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DON'T Do It!! Brow Lift - Ignore ALL of the YES Answers - Atlanta, GA

In Atlanta GA - supposedly the best surgeon in...

In Atlanta GA - supposedly the best surgeon in Atlanta, most expensive, too - had eyelid surgery combined with brow lift. I am SIX months post surgery - STILL having to put ointment in my eyes for sleeping -for months my left eye would not close properly. I have asymmetry of the lids - it was severe for months, but is better now - so everyone will know you've had the work done. On the forehead, I have swelling, bumpiness, sharp tingling and shooting pains, and a large patch of numbness on the scalp. It is terrible to not be able to feel your scalp.

My bottomline - DON't DO this surgery. I think surgeons still push it for $s and it was what they learned YEARS ago. With Botox and Fillers - you will have better results without the surgery. This is a MAJOR surgery - Don't Do IT. Sure, I have had a bad result - but it is WAY TOO RISKY to do this surgery. I have decided I will never have any procedures again - and have accepted my age and am relieved that I wasn't disfigured (noticeably) but would NEVER recommend this to Anyone.

Important to consider: this is a major...

Important to consider:

  • this is a major surgery, given the length of recovery time;
  • the psychological implications of this surgery are significant - remember you are taking a risk with your face - the most prominent feature of your appearance;
  • surgeons make their most money doing surgeries, not Botox and fillers - so they will try to convince you to do a surgery;
  • surgeons have trained for many years and will push you toward surgery - walk away from it;
  • if you walk into a doctor's office waiting room and they have removed ALL magazines and the ONLY reading material is glossy brochures on their plastic surgery/cosemetic procedures - this should be a giant clue that this is a money-making industry and you will not be getting objective recommendations - you will be be given a sell job by the doctor and all of his/her assistants.
  • I strongly recommend you spend your money on a trip, new wardrobe pieces, a favorite hobby, etc. and not plastic surgery. Even if your insurance covers the cost - it is simply not worth the risk. Your face represents all that your life has been - from the difficult to the wonderful and beautiful. Ignore the pressures to change it.
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NO STARS - he is an arrogant jerk - most well known plastic surgeon in Atlanta

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I too had a terrible experience with a brow lift. Now my eyebrows are positioned so high that it makes my eyes look even more skeletal than they normally would. I have been advised that the only way to truly correct this is through a "reverse" brow lift. I lost so much hair as a result of this procedure, I would never consider this. I am, however, considering having an oculoplastic (sp?) surgeon correct the "shape" of my eyes (resultant of bleph I had over 15 years ago) and allow me to close my eyes when sleeping. I am terrified of going through surgery again.
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So that anyone knows libel and slander involve FALSE statements. So to say that in your opinion, you did not like the outcome of a surgical procedure performed you, is not false. For example if I write, "I hate the way my nose looks now that I had a rhinoplasty. My tip is pointed upward and you can see the insides of my nose. I never asked the surgeon to make the insides of my nose visible to everyone! It looks hideous. I cannot imagine what he was he thinking!!! I wish I had never met that dr! I regret letting him touch my face and never want to leave my home now because of the way I look!" This is the CLIENT's opinion of their appearance. The client is not saying don't use the dr or that he is a bad dr.
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please post his name. there are plenty of people who are most well-known plastic surgeon in atlanta.
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It is becoming more and more apparent to me that more often than not, it is better to leave nature alone.

I have saved money for 12 years and done research in order to have "realistic expectations." What I have discovered is buyer beware. Nothing we typically rely on such as ideas that "you get what you pay for" does not apply; just buyer beware.

