeling pretty good. Breasts are coming alive and hurting/tingling. My belly is numb in some areas, tingling/burning in some areas. I am looking forward to normalcy. I saw the PS a week and a half ago and she drained 35cc of fluid off of my belly. I return on Wednesday and hope that there is nothing to drain. This is definitely a process......

Six Months Post-Op and Feeling Great!!

Hi everyone! It's been too long since I've been on the site. Everything is going great! 'm 6 1/2 months post-op. My belly is still pretty numb -- keiloids on my incisions both on belly and around breasts. I got the cortisone injections which hurt like hell! I will go back in a week or so to get them again because they hurt and itch. I haven't taken any really good pictures yet -- I am down to from 179 pre-op to 154. I am working out regularly and just began jogging and doing exercises isolating my ab muscles. I feel awesome!!! I am more than happy with my decision and would do it all again! My husband really loves the way that I look as well.
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Congrats really nice when one of us RS sistas updates 6 months PO. Pictures please! Continued good health to you.
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Wow, you look fantastic. Congratulations and good luck with the rest of the healing.
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You look amazing! Congratulations on your journey to the flat side. I love how low your incision was made. Going to reference this placement at my pre op w/PS. Thank you for sharing your journey!
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Did you have swelling or pain where they drained Hun?
  • Reply
Yes there was some slight swelling but no pain.
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You look awesome.
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Your stomach really looks good and your scar is really low. We are so happy for you!
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Thank you!
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Fab and flat no swelling whats your secret
  • Reply
No secret. Just drinking lots of water and wearing my binder.
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amazing results! did you also get lipo?
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Yes, I did get lipo around my sides, belly and back. Well worth it!
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Alot of pain from healing hun
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Wishin.g you continued healing and hoping the drain removal will releive the pain. Sometimes it feels as though we take one step forward and two backward. Hang in there.
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Thanks. I hope to feel better soon.
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Girl, you look so good. Great pics.. My drains were in the same spot and I couldn't wait for them to be taken out... Congrats on being on the flat side...
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Wow, you tummy looks good and the scar is really low. You are going to look great. Happy healing and Merry Christmas !!!
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Thank you so much. Merry Christmas to you as well. I feel better each day. Just need to be patient and allow healing to take its course. You will second guess yourself while going through the ups and downs. In the end, I think we all have read and researched what is best for us. You will do just fine.
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You look great!!
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Breasts are pretty swollen; can't wait for the end results.
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Good luck Hun I had my tt yesterday and luckily my drains were removed today as wasn't draining. My surgeon said It is very rare for your body to expel water but it does happen to some patients..I am drinking 3-5litres of water are you drinking plenty? Did you or are you taking arnica,folic acid,or iron? Message me when ever you want I will answer as much as I can.
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Yw Ms Renee..:)
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Well I hope your healing nicely and things eventually do get better, I am 6 weeks post op and I feel amazing as you will too..Its good your hubbys there for ya...:) Im like you I don't regret my decision and I am soo happy with my results..I still have some tightness in my tummy area but doc said that will go away in time...I just know I am excited about b eing able to wear a 2 pc bathing suit come summer and NOT LOOK PREGNANT. Good look to you..and if you need someone to talk to I am here for ya.. Happy Healing hon..:)
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Thanks so much.
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Good luck hunny Im leaving fir hospital in 11 hours time
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