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I got a chin implant one year ago because I wanted...

I got a chin implant one year ago because I wanted to improve my profile. Unfortunately, it shifted shortly after the surgery. I didn't have any trauma to the area. It just shifted - by a lot - which left my chin looking and feeling lopsided.

I went back to Dr. Whiteman 3 times over the next few months complaining of the problem, but he wouldn't acknowledge it. Even though the implant was so high on one side that it was showing under my gums and so low on the other side that the corner was sticking out a bit at the jaw line, he insisted that it was swelling or abnormal bone growth.

I felt that he wasn't being straight with me because the problem was obvious and he was refusing to see it. So I consulted another plastic surgeon. It took her all of ten seconds to confirm that the implant was in fact displaced. She speculated that the pocket had been made too large. She removed the implant. It had to be left out for a couple of months. I'm having another implant put in this week.

There was some back and forth with Dr. Whiteman to work out what his financial responsibility would be. In the end, he paid for the removal and refunded the amount I originally paid so I could get the revision surgery done by my new doctor. It's more than he's strictly obligated to give me, but less than I deserve considering everything I'm having to go through to get it fixed and how long I had to endure a lopsided chin due to his misdiagnosis.

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Update: My new doctor put in a new implant a...

Update: My new doctor put in a new implant a couple of weeks ago. The swelling has gone down and so far it looks good. It's even and well proportioned and looks natural both face forward and in profile. I'm a bit concerned about the wings curling up a little rather than following the jaw line. I'll have to ask about that. It might not be perfect, but it's much improved.

So was it worth 3 surgeries and a year's worth of anxiety and annoyance? I still say "no." In comparison to how I looked before, the difference is slight. At least now my appearance is slightly improved, rather than diminished.


Dear Au Contraire, We’re sorry to hear of your troubles as satisfaction along with patient safety are our primary goals; however, we feel like many of your statements are unfair given the things that were discussed with you during consultation, consent, and follow-up. 5% of operations require some touchup which we offer at no expense to the patient. The risk of requiring this secondary surgery is clearly explained in both pre-treatment consent forms and in our estimates provided at the time of surgery. The fact remains that we offered to complete the surgery on your behalf, but you chose to pursue additional surgery with another provider after you moved away from our office because it was more convenient for you to be looked after there. We also offered you a refund to cover the expense of revisionary surgery at your new clinic. Facial surgery swelling takes at least one year to resolve as we indicated during your pre-op visit and post-operative follow-up appointments. We understand your anxiety regarding asymmetry but it was perfectly reasonable to assume that what you were noticing was post-operative swelling. Confirmation via CAT scan was helpful in your diagnosis. As well, we communicated with your surgeon for the purposes of continuing care. We say all this just to make known that you were, in fact, given the upmost quality care and attention. We encourage you, as we have from the beginning, to communicate with your surgeon directly to reduce the risk of any complications and address them in a timely manner.
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Hello--I'm having a similar problem but my issues are w/both rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. My doctor also refuses to acknowledge any possibility of error. Meanwhile, I've gotten both a second and third opinion and they both said the exact same things. The bottom line is that both the nose and chin require revision. My question is how did you manage to get your original surgeon to refund some of your money/pay for the revision procedure? My doctor states all over his website not to worry that he'll gladly correct any mistakes for only the cost of anesthesia--great lot of good that does, though, if he refuses to acknowledge his patient's post-surgical problems! Any advice as to how you navigated through all of this would be greatly appreciated! And, I hope you're doing well and I'm glad that you're chin was improved to at least some degree.
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My first doctor sent me for a CT scan, which showed that the implant had dramatically shifted. He couldn't continue to deny the problem after that. I had moved a long distance away from his office by that point and it wasn't practical for me to travel to see him. He recognized that and, instead of insisting that I return to him for a revision, he simply refunded the original amount. The revision surgery cost more, so I still ended up losing some money, but it wasn't tragic.

I don't know if your problems would show up on an MRI or CT scan. If so, that would force the doctor to acknowledge them. If not, the only other thing I could suggest would be to get the opinion of a doctor who disagrees with your doctor's assessment. Good luck!
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Dr. Whiteman seems to have done the surgery poorly considering how it shifted almost immediately after the surgery. He is very personable and responds quickly to calls, but failed to give me straight answers when I had a problem with my implant.

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