Confusing!! A Teeth Need 2 Bonding? (MFL/DFL)? - Atlanta, GA

I had braces earlier. My orthodontist left some...

I had braces earlier. My orthodontist left some gaps on purpose with my 2 front teeth because they are small. As my tooth shape very pointy, even they are straight and there are no gaps between teeth right now, it still looks like a lot of gaps near tooth tips for the upper front 7 teeth.

I went to a cosmetic dentist and got a treatment plan, which showed me bonding on those 7 teeth, which I was expecting. But each tooth was counted twice as DFL and MFL. I was expecting cost like $300-$400 * 7 initially. Now each tooth are counted twice, that's like 14 teeth. And it's more than $5000. It's way too much for bonding.

Is this the way bonding charges? Every time I call a dental office, they always tell me that $300 - $400 per tooth, but they have never said per tooth, as per surface, and each tooth has 2 surfaces. Can any dentist please help clarify this? Thank you.
Each tooth is like a cube or dice, 6 sides. Closing spaces is very complicated and "you get what you pay for." While some offices charge very little, the results are often "underwhelming." I suggest a few consultations with offices, but ask for pictures of their own work to prove they can do what you are asking. You may save money but get to be the first case the dentist ever did. It may work out, it may not. In your case, there really ARE two fillings to do, MFLI and DFLI (mesial/towards the front, facial, incical and distal/towards back). You COULD connect the facial surface together and make a "single filling" each, but this is really a veneer/crown at that point. This is a very time consuming process if done correctly. For the investment, I would suggest porcelain veneers, perhaps the no-prep/minimal-prep style. This will look the best and last the longest. Google "dura thin veneers". Having said that, this should have been planned and mapped out before you ever started braces. The orthodontist should have communicated with the choice in restorative dentist all along and a diagnostic wax up made when the brackets came off. This should not have been a surprise at the end of orthodontic treatment.

Hmmm, this is interesting. Of course each office can set up their charges however they see fit. Have you considered going to a couple different dentists for consults to gather 2nd/3rd opinions?

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