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2/24/2012 Tummy Tuck - Atlanta

I am 26 yrs old with four children. My weight is...

I am 26 yrs old with four children. My weight is 197lbs. I just had a baby last month and decided I want a change for me. My stomach hung over a bit but the skin was not loose to me. I just preferred taking the easy way out, rather then the gym everyday. So the fee was originally 7600.00 but the overnight hospital stay and pain pump was optional. I decided to cut cost and go home after my surgery. It saved me $1800.00.

I went in at 3pm and finished at 5:30. I was in recovery for 1 hr until the anesthetica left my system. It didn't hurt because I took my pain meds right after. But the first cough or sneeze feels like you bursted a stitch. 3 days later I was able to take a shower but I had to leave the bandages on.

I'm anticipating my results and I'm praying it looks the way I desire because it's still swollen. How long after will I be able to see a difference? My back is in pain and I'm walking like an old lady but I guess it's all worth it in the long run. I was expecting to get cut from hip to hip but my ps dr. Wang-aswarf in Atlanta ga did a fantastic job and she cut right across my vagina and it's very thin and neat. Will post picture soon...

Feeling frustrated. I went to my 3rd post op visit...

Feeling frustrated. I went to my 3rd post op visit and removed the drains after 3 weeks finally. But now I notice that I have a hole the size if a dime that is open. Either the stitch burst, or I was around to much 2nd hand smoke. How ever or which ever it's going to take a longer healing process then normal. This may also cause a scar which I will need to have corrective surgery on in the future. Has anyone had a similar problem. I still feel like I have fluid in my stomach causing swelling but they took the drains out. They stuffed the whole with guze soaked in silicone and then taped it down to keep it clean. They rubbed antibiotic on the outside. This is much more then I bargained for. Any feed back is helpful if you heard of similar situation!

Well it's been almost 1 month but still I have...

Well it's been almost 1 month but still I have tape on my stomach b/c I have an area that just doesn't want to heal. The doctor said its probably because I'm a chigger ate smoker. I'm so ready to get in the gym and work these flanks and back rolls. I must say I am loving my new stomach. I can't show it all but the piece I can show I am. High waist pants and belly shirts for me. At what point did you ladies get dr. Permission to where the silicone strip? The only thing I noticed that I dislike is the fact that our bodies are perportioned for our breast and now that my stomach is flat my boobs have nothing to rest on so now they look like they sag. I'm a 38d so it looks like a lift will be coming from Santa Claus this year.

Someone please tell my how to post my pics?????

Someone please tell my how to post my pics?????
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Everything was perfect the only thing I don't like is the fact that I was not told the hospital facility cost was optional and could be deducted from the surgery cost. Also I had surgery on a Friday and there office is closed on weekends so there was no follow up call. Other then those minor things I would defenently recommend.

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You can only post pics from a computer or laptop. Phones and tablets aren't compatible.
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Your a little farther along then me. My back hurts due to being hunched over. I quit Vicodin and am only using extra strength Tylenol. I do have Valium in case I get anxious or my muscles are tight. I got to see my bb on day two. It looks pretty darn good. I just had my hubby clean it up. I have no feeling in my bb or around it. I just read another blog saying that someone went back to work after 2 weeks and was so happy. Try walking around every hour or so to get your back muscles used to being worked! Let me know if you need any more help or input. Good luck!
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So when did they say they would remove the other drain? Did you see your belly button as yet? My sister did a TT as well 4 months ago and her procedure was completely different from mines. It's was a bloodless procedure with no drains and twilight anesticia. She could see everything but couldn't feel anything. Her down time was quick but she was also 40lbs lighter so it probably made a difference. my body feels like its becoming to use to the pain meds since I take them every 4 hrs. So I just stopped! I am slowly walking a little better though. But my back is killing me. How long will the back pains last???
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I'm 5 days post op and had one drain removed. It didn't hurt at all. My belly is swollen but everyone who sees me can see the difference. Just my opinion but I'm not sure I'd stand on my feet 7 hours first day back to work. You could swell more. Good luck!
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Yes I did get the muscle repaired. I was told that would be the most benificial part of the surgery. They say you see results right away, which I can I'm just not sure if it's $6400 worth of change. My few stretch marks are removed, the skin is super tight, but the swelling and fluid gives me a pouch effect. I know it's still early but I guess I was expecting instant gratification. Tomorrow is my first post- op appt and I will get my drains removed and see my new belly button. What should I expect? Will they numb the area b4 they pull the drains? I plan on going back to work on Sunday which will be 10 days after surgery-does anyone think it's too soon or can you relate? I don't do a lot of labor but I do stand for 7 hrs. Is that to much?
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Congratulations! From what I've read everyone is different, however most see some results right away. Did you get muscle repair also?
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