I still have not had surgery and am not convinced it is worth it from so many comments and observations.
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HI, I want to thank Atlanta 1659 for posting her experiences in order to prevent anyone else from going through what she has had to endure. I just wish I had read her post before my surgery in April of this year! I was scheduled for a bleph and the surgeon was going to do a minimally invasive browlift only if he felt absolutely necessary. Said it would be one small incision, invisible scarring, so I agreed. Woke up from surgery and he'd done a coronal browlift, stitched ear to ear. My hairline was already very high and he took it up another inch, plus even higher bald patches on the sides. Severe scarring, can't go outside (it's been 3 months) if it's windy. He had no right to do this procedure without discussing it, and it's changed my life dramatically, but am trying to move forward. I have such a different view of plastic surgery now...please, please think carefully before doing anything to make you look younger. I would give anything to have my wrinkles and my hair back! The brow lift has caused unnatural tightness and reshaping of my eyes too. Don't look like myself, and therefore people know you've had plastic surgery. I didn't get what I signed up for, so maybe I would have been happy if the surgeon had done what I expected. But bottom line is, aging skin to me is now beautiful, you've 'earned' those laugh lines and frown lines, it's just Life. You are beautiful the way God made you, completely agree with Atlanta!
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Thank you Lee Green for the insightful post - you have given me many reasons to rethink how I see myself in the mirror.
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I so agree! Had a browlift 2 months ago. A master surgeon. Only, he never knew what my younger eyes looked like. Never asked to see a photo to know what to shoot for. Now my eyes are unnatural for me and people ask me what's wrong rather than say I look refreshed. I would give anything to have my old eyes back and just age naturally. Aging is not bad because it is natural. Changing your face is permanent and subject to the doctors best idea of how you should look. This may or may not be your idea and you cannot just return it like clothes or press "edit/undo." Do not take a chance with the eyes or brow. Please! Learn from our sad mistakes. (people fly in all the time to see my doctor--he said he would be subtle...soo sorry and sad I ever did this!)
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So sorry you are sad. I am 1 1/2 years out and only this month are my brows reasonably symmetrical. I'm getting one lid repaired tomorrow but waited so long because I learned that things fall back into place with time. 2 months is still very early post-op even though it seems like forever. Don't be too sad. You'll be shocked how much change there is back to your "normal" pre-op look over the next 10 months. Best wishes to you.
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Lee, what that surgeon did to you is simply inexcusable. Surgeons who do what you have described cannot continue to practice. You can always put in a complaint to the state board if for no other reason but that it be on record.
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Atlanta 1659, who is the doctor that did your surgery? Please email me privately. Thank you so much.
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Please let me know who your dr is.
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When I had a browpexy and eyelid blepharoplasty I had no idea I would have one brow that "took" and one that "failed". Now I read that browpexy actually has a high failure rate despite it's frequent use. I ended up redoing the one brow 4 months later, but the surgeon accidently cut the levator muscle in the process. 6 weeks after a poor levator tightening by my ps I went to an ocular plastic surgeon that had to adjust the tension on the muscle so my eye would close. My lid now closes but the additional problem caused during the browpexy revision has reulted in my eyelid pulling downward when I raise my brow. Very creepy whenever you look upward! I've asked the RealSelf doctors if they have a clue what happened. Maybe they can shed some light. What a mess for something I thought was straight forward and within the expertise of a board certified, well known plastic surgeon. My everlasting advice....don't let a generalist touch your eyes. Go to an ocular specialist.
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Yes, it is very important to keep in perspective what is really important. I truly hope you fully recover!! At least know that at the very least you have different outlook on p. surgery ( and a much healthier one) because of your experience. I have been on several consults with very prominent, famous dr.s here in Atlanta and I am more confused now than ever as to what I might want to do. Take care!
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I am very sorry to hear about your issues. Funny thing, I am 38 and looking for a 'little something' to tune me up. I went to a consulatation today and was rec'd a browlift. I was kinda stunned. Reading your testimony basically validated all of my concerns. I am glad you are getting better though. I live in Atlanta as well and have been hearing so many different things from different docs. Very frustrating. Thanks for sharing.
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I'm very glad if my experience has spared you or anyone else from pursuing this surgery. I'm now at 7 months and still having many problems. This is a big deal surgery!

Apart from this - as a much older woman - if you are 38 - enjoy your youth and beauty and yourself. Take a great trip to improve yourself!!

If a plastic surgeon can help someone who has had cancer or an injury, for example, then that is worthwhile - but plastic surgery for healthy people is a scam.
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Thank you for the feedback. I figured it isn't as positive as everyone says. I haven't had any luck with botox and feel that my forehead makes me look much older than I look.
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Very Important for you to know - this surgery absolutely does NOT remove wrinkles (only in the immediate days after the surgery when the skin has been overstretched, but this resolves quickly)

In fact - my wrinkles seem more prominent around my "bad" eye - because the surgery has pulled the muscles under the skin in such a way that the wrinkles are deeper looking. on the forehead - the wrinkles are peculiar looking, such as, when I raise my eyebrows - because the surgery alters the muscle structure underneath and the skin doesn't "fold" in a normal way.
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Thanks again for your feedback. I hope that everything works out for you. I am going to look into some other options that are less invasive. Good luck
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I'm so sorry to hear about your bad results, Atlanta1659. I'm curious what your doctor said about all the problems you've had?

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