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SmartLipo on Saddle Bags, Outer Thighs and "Banana Roll"!! Love It!

I have had "saddle bags" my entire...

I have had "saddle bags" my entire teenage and adult life. No matter how skinny I was..I still had saddle bags. After dieting and exercising and maintaining a weight that was close to my ideal weight, I decided to have Smart Lipo on my outer thighs. I also had my "banana roll" done. That's the area between your butt and thigh.

I really had reservations about Smart Lipo. I was afraid of rippling, pain, brusing etc. Well, I have never been happier with any procedure!! My legs look so much better!! The recovery has been very easy. I haven't taken any pain meds. I do have some brusing and soreness. It feels like I have had a hard leg workout at the gym.

I highly recommend Smart Lipo. I had a WONDERFUL surgeon and nurses (Ashlee and Shannon). They really took care of me! The doctor even called me that night to make sure everything was ok!! This has a been an amazing experiecne for me. I feel like a new person!!

Do you have any photos? I am considering that doc as well.
I am not happy with my results.I had july 1 2008.Iam bigger now, I had a waistline before now I look like a box.
Sorry to hear you are not happy with your results. I am thrilled with mine!! You must understand and accept that when you cut into your body, it will NEVER be the same again. Surgery (cosmetic or not) is a gamble. Roll the dice, take a chance. Comsetic surgery should not have an a goal or expectation of perfection. The best you can hope for is significant improvement. I hope you find peace with yourself and body image soon. Again, I am sorry for disappointment.
Dr. Jay Kulkin, WIFH

Very skilled, very knowledgeable, very caring doctor. His patients overall well being and happiness is his priority.

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