Working out after BBL (New 8 week for 2nd BBL Pic)

Getting ready to turn 40 in a few months and the...

Getting ready to turn 40 in a few months and the best gift to myself will be a fresh body.

I workout in the regular but there are just something's I can't get from my workouts. I don't want to be skinny. My goal is to get a nice curvy feminine body so I really feel that going with this procedure I will be getting what I've been craving for.

My date is set and I am feeling a little scared but more anxious to see the outcome of it all.

Day 4 and I am feeling super. Had my 1st massage...

Day 4 and I am feeling super. Had my 1st massage today and i was scared that it was going to hurt like crazy but it actually fell AWESOME!! I cant wait till Monday to have my next massage. Recovery is going way better than I expected. I am so happy with my decision and glad that i selected Dr. Jahno to do 3D Lipo and BBL. His staff has been so nice and helpful from day 1.

So Today its 2 weeks for me!! Only 4 more weeks...

So Today its 2 weeks for me!! Only 4 more weeks before I seat down. I am so happy with my results so far and I am feeling so much like myself already. I must say that I am in love with my massage therapist; she has helped me minimize my swelling, soreness and bruising. My best items at the moment are:
My body pillow to sleep, My rolled up Yoga mat to drive with and seat at the kitchen table with my family for dinner and My New BOOTTY!!!

Week 3 and I am still loving my new body.. I have...

Week 3 and I am still loving my new body.. I have gotten my sleeping ..driving...and temporary seating down packed now... Not feeling much pain only that my butt is still super hard and the cold weather doesn't help. Only 3 more weeks to go before I can seat!!!

So today is week 4th!!! Yeah, two more weeks...

So today is week 4th!!! Yeah, two more weeks before I can seat. Funny story: Today, I was at work and I was trying to rush to my boss office and I ran a little across the hall and OMG, don’t think I will try that again anytime soon. I felt my giggle for the 1st time and it felt so strange to feel that in my back end. Maybe that’s why they told me that I can’t workout or run for 3 months. So I will continue to walk nicely around the office.
Week 4th and I still love my result. My swelling has gone down a lot and my body is starting to look more normal. My belly was a little swollen this morning but maybe because I've been without my garment for the last few days. On Monday after my massage I was told that I could start getting around with it so that has been good and bad. Good cause I don’t have to worry about taking a million things on when I have to use the bathroom, bad because I feel like I am going to just blow up any minute and my body is so sensitive to the touch. But besides that, I see it as me moving ahead with my recovery.
I have update pictures that I took this morning. Thank you all for your support.

Hey girls... Hope that everyone had a great...

Hey girls... Hope that everyone had a great holiday!! So today I am at week 6 and I am still so very happy. I was able to seat for the 1st time during my massage today per orders of my Dr. And it felt so strange. I even laid down on the table during my belly massage and Omg I felt all the junk in the trunk. My butt is starting to feel more normal so I hope that after seating normal for a week or two it starts to feel softer. I do have some giggle so that's good and my husband is very happy with my results so far. I will post some 6 weeks pictures soon.

Week 7 and I am feeling so much like my self!! I...

Week 7 and I am feeling so much like my self!! I will like to thank all the ladies for their support and advice during these long weeks, i am so happy that i did this and that my results have turned out so good for me. Best of luck to all the ladies out there in recovery or waiting for their day!

Just added a picture of my 1st night out in the town and let me tell you that if i had a $1 for every guy or girl that had something nice to say about my butt, I think I would have gotten a large amount of my money back from my surgery :-).

It's been over 2 months now since my BBL and I am...

It's been over 2 months now since my BBL and I am still very happy. I cant beleive that my body has recovered so well and I will be super ready for my big 40 trip in about 2 months!! 2 months pic now up.

Hope you ladies had a great xmas and best to you all in the New Years!

Hello Ladies, Happy New Year to all! I am just a...

Hello Ladies, Happy New Year to all! I am just a week away from my 3 months mark since my BBL. I did see some changes on my butt in these last months but nothing that makes me unsatisfied with my results. I am still very happy with my results. I started doing some yoga stretches this week and I don’t think my lower back is really feeling that. It’s making my lower back stiff and sore but I guess that is normal after not working out for over 3 months.

