Botox Blues (Age 23)

I am 23 and just recently got botox for the first...

i am 23 and just recently got botox for the first time, 25 units. after giving it two weeks to work its magic, with not much result i went back. he said my mucles are young and strong so i needed 15 more units. still with not much improvement i went back today for my post op lipo visit, and assumed to have him fix what still was not right. today he tells me its just my strong mucles, and wants to charge me again!!!!! this would have put me at 55 units just between my eyes and spending $700...

pros well there is just one, there was a slight improvement in crease.

i had been wanting it for years so i would stop scrunching my face. i was so excited!!!! it was such a let down. and now i feel like i wasted 500 dollars just to have him tell me it would be at least 200 more.

I don't think you are too young for Botox if the lines are could be a heredetary issue as it's my case. I began using Botox at age 27, and initially worried that I was too young. However, the longer you wait the more prominent lines will get and more units will be's a personal choice. That being said, 55 units is way too much for one area, I am not a dr. but that doesn't sound right. If he really put 55 units he needs to stop. I am 34 and I have used 55 unis successfully in three areas (forehead -20, between the eyes -20, crowsfeet -15). Stop now, wait three or four months and try it again with a different dr. Have you post this question here for doctors to respond? Hope everything works out for you.
thank you to the only person who gave me their opinion on my question, and not their opinion on how much or what kind of work i should be having done 23. i will be finding a new doctor to do what this one couldn't seem to.
What are you going to do at 45 ? Stop messing with Botox at 23, that is plain silly.

Is this normal or is he ripping me off?

is this normal or is he ripping me off?
Botox actually causes wrinkles in other places on your face. It freezes certain facial muscles, but other muscles start to overcompensate when you make facial expressions, so you develop wrinkles where you didn't have them before.
Here's an important question? What is your doctor's specialty? You have to go see a trained dermatologist. I personally believe in the board-certified and fellowship trained doctors. So seek out one that has the credentials. Good luck!
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the doctor really did not seem to care how excited i had been or how crushed i was about it not working. only how much more money he could squeeze out of me.

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