Day 4 After Laser Resurfacing for Acne Scarring on Cheeks - Atlanta, GA

In my 50s, I had acne scarring on my cheeks that...

In my 50s, I had acne scarring on my cheeks that bothered me since high school. Met a dermatologist at social event that said "why don't you let me fix your face" (though my face has never kept me from getting a job or boyfriends and husband of 35 years), I said ok. Used Quadralase CO2 laser, with numbing cream prior.

This is not for the faint of heart. Luckily I can telecommute---not sure I will make business trip to San Francisco on July 11. Pain is now manageable with Tylenol but I hate the constant "seeping."

EVERYONE assures me that it is like childbirth and when you see the results (in a few weeks/months) you will forget about the pain and I will provide periodic updates.

I do think doctors should show the before and "afters" at various stages of afters. Had I known this, I doubt that I would have done it, quite frankly.


hey, my sympathies go out to you. i suggest you to go in for some good acne vitamins as these could be of help...
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Time for an update!
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Thanks for sharing your experience! How are you feeling now?

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Now 7 months post laser resurfacing and I am...

Now 7 months post laser resurfacing and I am disappointed with the results. The acne scarring (which wasn't real deep) is gone, but I have to still fight redness that I didn't have before, using green cover-up under makeup to minimize it. So pros, and cons, and it can't be undone, I'm not totally unhappy, but I am disappointed overall.


I had CO2 Deka Dot laser on my face, neck, and décolleté I have ice pick scars, very large pores, sun damage. It took a week and a half to be presentable, I had residual redness for about a month. I thought I saw some improvement at the two month mark. Now that it's been six months, there's really not much improvement for all that expense and recovery. There are many promises about laser therapy but I have found them useless (I've also tried Sciton Pro-Fractional, and IPL)
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I just did dot laser of you want to check out my blog
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Update from my June 2010 post re laser treatment of some acne scarring. I now have one of the TOP dermatologists in Atlanta GA (six months to get an appointment) and he said lasers are not good for scarring...scars should be filled with something like Restalyne or Juvaderm OR deep dermabrasion if you can afford the down time. Lasers are not what they are being advertised to be.
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