When I wake up in the morning my midsection is perfect but during the day I start swelling up so I decided to start wearing a faja to support my waist and abs. My massage therapies told me I really don’t need to wear one anymore because the swelling its normal and this will happen for many months to come but I feel better with the support. I do also have inserts (plaquas) that I wear inside the faja to put extra pressure on my abs and waist line since I had to get a larger faja to fit around my butt area.
But besides the swelling every now and then everything else is pretty much back to normal.
Oh and I miss my Salsa and Zumba classes, was told that I should wait a few more months before doing that type of cardio.

Best wishes to all the girls in recovery and about to have their procedures done!!

Hi Girls. Sorry, I know it’s been a minute...

Hi Girls. Sorry, I know it’s been a minute since I’ve taken the time to update my profile but my results are still the same as my 3 and 4 month update. I say that’s a good thing because it means that I am still keeping all my junk in the trunk even after starting up with my regular workout routing. I was worry at 1st to run or do too much thinking that my fat will dissolve but guess what? I still have my nice big booty after 6 months and 2 months of working out. At times my butt, lower back and lower abs do still get sore at times and swell up some after my workout but I was told during my 6 month follow-up that this is all normal. The nurse at Dr. Janho’s office told me that it normally take up to a year for your body to feel 100%. Will be updating some new pictures here shortly also so stay tune…

Best of luck to those girls about or just had there BBL done. Remember to follow all your Dr.’s instructions and stay off that booty for 6 weeks if you want to keep the max of the grafted fat. Oh and don’t wear tight items and try to get as many massages as you can, that helps to get that blood flowing into those grafted fat cells ok.

6 month Pictures are up.

6 month Pictures are up.

Hi Ladies, so I am now in my 8th month and still...

Hi Ladies, so I am now in my 8th month and still loving my results. Finally I can say that I have no funny feeling in my lower back or butt area. It took a while for all the sureness to go away but everything its back to normal. ? Thank God. Here are a few pics taken these past few weeks just a few days before my 8th months.

Well I finally made the decision on going for...

Well I finally made the decision on going for round 2 to make this butt a little bigger. It all comes from me wanting a smaller waist and getting the rest of the fat from my bra area. So why not use the fat to fill in the butt a little more. Wish me luck ladies and best to you all in recovery or waiting for your day like me.

Just 10 more days and I will be on that table...

Just 10 more days and I will be on that table again for my round 2. I am actually feeling very comfortable this time around since I know what to expect and I was told that 2nd time around its an easier recovery. So I am only taking a week off work and staying as active as I can after sx so I can recover as fast as possible. Wishing the best to all the girls out there waiting for their BBL!

So i had my pre-op today and received everything...

so i had my pre-op today and received everything for my sx next tuesday @ 9am. I am as ready as i am going to be.

So tomorrow is the big day and yes I am nervous. ...

So tomorrow is the big day and yes I am nervous. Woke up this morning and I thought that I was not going to be able to have my sx tomorrow because I woke up to finding that I got my freaking period. So I called the office and was told to just start taking IRON pills and I will be ok, started taking them and my other vitamins and Homeopathic medicine so I am as ready as ready can be. Well girls stay tune and ill give yall an update as soon as I can after sx.

Hi girls. Just a quick update. Everything turned...

Hi girls. Just a quick update. Everything turned out great. Went in by 815am and was home by 1 something. I was out for a few hrs and my sister a girl friend came by to take care of my and my family so hubby can go to work. Got up to use the bathroom about 5 and oh boy I got the biggest rush go to my head so I had to lay back down for a moment and tried it again. I walked aroud a little with the help of my sis and finaly made it to the bathroom. Can't see much right now w this faja and pads on but tomorrow ill be at Dr. Office for my follow up and 1st massage. Round two has not been bad at all. The only pain is the areas on my back and under arms that I got lipo. But tylenol has helped with that no need to take these other strong pills they gave me. Thank you all for you prayers. I'll reply and answer your question later when I feel better and not have a great evenning girls.

