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Wow! Where do I begin?! I have always been sooo...

Wow! Where do I begin?! I have always been sooo self-conscious about my booty. Every since I was a young girl, the boys pointed out that while I had plenty of boobs, I had NO butt. I have accelerated in many areas in life - I have degrees, a great career what allows me to travel and explore, and wonderfully supportive friends and family, however, I have never been happy with the shape of my body. I'm not one of the girls who jumped on the booty bandwagon after Kim K and Beyonce' became famous. (NO offense to those that did :) But I say that to say that this has been a life long struggle for me. I am African American and in our community if you don't have booty, you are completely ignored. I am not doing it to get a man, but it would be nice to walk by a man and not feel completely embarrassed when he turns to look at your assets and the look of disappointment on his face when he finds NONE! Awkward.

For many years, I have not wanted to walk in front of people, wear clothes tucked into my pants, and everything I wear has to cover my butt. It's a headache, and I decided that I would finally have done the procedure I have been researching for years! I know everyone has something that they may not be comfortable about and some people may call it crazy, but these people do not have to shop with me, live with me, or try on JEANS with me! So I am putting myself first and doing this for ME!

I do have some fears: 1. Some people say that the pain is intense! 2. Though I'm ready with my response, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was concerned about what people may say. I know a lot of people and do not want my butt to be the talk of the town. 3. Not sitting for weeks! 4. RESULTS! I'm not looking to have a Nicki Minaj butt, but I also don't want to spend $7k and have all of the fat reabsorb! 5. Praying for a speedy recovery with no complications.

Reading the stories of people on this site has been such a help to me, so I cannot help but share my experience with someone who may be considering this procedure as well. I have scheduled my surgery for Mid-December and will keep you all updated on my progress!

Congrats on setting the day! can't wait to see your results. I'm still in the process of deciding on a dr. and have considered Dr. Dodds at one point since I'm in Ga. Keep us updated...wishing u the best

Everything your are feeling is normal. But i can tell you at i am n week 3 today and it has not been as bad as i expected. The hardest part is the not being able to seat for 6 weeks. I have 3 more weeks to go (Nov 30) and i cant wait. :-) best of luck to you!!
I can relate to your story, I hate when women say your gonna hate a "big butt" bcuz its so hard to find pants to fit right....thay dont know how hard it is to find any clothes to fit a flat butt lol Congrats!!!

I am so nervous and am trying to make sure I have...

I am so nervous and am trying to make sure I have everything that I need for the procedure. I just hope that recovery is better than I expect it to be. Can't believe I'll have a booty in less than 2 weeks!
Best 0f luck on your surgery! It is well! :)
just a week away!!! I know you will turn out awesome!!
closer and closer girl!! I am sooo excited for you... Cant wait to see the new you!! You are in our prayers. You are going to do just great..

Yesterday was part one of my surgery. Lipo lipo...

Yesterday was part one of my surgery. Lipo lipo lipo! I was soooo nervous going into it but everything worked out well. I must admit, I was very uncomfortable afterwards. The pain mess helped a lot. Not Pain per se, but very very sore. Lots of fluid draining. My good friend is taking care of me quite well. I really like Dr. Dodds! She was very down to earth and her staff was great as well. So tomorrow I'm going in for massages and Thursday she will inject the fat for the BBL. I will keep you all updated..
Any updates? Are you happy with results?
Hey hope you're healing ok!! :)
Good Luck! Please give us more details on this 2 part procedure. You'll look fab hunny

It's been a while since I've written and I still...

It's been a while since I've written and I still have to post some pics but 9 months after the procedure, I can say that it's actually not all that I expected. The lipo gave me great results, however, when it comes to the fullness of the butt, I just didn't get it. I have scheduled to return to have the remaining fat injected. Honestly, If I had to do it over again, I probably would go to one of the Dr's in South Florida. I'm not sure if maybe I just have the kind of fat or skin that doesn't take as well, but I was looking forward to a bit more. Hopefully when I return, I will be able to have the results that I was initially hoping for. Is my shape different? Yes. Better? Yes. Do I feel more confident? Yes. Do I have a big ole' booty? No. So I'd probably give it a grade of B-/C+.
Hey BBB. When is your date?
I hope you don't have to pay again. Good to know you can go back. What made you pick Dr. dodds?
I hope things turn out better for you this time around. Are you going with a different Dr. this time?
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