Periareolar (Benelli) Breast Lift with Implants! Very Happy! - Athens, Greece

I am 41 mother of 4. I had periareolar lift with...

I am 41 mother of 4. I had periareolar lift with implants 3 months ago. Although I was concern about this procedure as it had been said that it doesn't produce good results, for me it has been fantastic! I was worried about the vertical scar therefore I decided to go for a benelli lift instead knowing that the results might not be as good as the lolipop lift. I am now very happy with my decision! Good results and no scar :)

Thank you thank you thank you!!! I'm having this done and have heard some discouraging comments. I had a moderate to severe sagging too but my PS assured me I'll be find with my 550cc and benelli. I didn't want the vertical scar either not knowing if it would scar bad or good. I'll rather deal with pros and cons of the benelli. You post and pic will allow my to sleep good tonight. :)
Yes, what dr did u go too and where? I'm in so cal.
Wow i am having the samre proceedure done i just hope mine turn outas good as yours did!

1 year and 2 months after the operation. I have...

1 year and 2 months after the operation. I have just uploaded some new pictures. I am still very happy with my breast lift. My breast is not as perky as it could be but I do not have visible scars.
My periareolar scars are very little noticeable and my nipples are definitely not flat as you can see from the pics.
As a result I have not regretted for choosing this option.
I think that if you don't like the vertical scars, benelli lift is a good solution.
May i ask what size implants you had?
Amazing job, you look great. I was told i need a lift but im afraid of the scars. Really hope this kind of lift will work on me. Fingers crossed.
Great results!
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