Hi Ladies, so I am at day 6 of my 2nd bbl and the...

Hi Ladies, so I am at day 6 of my 2nd bbl and the recovery is not going as well as last time. I was told that this time would be much easier but I don’t know, I think the lipo under my arms and back is worse than the lipo I had last year on my abs and lower back. My under arms are killing me and makes it hard to move around a lot. I just posted a few pictures of my transformation from before I had anything done to now a day after my 2nd bbl. One thing, my butt is not as hard as last time or sore as last time as there was less fat grafted than the 1st time. I only did round two to lipo the fat around my upper back and under arm area so I figure I use the fat to fill in some areas that I was not 100% happy with in my butt. Take a look at the pictures and you can see how my butt is more round now.

Hi Girls, I hope everyone is doing well and for...

Hi Girls, I hope everyone is doing well and for those going thru recovery, I hope all is going well too. So I started working out again (8 weeks after my BBL touch up). I am taking it slow this week but next week I will start harder with my cardio and weight training. My 1st few weeks of recover were horrible; I didn’t realize how sensitive the lipo under my arms was going to be. I still have some swelling but happy that I was able to start wearing a bra last week. I was not able to wear one for weeks because my under arms were so sensitive and swollen. I don’t wear a garment any more, I only did for about a week after sx. This time around my healing has gone by super fast other than the soreness under my arms. Since it was not that much fat that I had grafted my butt is feeling back to normal already and that’s a good thing. Now my goal is to get back into shape (muscle mass). The 1st time I had my BBL a year ago, I waited 4 months before I went back to the gym just to make sure that all my grafted fat had heal completely in fear of losing volume but not sure if it was the exercises that I was doing but my butt did get bigger when I started working out. So for those getting this sx do for the 1st time, I will like to share that from personal experience it is ok to start working out normal after 4 months of your sx. Just start small, your body will let you know when you can start working out harder. The parts that hurt the most for me after I started working out were my lower back and my outer thighs.
Dr. Rajae Janho

Every that i speak to at Bella Forma is very informative of the procedure that i had done and the fact that they have a Spa Center in the facility also, made my decision much easier.

