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Mixed Results but Better Than Nothing - Atlanta, GA

I had my breast reduction at the age of 16. I was...

I had my breast reduction at the age of 16. I was a 40F and I'm only 5'4". My breasts were lovely but VERY large. I started developing at 10 and just never stopped. Eventually, I had to quit the Cheerleading squad due to back problems caused by my breasts. I never attended homecoming or prom because dresses didn't fit. I was called a whore, a slut and a tramp though I had not been with a boy other than kissing. Girls spread rumors that I stuffed my bra. My guy "friends" used to ask me if they could use my breasts as basketballs when they were missing a ball. I never had a boyfriend in school as I was considered a physical freak. I lost friends because they didn't want their boyfriends around me because all they did was ask to see my breasts. There is too much to detail the negative effects of my over-large breasts, lets just say it defined me as a person.

At 16, I went from a 40F to a 36/38C+. After my breast reduction I felt like a new person. I no longer had to shop in plus size stores or wear my brothers shirts. People stopped noticing my chest first and I was able to develop my personality and truly be me, not just a pair of walking tits. I would take too long to write everything I felt after finally being "normal". Suffice to say, I would not be who I am today if I had not had that surgery. I don't even know if I would alive today if I had not had it because I would have spiraled into further drug abuse and possibly would have succeeded in committing suicide (I had had several attempted overdoses when I was young and my parents put me in a mental health center) My breast reduction changed my life for the better.

Now, 11 years later, I am less happy with my breasts. My nipples came out a little higher than they should have but nothing too noticeable. After giving birth and breast feeding my breast sag a good deal, they look a little pancake-ish, and my nipples are noticeably higher. I have some permanent but minor nerve damage at my sides where the scars end and some areas of the scars have not faded and have remained a pale pink (I am a fair skinned Caucasian with dark red hair) There is some crepey-ness to my skin after the sagging. I do not like how my breasts look now, though I suspect that I wouldn't like them after childbirth with regular breasts either. I am sometimes jealous of my friends who can go topless tanning confidently, without scars. I lost A LOT of breast tissue after childbirth and I am now barely a B cup.

I am considering implants and/or a lift to correct my issues now but I wouldn't say it is a major issue in my life anymore. A good push up bra makes my breasts look just fine in clothes and that, I feel, is the main thing.

Bottom line: There were pro's and con's to having the surgery but I feel it was the best course of action during a terrible time in my life and led me to become the happy, healthy person I am today. My memories are fresh enough that I know I would not want those times back for all the scars in the world. If you are looking into ANY plastic surgery it is important to weigh the consequences and know that NO surgery will give you perfect results. Your expectations MUST be realistic and you should expect pain, scarring and recovery time. Also, be firm with the surgeon of your expectations and listen to ANY warning bells in your head. If after that, it is still the best option for you, go for it and good luck.

P.S. I have no before photos as I destroyed them all when I was younger, but these photos are from 11 years later and after having one child and breastfeeding for a short time.

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Dr nunnery in Panama City beach .F.L. I am 2 weeks post op .had a breast lift with implant .they look amazing already .i paid 8,000$
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You look great and your scars are minimal as well. I have a friend who had her breasts get "flat" and "pancake like" years after a reduction and what fixed the problem and filled her breasts out were implants! Implants "re-inflate" the breast and while they may be bigger I think you would be pleased with them because they would add some volume. Hope that helps a bit! Good luck with whatever you choose for yourself!
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I've gone through exactly the same! I started developing breasts at the young age of 10, I'm now 17 and I'm an 8ff (Australian sizes not sure the other ones). I had to stop playing all sports in year 6 because I could not find sports bras comfortable enough. I've wanted a breast reduction for over a year, but it's such a big cost that I don't think I can afford it, also finding a plastic surgeon in Tasmania that would perform the surgery on a 17 year old. I've been called all those names also, and it really does hurt. So good that you're happy now and happy with the end result.
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do not get anything done in Tasmania....no one is experienced enough. Wait until you are older then have someone in Melbourne or Sydney do it for you.
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Hi Katherine, So sorry you had to go through all of the mental torment as a kid. It is hard enough growing up but being beat down in the process must have been miserable. We you are a beautiful young woman and the kids can no longer hurt you. You are an adult and in control of your life. Your surgeon did a great job! And I bet your back and shoulders feel better. I know mine sure did after my surgery :) Stay strong and be happy and healthy.
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Thanks for sharing your story, Katherine. You've given such great advice. Don't you sometimes wish we could talk to our 16-year-old selves and tell them it will be okay?

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