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It was so worth IT. It took me about 6 months to...

It was so worth IT. It took me about 6 months to find a surgeon that I felt comftable with and one who had 2 licenses. He was a General Surgeon and a Reconstructive Suregeon and could operate at numerous hospitals. He had no complaints or law suits that I could find in the last 10 years. When I went for the consultation it was free and he was very surprise to know I knew ALL about him. Do your homework ladies. The day before I had the surgery someone ask me "Are you tired?" I thought thats why I'm doing this. I did it for me not for ANYONE else. My doctors  in Atlanta, GA he is the greatest and I will definetly be going back to get some other things done.. I LOVE MY EYES I look 20 years younger...LOL My recovery time was start to end 7 days! little bruising or swelling! I'll come back and add before and after.

Hi, I had my uppers and lowers done. Realself will not let post the doctor you will have to email me and I send it back. Also let me know who your doctor was.
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Hi I just surgery and was wondering what type of eye surgery you had and who was the doctor?

I would do this again definetly...I am so please...

I would do this again definetly...I am so please that I followed through. I was afraid at times. I even cancelled my appointment BUT called back the same day and ask was it still open! Lucky me....  All I would say is just do your homework and check out your doctor take your list of questions with you to consultation and don't be afraid to ask!

small note: my nose is really not that big..LOL its the camera angle

Looks great what exactly was your procedure called
How many months after surgery did you see results that you liked ? Also when did you take your post op picture? I had surgery over a month ago .
Wow, that looks really professional. You looked fine before but now you look much prettier with your bigger looking eyes.
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