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I like all of you was not blessed in the rear. I...

I like all of you was not blessed in the rear. I was teased my entire life. African Americans women are supposed to have a rear if nothing else...well I want to change that and I am.

I am scheduled for the BBL on 4/28/2011. I appreciate all the tips and advice thus far. I too am traveling for the procedure in the states though. It is reassuring to see the before and after photos. I can only hope I have the same good story.


Welcome to RealSelf, tepjones1! Only one week to go... where are you travelling from?

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Hello Sharon,
I am traveling from Chicago. I get more nervous as the days go by. Hopefully all will go well. I will do as the others and post comments, keep my journal here. Thanks for responding. Pray for me......

Headed for ATL tomorrow, surgery scheduled for...

Headed for ATL tomorrow, surgery scheduled for Thursday. I will keep you guys posted.....let the journey begin.


hi... I am also from Chicago and planning to travel for my BBL procedure. Right now its between Florida and Maryland. Do you mind sharing who your doctor is and what made you choose him. I wouldn't mind traveling to ATL since I have some family and freinds there. I would love to hear your input. I cant wait to hear about your journey. Good Luck with the healing process. I'm saying a prayer for you.
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Hey hope everything went well for you, I am a week out so just last week this time I was fresh out of surgery so trust I feel your pain right now. Just take it one day at a time everyday will get better.
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Hey I'm in atl, and plan on getting the surgery soon. Hope all goes well for you.
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The first day was the hardest. I had an enormous...

The first day was the hardest. I had an enormous amount of drainage. The second day I was up and dress and moving around very slowly but no drainage. I am somewhat disappointed as I feel my needs have not been met, but it really is too early to tell. I go to the office for the massage and it is really painful but necessary. The folds of skin hand to be kneeded to prevent permanent crease lines. I have followed many of your instructions, like rolling a towel and sitting on the edge of the toilet seat up , it really works.

Day 4 massage less painful but sleeping is nightmare. After taking off the straight-jacket, I mean compression garment I understand where the discomfort is coming from. I have miminal bruising but lots of swelling. STAY AWAY FROM SALT A FOODS HIGH IN SALT.

The plane ride home was murder. I sat with my purse under my thighs to let my behind hang down around the purse. It worked better than a towel because it was more solid, the towel collapsed.

All in all my Doc was only able to inject 660cc in each buttock. So my results are not going to be huge, but not having any butt at all I guess, it's better than nothing. Dr. Nedra Dodds is very professional however be warned, she does this out of her own office surgery center with no anethesiologist. I experience NO discomfort during the entire procedure. I talked to a couple of girls that had gone to her. I felt I did my homework. It's only 5 days postop I will keep you posted.


Thanks Skittles, talk to me in a couple of weeks then I can for sure let you know how I'm feeling and what I look like. So far I can't see much difference not like some of the others.
No problem. I completely understand. I can't beleive you flew home already. Take it easy and dont over do it. And dont judge your results just yet. Give yourself some time to recuperate.

Happy healing.
Thanks how are you feeling, and looking? I'm not too sure this is gonna be what I wanted.

Week six and I can see a difference. Not a huge...

Week six and I can see a difference. Not a huge one but a difference. It is still uncomfortable to sit. I can say I'm satisfied so far. Looks like my butt is shifting a bit and settling down. I was nervous but there is definition. I will send photos later.....I have to agree with the other post for Dr. Dodds.So far....so good.


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Pray for anyone who goes to Dodds. 2 people dead in 5 months at her hands. Look it up!!
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I have done a research on doctors performing this procedure. I finally decided on Dr. Jimenson because of the work he does in addition to his staff. His staff members were friendly and very professional on the phone. That is what made me choose his office over Dr. Dodds. When I called her office, the receptionist left me on hold, were unfriend and act as if I was interrupting them while they were watching their favorite weekly TV show....Dr. Dodd's staff but me on extended hold for several times during the call. Finally, I hung up and sent an email to her site. I figured I would not want this to happen if I had her office do the procedure for me and I needed to talk to her or get consultation. So, Dr. Dodds, sorry, your work looks great but your staff sucks.....so does your answering service (I called one time after hours). Dr. Jimenison, you are pricey, put I love your work and your staff rocks! Your staff helped me to make my decision to have you do my axx. Thanks, can't wait to consult with you on Monday! You do a great job!
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Dr. Nedra Dodds Opulence Asthestic Medicine 770-591-3429

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