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Latisse - Yessssssss! My Once Long and Lush Lashes Had Become Sparse - Atlanta, GA

I'm a stone's throw from 40 and feeling...

I'm a stone's throw from 40 and feeling the effects everywhere. My once long and lush lashes had become sparse and never seemed to get very long anymore. As a young adult I was often asked if my lashes were fake because they were so long and thick (though they were very light without mascara). As if that weren't enough, my brows had even started to get sparse and I've been using a brow shadow for a couple of years to make them appear darker and fuller.

Insert LATISSE into the situation...I shopped around and found it for $95 and began exactly 3 weeks ago. Because I overthink everything and over-research everything I had read hundreds of reviews and tips. I therefor promptly tossed the brushes that come with the product and instead used a soft-bristled eyeliner brush. Instead of one drop per eye, I place a drop into the cap of the Latisse bottle and dip the eyliner brush into that. Just as hundreds have said, this is plenty for both eyes (both upper and lower lashes) as well as the sparse spots on my eyebrows. I must state here that I am EXTREMELY careful when putting on my lower lashes - I very lightly dab the upper edge of those lashes with the dampened brush, while I actually LINE my upper lashes as I would do with a liquid eyeliner. But does it work?

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! It works in all aspects. My upper and lower lashes are definitely longer and thicker. Almost immediately I noticed that I was no longer losing lashes. As I cleaned my lashes I always lost several. In 3 weeks of using Latisse I may have lost one single eyelash. That's it.

My brows do have some new growth as well. I can't really tell if my upper lashes or brows are noticeably darkening yet, but my lower lashes have both darkened a little and have grown and thickened a lot.

Because I'm only 3 weeks in, and because it takes up to 16 weeks for full results, I can honestly say that Latisse works. I can also say that it will remain a staple for me, and to get it away from me one would have to pry it from my cold, dead hands. :-) The price is a deterent until you realize that if you change brushes and use only one drop per day the bottle will last and last.

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Update 11/23/09 Wow!! I'm still not at the magical 16 weeks, but I think it's alredy time for me to switch to every other day. My lashes are just as long as they were when I was a child. They have even started touching my eyeglasses! I had forgotten that funny feeling! In answer to SarahStrawb - I honestly don't notice much darkening of the lashes. Mine too are strawberry blonde, so the base of them remains such. I sill wear mascara, but a very thin layer. Same with lower lashes. Also, I had some sparse areas in my brows that have filled in beautifully. I am hooked on Latisse, and will keep it as part of by beauty regimen. Also wanted to say that I am still using the first bottle I purchased...I took advice from countless others and purchased a nice eyeliner brush which I use to apply the Latisse. The brush is soft and applies just the right amount, which I get from a drop in the bottle top. Yay to Latisse. I am forever hooked/sold on this product - just as I am botox. A definite keeper, and definitely financially doable if you administer it as I with the eyelash brush and dip from a drop or partial drop in the cap.
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In averages, LATISSE does lengthen the lashes but...... I believe it is very individual regarding the "thickening" LATISSE is basically a medication and as with all medications.........every individual reacts differently.
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I have long, curled, but pale strawberry-blonde eyelashes. My main concern is darker eyelashes (I wouldn't mind if they were thicker, either). Please keep me posted if your get significantly darker. I hate having to rely on mascara for them to be visible.
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