So Ready! - Atlanta, GA

I have been wanting to get this done for a year...

I have been wanting to get this done for a year now and have just been waiting for the right time!!!!! and will soon post before and after pics wish me luck

Does anyone know about the butt impant procedure?? -if so can you please tell me if its worth it, also who actuallŸ did the work! Also I would like someone to refer me to a Dr. In Houston.......
Not many doctors recommend the implants anymore because of the infection rate. I had the BBL surgery done in Houston a little over a month ago and I saw Dr. Henry Mentz. He is AMAZING! I highly recommend you looking into a consultation with him before you do the implants.

There are only a few reviews for butt implants on RealSelf -- some good, some bad. Brazilian Butt Lift seems to be much more popular lately. Is there something about the implant that you prefer?

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