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you look Really Nice!!!! Your Dr. did a GREAT JOB = ) Thanks 4 the Info. about working out I was wondering about that
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You look.spectacular
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Hey Rosa! Looking fabulous as always! Glad to hear you are now recovering well. I am also doing my touch-up with my same doctor this Nov. 26th. I have some remaining fat on my upper back/bra strap area that I need to lipo again. I don't want to waste those fat, so I will use those fat to be injected to my hip/lateral butt. Dr. Salama said I have very little fat in my upper back to make any noticeable change in my hip, so I'm adding my inner thighs lipo. I DON'T want big hips, because I have a naturally small frame & I already have hips. So, I'm NOT going for volume, just want a little bit rounder hips. How much cc's did you get for this round 2? Did u again had to take Arnica, Hypericum & Ruta 2 weeks before your surgery? Please pray that my Nov. 26 touch-up surgery goes well.
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Hi enjoy. I know things will go great for you. You already look awesome so after your touch up you will look double awesome. your having sx a day before my sons 10th bday. I will definetly keep you in ky toughts and prayer. I really don't know how many cc I got the 2nd time. I mainly went in to get the rest of my fat out and shape my butt a little more. I also was not looking for a fuller butt as I think I am ok on the size. keep me posted on ur recovery. best to you !
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Thanks Rosa for updating us! and congrats on your round 2! I followed So I'm finally getting BBL done next month. I see you stated that you started working out after 4 months. Do you believe you could have worked out after two months
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Hi Cherryred, i think i could have started working out after 2 months but my Dr. really told me to wait for a min of 3 months. i love to salsa dance and they event told me not to do that to avoid burning that new fat. but they told me that after 3 months i could go back to normal, i just waiting the 4 months to make sure i kept the volume on my butt. not at 2 months your butt will still feel kind of tight and strange to run or anything. the 1st month of working out was like i never worked out before and working out its a normal part of my life. this time around i was not going to wait that long because i was not going to start all over again to get my body back in shape and from last experience, it looks like my working out actually helped my butt get bigger. it must be all the lunges and squats.. lol
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Rosa thanks for updating! Do you like the results of your arm lipo? In your early recovery, were you still able to use your arms to lift your body up? Thanks so much
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Hi Cinnamon he only did the under arms like about my bra strap not my arms. but i was not able to move my arms at all. The worst part was when i had to go to the bathroom for the 1st time for #2 and i had to call my husband to come clean me up. my 1st recovery was way better than this time. i will have to say that the under arms are the most sensitive part from all the other areas i had lipe last time (abs, lower back and bra).
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I would've thought the 2nd round would be easier!! Thanks for letting us know how sensitive the underarm area is. I'm glad you're through the worst part of recovery and you look great!
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Oh and I love the pillow! My boppy might be giving out on me and my yoga mat looks, so you gave me an idea on how to modify that :-)
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Cinnamon, one of the girls at my Dr. office told me to just rap a towel or two around the yoga mat and that will work too.
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the 2nd round was easier but i think its was the lipo under the arms because all the other areas were ok and my butt healed a lot faster too. i got the giggle back already :-)
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Lol... here's to the giggle!! Yay..for bouncing back earlier and feeling normal back there!! :-) I'm going to try the towel, but I think I'm going to have to trim my mat down, I think it's too wide to fit in my small car.
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oh yes cinnamon i had to cut mine down some. i left it in the wrapper that it came in so it was easy to cut.
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Looking good Ms. Cat/Batwoman-lol!!!! Glad you're healing well!
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hey cocopuff, so good to hear from you!!how are you doing? how is the working out going?
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All is well! I love my trainer! I've got to get my eating habits under control to make everything come together to fulfill my dream of doning a catsuit-lol! I'm going on the second month and I have to make this count as my breast reduction is scheduled for 12/27.
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OMG Coco thats right around the corner... you still want to try for round 2 later? i am glad that you are enjoying your workout too. soon you will be in that catsuit too :-)
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I know-time is flying! Yes, I am going for round 2 but the breast redux is a priority as they are out of control. After the first BBL, they grew to like a G and they're probably an H/I by now as that's where most of the extra weight has gone. So, I have to get them down to a D-it'll make the cardio workouts, especially the sprints and jogging, that much easier & to look good in the catsuit-lol!!!
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lol.. see cocopuff my husband would be so happy with that.. mine did go from a DD to DDD they do say that the areas that werent lipo will strat to grow after a lipo since the fat cells in those other areas are gone now. i told my husband i would love to go with like a c but he told me if i touch them, it will call for the big D.. lol
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LOL-you're husband laying the law down!!!! LOL!!! Well, as long as they're round, full, perky, and lifted that's not bad at all. Then, you work out regularly so that's great. But when the boobies suffer from dunlap syndrome and no amount of training/weight loss will help, it's time to fix them-lol!!! I like the shape and fullness, they just got to be reduced to about half the size they are now. A full D will be perfect for my height and weight. I agree with your husband, C will be too small-I was that size in elementary school before puberty-lol!!!!
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Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm glad your happy with your 40th birthday gift :) I turned 40 in Dec. 2011 My body is not what it use to be. I have two kids and recently single. I have a few more years to show off my body and I want to definitely go out with a bang...literally! lol. I want to get a TT and BBL in May 2013 I'm so excited!!! Keep us updated BBL sister and much success to you.
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Happy belated bday wantathickbooty and best to you in your sx coming up in a few months.
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Hi what was your Pre-Op height and weight, measurements? I noticed you said you have been working out, did that improve shape or shrink the booty? Thank you for sharing
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Hi mscheshirekitty.. my weight has always stayed at 160.. I started working about 4 months after my 1st bbl because I wanted all my fat to heal completely. After I started working out my butt actually got bigger. I think it had because of my I am at 7 weeks of my 2nd bbl and I started working out this week again. The grafted fat this 2nd time around was just to fill I few areas for shaping so I don't think that working out this early will hurt anything. But I am taking it slow for now.
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