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43, Belotero for Under Eye Hollows - Atlanta, GA

After meeting with a well known facial plastic...

After meeting with a well known facial plastic surgeon , I decided to go ahead with her recommendation of having Belotero injected under my eyes to help minimize the aging hollows, as opposed to getting a lower blepharoplasty. I purchased one vial of Belotero. She only used about 30% of the vial in my first session. She put numbing cream under my eyes, and after about 10 minutes of waiting, she did the injections. They really didn't hurt much at all. I noticed an immediate difference , albeit a very subtle one. I went back 2 weeks later for my check up appt. My doctor agreed that a little more filler would produce an improved look , so she used about 20% more of the Belotero left in my vial. I am very happy with the results - subtle and natural, but I feel like I look less tired and drawn. I still have half a vial of Belotero left for touch ups, which I've heard are usually done in 6-12 months. My hollows are not completely gone- I would need to consider a lower blepharoplasty for that (maybe in a few years!), but for now , this low-maintenance procedure helped achieve my desire for improving my eye area.


Where your injections deep into the skin?? Did you have any lumps after??
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Hi I was wondering how the beletero is holding up. Have you had to get more injections?
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Yes I just got a touch up under my eyes a few days ago- I think everyone is different in terms if how long it lasts, but it looks like for me I will be doing touch ups every 4-6 months. My guess is that I 'll be buying one vial of Belotero a year to use as needed for touch ups. I'm still very happy with results.
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